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Student Name: Vasiliki (Maria) Hatzitolios Date: Thursday, March 9, 2017

Age Group: Grade 4

Purpose: Purpose:
Reason for developing therapeutic The children are still working on pulleys and gears
experience. This could be in so my supervisor suggested that the ESL child in
response to an observation, the class take part in a hands activity to really see
discussion with the site how gears work. Therefore I created an activity
supervisor, etc. which involves the child building a gear system.
- Document what you saw and
- Document non-verbal
communication (i.e., body
language, facial expressions and
voice tone)
- Document in detail: who, what,
where, and when
- Documentation should be written
in past tense, objective, and in
anecdotal format
Discussion Document the
discussion between you and your
site supervisor that led to the
Therapeutic Experience Gear system building
What are you planning in response Therapeutic Objectives:
to your purpose? 1. The child will use critical thinking skills in
- Label your experience (e.g. order to place the gears in a certain way for
Painting with cars). the gears to connect so they are able to
- What are your 3 therapeutic move in the correct direction.
objectives? (eg. Sense of 2. The child will enhance his communication
normalcy, control,
skills when the child is talking to me about
independence, etc)
the gears.
3. The child will also enhance his self-resiliency
Describe the experience:
skills when working on the activity because
- Who will be involved in the
experience? it can become frustrating so he will have to
- Where will the experience take control his emotions if he feels stress and
place? frustration
- List the materials and resources Who will be involved: The child and I will work
you will use one on one together during this activity
- Describe the implementation of Where will the experience take place: The
the experience, with a step by experience will take place during the childrens
science period
Materials: Gears kit
1. I will first introduce the activity to the child
2. I will then review the types of gears with the
3. I will review the motions of the gears using
the worksheets that the child was given the
week before
4. I will then sit with the child while he starts to
make the gear system
5. I will assist along the way because it is a
difficult activity so the child will be able to
find success in the activity
step description Precautions: For this activity I had to be aware of
- Describe any precautions you the childs emotions because it is a more
needed to take with the activity, challenging activity. I had to support him in this
or any restrictions that existed, activity so he wouldnt get frustrated and want to
effecting the child(ren)s ability quit the activity.
to complete the task (Precaution
eg. Child has a type of blood
cancer, so he/she has to be
careful not to get a cut;
Restriction eg. Child has an IV in
his/her dominant hand, limiting
use of the hand)