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Client Value Creation in action

The Code of Business Ethics reinforces the core values and drives the culture of compliance, ethical
decision making and accountability. The core values shape the culture and define the character of the
company. They guide as to how to behave and make decisions. Client Value Creation in action is one
of the core value. It includes, improving the clients' business performance, creating long-term, win-
win relationships and focusing on execution excellence.
The mission of Accenture is to help its clients become high-performance businesses and governments.
It seeks to understand the clients' expectations and strive to meet or exceed them. They collaborate
with their clients to shape exceptional opportunities of value that can be predicted, measured and
repeated. Accenture adopts the following principles for consistently delivering value to its clients.
1. To focus on sustainable, long-term outcomes, forgoing short-term opportunities that are inconsistent
with the goal of delivering long-term value.
2. To commit to what we can deliver and deliver on what we commit.
3. To build long-term relationships with clients by listening to their needs, understanding their
aspirations and diverse cultures, and delivering value to help them achieve high performance.
4. To comply with government contracting and procurement laws.
5. All Accenture employees serve clients, regardless of workforce or roleacting in the best interests of
clients while safeguarding the company.
6. To start with quality in mind to ensure superior execution and deliver in the best possible manner
every day, to the companys clients.
7. To leverage proven methodologies and comprehensive capabilities to achieve delivery excellence for
One Global Network

The combination of deep industry and business process knowledge and broad global resources enables
Accenture to mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help clients achieve high
performance. It value teams with diverse viewpoints. By focusing on sharing knowledge and expertise
across its entire network, Accenture build differentiated thought leadership and a competitive edge.
One Global Network is a core value that helps in leveraging the power of global insight, relationships,
collaboration and learning to deliver exceptional service to clients wherever they do business. The
following actions are taken by Accenture to deliver consistently exceptional service to its clients
anywhere in the world.
1. Accenture takes responsibility to operate as a good corporate citizen and follows consistent global
2. To create competitive advantage and differentiated thought leadership by collaborating, teaming and
sharing knowledge in-house and expertise across Accentures global network.
3. To run Accenture as a truly global business, applying consistent global standards and leveraging
valuable global reachwhile being responsive to each clients individual needs.
4. To respect the cultures in the countries where we work and nurture meaningful local relationships
while leveraging global capabilities and adhering to the companys core values and ethics.
5. To protect and enhance Accentures global brand by operating ethically, delivering consistent value
and quality, and speaking with a consistent global voice and to ensure that the senior leadership team
represents the global nature and diversity of the company.
6. To protect the privacy of personal data and comply with data privacy and protection laws and
understand and comply with export compliance and economic sanctions laws that apply to the
provision of goods and rendering of services.