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Indefinite term employment contract

An indefinite term employment contract is made under specified conditions between the
employer and employee whose names (title) and addresses listed below, with a free will and
entirely voluntary. Both parties hereafter will be called "employer" and "employee".

1. Parties

Full name (title) :
Address : ...

Full name :
Fathers name :
Birth date and place :
Home address :

2. Place of work : different workplaces indicated by the

employer or his

3. Job title :

4. Contract duration : This is an indefinite term employment contract

which started on //.

5. Date of starting work : /../.

6. Trail period : The trail period is two months. During, both parties can cancel
the contact
without warning or compensation

7. Work hours : Work hours in a week are at most 45 hours. These hours are
divided equally for
the work days of the week.

But, 45 hours are the normal weekly work duration, and

according to the employer :

a) Can distribute the working days of the week without exceeding

11 hours per day
Also, according to the terms and conditions of the work, starting
and ending times are arranged in deferent ways for the
employers and can be changed according to their needs.

b) The normal weekly working time of 45 hours, in case the work

distributed in different ways to the days of the week, within two
months of work time, workers' average weekly working hours
can not exceed 45 hours.

c) Break times are determend by the employer

d) The employee, beforehand, agrees the terms and conditions of
work stated in this artical.

8. Overtime : For the general interest of the country, the quality or to

increase the production
purposes, the employer can make 270 overtime hours a year,
with condition of not
exceeding 11 hour as a total for a day

Work exceeding 45 hours per week is considered overtime.

Thus, in a case of
applying compensation basis, and with the condition of not
exceeding 45 work
hours in two months, even if some weeks exceeded 45

work hours, It will not be considered overtime and will not

be paid as overtime.

9. compensation work : Stopping work due to compulsory reasons, national

holidays, stopping work
before or after public holidays or for similar reasons, in
cases of working
normal hours substantially, fulfilling all the work or taking
days off at the
request of the employee, the employer within two months
can request.
compensation work time in return of non-working periods

Compensatory work is maximum 3 hours plus the 11

daily work hours, should
not be exceeded. Compensation work cannot be
assigned on holidays.

Compensatory work doesnt count overtime work and

wont get paid in return.

10. Payment : Workers' monthly full / before-tax fee .... TL.

Fee is paid to him in exchange of signing. But if the
employer is informed with
a written request, he can still pay in trusting of exchange
for signature again.

11. Overtime fees : The employee gets paid for each overtime hour, which
increases 50% to the
fee of normal daily work hours.

12. Time of payment : Employee is paid once a month. Each month fee is
paid within 20 days from the date of payment, if not

13. Special conditions :

a) If the employer continuously paid one or all employees cash payment for purpose
of encouragement without the need to contract, this should not be considered a
right for the employee and doesnt mean it will repeat again.

b) A worker in the workplace labor accept and commit to comply with regulations,
instructions, legislation and working conditions which identified by employers,
work discipline, occupational health, safety rules notices and circulars issued and
the regulations to be issued by the employer

c) If requested by the employer, worker agrees to work in the national and public
holidays and weekend.

d) The worker agrees to work more if requested by the employer.

e) The worker commit not to work in any other workplace even a privet one, as long
as the contract is proceeding.

f) The worker commit to keep any employer, workplace or business secrets, and not
to engage in behavior that could damage the employer.

g) The worker commit to use machinery, tools and equipment appropriately carefully
in workplace,
And not to deal with tasks and machineries that hes not related to.
h) The worker commit to deliver the materials, tools and equipments used in the
business, and not to take them outside workplace and not to use them for any
other purposes.

i) The worker commit to not to come to work while using alcoholic drinks and drugs
and not to use them while working. And commit not to carry prohibited
substances or not related materials to work.

j) According to the Labor Code, the worker agrees to be entitled to be paid annual
leave, as the employer determines the time according to the working conditions.

k) The worker commit to deliver all kinds of inventory given to him in the
termination of the employment contract, if there are damages or defects that
have occurred in his intent or not,
he undertakes to compensate.

l) The employer commit to pay the wages of the workers and other rights on time
according to the Labor Code and this agreement.

m) The disputes that arise when the contact is terminated by the employer without
any clarification, or if the clarified reason isnt valid, are taken to special court.

n) Matters which didnt take place in this contract are apply Labor Law and other
relevant legislation.
o) In case of any disputes in the implementation, in the place where business is
located, courts and execution offices are authorized.

14. This two pages indefinite term employment contract, is issued in two copies in . /
/ . date, signed after reading, employer have committed giving work and
payment to the employee,
employee mutually committed and agreed to work.

Full name :