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Audience profile for Dawn

of the Dead 2004

Studio (production &

- Strike Entertainment
- New Amsterdam Entertainment
- Universal Pictures

Director: Zack Snyder

Writers: George A. Romeo

- Sarah Polley
- Ving Rhames
- Jake Weber
- Mekhi Phifer

Age certificate: 18

Target Audience Detail

Age Group: 18 30 year olds

Demographics: B, D E

Psychographics: Mainstreamers, Strugglers and


Uses and Gratifications: Entertainment, Social

Interaction and Escapism


Dawn of the Dead appeals to a specific target audience

and this audience can be identified in various different
forms. Production and distribution wise the film was
marketed towards its audience through releasing the
trailer and the stars appearing in a red carpet event in Los
Angeles on March 10th 2004 for the premiere of the film.
There were also interviews with the leading star of the
movie Sarah Polley, which further creates buzz for the
film. These marketing techniques are effective because it
allows the main actors and actresses to talk about the
film, the concept and their personal experiences within the
production of the film. This would encourage their target
audience to want to watch the films in cinemas at its
release, because it creates a build up of anticipation for
the audience to want to watch the film.

The age range that this film appeals to are ages between
18 and 30, because of the graphic horrific scenes this film
contains, which would be more appealing for young adults
and older. This is because this age group are more
tolerable to viewing this form of violence and frightening
scenes but at the same time the film itself would still have
an effect on them, because they would still find it
extremely disturbing and horrific. Furthermore, through
analysing the groupings for the target audience profile, I
have found that the demographics B, D and E would be
appealed to watch this film. It appeals to the demographic
B because of the strong female lead actress playing the
main character in the film. This subverts to the typical
view of women being the damsel in distress but instead
represents her as one of the heroes. This would be
appealing for people who fit into the demographic B
because it mainly consists of female dominated job roles,
e.g. teacher (stereotype). Furthermore, since Dawn Of The
Dead was formally a comic book series: this aspect of the
franchise would appeal to the demographic B, because
this demographic is also made up of a creative sector of
people, who would stereotypically take an interest in these
types of things.
Additionally, I found that this film would also appeal to the
demographic D because of the different aspects of
violence, gore and blood it contains. This is because the
demographic D would predominately consist of being
male, who stereotypically like to watch fighting and
violence. Furthermore, the demographic E would also take
an interest in this type of film again because of the violent
aspects it delivers to its viewer. Demographic E is mainly
made up of teenagers an lower grade workers, who would
typically like to see blood, violence and gore because this
age-range stereotypically find these sort of things very
entertaining in this day and age.

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