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Elijah Stratford LO2 Feedback. 4/1/17

Current Grade for LO2: Pass

The current grade is calculated on the work that is present on your blog. You
LO2 Part may have missing items, or vastly incomplete sections of work. Please
A. Initial improve this. If you require help with any of this work, or need to show me
Ideas work before re-submitting to check the quality, please do so.

Note: This Remember, the highest grade you can achieve on this learning
work is outcome is a Merit Grade, even if you have achieved this, if there are
technically any minor corrections or additions, can you please ensure these are
for LO3 (as made.
it is in the
LO3 Please ensure all of the work is uploaded on the blog.
criteria) Remember Dont overwrite the blog posts, make new blog posts that are
However, clearly labelled with the words Re-Submission.
you cannot do the subsequent work without this document. Hence why it has
been moved.
Some good ideas. However, consider adding more terminology to the ideas; mise
en scene, lighting type, particular shots you would require.

LO2 Part B. Treatment Proposal

Good start here.
Use the subject terminology for audience (demographics, psychographics and
socio economic groupings). Make sure you explain these in relation to what you
want to produce.
You also need to explain how you will try and avoid the regulatory issues (BCAP)
in your advert. What could you do to ensure that these codes are not breached?
If you dont feel that there are any codes that do get breached, look up Sections
2 and 3, these are rules all advertisements are required to follow.
You are also required to explain the accompanying advertisement (Print, radio or
viral). Make sure for the regulation section of this, you look at the CAP codes on
the ASA website, (Not BCAP), these relate to magazine adverts. This is a
requirement for a merit grade.

LO2 Part C. Campaign Schedule

Some good work here Elijah, you have contributed well to the schedule, it shows
the development and evolution of the campaign. Well done.

The resubmission deadline is: 27/01/17