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The ensuring statement of purpose is meant to put forth my aspiration to

pursue my career through Masters in Engineering Management at your

esteemed university, as well as description of my plans subsequent to my
graduation. I have learnt the principles of mechanical engineering those are
applicable to most machines, tools and processes which naturally widens my
scope of learning and research. This has always fascinated me and I am keen
to continue my academic pursuit in this field.

Due to my innate interest in the field of Mechanical Engineering and

impressive performance in the engineering entrance examination, I secured a
seat in this discipline of engineering at Rizvi College Of Engineering, Mumbai.
My undergraduate major has given me a wide exposure to numerous subjects
like Thermodynamics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Heat and Mass
Transfer, Mechanics, Mechanical Vibrations etc. I am proud to say that our
college is one of the best college in the state that every undergraduate
student has a dream to enroll into it. My under graduation has been a
rewarding experience as I got numerous chances to visit industries to gain a
close look at the application of mechanics and its related theories.

Owing to my interest in the concepts pertaining to Material Technology,

Mechanical Measurements And Control, Production Process, I submitted a
project in final year based on Abrasive Jet Machine, which works on principle
of non-traditional material removal process i.e. processing a variety of Hard
and Brittle Material, which was well received and appreciated by department
professors and H.O.D as well.

In the years 2016 after completing my Graduation, I gained immense

exposure to the industry on the basis of my internship, which I undertook as a
part of my syllabus. Here, I got the opportunity to work in the Manufacturing
and Maintenance Department at HIndustan Coca-Cola bevarages Pvt Ltd.
During this internship, my immense effort in increasing the efficiency of
boilers, Automated and Pneumatic Machines under the guidance of the Chief
Engineer of the Department was highly appreciated by the Department

I would like to conclude with the reasons for my choosing to apply to your
esteemed university for my MS in Engineering Management. I perceive that
graduate study nurtures the seeds of learning sown during the course of
undergraduate study. After having gone through the details of the research
facilities available at your university, I feel that they are very much catering
to the fields of interest and it is the right place to embark upon my academic

An assistantship besides providing financial support as seen fit by the

university official would gain me valuable research experience and will place
me in a good stead leader in my career .I wish to aver that I will make
maximum use of all the opportunities bestowed upon me and shall pursue my
goals with whole hearted dedication and can live to the high standards set by
the university. I sincerely hope that my application for admission is favorably

Patel Gulam Husain