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March 29, 2017

Government System of
Background Political Parties
The most notorious leader of Spain Currently Spain is split into two main
was Francisco Franco, who ruled the political parties that are called PP and
country in a dictatorship. He abused PSOE. Right now, PP is in control of
his power in making unfair rules and the country, however the country is in
regulations on the citizens of the a political crisis regarding the
country. presidential elections.

Out of the Spanish population, women This crisis is due to their democracy
took the biggest hit in Francos rule, needing a majority vote in order to
being that they were stripped of their elect a new President. Spains voters
human rights and restricted heavily are split between PP, PSOE, and two
due to Francos religious beliefs. smaller political parties, making the
winner of the elections have less than
The countrys rules were according to 50% of the votes.
Catholic practices, making the
regulations strict and conservative. In order to fix this issue, two of the
political parties must merge together,
Parliamentary but none of the parties have agreed to
an arrangement as such. It is basically
Monarchy a waiting game in Spain, to see which
parties will compromise first in order
After Francos death, the country to win the upcoming elections within
shifted into a democracy. This the country.
democracy consisted of a King and
Queen alongside the government.
Within the government, there are
The President
legislative, judiciary, and executive The leader of the PP political party is
branches. Mariano Rajoy, making him the
current President of Spain. He was
The King and Queen (below) are seen
elected in 2011, and has been running
as the faces of Spain, rather than
the country for about 6 years now.
holding any real power. An elected
President controls the executive He will continue to stay in office until
branch of the government, while the the elections find an absolute majority
judiciary branch is run by the courts. between the political parties running.
The legislative branch consists of
Congress and the Senate. Rajoy is not only known as the
President, but also the Prime Minister
of Spain, which gives him the same

A large portion of Spain favors Rajoy,

but he has some traditional views