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Energy efciency solutions for buildings

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to energy savings
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Make the most of your energy

For professio
& designers

August 09

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1 Todays challenges
Our energy future starts now
Energy efciency: tighter regulations, new incentives

Save energy and

reduce your impact
on the environment.
2 A commitment to energy savings
A more efcient, smarter, cleaner energy future
Be your customers leading energy-efciency partner

Schneider Electric
Energy Efciency
Solutions can help you
reduce your energy
3 Our solutions
Power distribution
HVAC control
Lighting control
Energy monitoring
Building management
consumption by up Renewable power generation 90

to 30%.

Todays challenges

Our energy future Buildings, a major source of global

energy savings

starts now Rising use of heating, air conditioning, lighting, and information
technologies has made our buildings increasingly energy hungry. These
systems far outstrip other applications as the number-one consumer of
electricity. In fact, electricity accounts for up to 50% of CO2 emissions
attributable to residential and commercial buildings.
Residential and
commercial buildings
account for 40% of
Under the Kyoto Protocol, industrialized countries have agreed to curb total global energy
their CO2 emissions by 5.2% by 2012 and by 75% by 2050. Buildings consumption
are today a major source of potential energy savings that can help us
meet these targets and protect our environment.

Solutions for all building ER IBU
applications D

Reducing our energy
consumption by 30%
by 2020 would eliminate
Greater energy efciency starts today the need for 1,000 new
power plants

If we are to meet our Kyoto targets, we must start today. Boosting

energy efficiency is the quickest, cheapest, and cleanest way to reduce
both consumption and CO2 emissions.

Making your building more energy efficient does not necessarily involve
costly and disruptive changes to your installation. Based on existing
building systems, it is possible to reduce energy consumption by an
impressive 30% simply by implementing easy-to-use services and

x2 :2 technologies already availablebut the time to start is now!

This guide is designed to point designers and other professionals to

the right solution for each buildings unique needs. Inside, you will find
Schneider Electric
supports the Princess
Elisabeth Antarctica
Station, the worlds rst
Global energy demand At the same time, we must reduce a comprehensive range of solutions to make your energy safer, more zero-emission research
is expected to double CO2 emissions by half if we are to limit reliable, more efficient, and cleaner.
by 2050 the effects of climate change
4 5
Energy efciency:
Todays challenges

tighter regulations, New regulations now require energy-efciency

measures and more energy-efcient equipment

new incentives
Energy efficiency is no longer an option. The Kyoto Protocol has spurred governments
worldwide to pass legislation to ensure smarter energy use in buildings.

The European Union, for example, made a firm commitment in March 2007 to reduce
3 x 20
CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020. Part of a package of measures known as 3x20 by 2020, 20% reduction
the reduction will come with a 20% improvement in energy efficiency and a shift in the EUs in CO2 emissions
energy mix to include 20% renewable energy.
20% improvement
Other countries have adopted a slightly longer timeline and more ambitious targets, in energy efciency
aiming for a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050. 20% energy from
renewable resources
Reaching these targets will require real change, and governments are stepping up their
efforts to legislate, regulate, and set standards to improve energy efficiency.

New legislation, new rules LEED

The new trend toward tighter energy-efficiency LEED is a green building rating system
legislation started with the Kyoto Protocol. developed by the US Green Building Council
Laws like the US Energy Policy Act and the (USGBC). It provides a suite of standards
European Union Energy Directive effectively set for environmentally-sustainable building
the rules for our energy future. construction and renovation practices.
Since its inception in 1998, LEED has
Public- and private-sector initiatives grown to encompass over 50 US states and
30 countries.
EU standard EN 15232
This standard is used to estimate the impact of
Financial incentives
building automation systems on active energy
efficiency, stating potential savings on heating Many governments are using financial
and electricity according to the type of building. incentives or market mechanisms to encourage
energy efficiency. These include tax credits,
interest-free government loans, partial sales tax
control system Class A exemptions on energy-efficiency equipment
and services, subsidized bank loans, and
Advanced control system Class B local grants from government agencies and
organizations in the private sector.
Standard control system Class C
The new regulations will have an impact
Class D
Control system does not
generate energy savings on all buildings
All buildingsboth existing and newand all
energy systems are concerned:
White certificates > Lighting
White certificates are granted for energy- > Electrical distribution
efficiency measures. Some governments > Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
require all electrical and gas utilities over a > Cooling systems
certain size to provide proof that they have
helped customers reach a particular level of
energy savings. Utilities that meet minimum
requirements can then sell their surplus
certificates to other utilities.

6 7
A commitment to energy savings

Ask any building professional. So-called passive energy-efficiency

measures like insulation or low-energy-consumption equipment are not
enough to meet the challenges our energy future has in store.

Today, it is a buildings net energy consumption that counts:

the difference between energy consumed and energy produced.
And, to ensure that the buildings of the future are net energy producers,
we must reduce consumption and offset what we do use by producing
energy from renewable sources.

We can help you achieve net-producer status, and generate substantial

savings by optimizing the 3 pillars of energy-efficiency:

> Reduce consumption by implementing active energy-efficiency


> Produce clean energy from renewable resources

> Optimize consumption by using the latest technologies

We can help you make savings!

Energy audit
& measure

A more efcient, Passive Energy Efficiency Active Energy Efficiency

Optimise through

smarter, cleaner Fix the basics

Low consumption devices,

insulation material,
automation &

HVAC control,
lighting control,
maintain, improve

Meters installation,
monitoring services,

energy future
power factor correction variable speed drives EE analysis software

8 9
A commitment to energy savings

How to achieve active energy

Save up to 30% starting now
by combining robust automation, control,
and monitoring of energy use

And secure the savings achieved

Start with measurement by eliminating the following risks
10% You cant manage what you cant measure. Measuring is the
Unplanned, unmanaged shutdowns of equipment and processes
first essential step in raising awareness and changing habits
Lack of automation and regulation for applications like motors and
and behaviours.
Unpredictability of user behaviours

Reduce energy consumption

20% Use automation and control systems to ensure that you
only use the energy you really need

Up to 8% per year is lost

Potential losses without monitoring and

Efficient equipment
Add monitoring and maintenance services to achieve maintenance programs
lasting improvements

and installation

via automation

Optimal use
Up to per year is

Monitoring and maintenance lost without regulation and
Reduce energy cost control systems

30% Use strategies that optimize or reduce energy acquisition
and management costs

Opt for renewable energy like photovoltaics to generate


Ensure lasting progress

Implementing energy-efficiency solutions generates
immediate results. However, a few additional steps
Achieve will ensure long-term savings.
measurable savings Installing a management system to monitor and
We use the International Performance Baseline Energy- analyze data
consumption efficiency
Measurement and Verification Protocol solution
Reconstitution of consumption Maintaining the installation
(IPMVP) to measure and verify the energy without solution
Completing appropriate system upgrades

savings we promise for our energy-

throughout the installations lifecycle
efficiency solutions:
Pre-installation audit: baseline energy Training personnel on the products and systems
consumption data are measured and installed
calculated Time
Post-installation audit: baseline data Data gathered Data gathered for comparison Our active energy efficiency solutions include
are compared with post-installation prior to installation with baseline data
a range of service levels. Our Energy
consumption data to determine actual Performance Contract, for instance, can help
savings you ensure that the initial savings your solutions
generate last well into the future.

10 11
A commitment to energy savings

Meetand exceedyour customers

Schneider Electric energy-efficiency solutions provide you with a
comprehensive offering designed to meet your customers changing
needs and boost your sales. When you sell Schneider Electric energy-
efficiency solutions, you add a new environmental dimension to your
technical offering, and become your customers trusted energy-
efficiency expert.

Offer your customers the added value they demand

Innovative solutions with measurable results
Substantial energy savings
> Up to 30% energy savings for existing buildings
> The capacity to contribute to meeting Kyoto targets for new buildings
> Lower operating costs
Recommendations to help your customers comply with regulations
and increase the value of their property
Measures to enhance your customers environmentally-friendly image
and further their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Save energy and stay on budget

Start with measurement solutions for quickoften immediateand Some companies make
their energy savings
measurable return on investment
targets public:
Offer your customers the right solutions for their budget:
> Without compromising between energy efficiency and budget Nestl is aiming for

restrictions 5% savings per year

> By offering innovations at a fixed cost from 2005 to 2010

> By promoting incentives for which your customers are eligible STMicroelectronics
Present compelling proof of the expected savings to your customers. is targeting 2.5%

Achieve significant and sustainable

Be your customers savings with Schneider Electric

Your energy manager

leading energy- Metering, monitoring, control solutions, and cost

optimization services

Your energy expert

efciency partner Consulting, training, and planning and implementation of

energy-efficiency solutions

Your green partner

Environmentally-friendly and renewable-energy products

12 13
Our solutions Power distribution
Shed non-priority loads automatically
Correct your installations power factor and reduce energy costs
Reduce power loss by ltering harmonics
Design smart to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs
Start saving energy by monitoring your MV network locally
Take advantage of discount MV utility rates without the risk of counterparty power cuts 28

HVAC control
Regulate kitchen exhaust hood speed according to temperature 32
Power distribution Regulate cooling-tower water temperature and save energy 34
Regulate temperature by maintaining air pressure 36
Reduce your electrical consumption by controlling your HVAC systems motors 38

Lighting control
Use KNX presence and daylight detectors for precision lighting control 42
Automate lighting control using KNX presence daylight detectors 44
HVAC control Achieve simple lighting control using natural light and building occupation 46
Save energy by controlling lighting scenarios for different areas of your building 48

Renewable power
generation Energy monitoring
Meet essential energy measurement needs with a simple metering solution 52
Lighting Get essential electrical information for each area of your building 54
control View and monitor the energy used by your lighting installation 56
Analyze your energy consumption online without a BMS 58
Manage WAGES in your small to medium-sized building 60
Manage WAGES in non-critical large industrial buildings 62
Manage and sub-bill WAGES in large commercial buildings 64
Analyze energy data to optimize operation of your industrial buildings 66

monitoring Building management
Schedule selected loads simply via your BMS 70
Monitor and control electrical loads in your retail shopfront 72
Control lighting and heating at room level with a KNX-based system 74
Control room lighting, temperature, and blinds automatically 76
Manage hotel energy consumption according to guestroom occupancy 78
Reduce hotel electrical consumption and improve comfort with a full KNX system 80
Combine various control systems to achieve maximum savings 82
Monitor your buildings power supply and control HVAC, lighting, and blinds 84
Boost energy efciency and increase the availability of your electrical installation 86
Control and monitor HVAC, lighting, security systems, and energy consumption 88

Building Renewable power generation

management Use available rooftop space to install and operate solar panels 92
Boost your green image and save photovoltaic energy 94
Supply a small group of remote, off-grid buildings with electricity 96

14 15
When you target your electrical installation,
you have the potential to generate substantial
savings by optimizing the three pillars
of energy efficiency:
> Measurement
> Optimization of energy consumption
> Sustainable performance for lasting results

The solutions on the following

Power distribution
pages can help you turn your power
distribution system into a source of
savings. These simple, cost-effective solutions
do not require a Building Management System
and can help you optimize your installations main
functions, such as power supply, uninterrupted
service, protection, and energy quality.
Additional functions deliver useful information
to aid in optimizing your installation and energy

Choose the solution thats right for you

> Shed non-priority loads automatically (p. 18)
> Correct your installations power factor and reduce energy costs (p. 20)
> Reduce power loss by filtering harmonics (p. 22)
> Design smart to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs (p. 24)
> Start saving energy by monitoring your MV network locally (p. 26)
> Take advantage of discount MV utility rates without the risk of counterparty
power cuts (p. 28)

16 17
Power distribution Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all buildings

Reflex load shedding

Shed non-priority loads

I want to switch to a more cost-effective contract
Circuit breaker
with my electric utility. I can shed non-critical loads to Compact NSX100N

make sure I stay within my utility rate block, but I cant

SDx module
afford sudden power cuts.

Micrologic 5.2 E
trip unit

Design your electrical system around professionals

Compact NSX circuit breakers For the user + Easy design

and use
Compact NSX circuit breakers allow you to manage reflex load Limited part Circuit breaker
shedding: the automatic shedding of specific loads. numbers for easy
selection and
The Compact NSX circuit breaker with integrated > Save up to 10% No need for a
Micrologic 5.2 E electronic trip unit sends the reflex load off your energy bills
current transformer
shedding command. The trip unit measures I, V, P and E, and Subscribe to a more
cost-effective utility
produces the appropriate alarms. Each alarm is associated with
contract and avoid
+ Easy installation contactor
a load shedding trigger setting and a deactivation setting, each and maintenance Priority loads 2PCT
costly utility rate-block
with time delay. The reflex load shedding order is sent via the A single reference
overrun penalties
Compact NSX circuit breakers SDx output module. for the SDx output
Non priority loads
Easy conguration
via user-friendly
RSU* software,
> Get the most out your PC and a
PT of your investment maintenance
and enjoy greater moduleavailable
reliability with the on order as part of
DT PT: Pick-up threshold Compact NSX circuit the maintenance kit
PD: Pick-up time delay breaker, integrating Easy testing using
DT: Drop-out threshold both protection Compact NSX 100- Micrologic 5.2 E trip SDx Module with two
DD the LSU* software,
DD: Drop-out time delay and measurement 630 A circuit breaker unit with integrated outputs and power supply
(t) your PC, and the
capabilities The first-ever moulded- energy measurement from 24 V to 415 V, AC
Alarm: activation zone (in blue) maintenance module
case circuit breaker unique on the market or DC
* Free download to include protection,
Each alarm is associated with a load-shedding trigger setting > Increase power available online at www.
and a deactivation setting. availability by schneider-electric.com measurement, and
preventing overload communication
tripping capabilities in a single unit

configurable alarm
time delays with
flexibility from 1 to 3,000
seconds in a single unit

18 19
Power distribution Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all commercial buildings

Correct your installations LV network

power factor and reduce Circuit breaker

energy costs Current


I plan to upgrade my electrical installation For

to meet the new standards. I want to take professionals
advantage of the opportunity to reduce my + Easy to install
Circuit breaker
electricity bills and boost the available power + 100% factory Circuit
Compact NSX
without switching to a new utility contract. tested capacitor

+ Lifespan of
For the user around 15 years
> Save up to + Optional breaker
10% on your harmonics ltering
Regulate power factor automatically electricity bills, with
by using a Varset reactive energy ROI within two years + SlSvar software
(actual savings vary for easy equipment
compensator depending on local selection and Capacitor bank
utility penalties) conguration Varset

The solution automatically regulates power factor correction

according to load fluctuations. The resulting power factor, close > Increase your + Communicating
to 1, frees up additional available power, allowing you to add on installations Modbus version
available power by available for remote
to your installation. The system is built around a Varlogic power
factor controller, which is also available in a Modbus-based up to 30% data transmission

communicating version.
> Eliminate

Example: consumption of
With a utility contract for 250 kVA with an average power factor reactive energy
of 0.7, penalties are charged for consumption over 175 kW
(175 0.7 = 250 kVA). > Reduce your
carbon footprint
The Varset system includes a bank of 200 kvar capacitors, Varset
which are automatically switched on or off depending on > Boost your Network voltage: 230 V
the power factor detected. A current detector measures installations to 690 V - 50/60 Hz
reliability and Reactive power:
lifespan by ltering 7.5 kvar to 1200 kvar
The system guarantees a power factor greater than 0.92, harmonics with the Harmony range: Power factor Easy to use
regardless of load, raising the actual consumption limit to Varset Harmony 2.7 (135 Hz), 3.8 (190 Hz), correction via Easy to set up; self-
230 kW (250 x 0.92=230 kW), or 55kW of available energy. range 4.3 (215 Hz) Varlogic controllers configuration available
Standards: Controls reactive power Intuitive user interface
IEC 60439-1, IEC 61921, to obtain the target power Direct, real-time display
EN 60439-1 factor. Provides installation of main measurement
Automatically regulated data and analysis Optional
forced ventilation Monitors and provides communicating version
With or without data on compensation available (Modbus)
incoming circuit breaker equipment status

20 21
Power distribution Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: small to medium-sized buildings

Reduce power loss

by ltering harmonics Circuit breaker

I need to reduce the overall harmonics

generated by my factorys variable speed drives
and uninterruptible power supply. My budget Circuit
Circuit breaker
is limited, and the solution has to be simple. Compact NSX


For Circuit Circuit

breaker breaker
professionals C60N Compact
Install AccuSine PCS active filtering For the user + Easy to install Circuit
for your electrical installation
> Harmonic ltering + Compensation
reduces power loss automatically
Variable speed drives and uninterruptible power supplies constitute Contactor
in the upline circuit adjusted

non-linear loads. They use a fundamental sine wave (the same

and equipment depending on load
frequency as the network) and generate additional harmonics
by 10%
waves whose frequencies are multiples of the networks frequency. + Easy upgrades Variable Variable
and add-ons speed drive speed drive
The AccuSine PCS active filter constantly generates an equal yet > Ensures ATV31 ATV61
opposite current to the harmonic currents generated by non-linear
of less than 5% + Optional Heading

loads, leaving only the fundamental frequency on the network. power factor
M Harmonics M M
> Reduces correction possible 3~ compensators
3~ 3~
The AccuSine PCS is fed from a specific outgoing feeder. It detects AccuSine PCS
overloading and (recommended by Light
and analyzes the current upline in real time from the non-linear utilities)
frees up additional
loads and sends out a compensating current via its power line.
useable capacity
The following oscillograms illustrate the total current harmonic
distortion (THDI) before and after the installation of the active filter. > Minimizes system
losses and demand

> Lowers outage


> Extends
equipment lifetime

> Reduces wire AccuSine PCS > A simple line up, > Powerful performance 225% VAR current
heating (especially including Meets all major injection to meet
neutral) 50A, 100A and 300A worldwide harmonic instantaneous load
power ratings Universal standards; requirements and provide
Voltage: 208V - 480V, 3 IEEE-519, G5/4 -1, GB/T voltage support
phase 3 wire 14549, IEC61000-3-2/-
NEMA 1, NEMA 12, 3-4 > Expandable
IP30, IP54 enclosure Ultra fast response capabilities
options to load changeswithin Parallel up to 10 units
Worldwide offer: Meets microseconds with different ratings
UL, CSA, CE, ABS, C- Cancels all harmonics on one set of current
Tick standards from 2nd to 50th order transformers

22 23
Power distribution Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all types of buildings

Design smart to reduce

capital expenditures For
professionals At the Solution stage
View energy dissipation

and operating costs + Shorten the

design cycle by up
cost, CO2 emissions
and ROI of power factor
to 40%
When it comes to having an energy-efcient + Increase quality
by using a single
electrical installation, the most important thing tool for the whole
design process
to me is to minimize power losses while keeping
capital expenditures on target. + Present hard
data to back up Sort components by energy
your recommended consumption to identify the
most efficient choices

For the user + Enhance your

image as an
Use ID-Spec Large software to design conscious
the ideal electrical installation for your professional At the Design stage,
use the power barycenter
building and your budget > Reduce capital + Produce Bill tool to:
expenditures of Equipment, find out the best
ID-Spec Large software offers an array of design capabilities by 10% by scaling reports, and equipment locations in the
unique on the market: equipment down specications with define the electrical
to optimized use a single tool architecture for your project
Assess the actual cost savings generated by energy-efficiency
solutions like power factor correction and low loss transformers
Reduce wiring lengths and diameters for lower materials and > Lower energy

installation costs consumption

Lower capital expenditures by scaling equipment down to by 3% simply
optimized use scenarios by optimizing your
electrical equipment
Calculate the percentage of recyclable wiring and busbar
trunking materials > Avoid utility Examples
Assess the cost of the electrical system over the entire building penalties through
> Food and
more responsive
lifecycle beverage plant in
power consumption
Jakarta, Indonesia
ID-Spec Large reports provide compelling data to back up the ID-Spec Large
recommended solutions and can quickly and easily calculate the demonstrated the
impact of alternative solutions. savings achieved by
moving low voltage
> Reduce raw switchboards to ID-Spec Large Automatic electrical
materials and alternative locations: functions installation performance
installation costs by
optimizing wiring
35% reduction Power Summary evaluation
in power loss for Installation drawings Automatic RFQ
lengths and cross savings of <200K specifications
(CAD layout and single
section area over 15 years Budgeting
line drawings)
Amount of cabling Automatic equipment
reduced by half selection and sizing

24 25
Power distribution Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: any building with a medium voltage network

Start saving energy by RM6 DIDI

monitoring your MV network

Easergy Amp21D


I am seeking a simple, cost-effective way
to make sure my MV network is functioning
properly so I can take actions to reduce energy
consumption if necessary. For
+ Easy,
For the user design based on

a single product
> Easy-to-read (ammeter with
Use a digital ammeter to information at MV integrated sensors)
display information about level helps save
your MV network energy by: + No training
Allowing you to needed
identify unnecessary
The solution is based on a cost-effective digital loads and take + Easy to install:
ammeter installed on the front plate of the immediate corrective For the RM6:
switchboard. The ammeter provides a constant measures ammeter and
readout of the MV networks present and Telling you which sensors are factory
maximum current. Users can find out the current lines are overloaded mounted and tested;
so that you can nothing to do on site
on the MV load breaker switches at a glance.
rebalance loads
For the SM6:
on MV and LV
ammeter is factory
mounted and tested;
sensors are installed
> This solution
around the MV
Amp 21D offers a number of
cables on site and
benets compared
are designed for
to traditional
easy connection to
analog ammeter
the ammeter
A single part
number (digital
+ Easy rollout:
L1 no on-site
ammeter with
L2 integrated sensors)
for easy selection and
Enhanced readout
accuracy, especially Amp21D ammeter
for small currents 4-digit display
Cost effective Self-powered
batteryless unit
Measures current on the
switchboard load break
switch function

26 27
Power distribution Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: any building connected to a MV network

Take advantage of discount For Main line Start order

MV utility rates without the risk professionals

+ Factory-tested,
Voltage sensor
Voltage sensor

of counterparty power cuts precongured

ATS comes ready
to install on an RM6
switchboard in a VD3H relay
To guarantee the lowest possible utility rates, T200I box Voltage
The T200I detection
I have agreed to go off the power grid during automation comes VD3H relay
Fault Fault
peak hours. Therefore, to avoid costly downtime, pre-programmed, passage
indicator (FPI)
indicator (FPI)
I need a back-up power supply that kicks in sequence errors
automatically after just a few seconds. during set-up

+ More efcient
For the user easy-to-order based

on existing part

Install an Automatic Transfer System + Quick, easy

(ATS) to switch the MV connection > Guarantee lowest
to a back-up generator possible utility M M
connections only
Kit included for
Save energy Savings of10% mounting T200I
are achievable in on wall or RM6
Depending on your rate agreement, the utility sends out a signal
many countriesin
just before the higher peak rate kicks in or power is cut off.
The ATS receives this signal and:
some countries, + Simple
when demand is high commissioning:

Starts the generator and supply is short, easy to congure Utility rate
Turns on the main switch once the generator is ready the price per kWh service voltage, time management
Turns off the generator switch can be multiplied by delays, and ATS SCADA
more than 10 operating modes
Power is restored in less than 10 seconds.
> Boost operating + Maintenance
Increase power availability efciency with free: automatic
ATS ensures power availability, performing the same functions if automatic monitoring testing and
voltage loss is detected on the main electrical line, with power and guaranteed troubleshooting
power availability
generally restored in less than 15 seconds.
ATS comes
The fault passage indicator (FPI) ensures the ATS is locked if a
with an optional
fault current is detected to avoid cutting off power to a properly- communication
functioning line. module to transmit RM6 ring main unit T200I
information to a 24 kV Embedded electronics
remote control Examples includes sensors Includes ATS
system VPIS-VO VD3H relays Specifically designed
> Users save
and motorized switches for the MV network:
10% per year unlike other solutions
off standard rates on the market, the 10kV
by opting for the insulation for AC supply
national utilitys protects the T200 against
special peak rate over voltages coming from
in France, for substations

28 29
Depending on your business and type
of building, HVAC can account for over 40%
of energy consumption. You can reduce
HVAC energy consumption and
sustain optimal consumption levels
by improving the control and management of
ventilation, temperatures, and system usage.

You can meet todays demand for energy

efficiency, occupant comfort, and compliance with
standards by implementing one or more of the
following solutions:
> Install variable speed drives on pumps and fans
to adjust energy use to actual need.
> Design control architectures that facilitate
operation and interaction of heating, ventilation,

HVAC control
air conditioning, and window blinds, zone by zone.
> Choose equipment that improves energy
quality by eliminating power surges and reducing

Depending on whether you choose simple, stand-

alone control devices, a comprehensive building
management system, or a solution somewhere
in between, you can reduce the amount
of energy your HVAC system uses
by up to 30%.

Choose the solution thats right for you

> Regulate kitchen exhaust hood speed according to temperature (p. 32)
> Regulate cooling-tower water temperature and save energy (p. 34)
> Regulate temperature by maintaining air pressure (p. 36)
> Reduce your electrical consumption by controlling your HVAC systems motors (p. 38)

30 31
HVAC control Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: commercial kitchens

For 100% flow with start/stop motor

Regulate kitchen exhaust professionals

Savings Savings
+ Design
hood speed according Simple and
economical: the VSD

to temperature picks up the signal

directly from the
temperature sensor 50%
maintenance: Installing a VSD can
My restaurants exhaust hood is always the VSD can be reduce energy consumption Breakfast Lunch Dinner
mounted right on (in grey below) by up to 40%
running at full speed, even when my cooking the fan, eliminating
compared to a traditional
start/stop motor, reducing
equipment isnt being used. Id like to nd a way maintenance- total consumption by about
intensive gearboxes 25%.
to reduce the amount of energy wasted and lower
Easy design and 0%
my utility bills. upgrades 6am 7 8 9 10 11 12 1pm 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1am 2 3 4 5

+ Installation
For the user Complies with
> Energy standards
savings of Integrated EMC
The solution consists in using variable speed drives (VSD)
20% to 50%, lter
to adjust exhaust operation to the amount of activity in the depending on use: Simple, beltless
kitchen. maximum exhaust system

hood operation is Easy installation

Fan speed is controlled according to air temperature.
usually limited to just thanks to plug-and-
A sensor inside the exhaust hood detects air temperature, a few hours a day play design
and an Altivar 12 variable speed drive adjusts the exhaust fan
motor speed. > Fast ROI,
The cooler the air, the slower the fan runs, down to a usually within 18 to
24 months
minimum ventilation level. The exhaust hood is automatically
turned up or down to meet actual needs, resulting in Variable
> Quieter operation speed drive
substantial savings. ATV12
Lowering fan speed
An optical smoke sensor can be added to boost the by 20% reduces Projects
systems regulation capabilities. This configuration requires noise by 20%
> United States:
an additional control system. Reducing speed
VSDs were installed
by half virtually
on 12 exhaust
eliminates noise
hoods at a university
> Lower
A VSD controls
maintenance costs
the speed of
each exhaust
fan via smoke
and temperature The Altivar 12
sensors. The Variable speed drive Can be configured in its Resistant to harsh High dynamic
system is expected for small machines and packaging operating environments performance on
to generate applications with three- Quick start option Integration of Standard acceleration as well as
annual savings of phase 240 V asynchronous requiring no adjustment (U/f), on braking
126,244 kWh. motor 0.18 to 0.75 kW, Intuitive navigation Performance (sensorless Excellent speed
120 V single-phase power Even more compact flux vector control, or regulation on machine
supply 0.18 to 2.2 kW, Category 1 EMC filter SVC) and Pump/Fan load surges
240 V single-phase power Local control on the (quadratic profile Kn)
supply 0.18 to 4 kW, 240 V front panel control profiles
three-phase power supply Modbus serial link

32 33
HVAC control Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: medium-sized to large buildings with cooling tower

Regulate cooling-tower Circuit breaker

Compact NSX

water temperature
and save energy
breaker C60

My cooling tower is a constant concern.

Maintenance needs vary widely depending on the
season, and the installation uses too much energy. Contactor
I want a solution that will improve yield and reduce LC1D

Air out
Bus control
For the user professionals

Use speed drives to regulate the + Simpler Cooling tower Fan

speed drive
mechanics (no
towers fan and pump brakes, sensors, or
rotation inverters)
The best way to control air-water exchange in a cooling tower is
to use variable speed drives to control the towers fan and pump, > Reduce energy + Facilitates motor Spray nozzles

consumption sizing (over-speed

eliminating additional maintenance-hungry mechanical systems
and standby modes
while meeting the towers needs. A PLC regulates fan airflow and
> Improve yield available)
pump volume via the variable speed drives.

by regulating water
This solution uses up to 50% less energy than direct-start temperature + Enhanced
process regulation
fans and pumps and eases maintenance.
> Lower Make up
Over a given season, the fan and pump motors must operate
maintenance + Extends lifetime Air in water
at full speed just 2% to 5% of the timethe rest of the time of mechanical
this energy is wasted. Direct-start motors require additional especially in extreme components
mechanical systems to solve problems like fan blade rotation due weather
to wind, or additional resistance due to freezing. + Facilitates
> Quieter operation maintenance To chiller
This solution uses 20% less energy than two-speed motors planning
and also improves maintenance. > Low harmonics: From chiller
While two-speed motors offer a partial solution to energy THDI < 30% Pump
consumption issues, they do nothing to resolve maintenance issues.
> Eliminates inrush
current due to
100% motor start-up
Direct-start motor
Percent power required

Two-speed motor
ATV21 speed drive Range dedicated Speed range: 1:50 Conformity to the
to building HVAC Overload : 110% - 60 s international standards
applications. Integrated EMC filters and certifications : CE,
30% All essential functions for class A or B UL, CSA, C-Tick...
ATV21 variable speed drive
20% variable torque pumps Main communication Reduced-Capacitance
10% and fans applications: bus used on the building technology: immediately
0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 3-phases 200/240 V, market: LonWorks, operational and without
Percent fan speed 380/480 V Metasys N2, BACnet, and harmful effect, harmonics
UL Type 1/IP20 and Apologe FLN. treatment without added
IP54 up to 75 kW artifices: THDI < 30%

34 35
HVAC Control Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all buildings

Regulate temperature
by maintaining air pressure Circuit breaker
Compact NSX

It is difcult to make heating and air For

conditioning systems more energy efcient
without affecting occupant comfort. The fact that + Design Circuit
breaker C60
Eliminates direct
HVAC systems are often set up by oor further starts, so motor size
complicates the situation. I need a exible solution can be decreased
Simplies electrical
that can adapt to uctuating occupancy while architecture as Contactor
using only the amount of energy that is actually all functions are LC1D
integrated into the
needed. variable speed drive
For the user Eliminates the
need for additional
> Save up to anti-harmonics lters
20% off your Includes integrated
energy costs by communication bus
using independent
Use variable speed drives to regulate variable speed drives + Installation ATV21
air pressure and temperature Products are
speed drive
> Minimize compact in size P
Take a chilled-beam heating system, for example. The most maintenance and 3
filter clogging Optional features Room
energy-efficient solution for this type of heating system would be can be added
to add temperature regulation functions via a thermostat, plus > Quieter operation without increasing
pressure regulation in the beam and the room. product size
> Use up to 50% Simple user

The thermostat (T) (see diagram opposite) controls air flow by

less energy by interface
adjusting the shutters on the intake vent (1). The pressure in the 1
integrating variable
heated beam (2) and the room (3) are kept at constant levels by
speed drives into + Maintenance
varying fan speed. The two ATV21 variable speed drives feature Local or remote P
your building
an integrated proportional regulation function that allows them to management system troubleshooting 2
control the fans directly based on information from the pressure (BMS) Smoother
sensors (P). starting increases
> Regulate the lifespan
The solution optimizes regulation regardless of fluctuating temperature within of mechanical
occupancy patterns. To fine tune energy consumption even a limited range components and
further using presence detectors, automatic blind controllers, reduces frequency
and timers, a building management system would be required. > Provide constant of maintenance
In this type of setup, the variable speed drives and sensors ventilation
would be connected to the BMS via a communication bus.
> Add presence The Altivar 21 Low harmonics (THDI Modbus standard on all
detectors and variable speed < 30%) thanks to C-less models
automation drive is designed technology (with reduced LonWorks, Metasys N2,
systems to further specifically for DC bus capacitors) Apogee FLN, and BACnet
optimize the system building systems Optional versions available as options
with integrated EMC
compatibility) filters

36 37
HVAC control Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: medium to large size buildings

Reduce your electrical For

consumption by controlling + Design
your HVAC systems motors Simple, innovative
TeSys U: fewer
part numbers due
to modular base
I want to reduce the amount of electricity my with plug-and-
HVAC system uses by installing the most relevant play options for
easy preparation,
control devices. selection, and

+ Installation TeSys U
Easy upgrades: starter-controller
during installation,
each motor can be
Install TeSys U starter-controllers For the user adjusted to nominal
speed; TeSys U can
to protect and control constant-load > Reduce electrical
be easily customized
consumption speed drive
motors and ATV variable speed without tools or
by 20% for wiring
drives to control variable-load motors variable loads
Save time: with
TeSys U there is
Designed for constant loads, TeSys U intelligent starter- > Reduce electrical
no need for wiring
controllers offer control, protection, and measurement consumption of
between the
functions. When you install TeSys U units, you generate indirect the protection and
contactor and the
control system
savings by detecting abnormal operation and taking the circuit breaker; it is
appropriate corrective measures, and direct savings through by 75% for easy to integrate into
constant loads the HVAC system
lower consumption of the control and protection equipment.
TeSys U electronics are designed to cut consumption four-fold via RJ45 Modbus
> Save up to connectors
as compared to traditional electro-mechanical solutions.
20% space
+ Maintenance

TeSys U offers protection while constantly measuring motor due to TeSys U

current so that the following information can be transmitted compact unit size Plug-and-play
via the communication module (Modbus, CanOpen, Profibus, makes changing
> Lower the the control unit
DeviceNet, AsI, or Advantys STB) or by direct display via the
amount of heat faster and easier,
multifunction control unit:
generated by minimizing downtime
Operating faults, so that corrective measures can be taken TeSys U motor
quickly Access motor
start-up by up to
settings (heat, TeSys U offers a One of a choice of three One of a choice of
Overheating, to avoid breakdowns 75%, reducing overloads, capacity of up to clip-on units: three automation control
Designed for variable loads, ATV variable speed drives ensure the need for breakdown log) at all 32A/15 kW, and - Standard CU for modules:
cooling fans in the times to better avoid consists of protection against - Modbus, CanOpen,
that consumption is scaled to match motor needs at all times.
enclosure breakdowns One 45 mm power overloads and short- AS-Interface
Variable speed drives generate significant direct savings over
circuits - Profibus DP, Ethernet,
direct-start motors. TeSys U: highly base:
> ROI in under - Expandable CU DeviceNet, Fipio,
modular design - Two ratings, reversing or
two years plus alarm and fault Interbus S via Advantys
reduces spare parts non-reversing
differentiation STB
stock tenfold - Circuit-breaker function
- Built-in interference - Multifunction CU for - Simple parallel link
suppression real-time control of motor Two optional 45-mm
load, local or remote power functions:
troubleshooting, and - Limiter-isolator
settings - Changeover relay

38 39
Lighting control is one of the
easiest ways to save on energy

The right lighting control solution slash

your lighting costs by 50% compared
to traditional systems.

Our lighting control solutions are flexible

and designed to ensure occupant comfort.
From small, local devices like timers and
occupancy sensors to sophisticated

Lighting control
customized solutions based on KNX
standards, there is a solution to meet
your buildings needs and your budget.

Choose the solution thats right for you

> Use KNX presence and daylight detectors for precision lighting control (p. 42)
> Automate lighting control using KNX presence and daylight detectors (p. 44)
> Achieve simple lighting control using natural light +and building occupation (p. 46)
> Save energy by controlling lighting scenarios for different areas of your building (p. 48)

40 41
Lighting control Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all commercial buildings

Use KNX presence KNX

ARGUS Presence
ARGUS Presence

and daylight detectors

for precision lighting control IR-remote
Distance 2010

System component Lighting control Lighting control

I want to cut energy use substantially in Presence control Manual control Presence control Manual control KNX

the main areas of my ofce building. I also want

the exibility to expand and recongure the system
as needed, without having to rewire. For the user KNX
supply dimming 0-10 V

> Use up to 35% actuator

less energy by
tailoring consumption
to occupation professionals 230 Volt
0-10 V
patterns (based on
Use KNX open bus technology reference buildings + Increased 0-10 V Fluorescent
12 V
stated in DIN V18599 exibility
to link presence detectors to resp. Easy to recongure
0-10 V

transformer ballast
switching and dimming actuators EN 15232) and expand
Lighting for Entrance, Exhibition Lighting for Offices and Floor
for flexible, expandable automatic Settings can be and Conference Room
adjusted at any time
lighting control and the system
expanded without
The solution entails using presence detectors to activate costly demolition or
> Reduce rewiring
artificial lighting if and when natural light is below a preset
level. Lights are automatically switched off when areas All devices are
labour and costs
are unoccupied or when there is sufficient natural light. connected to a
(compared to a
Push-button or remote controls can be used to set common bus line
traditional system
brightness levels (100, 300, or 500 lux, or always off, with the same
for instance) and predefined scenarios. capabilities)
+ New business
> Flexible local or KNX solutions
centralized switching are implemented
and on/off indicators by skilled electricians
or integrators
Complies with Number of zones:
They offer a broad
standards 136 with 544 switching
range of user-friendly
KNX ISO IEC 14543 segments
and cost-effective
EN50090 standard Number of movement
sensors: 4, separately
System KNX ARGUS adjustable
Project programmable via a > Presence detector > Light sensor
simple PC using ETS Angle of detection: 360 Internal light sensor KNX Universal
> A Paris bank software infinitely adjustable from dimming actuator
Range: a radius of max.
branch ofce approx. 10 to 2000 Lux AC 230 V, 50-60 Hz: for
7 m (at a mounting height
(Caisse dEpargne (ETS) switching and/or dimming
of 2.50 m)
Raumur) took External light sensor via incandescent lamps
Number of levels: 6
advantage of a KNX or LV halogen lamps
renovation to equip using dimmable wound
three 1,500 square transformers or electronic
meter oors with the transformers

42 43
Lighting control Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all buildings

Automate lighting control

using KNX presence and KNX
Presence detector

daylight detectors For

1-gang plus ARGUS 180/2.20 m

+ Flexible for easy System component Lighting control

upgrades and
I want to save energy by automating extensions
Manual control Presence detection KNX

my schools classroom lighting. The system All functions may

also needs to be exible and easy to expand be set and extended
at any time without
and upgrade. costly building work KNX
Switch actuator REG-K/2x230/16
supply with manual mode
All devices are
connected to a
common bus line

+ A source of
For the user new business
Control room lighting opportunities

automatically according to > Use up to 20% KNX solutions

less energy by must be installed by
occupation and natural light aligning lighting skilled electricians or
use with room integrators and offer
The solution is built around presence detectors linked to occupation (based many user-friendly

on DIN V18599 or and cost-efcient

switching actuators, and features a push-button control
EN 15232 reference functions
for use in manual mode. The entire system is connected
via KNX open bus to facilitate extensions and upgrades. + Lower, more
Thanks to the presence detectors, lights are automatically
maintenance costs
switched on when a person enters the room if natural
light is below a preset level. Lights are automatically
switching cuts down
switched off when no movement is detected in the room > Reduce on lighting use,
and the preset time delay has passed. installation costs extending the lifetime KNX ARGUS Number of levels: 6 KNX switch actuator
and time compared of light xtures 180/2.20 m flush- Number of zones: 46 Capable of switching
In manual mode, lights can be switched permanently on mounted presence Number of movement two loads independently
to conventional
or off. Switching the system on in manual mode restarts Replacement
systems with similar detector sensors: 2, sector- Integrated bus coupler
automatic presence and natural light detection mode. scheduling is
functions oriented, adjustable and screw terminals
facilitated because
Sensitivity: infinitely For installation on
the number of hours
> Enhance adjustable (ETS or EN 50022 DIN rails
of use is known
occupant comfort potentiometer) 230 V switch output
in advance when
Light sensor: infinitely can be operated with a
optional switch
adjustable from approx. manual switch
actuators with
10 Lux to 2000 Lux (ETS Time delay for each
current detection
or potentiometer) switch output - Fluorescent lamps:
are used
Time: adjustable in Nominal voltage: AC 230 V AC, max. 2500 VA
Angle of detection: 180 steps from 1 s to 8 min 230 V, 50-60 Hz - Capacitive load: 230 V
Range: 8 m right/left, (potentiometer) or For each switching AC, 16 A, max. 200 F
12 m to the front adjustable from 1 s to contact: Device width: 2.5
Mounting height: 2.2 m 255 hours (ETS) - Nominal current: 16 A, modules = 45 mm
or 1.1 m with half the cos = 0.6 Contents: bus
range - Incandescent lamps: connecting terminal and
230 V AC, max. 3600 W cable cover
- Halogen lamps: 230 V
AC, max. 2500 W

44 45
Lighting control Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: any building without a Building Management System
and with good natural light
Achieve simple lighting + Design L
Fully-congurable N

control using natural light for a variety of

building occupation

and building occupation situations

+ Installation DPN
Offer the added
value of automation Twilight Interface
switch relay
Impulse relays work IC 2000 RBN
I want to reduce the amount of energy used with standard wiring
by my buildings lighting by taking advantage + Maintenance
of natural light in corridors and areas with large Easy-to-maintain
traditional Impulse Impulse
windows. Most importantly, I want to keep lights architecture relay relay
from being left on all weekend!
controller Zelio On Off On Off

For the user

How it works
> Save 10% off
A controller is programmed with each areas occupation lighting costs, one Corridor lighting is
patterns. A light sensor allows the lights to be switched of the top three switched on when
on, via the controller, when natural light levels are too sources of electrical employees begin to
low. The system is flexible enough to allow occupants consumption arrive at 7.30 am.
There is enough Local Local
to override the restriction, switching lights on for short push button push button
> Easy-to-control, natural light for
periods of time as needed. people to use the
independent system
Each area is outfitted with the usual light fixtures and does not affect other area comfortably,
building systems so the lights remain

push-button on/off switches, and is powered by an

switched off until
electrical circuit controlled by an impulse relay that 5.41 pm, when the
receives commands from a controller. The controller also natural light is no
includes digital inputs from one or more twilight switches longer sufcient.
that constantly measure natural light levels. In the meantime,
Mr Smith switches on
Depending on the configuration, the controller can either the lights in his ofce
automatically switch lights on in a given area, depending when he arrives.
on time of day, or periodically send lights-off commands A short time later, at
8.50 am, the lights Zelio Logic smart RBN Interface: TLC impulse relay
when natural light is high, or when the programmed
are switched off relay is designed for between low voltage with centralized
occupation time is over. Flexible programming ensures automatically due to use in small automated and extra low voltage control
an optimal balance between energy savings and user good natural light. systems Enhanced isolation
comfort. Mr Smith switches The number of inputs/ between circuits (4KV)
them on again to
outputs can be: Mini 5mA 5V CA/CC to
perform a task at his
- 12 or 20 I/O, supplied maxi 2A 250V CA
desk, and the lights
with a 24 V or c 12 V, Standard IEC 255-100,
remain on for 15
- 10, 12 or 20 I/O, and I/O extension IEC 529
supplied with a 100 to modules to obtain a
From 4.55 pm on,
when natural light is 240 V or c 24 V maximum of 40 I/O IC 2000 Twilight
lower, Mr Smith can with clock Programming Programming can be switch
again leave the lights language performed: Adjustable from 2 lux to
on as long as he To improve performance independently, using 2000 lux
wants. and flexibility, Zelio the buttons on the Zelio Supplied with wall-
At 7 pm, the Logic modular smart Logic smart relay (ladder mounted IP54 light sensor
automatic shut-off relays can be fitted with language), on a PC using cell
kicks in again. communication modules Zelio Soft 2 software

46 47
Lighting control Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all commercial buildings


Save energy by controlling push-button push-button

lighting scenarios for different IR-remote


areas of your building System component Lighting control Lighting control

Distance 2010

Lighting control Lighting control

Manual control Manual control KNX

I want an easy way to manage different Power supply
Switch actuator
Universal dimming
Universal dimming
actuator actuator 0-10 V
lighting scenarios in different areas of my building
and save energy.

professionals 0-10 V

Implement remote or manual + Maximum

0-10 V

controls to automatically exibility, making

ballast/ transformer transformer
0-10 V
manage different lighting For the user adjustments to transformer
layout much easier
scenarios > Use up to 10% than with traditional
less energy than
This solution uses KNX network technology to link
push-button controls with switching and dimming
with a traditional
installation for a
+ Requires
working with a
actuators. Different lighting scenarios configured similar-sized room skilled electrician
according to occupancy and use can be activated or planner/
via KNX push-button controls. Individual KNX actuators > Improve integrator to get
may be used to switch or dim lights manually at any occupant comfort maximum user-
and room friendliness and
time. A remote control provides added practicality.
ambiance cost-effectiveness 4-gang plus push- Schneider Electric IR KNX switch actuator - Capacitive load: 230 V
button control with remote control. Many For independent switching AC, 16 A, max. 200 F
> Control by
IR receiver other IR remote controls of four loads. With Device width: 4 modules
lighting groups
(e.g. existing TV or CD integrated bus coupler = approx. 72 mm
player remote controls) and two screw terminals. Contents: with bus
unnecessary use
can be programmed to For installation on EN connecting terminal and
work with the unit. 50022 DIN rails. The 230 cable cover
V switch output can be
KNX software functions:
operated with a manual
switching, toggling,
dimming (single/dual-
Nominal voltage: AC
surface), blind (single/
230 V, 50-60 Hz
Push-button control with dual-surface), pulse edge
For each switching
8 operating buttons, trigger 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-bit
operating and status telegrams (distinction
- Nominal current: 16 A,
display, and labelling field. between short and long
cos = 0.6
The operating display operation), pulse edge
- Incandescent lamps:
can also be used as with 2- byte telegrams
230 V AC, max. 3600 W
an orientation light. (distinction between short
- Halogen lamps: 230 V
All functions can be and long operation), 8-bit
AC, max. 2500 W
controlled via IR remote linear regulator, scene
- Fluorescent lamps:
control. The push-button retrieval, scene saving,
230 V AC, max. 2500 VA
is pre-programmed disable functions.
for operation with a

48 49
Measuring energy consumption
is one of the keys to understanding
how your building works so you can
better exploit potential opportunities for

This section presents two types of simple


Energy monitoring
> Measuring electrical consumption directly
on your installations different devices
> Measuring and transmitting consumption
data to a PC or Web server for analysis

Both types of solutions can be implemented

without an automated data management
and analysis system.

Choose the solution thats right for you

> Meet essential energy measurement needs with a simple metering solution (p. 52)
> Get essential electrical information for each area of your building (p. 54)
> View and monitor the energy used by your lighting installation (p. 56)
> Analyze your energy consumption online without a BMS (p. 58)
> Manage WAGES in your small to medium-sized building (p. 60)
> Manage WAGES in non-critical large industrial buildings (p. 62)
> Manage and sub-bill WAGES in large commercial buildings (p. 64)
> Analyze energy data to optimize operation of your industrial buildings (p. 66)

50 51
Energy monitoring Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: small commercial and industrial buildings

Meet essential energy

measurement needs with
a simple metering solution Circuit

I need a basic energy measurement system

that allows me to identify areas where corrective For
actions could help decrease my buildings energy professionals
Kilowatt-hour Kilowatt-hour Kilowatt-hour Kilowatt-hour Kilowatt-hour
+ Easy to install, meter
even in existing

+ Easy to wire: no
current transformer
to install
Install digital kilowatt-hour meters For the user
on selected loads > Metering can
+ Small size for Cafeteria Refrigerated
easy installation room

reduce energy
on compact
The solution is based on simple digital kilowatt-hour meters consumption by
to track energy consumption. Users simply read consumption up to 10%
information directly from the meters displays to identify the by raising users + Remote
leading sources of overconsumption for each area of the awareness of measurement
consumption habits possible

These cost-effective pulse meters are designed for > Easiest way + The bottom-
sub-metering of active energy consumed by a single phase or to start tracking bottom connection
three-phase electric circuit with or without distributed neutral. consumption of current
Direct measurement up to 40/63 A is possible. Above 63A, inputs facilitates
> Can be used for connection to
a current transformer must be used. The meters can be
sub-billing and cost circuit breakers
connected to a PC or PLC for analysis and reporting. allocation
+ A pulse output
can be used to
manage a set of
meters remotely

ME range EN range
> ME watt-hour meters Possible remote transfer > EN40 / ENclic
are designed for single- by NO contact kilowatt-hour meters
phase or three-phase Complies with: measure the active
circuits, with or without a IEC 62053-21 and energy consumed by a
distributed neutral IEC 61557-12 standards single-phase circuit
Direct measurement up > Complies with
to 40/63A, up to 6000A IEC 61557-12,
with current transformer IEC 62053-21(class 1)
DIN rail mounting
5 to 7 digit display

52 53
Energy monitoring Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: small to medium-sized buildings

Get essential electrical

information for each area
of your building PowerView

As facility management contractor, I need Ethernet

a system that can gather, track, and clearly
display electrical information for different areas
of my building.
For Mod/bus RS485

+ Installation EGX100
Install meters to send information Available as a

to a PC equipped with PowerView For the user software bundle
consumption-tracking software PowerView
> Savings of up
software is easy to
PowerView software is one of the easiest ways to improve to 10% with ROI use PM710
power meter
power meter
power meter
power meter
a buildings energy efficiency. It is also the perfect foundation within the first year PM9c, PM710
for upgrading to more sophisticated systems later on. and EGX100
meters suitable for
The easy-to-use interface displays measurements and
LV switchboard
the associated curves in real time. Both PM9c and more installation
advanced PM710 meters use a RS485 Modbus protocol.
An EGX100 gateway converts Modbus into Ethernet TCP IP PM9c and EGX100
> Individual
protocol. suitable for
metering raises
occupants renovation projects
awareness of PM710 meters
consumption same size as old
Power is switched analog ammeters or
PowerView software PM9c and PM710 PM710 meters take
off immediately to voltmeters for door
meters the same measurements
unoccupied areas to mounting Allows up to 32 meters
as the PM9c plus demand
keep consumption Factory-calibrated Delivers data in Integrated displays with
reactive power, demand
on track PM9c meters leave spreadsheet format at local information useful for
current, apparent energy,
Power factor is just a few settings to pre-determined intervals maintenance
voltage and current
adjusted to ensure be selected on site PM9c meters measure:
optimal efficiency and real-time and maximum
reduce power-factor- + Maintenance current, voltage, real
Unlike most other
meters on the market,
related penalties power, apparent power,
Automatic the PM9c and PM710
identication of real energy, neutral
meet EN61557-12 cost-
any new Schneider current, reactive energy,
allocation standards
Electric meter and demand readings
installed, for fast and Auxiliary power is
easy upgrades 220V AC

54 55
Energy monitoring Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: small retail buildings

View and monitor the System component Visualization Data logging

energy used by your KNX

Power supply
IP Touch-panel 10" KNX

Binary input

lighting installation
Low voltage
Power supply

I want to get an overview of the different

loads in my retail space so that I can identify areas L2
for potential savings. N

Circuit Circuit Circuit

For breaker EN40P
Electricity meter
breaker EN40P
Electricity meter
breaker EN40P
Electricity meter
Install a KNX system to meter + Flexible, for

For the user easy add-ons and

and monitor the different loads modications:
in your building > Reduce energy all equipment is
consumption by connected via load load load

The solution is based on EN40p electric meters at up to 10% a common bus

and more: monitoring line allowing you
the electrical distribution level. to recongure
energy use enables
For each KWh used, a given number of pulses are you to identify waste or expand the
sent from the meter to the KNX binary input. and encourage more installation without
Consumption data is then transferred to the 10 IP energy-efcient costly building work
touch panel, where it can be viewed and processed. behaviour
The touch panel can also be used to view and control + New
> Increase safety opportunities for
current building states and functions.
by automating alarms your business:
and emergency calls KNX solutions must
be implemented by
> Enjoy the skilled electricians
convenience of or integrators and
remote monitoring offer an array of
and control user-friendly, cost-
effective functions KNX software EN40p kilowatt-hour
> Lower installation configuration via TP VISU meters
costs than traditional Display size: 10.4 Single-phase kilowatt-
systems with similar (24.4 cm) hour meter with remote
functions transfer of metering
Resolution: 800 x 600
pixels, SVGA impulses (static output)

Display type: TFT, Compliance with

The 10KNX resistive touch standard IEC 61557-12,
interactive touch IEC 62053-21(class 1),
Colours shown:
panel is used to display EN50470-3
> 65,000
and control building
Provides direct
states and functions. It Mains voltage: DC 24 V
measurement up to 40A
comes pre-installed with Power consumption: without CTs, an auxiliary
Windows CE for fast, easy < 20 W power supply for even
data management, web, RAM: 128 MB greater savings in term of
client/server, and network

56 57
Energy monitoring Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: any existing commercial building

Analyze your energy Schneider Electric

EVO service

consumption online
without a BMS* Ethernet Network
*Building Management System
LV Network

I want to get an accurate view of when lights

and other equipment are in use in my building,
but I dont want to invest in a Building
Management System.
For the user professionals

> Save
+ No need to EGX400
install additional
2% to 4% off servers or software
Open an EnergyView Online account your utility bills by ION7650 ION6200 PM700
for one-stop web-based access to adapting building + Use existing power meter power meter power meter
operations to actual meters or
your buildings energy information use patterns incorporate new
PowerLogic meters
EnergyView Online (EVO) is a web-hosted remote energy
monitoring service that eliminates the need to install servers or + Suitable for
software on site. The service can either be linked to existing existing buildings

meters or new PowerLogic meters via an Internet gateway. > Reduce building + Easy to install
Schneider Electric can provide end-to-end services including operating costs and use; on-site PM9C
installing and configuring meters and communication devices. by 2% 5% to start-up and power meter
by optimizing training available
Once the necessary hardware is installed and configured, data is equipment use and
directly and automatically sent by email to EVOs secure servers. avoiding unnecessary + Custom
investments solutions to meet
Simply log in to your personal EVO account for 24-7 access to
your specications
at-a-glance information on your buildings energy use: > Analyse costs
Energy load profile and manage
Normalization operations in real
Rate calculations and comparisons time without waiting
Reports for your utility bill

> Remote system EnergyView Online Normalization of energy Estimated energy bills
maintenance includes information to compare using a revenue-accurate
Secure access to data similar facilities or the rate engine
> Annual service from any computer via a same facility for different Automated reporting
contracts and web browser time periods by: and scheduled daily,
priority support - Square footage weekly, or monthly energy
Pre-configured energy
- Units of production report emails
analysis reports in both
> Expert analysis - Weather
graph and table formats:
and solutions for
- Load profiles
power quality and
- Usage history
energy management
- Interval data

58 59
Energy monitoring Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: small to medium-sized commercial buildings
(1,000 to 5,000 square meters)

Manage WAGES* in your Internet

Consumption analysis
(dashboards, curves
and reports)

small to medium-sized Power

Incomer Web
CSV data files download

building Ethernet modbus TCP/IP

Main Low Voltage Switchboard

*Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam
Circuit Breaker
Compact NSX

Modbus RS485
I need to be able to identify abnormal For
or atypical consumption easily and at regular professionals Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
intervals so that I can control the overall ow + Low software M-Bus
development costs:
of energy throughout the building. iRio comes with M-Bus
pre-developed PW60
software modules
For the user
+ Powerful
> 10% energy customization
savings thanks to capabilities:
Gather metering data via an usage analysis implement additional
Even greater control functions if
iRio RTU, track consumption and savings if additional and when required
detect problems controls like Water

load scheduling, + Less time spent Heat meter

The hub of the system is an iRio RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), conditioning shedding on-site: remote
are implemented alarm and operation Power Energy Energy Energy
which picks up metering data from power meters (pulsing Meter Meter Meter Meter
PM9C EN40 ME EN40 Contactor
contacts or Modbus Serial Line communication) and flow meters
(pulsing contact, Modbus Serial Line communication, or M-Bus
> Reliable industrial + No additional Cold meter Gas
1/3/4zr CT/LC

RTU technology switchboard Sensitive loads Ventilation Air Lighting Unmetered Controlled
open metering communication). The terminal then generates the ensures information cabling: Compact conditioning loads load
Basic metering (such as (scheduled,
necessary databases, dashboards, curves, and reports. It also is available NSX built-in power + power conditioned,
Power Monitoring Sub-metering only
sockets) shedded)
transmits data. meter
> Cost-effective
The solution detects problems like flow leakages, overrides, and
The solution works
equipment left on, and then provides preconfigured indicators with pulse metering
and curves at set intervals or on demand via a standard web technology

browser as well as a downloadable metering database for in- Possible small initial
depth analysis. rollout to secure quick
ROI can be scaled up
Additional functions are also available, including an alarm
later with additional PM range EN40
generator for maximum energy consumption overruns, power
metering PowerLogic large range Economical KWh meter
faults, and abnormal consumption cycles and a load controller for of power meters offering for metering active energy
load shedding, automatic shut down, and override limitation. > iRio pre- all the measurement consumed by a single
developed software capabilities required to phase electric circuit in all
Energy metering can be provided by a number of meter options
modules minimize monitor an electrical < 10kVA installations
depending on budget and performance requirements: software development installation and are Class 1 complies with
Compact NSX built-in power meter costs backed by the most IEC 62053-21 and IEC iRio RTU
PM9C/200/700 communicating power meters complete range of 61557-12 (PMD DD) Modular system, with RS485; optional additional
Cost-effective EN40/PM9P/ME4zr pulsing power meters > Web based monitoring devices and Class B complies with integrated web server; cards for external inputs
for easy software on the market EN 50470-3 sends information by and outputs
implementation; Energy class 1 as GSM, GPRS, Ethernet,
no dedicated defined by IEC 62053-21
workstation required and class 0.5 as defined
by IEC 62053-22

60 61
Energy monitoring Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: non-critical large industrial buildings > 500 kVA
Possible integration into:
> Scada PLC
> Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
> Building Management System (BMS) Internet
> Enterprise Energy Management System (EEMS) Explorer Monitoring

Manage WAGES* Power

Consumption analysis

in non-critical large Ethernet modbus TCP/IP

Main Low Voltage Switchboard

industrial buildings Modbus RS485 Remote Terminal

Unit (RTU) iRIO

*Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam

Air circuit

I need to make sure my processes are For Interface
PW60 M-Bus Gas

running at maximum efciency without generating professionals Power Meter


any shortages. Plus, I want a breakdown of For the user + Low software Heat meter

development costs:
individual energy costs for each workshop.
> 10% energy iRio comes with Cold meter

savings thanks to pre-developed

usage analysis software modules
Power Meter Power Meter Power Meter Power Meter
Even greater savings PM700 PM700 PM9C PM9P
if additional controls + Flexible data Energy Meter Energy Heat meter
ME1/3/4zr Meter
are implemented acquisition EN40
capabilities (pulse,
> More efcient
Combine an iRio RTU, Rio extensions operation and
Modbus SL, M-Bus)
for compatibility with Contactor LC
and meters to track workshops maintenance
existing meters Controlled load (scheduled,
Cold meter

consumption > Reduced utility conditioned, shedded) Sub-metering only

fees and penalties + Powerful Sub-metering + basic power monitoring

through load shedding customization Sub-distribution Switchboard

The system is based on an iRio RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), plus
Rio extension modules on the secondary switchboards for each > Reliable industrial capabilities:
RTU technology implement additional Modbus RS485 Water
workshop or production line. The terminal and modules pick up
ensures information control functions if
metering data from power meters (pulsing contacts or Modbus and when required
is available
Serial Line communication) and flow meters (pulsing contact, Gas
Modbus Serial Line communication, or M-Bus open metering > Customizable + Highly scalable
data processing, for maximum cost-
communication). The terminal then generates the necessary
user interfaces, effectiveness Heat meter
databases, dashboards, curves, and reports and transmits data.

reports, and
The solution provides WAGES consumption information for each + Less time spent Power Meter
Power Meter
PM9C Cold meter
workshop or production line, and then provides ratios and curves > Cost-effective on-site: remote Power Meter Energy Energy
PM9P Meter Meter
showing each machines or each areas consumption profile. The solution works alarm and operation ME EN40

The metering database can be downloaded for detailed budgeting with pulse metering 1/3/4zr

and usage optimization needs.
Possible small initial Contactor CT
Electric metering can be provided by a number of meter options rollout to secure quick
ROI; can be scaled up Sub-metering + basic power monitoring Sub-metering only Restricted power
depending on your distribution architecture and metering final loads without
later with additional sub-metering
performance requirements: metering
Masterpact or Compact NSX built-in power meter
> iRio pre-
PM9C/200/700 communicating power meters
developed software
Cost-effective EN40/PM9P/ME4zr pulsing power meters modules minimize Masterpact 4 Micrologic control units iRIO RTU Optional additional
software development Nominal current 630 to with metering, energy Central unit of Rio cards for external inputs
costs 1600 A management and network modular system features and outputs
> Web based Breaking performance analysis functions with integrated web server iRio RTU PW60 interface
for easy 42 to 150 kA at Compliance with Sends information by accepts M-Bus Protocol
implementation; no 220/415 V AC IEC 60947-1 and 2, GSM, GPRS, Ethernet, of flow meters
dedicated workstation Voltage rating: up to IEC 68230, UL489, ANSI, RS485
required 690 V and CCC standards

62 63
Energy monitoring Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all commercial buildings greater than 5,000 square meters
Possible integration into:
> Building Management System (BMS)
> Enterprise Energy Management System (EEMS) Monitoring

Manage and sub-bill

Consumption analysis
Explorer (dashboards, curves
and reports)
Power CSV data files download

WAGES* in large Web

Ethernet modbus TCP/IP

commercial buildings Main Low Voltage Switchboard

Remote Terminal
Unit (RTU) iRIO
*Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam Modbus RS485 Load control

Air circuit

I want to make sure I get the most out For Masterpact


of my HVAC and lighting control systems. professionals PW60 M-Bus Gas

For the user Power Meter

I also need reliable consumption data + Low software Heat meter
development costs:
to sub-bill my tenants utility use. > 10% energy
iRio comes with
savings through
pre-developed Cold meter
usage analysis
software modules
Even greater savings
if additional controls
are implemented + Powerful Power Meter
Power Meter
Power Meter
customization Energy Meter Energy Heat meter
ME1/3/4zr Meter
> Lower energy capabilities: EN40
Meter key energy points to acquire consumption implement additional
through load control functions if
consumption data and identify abnormal scheduling, and when required
Contactor CT
Cold meter

use patterns conditioning, and

Controlled load (scheduled,
conditioned, shedded)
shedding + Highly scalable Sub-metering + basic power monitoring Sub-billing only

Each tenants utility use is sub-metered, and the resulting consumption for maximum cost-
> Reliable industrial effectiveness Sub-distribution Switchboard
files can be downloaded via a standard web browser for use with an RTU technology
invoicing application. ensures information
is available
+ Uses existing Water
Ethernet-based architectures are particularly suitable for commercial IT infrastructure Power Meter
PM9C Twido PLC based Ethernet
buildings where IT network connections are generally already available. > Cost-effective (Ethernet TCP IP): pulse concentrator

The solution works no need to install

The solution is built around an iRio RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) at main Gas
with low-cost pulse new communication
switchboard level and Twido PLCs distributed at secondary or final
metering technology bus
switchboard level.
Possible low-cost Heat meter

Metering is provided through power meters using pulsing contacts initial rollout to secure + Less time spent

quick ROI; can be on-site: remote

or Modbus Serial Line communication and flow meters using pulsing Cold meter
scaled up later with alarm and operation Energy Meter Energy Meter
contact, Modbus Serial Line communication, or M-Bus open metering additional metering EN40 ME 1/3/4zr

communication. iRio pre-developed Lighting HVAC feeder Non metered

software modules feeder (fan coils) feeders
The system ensures data acquisition, processing, and transmission, (e.g. power sockets)
minimize software
including database generation, dashboards, curves, and reports. development costs
Uses existing
Electric metering can be provided by a number of meter options
IT infrastructure
depending on your distribution architecture and metering performance (Ethernet TCP IP) Masterpact management and network Accurate energy Optional additional
requirements: Nominal current 630 to analysis functions measurement for sub- cards for external inputs
Masterpact or Compact NSX built-in power meter > Web based 1600 A Compliance with billing and cost allocation and outputs
PM9C/200/700 communicating power meters for easy Breaking performance IEC 60947-1 and 2,
implementation; no 42 to 150 kA at IEC 68230, UL489, ANSI, iRIO RTU Twido programmable
Cost-effective EN40/PM9P/ME4zr pulsing power meters
dedicated WAGES 220/415 V AC and CCC standards Central unit of modular controller
workstation required Voltage rating: up to system features with Compact base
690 V PowerLogic Series integrated web server controllers with integrated
> Ready-to-use
4 Micrologic control 800 Power Meters Sends information by Ethernet port
data les facilitate
units enriched by IEC 62053-22 class GSM, GPRS, Ethernet, 100240 V AC supply
measurement, energy 0.5S for real energy RS485 or 24V DC

64 65
Energy monitoring Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all large, non-critical industrial buildings (>1,000 kVA)

ION Enterprise Internet

software Explorer

Analyze energy data Incomer


to optimize operation of Ethernet TCP/IP

Main Low Voltage Switchboard

your industrial buildings Air circuit


Power Meter
PM850/870 ECC


I need a complete system to manage

my water, air, gas, electricity, and steam (WAGES) For Gas
PLC based
load shedding
Circuit breaker Circuit breaker control unit
consumption and reduce maintenance costs. professionals Compact NSX Compact NSX Twido based

For the user

+ Full Modbus and Power
OPC connectivity PM9C
> 10% energy
to third-party
savings through
meters, sensors and
consumption Contactor
other equipment LC
Use ION Enterprise software to acquire + High Shedded loads
> Covers
energy meter and circuit breaker data full WAGES interoperability Sub-distribution Low Voltage Switchboard
with third-
for complete installation monitoring (water, air, gas,
party systems,
PLC based
electricity, steam) submetering
consumption applications and concentrator
The solution delivers the indicators, curves, and trends you need to: Modbus RS485 Twido based
services such as
Identify potential savings > Reduced energy BAS, MES and ERP
Pinpoint investment opportunities that can help you use less energy, like costs by avoiding via ODBC, OPC,
lighting, heating or air treatment control systems higher utility contract XML, FTP, email,
fees and penalties CSV, PQDIF
Assess your installations performance via status and fault alarms and
through demand
measurements response and
curtailment programs
+ Cost-effective
ION Enterprise power monitoring and control software features: implementation Circuit breaker
Energy metering (WAGES) and power monitoring data acquisition > Increase loads through Compact NSX
Power Energy Energy
(voltage, current, power factor) through: and equipment precongured Meter Meter Meter
PM9C ME 1/3/4zr EN40
lifetimes by detecting reports
- SEPAM, Masterpact, and Compact NSX power meters with integrated
protection anomalies on the Contactor CT
installation + Optimised
- PM, CM, and ION power meter ranges cost through fully Key loads to be monitored: Peak shaving, Shedded Loads to be
- Big consumers load sub-metering final loads sub-metered Loads to be sub-metered Small loads
- Remote devices connected via the Internet, Ethernet, wireless, modem, > Boost reliability scalable hardware, - Requiring availability and monitoring and monitored only, not requiring any whithout any
monitoring sub-metering

satellite and serial connections of information software and system

by gaining a architecture
The software controls loads and power sources, peak rate management, comprehensive
and power factor correction. overview of all energy + Power meters
management data via with built-in
Advanced data management: a single system protection deliver
Load aggregation, multi-site meter aggregation and trending, bill
switchboard ION E V6.0 modem, satellite, and Power quality analysis potential transformers
verification, cost allocation and sub-billing > Enjoy greater
instrumentation Compatible with all serial connections including compliance with (PTs) up to 600 VAC
exibility with fully
Trigger on complex conditions, alarming, event logging, power quality without installing PowerLogic ION-series Integrated metering of international standards Intuitive navigation with
customizable data
analysis and compliance monitoring dedicated power meters, PowerLogic all utilities (water, air, gas, (IEC 61000-4-30, self-guided, language-
processing, user
meters. PM750 and PM710 electricity, steam) EN50160) selectable menus
Advanced information delivery: interfaces, reports and
Sepam, Masterpact meters Enterprise web portal Individual harmonic
Web-enabled, local or remote preconfigured and custom reports and Compact NSX Supports third-party access to system-wide PM 850 magnitudes and angles
Manual, scheduled or event-triggered reports via email or web enable full meters, sensors and displays Easy to install panel- and waveform capture
other equipment through Preconfigured and mount with only two clips, (PM850 and PM870)
monitoring across
Modbus protocol or OPC custom reports, report or DIN rail mount with or IEC 62053-22 class
the entire power
Connect to remote wizard, scheduled without remote display 0.5S for real energy
devices via Internet, distribution via email or Direct-connect voltage
Ethernet, wireless, web inputs, with no need for

66 67
For many buildings, HVAC and lighting
combined account for over 70% of
energy use.

Building management
You can optimize this major source of energy
consumption by installing a powerful, integrated
Building Management System based on open,
scalable devices and applications.

In addition to measuring consumption data and

transmitting it to automated systems, our Building
Management Systems deliver capabilities like
complex data analysis and detailed consumption
trend reporting while integrating consumption
and installation control features.

These solutions are within reach for all buildings,

regardless of type of use, current installation,
or budget.

Choose the solution thats right for you

> Schedule selected loads simply via your BMS (p. 70)
> Monitor and control electrical loads in your retail store (p. 72)
> Control lighting and heating at room level with a KNX-based system (p. 74)
> Control room lighting, temperature, and blinds automatically (p. 76)
> Manage hotel energy consumption according to guestroom occupancy (p. 78)
> Reduce hotel electrical consumption and improve comfort with a full KNX system (p. 80)
> Combine various control systems to achieve maximum savings (p. 82)
> Monitor your buildings power supply and control HVAC, lighting, and blinds (p. 84)
> Boost energy efficiency and increase the availability of your electrical installation (p. 86)
> Control and monitor HVAC, lighting, security systems, and energy consumption (p. 88)

68 69
Building management Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: any building with a Building Management System

Schedule selected loads Existing BMS

simply via your BMS* PC or PLC

* Building Management System controller


My business is exible enough to schedule EGX100
certain energy-consuming activities during less + Easy design gateway
and use
expensive off-peak hours. Whats the best way Limited part Modbus

to take advantage of this opportunity? numbers for easy

selection and
Available worldwide
Front display module
+ Easy installation
For the user The circuit
Integrate a centrally-managed breakers integrated
load-shedding system into your BMS capabilities eliminate
the need for I/O
Circuit Breaker BSCM
The solution is built around a PC or PLC that controls load wiring between the Compact NSX
shedding. The controller is used to generate load shedding orders > 10% lower circuit-breaker and with remote
(Breaker Status
Control Module)

control (MTc)
electricity bills, with the PLC
based on the electrical variables of the entire electrical installation,
savings proportionate
taking into account time bands, operating, or even process- RJ 45 connections
to rates negotiated
related information. The system communicates with selected between the circuit
with the utility
breakers and the
Compact NSX circuit breakers. Power to outgoing loads is cut for
a given amount of time, and selected loads are restarted at more > Get the most of
optimal times chosen by the controller. your investment:
the FDM121 The FDM121
mounted on a Boiler
The system is simple, with an IFM Modbus interface between the switchboard
PC or PLC and the circuit breakers. The Compact NSX circuit includes, at a cost standard cutout on
breakers are equipped with Breaker Status Control Module similar to traditional the front panel is
push-button/ easy to install with
(BSCM) input/output modules, which are hooked up to the remote
lighting/commutator its RJ 45 connection
control (MTc) that opens and closes the Compact NSX.
local circuit breaker + Easy testing and
open/close command conguration,
local/remote using your PC
commutator installed with RCU*
Compact NSX FDM121 switchboard
100-630 display unit
* Free download
available online at www. Circuit breaker with Local measurement and
schneider-electric.com remote control (MTc) alarm readings
Local circuit breaker
+ Efcient O/C command with status
operation and BSCM (Breaker display
maintenance, Status Control Local/remote circuit
thanks to the Module) breaker command Ethernet/
FDM121s I/O module sends circuit management Modbus EGX100
central and local breaker O/C status and Connected to Modbus communication
management O/C commands network via interface gateway
capabilities module

70 71
Building management Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all commercial buildings; particularly suitable for retail

Monitor and control IP Touch-panel 10"

electrical loads in your KNX Low voltage

retail shopfront push-button 24V= Power supply

System component Logic control Load control

I need to be able to check the status
Manual control Visualization KNX
of the oven, refrigerator and security cameras
quickly and easily when I close up my shop.
I want to make sure everything is secure and KNX KNX KNX
Power- Logic module Switch actuator
avoid wasting energy. supply Basic Reg-K REG-K/8x230/16
with manual mode
and current detection

For the user ballast

> Monitoring
consumption Fluorescent

Install KNX current sensing switch and identifying Oven

unnecessary use For
actuators connected to a touch panel can generate Monitoring 230 Volt

to monitor loads savings of up to professionals

10% and more + KNX systems are
The touch panel shows the status of the different loads and easier to design

indicates potential riskssuch as the refrigerator, oven, or security > Lower than traditional
systemduring shop opening hours. maintenance costs systems with similar
by rotating lighting functions
The system cuts power to specific loadslike an oven left on sources
at nightthus eliminating waste. It also helps to ensure proper + Requires
operation of the security system by monitoring devices like working with a
security cameras and lighting. skilled electrician
or planner/
A KNX logic module rotates the lighting sources used at night integrator to get
from one night to the next for more even use of light fixtures. > Reduce energy maximum user-
The touch panel provides information on the operating hours and consumption friendliness and
expected lifetime of each fixture, for more efficient maintenance cost-effectiveness REG-K/8x230/16 The 10KNX
> Increase safety
and replacement. switch actuator with interactive touch
of people and + Maximum manual mode and panel is used to display
property through exibility, making current detection and control building
automatic alarms and adjustments to Capacity to switch eight states and functions. It
emergency calls layout much easier loads independently comes pre-installed with
than with traditional Integrated current Windows CE for fast, easy
> Added systems detection on each channel data management, web,
convenience of
Nominal voltage: AC client/server, and network Display type: TFT,
remote monitoring
230 V, 50 - 60 Hz configuration resistive touch
and control
Nominal current Per KNX software Colours shown:
switching contact: 16 A, configuration via TP VISU > 65,000
> Easy upgrades
cos = 0.6 Display size: 10.4 Mains voltage: DC 24 V
and extensions
(24.4 cm) Power consumption:
Resolution: 800 x 600 < 20 W
pixels, SVGA RAM: 128 MB

72 73
Building management Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all commercial buildings

Control lighting and

heating at room level with KNX
Presence sensor

a KNX-based system
System component Lighting control Temperature control

Manual control KNX

We are reorganising our ofce space.
We are looking for a simple, yet exible system
that will enable us to start saving on heating
and lighting right now. Power-
Binary input

For the user

> Room automation For Window Thermoel.
reduces energy contacts valve drives
consumption professionals
Install a KNX-based room-level
According to
EU standard
+ Saves time
on installation:
control system for lighting and EN 15232, Class A easier to install than
ofce buildings must traditional systems
heating be equipped with with similar functions
room-level controls,
The solution offers an optimum combination of different control which have the + New
levels: presence, brightness, time-dependency for lighting, greatest impact on opportunities for
and temperature. energy consumption. your business:
KNX room control KNX solutions must
Settings are adjusted via KNX presence detectors, lighting solution combines be implemented by
and heating actuators, binary inputs, and multi-function push- presence- and skilled electricians

button controls. Automatic interaction of sensors and actuators brightness-controlled or integrators and
eliminates unpredictableand costlyhuman activation and lighting with presence- offer an array of KNX multi-function KNX heating actuator Nominal voltage:
deactivation for increased comfort and safety. controlled heating and user-friendly, cost- push-button with For actuation of AC 230 V, 50-60 Hz
window monitoring, effective functions room temperature thermoelectric valve Nominal current:
The solution is much more flexible than traditional installations control unit drives for heating or
for potential energy 0.05 A, ohmic
for easy repurposing of office spaces after a reorganization savings of up Convenient control cooling ceilings Starting current:
or move.
to 35% unit with four operating Six electronic outputs max. 1.5 A
buttons Up to four valve Minimum load per
Lighting control: the bus system includes a presence-
> Increased safety Includes room drives can be used output: 1 valve
detector and multi-function push-button control.
with automated temperature control connected to each drive
Pulse edges with
Heating control: the multi-function push-button controls alarms and unit and display for: output Number of valve
1-, 2-, 4-, or 8-bit
room-temperature and switches to standby whenever the room emergency calls - Switching, toggling, Outputs are either drives max. 4 per
is unoccupied or a window is open. dimming, blind control, switch activated (1 bit) output
> Easy to upgrade pulse-edge trigger, or PWM signal (1 byte) Device width:
between short/long
or add on to the alarm functions, activated approximately 72 mm
system cyclical reading of Each output is for four modules
Initialisation telegram
external temperatures, overload-protected and
Cyclical transmission
etc. short-circuit-protected
KNX binary input Pulse edges with
- Continuous PI For installation on
module 2-byte telegrams
control, switching PI EN 50022 DIN rails
Switching, dimming 8-bit linear regulator
control (PWM) Reporting connected
or blind control via one Disable function
Output: continuous to all valves,
or two inputs Break/make contact
Type of control: 2- transmission of the
Positioning values for Debounce time
step control range 0% largest 1 byte variable
blind control (8-bit) Inputs: 4
to 100% or on/off value

74 75
Building management Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all types of buildings

Control room lighting, Remote control

Presence sensor

temperature, and blinds

automatically System component Lighting control Temperature control Sunblind control

Manual control KNX

I want to automatically manage my buildings For

lighting and air conditioning depending on professionals KNX KNX KNX KNX
Power- Control-unit Fan coil Blind
supply 0-10 V actuator actuator
occupation, orientation, and natural light. For the user + Saves time on
design (support
> Save up to available) and Heating
installation (easier valve drives
50% to install than Fan coils Shutters
Combining room traditional systems Window
climate control, with similar contacts

Combine a variety of room-level lighting, and blinds functions)

in a single exible,
controls for dramatic cost savings automated system is + Facilitates
the best way to align maintenance
The solution is built around KNX detectors and fan and energy consumption
blind actuators, which interact automatically, eliminating with room use and + More exible

unpredictableand costlyhuman activation and deactivation. occupant behavior than traditional

while eliminating systems; can be
By combining presence and brightness detectors with timers
to control lighting, blinds, heating, and air conditioning, you can changed easily
According to EU
if when tenants
save dramatically on your energy bills while increasing occupant standard EN 15232,
move out or when
comfort and safety. Class A ofce
workspaces are
buildings must be
equipped with room-
Lights are switched on only when areas are occupied and KNX Argus presence REG-K/4x24/6 blind For each blind output: fan convectors with up to
level controls, which
depending on natural light. Heating and air conditioning are have the greatest detector with lighting actuator with manual - Nominal voltage: DC three speeds, or three-
automatically regulated to achieve the desired temperature, control and IR mode 24 V 10 % step motor drives.
impact on energy
switching to standby mode in the event of prolonged absence consumption receiver - Nominal current: 6 A Power supply: 230 V
All-in-one solution - Load types: 24 V direct AC 10 %, 50/60 Hz
or if a window is open. Blinds are activated according to room
for optimized room current drives Power consumption:
control - Device width: 4 modules max. 3 VA
Reduces energy = approx. 72 mm Outputs: 3 floating
consumption - Contents: With bus contacts (fan coil), 2
Flexible, with connecting terminal and semi-conductor switches
Angle of detection: 360
centralized or local Range: a radius of max.
cable cover (valve connections)
switching and Switching capacity for
7 m (at a mounting height
indicators valves: 0.5 A, 24V - 230 V
of 2.50 m) KNX REG-K fan coil
Increased safety AC
Number of levels: 6 For independent control actuator
with optional Additional relay
Number of zones: of 4 blinds or roller shutter For heating, ventilation
automated alarms and switching capacity: 16 A
136 with 544 switching drives. and air conditioning
emergency calls Fan relay switching
Optional user- segments The function of the control. For controlling
capacity: 8 A
friendly remote Number of movement blind channels is freely
Inputs: 2, max. cable
monitoring and control sensors: 4, separately configurable. All blind
length 5 m
Easy to upgrade or adjustable outputs can be operated
add on to the system Light sensor: internal light manually using push-
sensor infinitely adjustable button operation.
from approx. 10 Lux to Integrated bus coupler
2,000 Lux (ETS); external For installation onto DIN
light sensor via KNX rails EN 50022

76 77
Building management Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: four- and five-star hotels

Manage hotel energy Projects

consumption according Hilton Americas-Houston becomes one of
the worlds most energy-efcient hotels 84

to guestroom occupancy For this 24-story facility with 1,200 guest rooms
and over 91,000 square feet (84,500 m2) of

Cooling Setpoint

meeting space, Schneider Electric provided a 78

Temperature Setpoint
comprehensive Andover Continuum building 76
management system with a unique, energy-
My hotels occupancy rates uctuate depending on the saving guest room control sequence.
time of year, something that is not reected in my energy Hilton Copenhagen Airport automates 70

costs. I want a system that will help me keep costs in line HVAC according to guest check-in and 68
check-out 66
with occupancy and boost my hotels protability. For this ve-star, 382-room hotel, Schneider
Heating Setpoint
For the user Electric focused on nding a practical way to Rented, Rented,
Unrented Unoccupied Occupied
key the HVAC system to guest arrivals and
departures. The solution used a LonWorks-
based TAC Vista system and integrated
HVAC control with the hotels booking system
to trigger heating and cooling adjustments
when guests check in and out.
Integrate guestroom management
> Reduce energy
into your hotels reservation system use by more than

Your hotels Property Management System (PMS) handles

reservations, but it can also provide information about the status > Opt for simple
of each room: rented, rented and unoccupied, or rented and
management (to
For Schneider Electric
occupied. When the PMS and the guestroom management professionals Building Management
lower heating or air
system interface, this information can be used to optimize room Software
conditioning while
management and even save guest preferences for automatic guests are away + Simple
customization of settings when the guest checks in. from their rooms) communication PMS Gateway
for savings of between the
Schneider Electric offers both guestroom management systems
and complete building management systems, and delivers the 10%; systems via
add advanced a gateway Open Field Communication Bus
expertise needed to integrate these systems into third-party ensures easy
management of
Property Management Systems like Micros Fidelio and Opera. unrented rooms for implementation
an additional 10% and integration

Information concerning functions like temperature, lighting and

electricitymanaged at room levelcan be monitored and
Floor 1: rooms
controlled in line with information from the Property Management
> Guests retain
System, for instance: control of their
Unrented: Room is in economy mode. Room lights are turned off. environment while
Room heating or air conditioning is automatically lowered. Window in their rooms for Floor 2: rooms
blinds and ventilation are set to maintain optimal conditions while total comfort and
the room is unoccupied. ease of use
Rented and unoccupied: Room is in pre-comfort mode.
Temperature and air quality can be automatically set to a position
closer to comfort mode.
Rented and occupied: All room settings can be adjusted by the
Schneider Electrics open Building
Management System line-up featuring
Andover Continuum and TAC Vista enables full
integration of all hotel equipment, providing a central
point of control and communication with third-party

78 79
Building management Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: four- and five-star hotels

Reduce hotel electrical

consumption and improve
comfort with a full KNX system Enclosure of
KNX actuators

Energy has become a major expense for my

hotel. I would like to reduce costs, but not to the
detriment of my guests comfort or my own peace
of mindmy top priorities.
For the user
> 10% energy For
savings off each
guestrooms electric professionals
Install an intelligent guestroom By lowering room
+ A differentiating
management system to control temperature by just
A skilled electrician
one degree, you
lighting, HVAC, and blinds can shave 3% off of
or systems
integrator must be
your HVAC systems
brought in to install
This intelligent system controls lighting, HVAC, and blinds according energy consumption
the guestroom
to guest presence, ensuring maximum comfort via the following Achieve additional management system
functions: savings through smart to ensure maximum
Advanced control of all room equipment such as lighting, heating, lighting and blind user friendliness and
air-conditioning, curtains, and blinds management cost effectiveness
Management of hotel functions like do-not-disturb and make-up-
the-room orders > Ensure greater + Easy upgrades
The capacity to communicate with other hotel systems comfort and an and add-ons
enhanced experience Thanks to the
Energy use is managed automatically according to occupancy, for your guests exibility of the
resulting in reduced energy consumption. Of course, HVAC is a Install a convenient bus system, the
top consumer of energy, but so is lighting. Guests are usually only central point of control system can be
in their hotel rooms for around eight hours per day, therefore, the (bedside, for example) easily upgraded

times when the room is unoccupied represent a major opportunity Provide one-touch with new functions
to save energy without affecting guest comfort. access to selected
during future hotel
lighting scenarios
The solution is based on a KNX/EIB bus system, which connects
Eliminate the need
all the different sensors and actuators inside the room to form an
to turn off each light
intelligent system.
when leaving the room Schneider Electric Customer-facing Guestroom Card key holder
Sensors: key card holder, presence detector, thermostat, open/
or going to sleep provides a complete products are designed thermostat for installation in room
close windows range of hotel with ease-of-use in entrance turns room
Actuators: lighting control, air conditioning control guestroom products mind systems on and off
A single, easy-to-use interface, from simple push buttons to designed to work when guests enter and
Available in a
user-friendly touch screens seamlessly together. broad array of stylish leave the room
Automated functions provide additional energy savings and finishes to match the
smoother operation, whithout any inconvenience for the guests interior design of the
Cover the full range
of needs unique to
hotel guestroom use

80 81
Building management Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: large commercial buildings (> 5000 m)

Combine various control Supervision


systems to achieve Router to

IT network

maximum savings BACnet over TCP-IP network

Router Router Router
We want our new head ofce to be as professionals BACnet/LON BACnet/LON BACnet/LON

energy-efcient as possible while delivering + Recongure Other

Power supply Office CCTV
workspaces technical
the level of comfort our employees need. One LON network
without recabling
goal we have is to reduce operating costs and
secure green certication for our building. For the user
+ Enjoy the LON network

convenience of
standard lighting
> Achieve 30% (DALI) and motor SMI DALI
energy savings (SMI) interfaces gateway gateway
by controlling the RF receivers

Install a multi-technique Building

entire installation and + Use lighting Bus Bus
raising occupant and ballast status
Management System (BMS) to supervise awareness of information to
Wall display
RF remote
consumption help reduce command
heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation, maintenance costs
Xenta 110 Merten Artec

Blinds Lightings HVAC

power, elevators, plumbing, access control, > Pinpoint areas
for potential energy
lighting, and blinds savings

The solution is built around a TAC Continuum supervision system and > Enhance Example of display screens in the Schneider Electric
subsystems made up of gateways and command-control devices for different employee working Headquarters
applications: conditions
An SMI system for window blind control
A DALI system for lighting control > Project a
Xenta controllers for the air conditioning system high-tech, Example of
An access control and video surveillance system environmentally- Schneider
aware image Electric
Heating is programmed on an hourly basis and setpoints are checked
to ensure that building temperature is lowered at night and raised before
occupants arrive in the morning. Presence detectors plus automatic lighting
Schneider Electric
shutoff functions with re-start capabilities provide further energy savings even recently built a

when employees work after normal office hours. new head ofce
just outside Paris,
Daylight and presence detectors are used to optimize regulation of lighting
France. The six-
and air conditioning in each individual office. Lighting, window blind, and cold storey building offers
beams are managed by system scenarios such as presence, natural light, 35,000 square meters
arrival (first occupant), departure (last occupant), and others. of ofce space for
1,700 employees.
The solution enables facilities managers to view the status of, monitor, and After the November
operate all systems throughout the building, including alarms, temperatures, 2008 move-in, the
faults, on/off, and more. building generated The LON DALI- The LON SMI
energy savings of Gateway can be Controller (Gateway)
The TAC Continuum system offers a display detailing energy consumption
250,000 over a ve- connected to four DALI has four SMI-outputs
throughout the building, providing the specific information needed to raise month periodthats control units. Up to to control up to
occupant awareness of energy consumption and savings. 35% savings off the 256 devices, divided 16 SMI-Slaves (motors)
previous head ofces into 64 DALI groups, each. Up to 64
energy bills. can be connected. SMI motors can be

82 83
Building management Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all commercial and industrial buildings

Building Automation Internet

supervision software Explorer
TAC Vista

Monitor your buildings power


supply and control HVAC,


LonTalk Ethernet TCP/IP

lighting, and blinds Air circuit

Main Low Voltage Switchboard

Modbus RS485
IP controller,
gateway and
web server
TAC Xenta 731

Power FTT-10, LonTalk

I want to deliver the level of comfort my buildings PM850/
870 ECC TAC Xenta 411/421

occupants expect while limiting energy costs. I also For
need to ensure that my equipment is available and professionals
keep operating and maintenance costs to a minimum. + Advanced
TAC tools
deliver increased
For the user efciency to system
integrators and Circuit breaker
Compact NSX
Meter Power
Helps achieve contractors PM9C Meter
European Building
Install a Building Management System Automation + Compatible Energy

to monitor and control your buildings and Control with all Schneider Contactor CT ME 1/3/4zr EN40

System standard Electric metering

equipment and provide energy consumption IEC EN15 232 target devices Shedded final loads
Load sub-metering
and monitoring
Loads to be sub-metered
only, not requiring any
data savings for different
controls + Powerful Sub-distribution Multiprotocol IP
customization for Low Voltage controller, gateway
Based on the TAC Vista Building Automation and Control System, the > Heating energy Power Meter Controller and web server
easy implementation PM9P TAC Xenta 411/421
Switchboard TAC Xenta 731
solution integrates the best of both power monitoring functions and HVAC, savings of around of all power control
lighting, and blind control capabilities thanks to data acquisition via Xenta 731 30% functions FTT-10,
LonTalk Modbus RS485
multi protocol IP controllers.

The solution provides comprehensive managed energy data covering water,

> Electrical energy + Highly scalable
savings of around system, hardware, Multiprotocol
IP controller,
air, gas, electricity, and steam (WAGES) via TAC Xenta 400 I/O modules or 13% and software gateway and
web server
additional PM850 digital inputs. Electric metering is provided by the PM meter architectures for TAC Xenta 731

range and Masterpact and Compact NSX meters with built-in protection. maximum cost
TAC Xenta 4XX and 3XX controllers run HVAC, lighting and blinds, as well as effectiveness
loads and power sources.
+ Remote
TAC Vista software provides advanced data management, including alarming, reporting, Sub-distribution Power Power
and operation for Energy Energy Low Voltage Meter Meter
Load aggregation, multi-site meter aggregation and trending, bill verification, Meter Meter Switchboard PM9C PM9C

cost allocation and sub-billing reduced on-site EN40 ME 1/3/4zr


Trigger on complex conditions, alarming, event logging, power quality presence

Lighting HVAC loads Non monitored Lighting HVAC loads Non monitored
(Fan Coils) loads such as power (Fan Coils) loads such as power
analysis and compliance monitoring sockets sockets

Coordinated control functions and complex calculations Sub-metering only Sub-metering only

Advanced information delivery

Web-enabled, local or remote preconfigured and custom reports
Manual, scheduled or event-triggered reports via email or web
Trend graphing for any parameter measured
Analysis of efficiency, losses, and capacity
TAC Xenta 731 Open LonWorks field - Lighting controllers
Scalable architecture multiprotocol bus compatible with multi- - Sensors and actuators
IP-based communication via existing building IT infrastructure controllers provide vendor equipment: Modbus communication
a broad array of - Fan coil, cold beam or for power monitoring and
Internet communication tools for remote or local operation
communication air handling unit controllers control

84 85
Building management Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: all large critical industrial buildings (>1000 kVA)


Boost energy efciency Incomer

ION Enterprise PowerLogic SCADA


and increase the availability Ethernet TCP/IP

software software

Main Low Voltage Switchboard


of your electrical installation Air circuit


Energy & Power Quality Meter

ION 7650

Modbus RS485
How can I save energy in an industrial building
where theres zero tolerance for power cuts? For Gas
+ Compatible Source
with all Schneider Switch
Circuit breaker Circuit breaker Controller
Electric products, Compact NSX Compact NSX

Combine ION Enterprise power monitoring PowerLogic ION-

software and Power SCADA operations and series meters and

Shedded loads
PowerLogic PM750
maintenance management software and PM710 meters UPS
Galaxy 6000

The solution delivers a detailed analysis of events while optimizing control of

For the user + Connectivity to EGX100
Sub-distribution Low Voltage Switchboard

your buildings power supply. third-party devices

PLC based
via Modbus or OPC submetering
ION Enterprise software manages energy-efficiency-related functions > Reduce energy concentrator
Twido based
Comprehensive managed energy information: consumption by Modbus RS485
+ Powerful
> Electric metering through PM and CM meter ranges and Sepam, 10% by analyzing customization
Masterpact, and Compact NSX meters with built-in protection usage facilitates
Modbus RS485
- Electric parameters: voltage, current, frequency, power factor implementation of
> Implement
- Power and energy parameters: apparent, active, reactive additional controls all power control
- Power quality such as curtailment functions
> Load aggregation, trigger on complex conditions, alarming, event logging, programs for even
trend graphing for any measured parameter, analysis of efficiency, losses and greater savings + Remote Circuit breaker
Compact NSX
capacity, bill verification, cost allocation, and sub-billing alarming, reporting, Power Energy Energy
Meter Meter Meter
> Improve and operation for PM9C ME 1/3/4zr
> Web-enabled, local or remote preconfigured and custom reports; manual, EN40
availability of reduced on-site Circuit breaker
Compact NSX
scheduled or event-triggered reporting and distribution via email or web your facilities Contactor
presence LC
Load and power source controls; demand and power factor correction through faster
> Collection of all WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, steam) metering data access to decision- Key loads to be
Peak shaving, Shedded
load sub-
Loads to be sub-metered Small loads Sensitive loads, requiring high availibility level
final loads sub-metering
- Big consumers metering and only, not requiring any whithout any
through additional meters or directly via Ethernet, from a PLC-SCADA for critical reports and - Requiring monitoring
and monitoring
monitoring sub-metering
example automated multi- availability

source controls
PowerLogic SCADA mainly addresses availability related functions

Real-time monitoring and control of the entire power installation for even the > Increase accuracy
most complex facilities of monitoring and
Advanced alarm and shift management functions for smoother maintenance
with highly-accurate
scheduling ION E V6.0 software Integrated metering of international standards Power SCADA
1ms time stamping
Powerful troubleshooting thanks to precision time stamping accurate to High interoperability all utilities (water, air, gas, (IEC 61000-4-30, software
with third-party systems, electricity, steam) EN50160) Control an entire
within 1ms
applications, and services Enterprise web portal Windows SQL Server electrical distribution
Advanced communication architectures : hot/warm redundant I/O device
such as BAS, MES, and access to system-wide 2005 database, ODBC- system with up to 2,000
configuration, self-healing ring communications and primary and standby ERP via ODBC, OPC, displays compliant, support for devices
server configurations XML, FTP, email, CSV, Power quality analysis multiple distributed servers Web interfacing
Fast manual control operations by clicking on-screen trigger buttons, and and PQDIF including compliance with and clients Library of objects and
remote breaker, protection relay, and other power distribution equipment page templates
operation Calculations (MVA,
Power Factor, MWh, etc.)

86 87
Building management Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: commercial and industrial buildings

TAC Vista 5 TAC Vista 5 Video TAC I/NET

Control and monitor HVAC, Server

Web station
Workstation badging station Operator

lighting, security systems, and


energy consumption OPC

Ethernet TCP/IP Internet

TAC Xenta 911 TAC Xenta 511 TAC Xenta 700

Comunication Device Web server Web server
LonTalk adapter LonTalk adapter Controller
LonTalk adapter

I want to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs, Network


while making my building safer, more comfortable, and more

TAC Xenta 527
energy efcient. My ideal building management solution would NetPlus router
Web server
LonWorks IP router TAC Xenta 401 Series TAC Xenta
be user-friendly and web-accessible, providing access to the For the user Programmable
I/O modules
TAC Xenta 913
Integration Device
different building systems from a single user interface. Improve your BACnet
building and Clipsal C-Bus
business M-Bus

performance up to
Controller LAN
Adopt an intelligent building 30% by: TAC Xenta 102 AX
Application Specific
Pelco DigitalSentry
Digital Video
Controller Management System
> Lowering energy TAC
management system costs and carbon
TAC Xenta 100 Series
Xenta 913
Application Specific Device
Our intelligent building management systems (iBMS) deliver reliable and For STR 250
Fan Coil
Room sensor
efficient building management and significant energy savings. Built on > Eliminating professionals Heat pump
Roof top unit
open, standards-based technology, our iBMS facilitate the integration of 7798

building systems into a single network, with easy management from a single
complexity by using + Lower LonWorks
TAC Xenta server
Site controller

a single software installation and BACnet

software platformeven across multi-site organizations. platform for all
TAC Xenta 300 Series Clipsal C-Bus Access control
ongoing operating Programmable
LonWorks SCU1284 -
M-Bus 4 card readers
A single local or web-based user interface provides a complete view of all building controls costs TAC Xenta 280 Series
Programmable controller
systems, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, energy
consumption, access control, video surveillance, intrusion, fire and smoke
> Cutting training, + Streamlined
service, maintenance, operation, training,
detection, electrical distribution, power quality, and monitoring. and administration Proximity readers
administration, Intrusion alarm
costs maintenance, and SCU1200/80
We offer various intelligent building management systems and products, Intrusion
including TAC Vista, Satchwell and Andover Continuum. > Slashing capital service
expenditures by as LonWorks IP router
Our iBMS solutions enable significant energy efficiency through: much as 25%
Schedule-based heating, ventilation, cooling, and lighting control
Occupancy-based environmental controls > Reducing ongoing

TAC Xenta 913 Schneider Electric

Customizable energy reports and analysis operating costs by as Integration Device Variable speed drive
much as 36% Clipsal C-Bus
Advanced alarm management I/NET
Night setback, night ventilation purge
Optimal start/stop
Chiller/boiler plant optimization
Heating/cooling equipment lockout
Supply air temperature reset
Variable Air Volume (VAV) pressure and flow control
Outside air reduction
Our iBMS such as unique support for open ZigBee-ready wireless
Economizer control protocols & interfaces: solution
TAC Vista, Satchwell
Electrical demand limits and Andover LON, BACnet, SNMP, LDAP, TGML
Domestic hot water control Continuum offer the Modbus OPC, ODBC graphics/XML
most open, scalable Ethernet, TCP/IP
and IT-friendly building SQL databases for
management system an Open Database
in the industry with architecture

88 89
Renewable power generation
Photovoltaic cellswhich capture
the suns energyare the heart
of any solar power system. The
intelligence of the system resides in
the electrical installation, however.
It is the electrical installation that guarantees
that the system works. It allows you to control a
source of energy that fluctuates constantly due to
changing weather, detect any losses, and correct
problems, all with the end goal of supplying high-
quality energy.

Our photovoltaic solutions respond to technical

issues while addressing processes to:
> Guarantee ROI within 10 years
> Streamline projects with convenient product-
plus-services packages
> Ensure the reliability of the equipment installed
> Simplify operation and optimize operating costs
> Offer innovative functions and services
> Protect the installation by adding remote safety
and monitoring systems

Choose the solution thats right for you

> Use available rooftop space to install and operate solar panels (p. 92)
> Boost your green image and save with photovoltaic energy (p. 94)
> Supply a small group of remote, off-grid buildings with electricity (p. 96)

90 91
Renewable power generation Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: commercial and farm buildings with roof surfaces < 500 square meters

Use available rooftop Projects

space to install and operate South of France: farm building gets rooftop solar panels
The southern-facing rooftop of a farm outbuilding measuring just 147 square

solar panels meters was the perfect location to install 105 175-watt solar panels covering a
total area of 139 square meters.
Because total power was just over 18 kW, a three-phase connection to the grid
was installed.

The total cost of the equipment, installation, and hook-up to the grid was
I want green certication for my farm. 90,000.

The installation is expected to generate 21,000 kWh per year, sold back to the
I would like to install rooftop solar panels grid at 0.60 per kWh, for total annual revenue of more than 12,000.
on one of my outbuildings, but only if it is
protable for the business.
For the user + Schneider
Panel string
phase 1
Panel string
phase 2
Panel string
phase 3

Electric support
> Helps businesses
to help you choose
Convert the energy generated by qualify for green
the right solution
solar panels into alternating current
and connect to the three-phase grid + All products, Main board

panels, cables, Optional SunEzy 4000 SunEzy 2800

The system consists of photovoltaic panels that produce and inverters, interface network

between 30 kW and 50 kW of electricity by transforming solar provided by a

energy into direct electric current. This convert, connect, single Schneider
protect system is built around prefabricated, interconnected Electric-approved
> ROI of less than
panels: 10 years driven
by selling surplus
Panel strings are interconnected via junction boxes to pool
power back to the
+ Add on to the Schneider
Junction boxe
SunEzy BJ21
the electricity generated by the photovoltaic installation installation without offer
grid (in countries
An inverter then converts the direct current produced by making costly
where incentives are
the panel strings into alternating current offered) Protection
SunEzy CP
Factory-assembled, pre-wired protection units ensure the
> Clear information
+ Meets
installation is safe for both people and property. environmental
thanks to SunEzy
standards Inverter DC/AC
inverters, which
monitor both the
electricity used and
sold back to the grid

> Easy to upgrade

to a building
SunEzy inverters Communication functions - Display settings like Limitation of harmonic
management system
SunEzy inverters cover are ensured: power, current, voltage, current emissions (for
without changing the
power from 2 kW to via an LCD display and frequency in graph currents under 16 A)
4.6 kW integrated into each format LV (Low Voltage)
They can be inverter - Generate reports Directive: EN 50178
interconnected using via a PC installed with the VDE GS label
SunEzy junction boxes (up SunEzy Control software SunEzy products
to six strings) delivered with each inverter; comply with the
SunEzy protection the software offers an array following standards:
systems, which include of additional functions to EMC Directive:
lightning arresters, ensure process the data produced EN 50081, EN 50082,
the installation is safe by each inverter EN 61000-3-2

92 93
Renewable power generation Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: buildings from 100 to 2,000 square meters

Module array Module array Module array

Boost your green image

and save with photovoltaic Junction

energy Junction
SunEzy 600E
SunEzy 600E
SunEzy 600E

Our company is known for environmental

awareness and advanced technology. Wed like
DC protection DC protection DC protection
to build on that image and cut energy costs. enclosure enclosure enclosure

Given our available rooftop space, solar panels
seem like a the natural choice. For
N1 L1 L2 N3 L3
For the user + Design AC3-phase
> Up to 20% Free, easy-to-use Remote
savings SunEzy Design monitoring
Ph1 N
With incentives and Ph2
Generate your own electricity with buy-back schemes, Ph3 Modbus RS485

rooftop photovoltaic modules solar energy can

+ Installation
Junction Network interface
offset your electricity
bill by up to 20% boxes and DC Overview
This solution is designed for three-phase electricity production.
disconnection boxes of the monitoring
The photovoltaic modules are connected to the grid so you can ROI is less than
pre-wired according system
10 years, and often
sell surplus electricity back to the utilityusually at attractive to local standards Platform
far less (6 to 8 years)
ratesand all of the necessary devices and protective equipment and rules GSM/GPRS

are housed out of sight in a facilities room. Limited part

> A smaller
numbers for easy Internet
Schneider Electric provides: selection and
Pre-wired, referenced junction boxes for connection to the Each kWh
photovoltaic generators DC output produced shaves an + Maintenance Sensor
average of 0.476 kg (optional)
Pre-wired, referenced DC disconnection boxes
SunEzy inverter
Dedicated DC/AC inverters synchronized with the utility grid off your buildings General public Local monitoring
display for easy display (optional) PC (optional)
AC protection for connection to the grid carbon footprint Site nr.1
testing Monitoring by
(average value in Site nr.2 the customer
An iRio remote terminal unit monitors and transmits information Included SunEzy
Site nr.3
and tracks electricity production records. It can also be used for Control software for
display and customer demonstrations, to show in real time the inverter testing from
photovoltaic production. your PC
iRio RTU transmits
all information and SunEzy DC/AC inverter IP65 pre-wired iRio RTU modular SunEzy Design
> A greener image monitors building from 2kWp to 5.4kWp disconnection enclosures communication software
The system gives PV production Compact meet local standards and system Includes database of
you the data you Transformerless for high rules Integrated web server photovoltaic modules and
need to demonstrate efficiency (94.5%) AC protection enclosures sends information by GSM, SunEzy inverters
your commitment to High Maximum Power available pre-wired or GPRS, Ethernet, or RS485 Recommends optimal
the environment Point Tracker (MPPT) on-demand Optional additional cards PV generator architecture
efficiency for external inputs and Generates production
600E performs at outputs forecasts depending on
750V/8.5A, with 3 MPPTs location
Computes cable losses

94 95
Renewable power generation Measure Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy costs
Application: off-grid buildings

Supply a small group of

remote, off-grid buildings For
with electricity + A single interface
for centralized Circuit breaker
C60 HDC 63 A

management and Surge

monitoring arrester
Inverter DC/AC
We would like to provide electricity + Local Trace TR1524 CT-2P Monitoring
Switch 230 V 50 Hz
INS 63
to a remote village in Africa. We are looking for people receive Kilowatt-hour meter
maintenance EN40
the optimzl technical solution at the best price. and operation
60 A - 150 V
training from Circuit breaker
Schneider Electric + earth fault 300 mA
DPN vigi 16 A
18 cells

House 1 House 20
For the user
Install solar panels to provide the > Totally Circuit breaker
+ earth fault 30 mA
buildings with their own independent independent C120N 2P
electricity supply
energy supply
> Local,
Projects Surge
The system includes: PRF1 12,5
independent 20 W 15 W 15 W
Madagascar village
management of the

Solar panels with a total capacity of a few kWc gets solar energy
installation In early 2009, solar
1 Xantrex XW solar charge controller
panels were installed
A set of batteries to store several days worth of electricity in a mountain village
1 Xantrex Trace TR1524 inverter in Madagascar. The
village, which counts
Circuit breakers to protect the solar installation and for each about 20 houses,
building was too remote to be
1 GSM-equipped iRio unit for remote management of network connected up to the
main grid. The goal
operating schedule and monitoring of consumption, batteries,
was to provide 50 W
the charger, the solar panels, and the inverter Xantrex Trace TR1524 - Battery life is prolonged Xantrex XW solar
for each household
inverter because batteries are not charge controller
Surge protection devices for PC photovoltaic generators and three hours per day
a total of 1,000 W for Thermal performance continually held at float Photovoltaic (PV) charge
for the AC part of the installation. voltage
the village or 3 kWh allows full output power controller that tracks
per day. to 50C (122F) without Power factor corrected the electrical maximum
de-rating (PFC) charging power point of a PV array
According to a Sophisticated, energy- - Electrical draw is reduced to deliver the maximum
survey conducted by up to 30% less AC input
saving multi-stage battery available current for
after the project was
charging algorithm current, while delivering the charging batteries
completed, the local
- Charger turns off once same DC charging current
population, which
batteries are fully charged, - Better value and
helped with the work,
reducing energy bills increased savings with
was satised with
maximum available AC
the results. A team of
power for loads
two local electricians PRD 40R - 600 DC 2P
received training from Reduced
Surge arrester 600 DC:
Schneider Electric electrical noise and
2 poles, Imax = 40A,
Madagascar. They interference with TVs
In = 15A
did the wiring in all of and radios
the houses and now - Trace Series inverter-
handle maintenance chargers are FCC Class B
and repairs. compliant with necessary
EMI filtering components

96 97
Energy efciency starts now.
Our energy future depends on it.

Each kWh not consumed equals 3 kWh our power plants
dont need to generate
Demand response programs cost about half of typical
electricity costs

Todays energy-efficiency technologies guarantee fast return
on investment

Negawatt produces zero environmental impact

More secure
Energy efficiency is something we can control at home:
it reduces our reliance on imports

Energy efciency solutions for buildings

Leading the way

to energy savings
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> www.contractors.schneider-electric.com
> www.engineering.schneider-electric.com

Make the most of your energy

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& designers

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