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Human Resources

Success Story

Ricoh Latin America, a world class provider of Ricoh office solutions throughout Central
and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, needed to streamline the management
of their human resources information across several countries.

Looking for a solution to meet their requirements, Ricoh LA chose DocuClass for Human
Resources for its flexibility, security and reliability.

Lorna Hernandez, PHR, VP HR, Ricoh Latin America:

A few years ago our field HR organization was trying to find the right balance between the HR
traditional role and the business partner role. Not only that, but from an operational and regional
standpoint, we were having also challenges with the turnaround of certain documents, identify-
ing the right name for each form, which differs by country and gathering accurate information
for our decision making process. With this in mind, we decided to invest in resources and solutions
that could provide HR with streamlined processes and that could provide the flexibility needed to
spend more time with the business leaders rather than dealing with the day to day paperwork
and the activities that come with it such as filing, copying, sharing and organizing.

With Cimas HR solution we had not only the opportunity to define a regional document structure
that provides, to certain extent, standardization, but also each country had the flexibility to
customize based on local legal and labor specifications and requirements of their own sub

Today, each country is enjoying the benefits of having a world class solution that complies with
local legal and labor requirements, same language from a document and structure perspective,
less time dealing with the paperwork and more time is spent helping our business leaders to
reach our organizational goals.

With DocuClass, Ricoh Latin America and its subsidiaries successfully implemented an HR
solution according to their specific requirements. From an infrastructure perspective, even
USA Headquarters
though the solutions had to be global, it had to meet unique regional requirements: 6
100 Main Street countries are sharing a centrally hosted, but internal private cloud environment, whereas
Pittsburgh, PA 15215 another 4 countries are using it as an on-premise solution.

Latin America Scanning documents takes place in different countries, and is accessible from a centralized,
Calle Loma Umbrosa 260 controlled location. Not only is the capture of new employee information streamlined, as
Urb. Prolongacin Benavides
Santiago de Surco, Lima Per well as largely automated through the use of electronic forms and barcode utilization,
+51.1.6378810 adding to already existing files is facilitated through a direct integration with Ricohs multi-
Europe function devices (MFP).
Xynda 7
Athens 111 41, Greece
+30.217.731.0085 Once in DocuClass, the Human Resources department, as well as managers and Vice Presi-
www.cima-software.com dents, can search and retrieve any HR files or any portion thereof, while access is fully
controlled by the highest privacy and security policies.
HR Success Story

Human Resources

Benefits of using DocuClass for HR

Today, Ricoh Latin America has global, instant and
secure access to all HR information with faster
response times. Time, previously dedicated to manual
and operative tasks is used more efficiently and
productivity has increased as more time is devoted to
strategic and decision making activities. As an added
benefit remote access enables users to utilize the
system from anywhere, anytime.

Setting strong document security measures defined

locally by each subsidiary protect the company and
adhere to regulation requirements. Additionally,
security permissions can be set locally by HR to
restrict (or permit) access to the users of the system.

Overall, the HR solution has allowed the company to

meet local regulations, while streamlining their
processes globally, lower printing costs and trigger
alerts and actions based on document and process

Human Resources Solution

Enterprise Content Management Human Resources Solution

Human Resources

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Human Resources

Scanning to HRMS system

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Hiring/onboarding process

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