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School of Business To understand the vision of the

Management, Gujarat University, government towards the development of At the end of the program the
health insurance sector, given the participants/students will:-
Ahmedabad challenges that the sector faces today Gain regulatory updates and vision for
Assess the gap, consumer needs, future the sector from the government and
Presents requirements and global trends to regulator.
synthesize learnings, implications and Understand the dynamics of insurance
One Week Management Conclave way forward for India in the context of business, strategies and models.
On providing enhanced customer experience Understand the various existing and
Insurance Sector and service. future technological advancements and
To discuss and find out ways of platforms, that are shaping the current
integrating technology with Insurance, market scenario and will be game
and understanding the current changers in near future
technology trends, which are affecting Acquire a unique platform to Network and
consumer behavior. collaborate with a conglomeration of
Discussion on the various aspects that Industry leaders, government
should be considered while designing representatives under one roof.
suitable insurance products, in the near
term. Date and Venue
20th 26th March 2017
Content of Management Conclave K.S. School of Business Management, Gujarat
on Insurance Sector University, Ahmedabad. (Academy Class)

Project Insurance Whom to contact

Life Insurance: Myth and reality from Director BKSBM, Gujarat University
Introduction buyer's perspective Prof. (Dr.) Prateek Kanchan
The one week management conclave on Marketing of Insurance in the competitive
insurance sector focuses on understanding the age Organizing Secretary
dynamics of insurance business, policies, Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation
strategies and models. It explores the various - Relationship Marketing Perspective Dr. Mamta Brahmbhatt
existing and future technological advancements Trends transforming the Insurance Industry
and platforms that are shaping the current Associate Professor BKSBM
in India Mobile-9898433733,
market scenario and will be game changers in Career in the Insurance field. mamtabrahmbhatt23@gmail.com
near future.
Risk management in insurance
Marine Insurance with relation to
Objective of Management Conclave International Trade About Organizing secretary
on Insurance Sector Dr. Mamta Brahmbhatt
Who can participate? BBA, DCA, MBA (Finance), M.Com (Business
To deliberate upon the strategies, policies Executives from various companies Finance), Ph.D. (Banking Management),
and need of innovation in products, Students of post graduate diploma in UGC_NET (Mgt.), GSLET (Commerce),
delivery, service as an imperative to Banking and Insurance Certification in SPSS.
match the customer expectation and
deliver better value proposition. Key Learnings
Speakers of Management Conclave Dr. Mamta Brahmbhatt Mr. Shantanu Debnath
on Insurance Sector Dr. Vilas Kulkarni Dr. J.D. Chandrapal
Mr. Bimal Bhatt Mr. Anil Naswa