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PEOPLE v DE LA CRUZ (1) In the case of U.S. vs.

Hicks, we held that the "causes which

mitigate the criminal responsibility for the loss of self-control are
Mitigating Circumstance: Passion and Obfuscation. Art. 13 such as originate from legitimate feelings, not those which arise
from vicious, unworthy, and immoral passions," and declined to
PONENTE: Carson, J. give the benefit of the provisions of this article to the convict in
that case on the ground that the alleged causes for his loss of self-
DOCTRINE: control did not "originate from legitimate feelings." The cause
alleged "passion and obfuscation" of the aggressor was the
convict's vexation, disappointment and deliberate anger
RULING FORMAT: RTC- Convicted of homicide. SC- Affirmed; penalty engendered by the refusal of the woman to continue to live in illicit
modified. relations with him, which she had a perfect right to do; his reason
for killing her being merely that he had elected to leave him and
FACTS: with his full knowledge to go and live with another man.
(1) RTC convicted accused of the crime of homicide, unmarked by any (2) In the present case however, the impulse upon which defendant
aggravating or mitigating circumstance; sentencing him to 14 years acted and which naturally "produced passion and obfuscation"
8 months and 1 day of reclusion temporal. was not that the woman declined to have illicit relations with him,
(2) However, evidence disclosed that accused, in the heat of passion, but the sudden revelation that she was untrue to him, and his
killed the deceased, who had been his querida (concubine or lover) discovery of her in flagrante in the arms of another.
upon discovering her in flagrante having sex with a mutual (3) As said by the SC of Spain in their decision, this was a " sufficient
acquaintance. impulse" in the ordinary and natural course of things to produce
the passion and obfuscation, which the law declares to be one of
Art.9 (7) provides that the following are extenuating the extenuating circumstances to be taken into consideration by the
circumstances: That of having acted upon an impulse so powerful court.
as naturally to have produced passion and obfuscation.
The SC of Spain held in a similar state of facts that:
Shall he who kills a woman with whom he is living in The penalty of the accused is reduced from 14 years 8 months and 1 day of
concubinage for having caught her in her underclothes with reclusion temporal to 12 years and 1 day of reclusion temporal
another party and afterwards shoots himself, inflicting a serious
wound, be responsible for that crime with the extenuating
circumstance of having acted with violent passion and

ISSUE: W/N accused is entitled to a mitigating circumstance of passion

and obfuscation.