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Standard 4

Instructional Delivery and Management

Element 4.1: Demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills across a variety of instructional

Artifact: EdTPA Task 2: Instructional Commentary

Date: Spring of 2016


The artifact that I choose is my EdTPA task two commentary based on a Touch Rugby lesson for middle
school aged students. The artifact was used to reflect on my ability to promote a positive learning environment,
engaging student learning, strengthening student competency, and analyzation of my instructing.
The artifact relates to standard four due to the fact it reflects on my abilities to verbally and non-verbally
communicate in a variety of aspects. Starting with how I will create a positive learning environment by giving positive
feedback, safety reminders, and encouraging everyone to call out any inappropriate behavior. As for delivering
instructions non-verbal communication can be the most effective. For example, in the reflection, I explain that I
mostly use demonstration and visual cues for content. I also use non-verbal methods of managing class such as hula
hoops to place equipment in when unused, formations that make it easy to see entire class, and being in proximity of
any unwanted behavior.
It is important as a teacher to have ability to communicate with students verbally and non-verbally in a
variety of situations. Everyone learns and understands content in different ways. Being able to portray the lesson in a
variety of techniques will increase effectiveness. As stated before the non-verbal communication can be good for
unwanted behavior but high-fives, smiles, and fist bumps can be positive feedback for students and motivation. Also,
more and more these days students are affected by a variety of things and having a teacher they can easily
communicate with is important. This may not portray improvements in physical education, it will however help
improve the quality of the individuals life in ways we as teachers may never witness.