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Course Outline

6-9 years old

Listening Oral Language Phonological Grammar Vocabulary Development
Comprehen Awareness
Recognize sentences and non- Use words related to self, family,
Short stories appropriately to
sentences school, community
polite expressions
Watch and Talk about ones
Identify the English equivalent of
listen to name and other Recognize kinds of sentences
words in Mother Tongue
videos personal info
Review reading short e,
Ask simple Use common and proper nouns in Classify common words into
a, u, and i words in CVC
questions simple sentences conceptual categories
Differentiate words with
different medial vowels
Compose clear and coherent
Fable Deliver familiar Using context clues (synonym &
sentences using appropriate
reading and poems with ease antonym) to find the meaning of
grammatical structures singular
its elements and confidence unfamiliar words
and plural form of nouns
Source: K to 12 Curriculum Guide English

Course Outline
10-12 years old
Listening Oral Language Vocabulary Reading Grammar & Writing Composition
Comprehension Development Comprehension & Oral
Reading Fluency
Recount events
Remark significant effectively with the use of
details from a story or appropriate facial
conversation expressions and body
Infer the meaning
of unfamiliar
words based on
given context
clues (affixed)
Summarize narrative
texts based on elements:
1. Theme
2. Setting
3. Characters (such
as Heroes and
4. Plot (Beginning,
Middle, Ending)
Compose clear and coherent
sentences using appropriate
grammatical structure: Aspects of
Verbs and Modals
Source: K to 12 Curriculum Guide English