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Thematic Unit

Meagan Villigan
Choose a Dr Seuss Book
3rd grade
Content Essential Activities Technology Assessment Student Standards
or Questions (Centers) Integration and or rubric Products TEKS
Subject scale or
Area Portfolio

Readin What did Center 1. Students Teacher will Students 110.14. English Language Arts
g you think Reading a should collect all will post and Reading (B)B) ask relevant
about the book each find a work and work in a questions, seek clarification, and
book you silently. Dr Seuss answered portfolio locate facts and details about
chose? book questions after stories and other texts and support
Center 2 online and and see if class
answers with evidence from text;
What was Read to a post link on student sharing
the main partner out the classs knows how and and
idea? loud. weebly to identify teacher (C) establish purpose for reading
website. main idea of assessing selected texts and monitor
a book. . comprehension, making corrections
and adjustments when that
understanding breaks down (e.g.,
identifying clues, using background
knowledge, generating questions,
re-reading a portion aloud)

ISTE Teachers
1. Facilitate and inspire student
learning and creativity Teachers use
their knowledge of subject matter,
teaching and learning, and
technology to facilitate experiences
that advance student learning,
creativity, and innovation in b
d. Model collaborative knowledge
construction by engaging in
learning with students, colleagues,
and others in face-to-face and
virtual environments
ISTE Students
3. Research and information
fluency Students apply digital tools
to gather, evaluate, and use
c. Evaluate and select information
sources and digital tools based on
the appropriateness to specific

Art What was Center 1. Students Teacher will After art 117.111. Art,(C) produce
your Draw a can use assess all work is drawings; paintings; prints;
favorite picture and smartboard students art assessed sculpture, including modeled
part? color it to draw a and check if students forms; and other art forms such as
about your picture of students will be ceramics, fiber art, constructions,
What art favorite something integrated able to
mixed media, installation art,
project do part of the they liked ideas hang up
you want story. in the related to a art in the digital art and media, and
to do that book. Dr. Seuss classroo photographic imagery using a
goes with Center 2. book. m variety of materials.
the book? Create a
Create a song using ISTE Teachers
song, a some 1. Facilitate and inspire student
picture, words from learning and creativity Teachers use
etc? the book their knowledge of subject matter,
with a teaching and learning, and
partner. technology to facilitate experiences
that advance student learning,
creativity, and innovation in both
face-to-face and virtual
environments. a. Promote, support,
and model creative and innovative
thinking and inventiveness

ISTE Students
2. Communication and
collaboration Students use digital
media and environments to
communicate and work
collaboratively, including at a
distance, to support individual
learning and contribute to the
learning of others. a. Interact,
collaborate, and publish with peers,
experts, or others employing a
variety of digital environments and

Writing What do Center 1. Students Teacher will Students 110.14. English Language Arts
you think Have five should go check to see will be and Reading
your different onto Story if student able to (20) Writing/Expository and
chosen books at jumper and wrote three read Procedural Texts. Students write
book one table create a sentences aloud expository and procedural or work-
means? and a digital story that had to their
related texts to communicate ideas
group of book of do with the word.
Write four their own. chosen Students and information to specific
three students book. will also audiences for specific purposes.
sentence have to Teacher will be able to Students are expected to:
s about write a also assess post their (i) establish a central idea in a
what you sentence if students digital topic sentence;
think the about the rhyme in story
book story and center 2. books on ISTE Teachers
means. then try to Teacher will the 2. Design and develop digital age
match also assess classroo learning experiences and
each digital story m weebly. assessments Teachers design,
sentence book.
develop, and evaluate authentic
with the
correct learning experiences and
story. assessments incorporating
contemporary tools and resources
Center 2. to maximize content learning in
Make context and to develop the
three knowledge, skills, and attitudes
sentences identified in the StandardsS.
that rhyme a. Design or adapt relevant learning
like the experiences that incorporate digital
books of tools and resources to promote
Dr Seuss.
student learning and creativity

ISTE Students

1. Creativity and innovation

Students demonstrate creative
thinking, construct knowledge, and
develop innovative products and
processes using technology. a.
Apply existing knowledge to
generate new ideas, products, or