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Doc. No.

Gujarat State Petroleum 006-REV 00
Corporation Limited Issued : 01/09/2015

Title : Job Safety Analysis

Department : Civil/Admin

Activity: Manual Grass Cutting at Process Area

Location: Condensate Tankage Area (for both inside and outside)

Date : 22.11.2016

Sr. No. Activity Potential Hazards & Safe work Practices/Control Measures Remarks

1 Manual Grass Snake PPE (Gum Boot, Coverall, Hard Hat/Helmet,

Cutting Bite/insects Goggles)
Kept Anti Venom stand by at OHC
Keep Emergency Vehicle ready with driver.
Supervisor should be available at Work area.
Necessary instructions/Guidelines should be
given to workers by supervisor.
Proper Supervision is required by Supervisor.
Only demarked access way to be followed as
per instruction of Shift In-charge process.
Workers should not use tank farm Area for
taking Rest.
Hot Work to be taken for working in
Condensate tank Farm Area.
2 Manual Grass Fall Hazard/ Ladder should be kept at work place for
cutting at Mud and ascending and descending.
Drainage Area Sludge Must wear Gum Boot.
Prior to enter the drain pest control to be done.
3 Grass Fire Immediately grass should be removed from
Handling Flying the said area.
Particles Shifting of grass from location.
Pour Water Pour water on stacked dry grass and keep the
Lonely work same in wet condition.
Dont entertain to do work lonely.
During shifting of grass the grass heap to
be covered with plastic cover.
Safe sped limit to be followed inside the plant.
Spark Arrestor for Tractor to be ensured in
working condition.

Above points have been discussed and conveyed to the crew / team members of the
task. It is verified that they understood the discussion points.
Name and Sign Name & Sign
Work In-charge (HOD)