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Life after
prison Easing the
for former

Psychology post-ADA
Negotiate your best salary
Could a psychedelic drug
help cancer patients?
Assesses a wide range of social, emotional, behavioral, and 
academic concerns and disorders in youth aged 6 to 18 years.

Updated to include 
a new scoring option 
for the DSM-5 
Symptom Scales.*

*DSM-IV-TR scoring still available for online and software options.

A multi-informant tool that assesses youth across academic, school, and social settings. 
The Conners CBRS assists in the diagnostic process, development and monitoring of 
intervention plans, and the identification of students for potential eligibility in special
education programs.

Direct and clear links to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: Fifth Edition (DSM-5)
and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act 2004 (IDEA 2004)
Straightforward administration, scoring, and reports available in online and software formats
Excellent reliability and validity
Spanish versions are available for parent and self-report forms
Free Risk
in Licensing

Coach l ti
n Board

eh Consu

a vior al Protection
e n sic
R es

rc Cl r

P s y c h oth e

h inic al

il y
il d & F a

Programs Broad
Tailored for Stu Coverage
Psychologists d e nt
Ac ic Ea
ade m rl y C a r e e

Connecting ALL
H e alth

Psychologists to
Trust Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance
Coverage and access to key risk management resources at every stage of your career!

Connect with The Trust whenever youre providing

psychological services as a student, in supervised Move your coverage to
post-graduate work, in research and education, in The Trust. Its easy!
professional practice In so many ways, we have Simply apply and provide us with proof of
you covered and connected to: current coverage. Well do the rest.
Broad coverage at affordable rates 3 No gap in coverage (seamless transition)
Free risk management consultations 3 No costly tail (we pick up past years)
Excellent customer service
3 10% discount for switching coverage
A variety of premium discounts Questions or concerns?
Optional Business Office insurance Call us at 1-877-637-9700

For Psychologists By Psychologists

www.trustinsurance.com 1-877-637-9700
* Insurance provided by ACE American Insurance Company, Philadelphia, PA and in some jurisdictions, other insurance companies within the ACE Group. The product information above
is a summary only. The insurance policy actually issued contains the terms and conditions of the contract. All products may not be available in all states. Surplus lines insurance sold only
through licensed surplus lines producers. Administered by Trust Risk Management Services, Inc. Policy issuance is subject to underwriting. ACE USA is the U.S.-based retail operating
division of the ACE Group, a global leader in insurance and reinsurance, serving a diverse group of clients. Headed by ACE Limited (NYSE: ACE), a component of the S&P 500 stock index,
the ACE Group conducts its business on a worldwide basis with operating subsidiaries in more than 50 countries. Additional information can be found at www.acegroup.com/us. Association
membership is no longer required to apply for Trust Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance.
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2 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

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A Students Guide to Executive Function

Assessment and Diagnosis in Preschool-Age Children
Using the ICD-10-CM Integrating Measurement,
Psychological and Behavioral Neurodevelopment,
Conditions and Translational Research
Jack Schaffer and Emil Rodolfa Edited by James A. Grifn,
2016. 288 pages. Paperback. Peggy McCardle, and Lisa Freund
2016. 352 pages. Hardcover.
List: $29.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $29.95
ISBN 978-1-4338-2093-9 | Item # 4311025 List: $79.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95
ISBN 978-1-4338-1826-4 | Item # 4318129
Service Learning in Psychology
Enhancing Undergraduate Education School-Centered Interventions
for the Public Good Evidence-Based Strategies for Social,
Robert G. Bringle, Roger N. Reeb, Emotional, and Academic Success
Margaret A. Brown, and Ana I. Ruiz Dennis J. Simon
2016. 256 pages. Hardcover. 2016. 312 pages. Hardcover.
Series: Division 16 Book Series
List: $69.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95 Psychology in Schools
ISBN 978-1-4338-2079-3 | Item # 4316166
List: $69.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95
Supervision Essentials ISBN 978-1-4338-2085-4 | Item # 4317393
for the Integrative
Developmental Model The Psychology of Democracy
Brian W. McNeill and Fathali M. Moghaddam
Cal D. Stoltenberg 2016. 256 pages. Hardcover.
2016. 176 pages. Paperback.
List: $79.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95
Series: Clinical Supervision Essentials
ISBN 978-1-4338-2087-8 | Item # 4318137
List: $29.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $29.95
ISBN 978-1-4338-2141-7 | Item # 4317396
Humanistic Psychotherapies
Methodological Issues Handbook of Research and Practice
and Strategies SECOND EDITION
in Clinical Research Edited by David J. Cain, Kevin Keenan,
FOURTH EDITION and Shawn Rubin
Edited by Alan E. Kazdin 2016. 552 pages. Hardcover.
2016. 576 pages. Hardcover.
List: $79.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95
List: $59.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $44.95 ISBN 978-1-4338-2077-9 | Item # 4317387
ISBN 978-1-4338-2091-5 | Item # 4316167
Foundations of Teaching Life Skills to
Multicultural Psychology Children and Teens With ADHD
Research to Inform Effective Practice A Guide for Parents and Counselors
Timothy B. Smith Vincent J. Monastra, PhD
and Joseph E. Trimble 2016. 240 pages. Paperback.
2016. 411 pages. Hardcover.
List: $16.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $16.95
List: $69.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95 ISBN 978-1-4338-2099-1 | Item # 4441026
ISBN 978-1-4338-2057-1 | Item # 4318135

TO ORDER: 800-374-2721 www.apa.org/pubs/books AD3038

Presidents COLUMN

Coping with stress

By Barry S. Anton, PhD APA President

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.

Lily Tomlin

I didnt know what to expect when I walked into my 50th high school
reunion in October. Mixed feelings of anxiety and joyful anticipation swirled
inside me. I felt my heart beating like I was going to the junior prom. I took
a few deep breaths to calm myself and ventured in. I worried that I wouldnt
recognize anyone without their yearbook pictures on their nametags.
Luckily, the festive mood and warm greetings of old friends feel overwhelmed, depressed and sad. The survey noted that too
immediately dissipated my stress. little sleep coupled with too little exercise, and either overeating
It was over too fast, but it was a nice interlude in my stress- or eating unhealthy foods, are common among teens. In
filled life. As I got into my car late that Saturday night, I thought addition, teens who reported high stress reported being online
about the next days travel to Washington, D.C., for the APA about 3.2 hours per day compared to two hours a day for those
Education Leadership Conference and our upcoming meetings teens who reported lower stress levels.
on Capitol Hill to advocate for subsidized student loans. What can we do to help Americans cope with chronic stress?
Another stressful week in a long series of stressful weeks. Here is some of the advice that APA offers on its public website:
As psychologists, we know that stress and anxiety are flight- Identify whats causing stress and take action.
Build strong, positive relationships: Connect with
As APAs Stress in America survey supportive friends and family members when youre having a
difficult time.
shows us each year, many Americans Get regular exercise, eat nourishing food and participate in
are living with significant stress. Not activities you enjoy.
Stay focused on the positive and avoid negative energy.
surprising given the Great Recession, Avoid drugs and alcohol.
Americans have been particularly Rest your mind: Sleep, do yoga, meditate and perform
relaxation exercises that can help restore energy.
stressed about finances in recent years. Get help from a psychologist when youre overwhelmed.
I cant help but reflect on the level of stress that APA
or-fight responses to threats. Feeling emotional or having governance members and staff have experienced in the past
difficulty sleeping and eating can all be natural reactions to few months in the wake of the independent review report. It
stress, whether its acute or chronic. Fear and worry can activate found that some APA officials worked with military officials
the physiological release of hormones that speed up our hearts, to have APA issue insufficiently restrictive ethical guidelines
increase our breathing rates and enhance our blood flow. for military psychologists participating in national security
Research shows that long-term activation of the bodys stress interrogations.
response can impair the immune system and increase the risk of Organizational change and transition can be stressful even
physical and mental health problems. in the best of times. APAs governance and staff are feeling
As APAs Stress in America survey shows us each year, enormous pressure to fulfill challenging obligations to help
many Americans are living with significant stress. Not the association move forward. My hope is that we find healthy
surprising given the Great Recession, Americans have been ways to deal with these transitions and not allow the stressors of
particularly stressed about finances in recent years. Work is one change to affect our working relationships.
of the most commonly reported sources of stress. The survey APAs 125th anniversary is in 2017. Lets be sure to celebrate
also revealed that teen stress rivals adult stress, and teens often all the good we do as an association at this anniversary. n

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 5


Life on the
outside Psychologists are working
to increase and improve
the reentry services that
can help former inmates
face the challenges
awaiting them outside

prison walls.


50 Post-ADA
on light backgrounds
Expanding the use Twenty-five years after the Americans
of psychological science in standard
with Disabilities Act, some psychologists
the classroom and beyond
main red gradient bottom

with disabilities
PMSsay theyre
1795C still not seen
PMS 1815C
C0 M96 Y90 K2 C13 M96 Y81 K54

The 2015 Education Leadership as equals.

Conference focused on putting

white black
psychology to use for education, Fingerprinting
C0 M0 Y0 K0
no gradients
C100 M100 Y100 K100

policy and the public. A growing number of states are requiring

psychologists to undergo criminal
background checks.

One-hit wonder
Could the psychedelic drug psilocybin
help ease the existential distress common
in people with cancer?
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extra digital content

6 Monitor on Psychology December 2015



Departments Upfront
5 Presidents Column 10 APA applauds call for end
8 From the CEO to conversion therapy
13 By the Numbers: for youth

Men and Depression 10 Travel to Cuba with APA
18 In Brief 11 APA calls for support for How much (and what kind of)
Syrian refugees financial aid do undergraduate
24 Division Spotlight
12 ICD-10-CM is now in psychology majors receive?
64 Perspective on

12 A disservice to depressed
78 Personalities
people? Whats confidential and
14 Antonio Puente is APAs whats not
2017 president Can a therapist who warns a potential
15 American Psychologist: victim be liable for breaching client
Under new leadership confidentiality?

Helping children recover
from trauma
Psychologist Anthony Mannarino and
colleagues developed Trauma-Focused
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to
address the needs of children who
have experienced abuse and other
types of trauma.


Your first salary
For early career psychologists, learning
Psychedelic to negotiate is a key skill.
drugs and

72 Shaping the future

Clinical neuropsychologists Janet
and Lee Matthews talk about why
they made a bequest to APF.

74 Grants and opportunities

Jobs, conferences and more

Farewell, with appreciation, pride,
humility and gratitude
By Dr. Norman B. Anderson APA Chief Executive Officer

After 13 years as your CEO, I will retire at the end of this month, so this is
my last From the CEO column. After approximately 130 columns (about
10 a year) youd think I might have run out of things to say. Yet that hasnt
happened, largely because I decided early on that each of my columns would
focus on addressing how APA fulfills its mission and, in doing so, justifies
your continued membership. From our many activities With pride
designed to fulfill the APA mission to use psychology to benefit Leaders often talk about all they have accomplished during
society and improve peoples lives, it hasnt been difficult to their tenures their legacies. I always thought that was
find something to highlight each month. In this last column, somewhat odd, especially for those who lead large and
however, I wanted to share with you some reflections on my complex organizations. No leader accomplishes anything
time as CEO. alone and so many people are involved in the truly
transformative achievements. Nevertheless, I am often asked:
With appreciation What are the accomplishments/activities/events that occurred
Over the years I have been in work situations where Ive during my time as CEO of which I am most proud? Here
thought, It is really special that I am getting to experience this. are four that come to mind, picked to represent a variety of
You might say these situations represented what I have truly points of pride:
appreciated about the job. Ive had that thought quite frequently Developing the first APA strategic plan. This was a
at APA. I will mention just two of the many types of situations at monumental, multi-year undertaking that had input from
APA when that thought has occurred. a wide variety of stakeholders within APA. More important,
One is when I have had the opportunity to meet and learn unlike some organizational strategic plans, this plan has
about the activities of psychologists who are doing important actually been used to guide many of the associations activities,
and fascinating work, whom I might otherwise never have has provided a context for governance and staff decision
encountered. I have always enjoyed talking to our members making and resource allocation, and, I believe, has helped APA
about what they do as psychologists, and I have often been think more strategically and collaboratively about its work. For
inspired by the creativity and innovation they bring to their more on APAs first strategic plan see www.apa.org/about/apa/
work. That work spans every sector of society, within and strategic-plan.
beyond our mainstay areas of science, practice, education Holding the APA convention in New Orleans following
and public interest. Some of these fascinating activities of Katrina. Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans just 11 months
psychologists are highlighted at www.apa.org/action. before our annual convention was to be held there in August
A second aspect of the job that I have greatly appreciated 2006. Along with several Board and staff members, just a
is working with teams of professionals who are dedicated to few weeks after the storm I visited the city and witnessed the
serving the discipline and the public. Ive had the privilege of devastation up close. To some, the notion that New Orleans
working with 13 different Boards of Directors (to whom I have would be able to host a meeting with more than 10,000
reported), a talented group of direct reports (the Executive attendees so soon after Katrina seemed far-fetched since there
Management Group), and the more than 500 other APA were few hotels open at the time and the convention center was
staff members. Interacting with our members and having the in extreme disrepair. But after much deliberation, we put our
opportunity to work with such talented people is something I faith in the people of New Orleans and the entire Gulf region
have never taken for granted. to deliver a first-rate convention, and made the decision to go.
In doing so, we became one of the first large conventions to

8 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

recommit to New Orleans rather than move our convention. With humility
Yes, we had fewer attendees than usual that year and had to Although there are many achievements that have given me
make some modifications from our usual routine. Yet, with the pride during my tenure, there are certainly matters I wish
hospitality of our host city, and with our convention attendees had gone better. As an organizational leader, one must
organizing efforts to assist in the recovery, the New Orleans embody humility and take ownership for shortcomings of
convention was one of the most memorable experiences for me the organization, not just its successes. Two examples of
at APA. (For stories about that convention, see www.apa.org/ the former come to mind. First and foremost, the release of
monitor/oct06/index.aspx). the outside independent review report (also known as the
APAs far-reaching amicus briefs. Arguably nothing Hoffman report) was a seismic event for APA, representing
better exemplifies how APA uniquely demonstrates the value one of our greatest challenges. Addressing the lessons learned
of psychology than our amicus briefs program, where we from this report will be a focus for years to come in many parts
use psychological science to help inform important court of the association. Second, as with many large membership
decisions. Our expert members have collaborated with the organizations, APA has struggled over the years with declining
APA Office of General Counsel to produce amicus briefs to membership.
inform the courts on what psychological science has to say Fortunately, the association is taking responsive
on a variety of complex topics, often related to social justice action regarding both of these examples. Our Council of
issues. Examples of topics on which APA has filed amicus Representatives and Board of Directors took major steps this
briefs include affirmative action in higher education, marriage summer to address issues raised in the independent report, and
equality, the death penalty, false confessions and eyewitness additional measures are forthcoming (see www.apamonitor-
testimony, to name a few. A number of our briefs have been digital.org/apamonitor/201509?pg=11#pg11). On the
cited in Supreme Court decisions. For more information on membership front, with the support of the Board of Directors,
how APA connects our science with social justice issues, see I hired APAs first executive director for membership who will
this presentation from 2014 at www.apa.org/about/apa/senior- lead our efforts to reassess how we will meet the needs of our
staff/norman-anderson/social-justice-issues.pdf. members and the public as a multiple constituent umbrella
Winning the best place to work award. As I noted in a psychological organization in an era where there are many
previous Monitor column, in 2014 the Washington Post named membership choices.
APA one of the top 150 places to work in the greater D.C. area,

I leave an organization well-positioned to meet the

opportunities and challenges of being a national
and international leader in psychology in the 21st
century. It has been a privilege to serve you.
a designation based on employee surveys. APA ranked 12th With gratitude
among the top 20 large employers on the list and was the only In closing, I want to express my deepest gratitude to our
nonprofit in the top 12 of that category. This recognition is members and staff for giving me the opportunity to be CEO of
first and foremost a testament to staff who every day make APA this remarkable organization. I leave APA with fond memories
a great place to work by embodying our Central Office core of the last 13 years and with relationships with colleagues and
values, including teamwork, decency and fairness, collaborative co-workers that will continue forever. I also believe I leave
decision-making, and valuing diversity (among others) in an organization well-positioned to meet the opportunities
service to the associations mission and members (for more and challenges of being a national and international leader in
details about the award see http://apa.org/monitor/2014/10/ceo. psychology in the 21st century. It has been a privilege to serve
aspx). Working with our talented and dedicated staff at APA has you. n
been a joy I will never forget.

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 9


APA applauds call for end to

conversion therapy for youth
The decision by the Substance Abuse and Mental
Health Services Administration builds on APAs
research-based work on LGBT issues.

APA has expressed support for a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental
Health Services Administration that calls for an end to the practice of conversion
therapy for children and youth.
This important report makes it clear that conversion therapy is not
appropriate for dealing with sexual orientation or gender identities in children
and youth, says Judith M. Glassgold, PsyD, APAs associate executive director
for public interest government relations. It provides guidance to clinicians on
current science and best practices for this vulnerable population.
Children benefit from developmentally appropriate identity exploration and
integration, says Glassgold, who led APAs Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic
Responses to Sexual Orientation before joining the associations staff. That task
force issued a report in 2009 that found insufficient evidence to support the use of
psychological interventions to change sexual orientation.
Interventions aimed at a fixed outcome, such as gender conformity or
heterosexual orientation, including those aimed at changing gender identity,
gender expression or sexual orientation, should not be part of behavioral health
treatments, Glassgold says. This vital document builds on APAs long-standing
work on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender concerns, especially its report on
appropriate therapeutic responses to sexual orientation and its guidelines for
working with LGB and transgender and gender variant clients. n
Kim I. Mills

Travel to Cuba with APA


Join APAs International Learning

Partner Trip to Cuba in May.
Travel with APA to attend Hominis 2016 in Havana, Cuba, May 715.
After an orientation dinner in Miami on May 7, the group will
depart for Havana on May 8. Activities include orientation to Cuban
psychology education and training systems, the Cuban health care
system, and Cuban society, followed by attending Hominis 2016 (May
1113, www.hominiscuba.com) at the Havana Conference Center.
This trip is part of APAs International Learning Partner Program
to foster international collaboration and exchange. Participants are
encouraged to submit conference abstracts and will be invited to
participate in a roundtable with Cuban colleagues.
For more information, visit: www.apa.org/international/outreach
/learning-partner.aspx. n

10 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

APA urges for support for Syrian refugees
A letter to the secretary of state asks the Obama administration to seek emergency mental health
funds from Congress.

APA has called on the Obama
administration to work with Congress
to win the release of emergency funds
to support the mental health and
community integration of Syrian
refugees fleeing to the United States.
[F]unding for services for
refugee populations has remained
flat for nearly 25 years, despite clearly
increasing needs, APA officials said
in a letter to Secretary of State John F.
Kerry. In addition to vital housing,
employment and language services,
some of this funding should be
used to train staff in mental health
screening; provide access to mental
health professionals either on staff
or through contract to serve the
refugee population in a culturally and
linguistically appropriate way; and
enhance community integration.
The letter, dated Oct. 14 and
signed by APA President Barry
Anton, PhD, and CEO Norman B.
Anderson, PhD, asks Kerry to work
with Congress to win the release
of funds to the State Departments
Reception and Placement Program
and the Department of Health and
Human Services Office of Refugee
The letter cited research-based
resources and programs that U.S.
officials can use to help refugees
recover from trauma and begin
new lives. APA stands ready to
assist in providing knowledge about
acculturation challenges and effective
interventions based on well-established
psychological science to address the
needs of refugees and the communities
that host them, the letter said. n Syrian refugees at the Keleti Railway Station, in Budapest, Hungary.
Kim I. Mills

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 11


ICD-10-CM is now in effect A disservice to

Resources are available to help members comply with depressed people?
the transition.
APA responds to report that states
As of Oct. 1, the ICD-10-CM is the required diagnostic code set for that the efficacy of psychological
billing purposes. All health-care providers covered by the Health
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act are required to comply
treatments for depression may be
and must use ICD-10-CM codes in diagnostic coding on electronic and overstated.
paper claims for services provided on or after Oct. 1, 2015. The change
to ICD-10-CM does not affect procedure coding (Current Procedural In a letter to The New York Times, APA President
Terminology, or CPT) for outpatient services. Barry Anton, PhD, said that the newspaper
The APA Practice Organization and the APA Practice Directorate have minimized the clear benefits of psychotherapy
compiled resources for psychologists on the Practice Central website to that have been found over many years of
aid with the transition to ICD-10-CM. research, in the Oct. 1 article Effectiveness of
Resources include: Talk Therapy Is Overstated, a Study Says.
Crosswalk of ICD-9-CM codes to ICD-10-CM The Times article was based on a study led
Converting to the ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes: Questions and by researchers at VU University in Amsterdam,
answers for psychologists which was published in PLOS ONE, on Sept.
ICD-10 Web-based application 30. In the study, researchers tracked down all
The guide: Are you ready for ICD-10-CM? of the National Institutes of Health-funded
These resources and more are available to all members of the APA research that examined psychological therapy
Practice Organization. Some resources are exclusive content for members to treat depression in adults (not adolescents)
and require log in for access. from 1972 to 2008. The researchers concluded
Members with questions can email the APA Practice Directorate Office that 13 of the 55 studies were started but never
of Practice Policy and Research or call (800) 374-2723, ext. 5911. published likely because these trials found
Practice Research and Policy staff the therapy had no benefit and that two were
never started. An updated analysis showed that
when the data from these studies were included
in a meta-analysis, the efficacy of psychological
Get the

therapy fell by 25 percent.
But in his letter, Anton pointed out that
when psychologists treatments are compared in
clinical trials, the typical finding is that these
treatments are superior to no treatment or some
app! type of psychological placebo (usually contact
with a therapist who responds empathetically
but does not actively provide a treatment).
He added that psychotherapy is at least
A more interactive as effective as medication and, as your article
notes, more likely to prevent relapse of
Monitor at your
depression. Ongoing research continues to
fingertips! build on these findings to further improve the
quality of psychotherapy. While some patients
may improve more than others, the simple fact
is that psychotherapy does work.
Look for it in the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores. Antons letter was published in the Times on
iPad iPhone iPod touch Amazon Kindle Android smartphones
Oct. 14. n
Kim I. Mills

12 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

By the Numbers: Men and Depression


30.6 percent
The percentage of men who have suffered from
a period of depression in their lifetime, when
measured by a gender inclusive depression
scale that includes symptoms such as rage and
risk-taking, according to a 2013 study in JAMA
Psychiatry. The study found no significant difference
between the rate of depression in men and in
women. Studies that use traditional depression

scales, in contrast, found that depression is more
common in women than in men.

The percentage of men in the United States
The suicide rate among American men is about
who have daily feelings of depression or four times higher than among women, according
anxiety, according to data from the National to data from the Centers for Disease Control and
Health Interview Survey (201013) Prevention. Women are more likely to attempt
suicide but men are more likely to succeed.

1 in 3
The share of those men who 85
took medication because of White men age 85 and older have the highest
those feelings, according suicide rate of any demographic group in
to the survey. the United States, four times larger than the
population as a whole. Fifty-one out of every

1 in 4
100,000 white males older than 85 commit suicide
each year, more than any other group by age, sex
and race, according to 2012 statistics from the
The share who spoke Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
to a mental health
professional, according to the survey.

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 13


Members elect Antonio Puente at APAs 2017 president

Antonio Puente, PhD, professor of psychology at the University
of North Carolina, Wilmington, has been elected 2017
president of the American Psychological Association. He will
serve as APAs president-elect in 2016.
Puente is also the founder and co-director of the Cape
Fear Clinic, a bilingual mental health clinic for the poor and
uninsured, and holds appointments as a visiting professor at
the Universidad de Granada, Spain, University of California,
Los Angeles, and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
One of Puentes priorities as president will be to continue
the focus on integrating psychology into comprehensive health
Psychology is the only viable discipline in position to
provide an integrative care model wherein all health-care
disciplines collaborate to produce better outcomes at lower
costs, says Puente. The initial step is to erase the divide
between physical and mental health, all the while buttressing
our efforts in mental health. Psychology will be the catalyst for
integrative health care.
Puente is a past-president of the North Carolina
Psychological Association, North Carolina Psychological
Foundation, National Academy of Neuropsychology, Society
for Clinical Neuropsychology and Hispanic Neuropsychological
He is the author of eight books, 74 book chapters and
97 journal articles (English, Spanish and Russian) and
approximately 400 presentations. He founded and for 10 years
edited the quarterly scientific journal Neuropsychology Review,
as well as a book series in clinical neuropsychology (33 books). received his bachelors in psychology from the University of
A member of APA since 1979, Puente has served two terms Florida and his PhD from the University of Georgia. n
as the APA Council representative for the Society for Clinical Jim Sliwa
Neuropsychology. He has chaired the
Psychology Academy of the National
Academies of Practice and several APA
boards and committees ranging from
Interested in the APA presidency?
the Board of Convention Affairs to the Members who would like to be nominated for APA president-elect in 2016
Committee for Psychological Tests and are invited to submit a statement of 50 words or fewer. The statement will
Assessments. He currently serves on accompany the online nomination ballot. Please note that statements are
the Joint Committee for Standards for optional and not required in order to be nominated.
Educational and Psychological Tests. The deadline for potential candidates to submit a statement is Jan. 15.
Puente was APAs representative to the The 50-word limit will be strictly enforced. Interested candidates are also
American Medical Associations Current welcome to speak to the Council of Representatives at its Feb. 1921, 2016
Procedural Terminology panel from 1993 meeting and are responsible for their own transportation and lodging costs.
to 2008 and has served on the Center The nomination election will be conducted online and will begin Feb. 1, with
for Medicare and Medicaids Medicare a 45-day balloting period. For more information, contact APAs Governance
Coverage Advisory Committee. Office at (202) 336-6087 or via email at gcoad@apa.org.
Puente was born in Havana, Cuba, and

14 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Cynthia Brodoway
American Psychologist:
Under new leadership
Anne E. Kazak will add empirical research to
American Psychologist.

APAs flagship journal has a new editor-in-chief starting next month.

Pediatric psychologist Anne E. Kazak, PhD, a major figure in integrated
health care who has edited three other psychology journals, took the reins
as incoming editor of American Psychologist (AP) in September and will be
editor-in-chief in January, marking the first time APA has chosen an editor
who isnt APAs chief executive officer.
Under her direction, AP will more aggressively seek out empirical papers
such as meta-analyses and large-scale studies.
We want big, broad empirical papers that can change the thinking
and tide in psychology, she says. I envision AP as the first outlet that
psychologists think of for publishing major papers that are broad and cross-
cutting in nature, leading edge in terms of their content and, on occasion,
controversial. Dr. Anne E. Kazak takes the helm next month.
Kazak is also restructuring the journals leadership and organization to
match other APA journals. While AP used to rely on its editorial board of
consulting editors, Kazak has added six associate editors who will handle
peer review or papers in their areas of expertise. And, in a move to attract
more submissions, Kazak is streamlining and shortening the peer-review
AP s new associate
process. editors
To ensure a smooth transition, she encourages members and prospective Anne Kazak has named six
authors to share their feedback with her on how to enhance the journal, as associate editors for American
well as suggestions for special sections or issues. She aims to continue to Psychologist. They are:
encourage manuscripts that address societys most pressing concerns and
feature content that will interest all members. This is a journal for all of M
 ark Appelbaum, PhD
psychology, she says. University of California
Kazak is the co-director of the Center for Healthcare Delivery Science San Diego
at Nemours Childrens Health System, in Wilmington, Delaware, and J
 ennifer Crocker, PhD
a professor of pediatrics at Sidney Kimmel Medical School of Thomas Ohio State University
Jefferson University in Philadelphia. She is also an adjunct psychology
 acqueline Eccles, PhD
professor at the University of Delaware and co-director of the Center for
University of Michigan
Pediatric Traumatic Stress at the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.
She has been a leader and mentor in APA publishing throughout her career, E
 lizabeth Klonoff, PhD
most prominently as editor of Health Psychology since 2010, as editor of the San Diego State University
Journal of Family Psychology from 2004 to 2009 and as editor of the Journal of A
 rthur Nezu, PhD
Pediatric Psychology from 1998 to 2002. She chaired APAs Council of Editors Drexel University
in 2008.
 tephen Rao, PhD
Her reputation and experience make her an ideal choice to lead APs
Cleveland Clinic
transition, says APA Publisher Gary VandenBos, PhD. She is renowned for
her constructive editorial feedback, which enhances the quality of every
Jamie Chamberlin

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 15

News from APAs Center for Workforce Studies

How much (and what kind of) financial aid

do undergraduate psychology majors receive?
From 2004 to 2013, annual tuition for students fellowships, 24 percent in federal grants, and 17
earning a bachelors degree in psychology percent in state/local grants.
increased by 37 percent, from $13,188 to $18,037.1,2
For private not-for-profit institutions, 50 percent
These undergraduates3 relied on federal and of financial aid came from scholarships and
state grants, student loans and institutional fellowships ($15,989), followed by student loans,
scholarships and fellowships to help pay for their federal grants, and state/local grants.
education.4 The type and amount of financial aid
For private for-profit institutions, 44 percent of
often depended on the type of institution in which
all financial aid for psychology undergraduates
the student was enrolled.
came from student loans ($8,020), followed
In 2013, 34 percent of all financial aid5 for by federal grants (26 percent), scholarships/
psychology undergraduates attending a public fellowships (17 percent) and state/local grants
institution came from student loans ($6,295), (13 percent).
followed by 25 percent in scholarships and

Mean annual amount of financial aid received

by psychology undergraduates by type of institution, 2013

$4,832 $4,690
$4,563 $4,464
$6,295 $7,524 $8,020

Public Private not-for-profit Private for-profit

n Federal grants n State/local grants n Student loans n Scholarships and fellowships

Peggy Christidis, PhD, Daniel Manjarrez, Karen Stamm, PhD, and Luona Lin, MPP
For more information, contact APAs Center for Workforce Studies at cws@apa.org.

 ollapsed across institution type and in-state/out-of-state tuition rates. 2004 dollars were adjusted for inflation to 2013 dollars, using the Consumer Price
Index inflation calculator: www.bls.gov/inflation_calculator.htm.
 .S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). (2004-13). Pricing and
Tuition Surveys [Data files and dictionaries]. Retrieved from https://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/datacenter/DataFiles.aspx.
Undergraduates include full-time, first-time degree students enrolled in 4- or 5-year bachelors degree programs with a major in psychology.
 efinitions for federal grants, state/local grants, student loans and institutional scholarships/fellowships can be found in IPEDS data dictionary for the 2013
Student Financial Aid and Net Price Survey at https://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/datacenter/DataFiles.aspx.
Includes all financial aid that falls under one of the four categories described in this Datapoint. Excludes loans made directly to or by parents or tuition
payments made by parents and/or other family members or friends.

16 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

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In Brief
Snapshots of some of the latest peer-reviewed research within psychology and related fields.

Alexandra Thompson/iStock
A cognitive-behavioral program
aimed at preventing depression
among at-risk teens shows
continued promise after more
than six years, according
to research conducted by
scientists from the University of
Pittsburgh and other institutions.
Investigators randomly assigned
316 teens with a family history
of depression either to a
cognitive-behavioral prevention
(CBP) program that included
eight weekly 90-minute group
sessions followed by six monthly
continuation sessions, in addition
to usual mental health care, or to
receive only usual mental health
care. Over 75 months, youths
assigned to CBP had a lower
incidence of depression, better
educational and occupational
attainment and stronger
relationships and life satisfaction
compared with those receiving
only usual care (JAMA Psychiatry,
online Sept. 30).

n Reanalysis of earlier data indicates associated with either medication State University psychologists. They
that paroxetine and imipramine are and also found worrisome adverse recruited 284 college students who
neither safe nor effective as treatments effects, including suicidal ideation and reported their marijuana use, alcohol
for teen depression, according to a behaviors in those taking paroxetine and use, sexual activity and condom use
study led by scientists at the University cardiovascular problems in those taking every day for 24 days. In addition to
of Adelaide. The researchers re- imipramine (BMJ, Sept. 16). finding that students were more likely to
examined data from a 2001 randomized, have sex when using marijuana or binge
controlled clinical trial with 275 n Undergraduate college students drinking, the researchers also found that
adolescent participants who took one may be more likely to have sex on students were less likely to use condoms
or the other drug or a placebo for eight days they use marijuana or binge when they were binge drinking or in
weeks. They found no advantages on alcohol, finds research by Oregon serious relationships. No connection

18 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

was found between marijuana use and
poor condom use (Journal of Studies on
Alcohol and Drugs, online Sept. 28).

n Frequent school moves appear to

hurt low-income childrens math
scores, finds research by New York Watching dramas such as Mad Men appears to increase
University psychologists. Data for the emotional intelligence more than other kinds of TV, finds
study came from 381 children from low- research by University of Oklahoma psychologists. The
income families 68 percent black and researchers randomly assigned 100 college students to
27 percent Hispanic from 35 Chicago watch either part of a TV drama such as Mad Man or
Public School Head Start preschool The West Wing, or a documentary such as How the
classrooms, who were followed through Universe Works or Shark Week. After watching the clip,
fourth grade. Most of the children participants looked at 36 pairs of eyes, choosing one of four
stayed at the same school or changed emotions that best identified the person in the picture: jealous,
schools only once between preschool panicked, arrogant or hateful. Results showed that women
and fourth grade. However, 10 percent were more likely to identify the correct emotions, but both
experienced frequent mobility, changing sexes had higher scores on the test if they had watched
schools three or four times. The the TV drama (Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity,
researchers found that children who and the Arts, online Sept. 28).
changed schools infrequently over the
five-year period had greater cognitive
skills and higher math achievement

Alex Belomlinsky/iStock
in early elementary school compared
with children who changed schools
frequently (Developmental Psychology,
online Oct. 5).

n Repeating something aloud to

another person may boost recall,
according to a study at the University
of Montreal. Researchers asked 44 included words they hadnt read. Results Advertising Initiative, a voluntary
undergraduates to read a series of words showed that those participants who industry self-regulation program, was
on a screen. Participants were then read aloud to someone else recalled the launched to improve food marketing
assigned to one of four experimental most words correctly (Consciousness and to young people. Despite the initiative,
conditions: repeating the words in Cognition, November). from 2008 to 2011, childrens exposure
their head; repeating them silently to candy ads went up 74 percent, with
while moving their lips; repeating them n Kids are seeing more candy ads than
aloud while looking at the screen; and ever before, suggests a study conducted For direct links to these
repeating them aloud while addressing at the University of Connecticut. journal articles, click on the
someone. After a distraction task, Researchers looked at candy advertising journal names.
participants were asked to select the aimed at children since 2007, when
words theyd read from a list that also the Childrens Food and Beverage

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 19

In Brief

among neurons in the brains of 461
participants, and then used those
data to create a brain map averaged
across individuals, showing the degree
to which 200 separate brain regions
communicate with one another.
The researchers also collected 280
A mothers stress during different behavioral and demographic
pregnancy might be related measures for the same participants.
to her childs later movement Upon assessing the relationship
and coordination, suggest between patterns of brain connections
the results of a study led by and behavioral and demographic
researchers at the University characteristics, they found that certain
of Notre Dame in Australia. In brain patterns were more likely to
the study, mothers completed occur along with a broad set of positive
questionnaires at 18 weeks characteristics such as good vocabulary
and 34 weeks pregnant, and memory, life satisfaction, income
answering questions about and years of education. Negative
their stress levels. When characteristics such as anger, rule-
the children born of those breaking, substance use and poor sleep
pregnancies were ages 10, 14 quality tended to be correlated with one
and 17 years old, researchers another and with a different pattern of
assessed their motor brain connections (Nature Neuroscience,
development and coordination online Sept. 28).
using a 10-item movement
test. The researchers found n Breastfeeding does not appear to be
that children born to mothers linked to a childs later intelligence,
who experienced more suggests research led by a psychologist
stressful events during at Goldsmiths University of London.
pregnancy scored lower on The researchers studied 11,582
motor development across children born from 1994 to 1996,
all three survey years (Child two-thirds of whom were breastfed
Development, online Oct. 14). for an average of four months. They
followed the children through age 16,
administering nine intelligence tests at
regular intervals. After controlling for
children viewing an average of 485 ads n A pattern of brain connections parental education, maternal age and
in 2011. Of those ads, 65 percent were appears to be linked to positive socioeconomic status, the researchers
from manufacturers that had promised lifestyle and behavior traits, found that, at age 2, girls who had
not to directly market to children ages 2 according to research by a team of been breastfed had a small advantage
to 11 (Appetite, December). scientists at Oxford University and in intelligence over those who had
other institutions. Researchers used not been breastfed, but this advantage
fMRI to investigate the connections disappeared at later ages. There were

20 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

no effects of breastfeeding among boys 60 percent of unemployed participants knowledge through parent interviews
(PLOS ONE, Sept. 25). had already experienced more than one and the use of a computer program
mental health problem in childhood that showed images to toddlers. The
n Unexpected moments may make or adolescence, compared with around researchers then tried to teach the
people better thinkers, according 35 percent of young people who were children six new words from broad
to a series of experiments led by a employed or pursuing education and familiar categories, including drinks,
DePaul University psychologist. In training (Journal of Child Psychology and fruits and animals. The toddlers
one experiment, participants rated Psychiatry, online Aug. 26). heard the words used in five different
photographs taken at weddings. Half
were shown photos of a traditional n Children learn new words more For direct links to these
wedding a groom in a black tux, a quickly when they know related words, journal articles, click on the
bride in a white dress and a tiered cake. finds a study led by a Florida State journal names.
The other half were shown photos of University psychologist. Researchers
a nontraditional wedding a bride assessed 23 2-year-olds on their word
in a green dress, a groom in a purple
tux and a cake decorated with gears.

After viewing the photos, participants

People appear more
performed a cognitive reasoning task.
likely to conserve energy
The researchers found that participants
when they get real-time
who saw the traditional wedding
feedback on their energy
photos made more errors than those
use, finds a meta-analysis
who had viewed the nontraditional
of 42 studies published from
photos. The researchers say the results
1976 to 2010. University of
show that people shift from a low-
California, Irvine, researchers
level, associative thought process to
examined data from a total
higher level, systematic thinking when
of 256,536 participants
they encounter a situation in which
on the effectiveness of
something does not meet cultural
feedback in promoting
expectations(Social Cognition, online
energy conservation. Among
Aug. 31).
other results, they found
that people who got less
n Young peoples employment status
engaging feedback such
may be hindered by mental health
as a summary of energy use
issues, finds research conducted by a
on a bill were less likely to
team of U.S. and U.K. scientists. The
conserve energy than those
investigators assessed commitment
who received more engaging
to work, mental health problems and
feedback, such as from a
substance use disorders in more than
software program that reports
2,000 Britons at age 18. Unemployed
energy use in real time.
participants showed greater
(Psychological Bulletin, online
vulnerability for mental health issues,
Sept. 21).
including higher rates of mental health
and substance abuse problems. Nearly

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 21

In Brief

sentences, while images were shown

on the screen. The researchers then
tested how well the children understood
these new words using eye-tracking
technology that measured how quickly
and reliably the children looked toward
pictures of the new objects when they
were named. The findings suggest that
adults can use a childs own vocabulary
to find words that would be easier or
harder for an individual child to learn
at a particular age, the authors say
(Developmental Science, online Oct. 9).

n Compulsive texting hurts girls

grades more than boys, suggests
research conducted at Delaware
County Community College.
Researchers surveyed 403 students in
grades eight and 11 about whether
compulsive texting interfered with
their ability to complete tasks, how
preoccupied they were with texting
and whether they tried to hide their
texting. The students also completed
a questionnaire that asked about
their academic performance and how
well-adjusted they were in school.
Findings showed that teenage girls who
compulsively text are more likely to
do worse academically compared with
boys who text and dont text as
well as girls who dont text (Psychology
of Popular Media Culture, online
Oct. 5).
Amy Novotney

For direct links to these

journal articles, click on the
Teenage girls who compulsively text are
more likely to do worse academically journal names.
compared with boys who text.

22 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Take Control
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most reputable programs,
academic institutions and
practices prefer to search for

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specific to psychology

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PsycCareers help you succeed

Contact Amelia Dodson
(202) 336-5564 or adodson@apa.org
Division Spotlight

Nominate one of your colleagues

Div. 1 (Society for General Psychology) seeks nominations for

Susan Chiang/iStock
its 2016 awards and distinguished lecture:
The Arthur W. Staats Lecture for Unifying Psychology
is a talk to be presented at APAs 2017 Annual Convention
in Washington, D.C., by a psychologist who has made
outstanding contributions toward integrating the diverse
subfields within psychology. The winner receives a certificate,
a medal and $1,000 at the presentation. The award is
sponsored by the American Psychological Foundation and
coordinated by Div. 1.
The Anne Anastasi General Psychology Graduate Student
Award recognizes two outstanding students one in the
first two years of graduate work and one who has completed
two years of graduate work. Nominees must submit a vitae
and research plan, plus a supporting letter from the students
advisor. Each winner receives $300.
The William James Book Award honors a recent book
that brings together diverse subfields of psychology and related
The Ernest R. Hilgard Award for a Career Contribution
to General Psychology recognizes an individual who has made
significant contributions to the Div. 1 ideals and mission.
The George A. Miller Award for an Outstanding Recent
Article in General Psychology recognizes a recent paper that
contributes to the divisions ideals and mission.

Students: Fund your clinical Winners of the James, Hilgard and Miller awards will give an
invited address at the 2017 Annual Convention in Washington,
child or adolescent research D.C., Aug. 36, and receive a certificate, a medal and $1,500.
Nominations and supporting materials are due Feb. 15. Self-
Div. 53 (Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent nominations are welcome.
Psychology) seeks nominations for four $2,500 For criteria and nomination information on each award,
Routh Research and Dissertation Grants, which visit www.apadivisions.org/division-1/awards/index.aspx or
support outstanding student research in clinical contact Div. 1 Awards Coordinator Jocelyn Turner-Musa, PhD,
child and adolescent psychology. at Jocelyn.turnermusa@morgan.edu.
Applicants must be student members of the
division, be enrolled in an APA-approved program, Recognize a brilliant teacher
and have a dissertation project that has been Div. 2 (Society for the Teaching of Psychology) seeks
approved by their advisor and their program applications for fellow status and for two of its annual awards:
faculty. All applications must be submitted The STP Teaching Excellence Awards honor outstanding
electronically to apadiv53@gmail.com with the teaching performance in six categories: four-year college or
subject heading Routh Research and Dissertation university (Robert S. Daniel Teaching Excellence Award);
Grant. Application details are at https:// two-year college (Wayne Weiten Teaching Excellence Award);
clinicalchildpsychology.org/student-award high school (Mary Margaret Moffett Memorial Teaching
-opportunities. The application deadline is March 1. Excellence Award); first seven years of full-time teaching at any
level (Jane S. Halonen Teaching Excellence Award); graduate

24 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Nominate a sport psychology fellow
Div. 47 which has recently changed its name to the Society for Sport,
Exercise and Performance Psychology seeks nominations for fellow status
from division members who have:
Maintained three years of continuous membership in the division.
Made significant contributions to the field of sport and exercise psychology.
Been actively involved with the division, such as attending and presenting
at APAs Annual Convention, serving on division committees or on the

executive board.
Find application instructions at www.apa.org/membership/fellows. The
nomination deadline is Feb. 9. Direct questions to Div. 47 Fellow Committee
Chair John Heil, PhD, at JHeil@psychhealthroanoke.com.

student (Wilbert J. McKeachie Teaching Educational Psychologists and a weekly

Excellence Award); and the Adjunct email digest of educational psychology
Faculty Teaching Excellence Award. news.
Applications are due Jan. 15. Download Div. 15 members are also eligible for
application information at http:// the divisions annual grants and awards,
teachpsych.org/members/awards/eta and can submit proposals to present
.php. Direct questions to Eric Amsel, at APAs 2016 Annual Convention in
PhD, at eamsel@weber.edu. Denver, Aug. 47. Learn more at http://
Hiring Psychologists &
The Instructional Research Awards apadiv15.org/join or contact Wade
support research on the teaching George at wade.george@apadiv15.org. Mental Health Professionals
of psychology that can be used as a
resource for the divisions Office of Explore psychoanalysis
Teaching Resources in Psychology. The as a Div. 39 scholar
division offers up to five $1,500 awards. Div. 39 (Psychoanalysis) is accepting
Send applications to Elizabeth Mazur, applications for its Scholars Program,
PhD, at emazur@psu.edu by Feb. 1. which introduces graduate students and
Applications for Div. 2 fellow status are early career psychologists to the division.
due Dec. 31. Find nomination criteria Selected scholars receive a $500 travel
at http://teachpsych.org/members grant to attend the divisions annual
/fellows/index.php. Self-nominations are spring meeting, Hot and Bothered:
welcome. Send questions to Bill Addison, Coming Together without Falling Apart,
PhD, at weaddison@eiu.edu. April 610 in Atlanta. Scholars also
receive the divisions newsletter, journal
Join Div. 15 for free and other publications at no cost.
Apply Online:
Div. 15 (Educational Psychology) Scholars are also matched with a mentor Jobs.GEOGroup.com
is offering free membership for all they meet with once per month.The The GEO Group, Inc. is the world's leading
first-time enrollees. Membership application deadline is Jan. 19. provider of correctional, detention, and
includes a digital subscription to the Find application information at www community reentry services.
journal Educational Psychologist, a .apadivisions.org/division-39/about
EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability
subscription to Div. 15s Newsletter for /awards/scholars.aspx. n

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 25

Judicial Notebook

Whats confidential
and whats not
Can a therapist who warns a potential victim be
liable for breaching client confidentiality?
By Marc W. Pearce, JD, PhD, and Amy Kleynhans, University of NebraskaLincoln

I n 2012, Jerry Expose Jr. sought anger management

counseling from a mental health clinic. The clinic assigned
Nina Mattson, then an intern training to become a licensed
to her were governed by the privilege. Notably, the court also
found that the privilege contains no exception for threats, and
that even if the states duty-to-warn statute might have allowed
psychologist, to be Exposes therapist. During a counseling Mattson to disclose the threats directly to the caseworker, it did
session, Expose gave Mattson reason to believe that he might not waive Exposes privilege or otherwise authorize Mattson to
harm a child-protection caseworker who he felt was keeping testify to the threats in court (State v. Expose, 2014). Exposes
him from his children. Mattsons case notes state, [Expose] conviction was reversed, and as of this writing, the case is
said that if his court hearing went awry, he would break [the under consideration by the Supreme Court of Minnesota.
caseworkers] back. He also said that if he couldnt get to her Expose then sued Mattson and the clinic, claiming that they
himself, he would only have to make a couple of phone calls to should be held liable for violating their duty of confidentiality
have her taken out (Expose v. Thad Wilderson & Associates, P.A., under the Minnesota Health Records Act. Mattson and the
2015). Mattson reported Exposes statements to her supervisor, clinic countered that they were immune from liability because
who advised her to contact law enforcement. Mattson then Minnesotas duty-to-warn statute states that if a patient of
relayed Exposes threats to the police and to the caseworker. a licensed psychologist has made a specific, serious threat
Expose was arrested and charged with making terroristic against a specific victim, the licensed psychologist has a duty
threats, and Mattson was subpoenaed to testify at trial. Expose to warn of the patients violent behavior, and good faith
objected to Mattsons testimony, arguing that the statements compliance with the duty to warn cannot result in liability
he made during the counseling session were protected by the against the licensee. Though Mattson prevailed at trial, once
states psychologist-patient privilege. The trial court overruled again the court of appeals reversed, holding that even though
Exposes objection, and Mattson testified about Exposes Mattsons disclosures were allowed under the ethics rules
statements. Expose was convicted and sentenced to 28 months governing psychologists, the duty-to-warn statute did not apply
in prison. because Mattson was not a licensed psychologist (Expose v.
On appeal, Expose repeated his argument that Mattsons Thad Wilderson & Associates, P.A., 2015). This decision, too, is
testimony violated Minnesotas psychologist-client privilege awaiting review by the Minnesota Supreme Court.
statute. This statute states, A registered nurse, psychologist, It should be noted that due to wide variations in state law, it
consulting psychologist, or licensed social worker engaged is not clear that therapists outside Minnesota are vulnerable to
in psychological or social assessment or treatment of an being sued in this fashion. The cases described above are not yet
individual at the individuals request shall not, without the settled. Nevertheless, Exposes litigation illustrates the complex
consent of the professionals client, be allowed to disclose any interplay among professional ethics, confidentiality laws and
information or opinion based thereon which the professional therapists duty to warn potential victims. Therapists should
has acquired in attending the client in a professional capacity, periodically review the laws pertaining to privilege, immunity
and which was necessary to enable the professional to act in and threat reporting in the jurisdictions where they practice. n
that capacity.
The appellate court found that Mattson was a psychologist Judicial Notebook is a project of APA Div. 9 (Society for the
for the purposes of this statute, and that Exposes statements Psychological Study of Social Issues).

26 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

A Clinicians Guide to Behavioral Interventions
Lisa J. Meltzer and Valerie McLaughlin Crabtree

Sleep problems are common in children. ALSO OF INTEREST

Between 25-40% of youth experience
sleep difficulties such as sleep anxiety,
insomnia, frequent waking, delayed
circadian rhythm, night terrors, and
nocturnal enuresis or encopresis at some
point during childhood or adolescence.
Yet, most healthcare providers receive
little if any training in pediatric sleep
problemsand most training that does
exist tends to emphasize medical rather
than behavioral interventions.
This book presents highly effective behavioral interventions for AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE
common pediatric sleep problems. Step-by-step instructions show Neuropsychological Assessment
readers how to clinically assess and treat children from toddlers and Intervention for Youth
to teenagers, and case examples apply the instructions to real-life An Evidence-Based Approach
to Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
scenarios. The authors also provide over 30 handouts and worksheets Edited by Linda A. Reddy,
for parents and children, including sleep logs and directions for a Adam S. Weissman, and James B. Hale
series of creative, at-home interventions, all of which can also be 2013. 364 pages. Hardcover.
downloaded from a supplemental website. 2015. 336 pages. Hardcover. List: $59.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95
ISBN 978-1-4338-1266-8 | Item # 4316149
List: $69.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95 | ISBN 978-1-4338-1983-4 | Item # 4317372

Treatments That Work

CONTENTS With Children
I. The Basics of Pediatric Behavioral Sleep Medicine Empirically Supported Strategies
for Managing Childhood Problems
Chapter 1. Typical Sleep Across Development and Healthy Sleep Habits
Chapter 2. Common Pediatric Sleep Problems
Edward R. Christophersen
Chapter 3. Behaviorism and Essential Concepts for Pediatric Behavioral Sleep and Susan Mortweet VanScoyoc
Medicine 2013. 282 pages. Hardcover.
II. Clinical Basics for Pediatric Behavioral Sleep Medicine
Chapter 4. Clinical Assessment of Sleep List: $49.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $39.95
Chapter 5. Working With Families to Increase Treatment Success ISBN 978-1-4338-1304-7 | Item # 4317305

III. Presenting Problems

Chapter 6. Sleep-Onset Associations and Night Wakings in Young Children Empirically Based Play
Chapter 7. Bedtime Stalling, Protests, and Curtain Calls Interventions for Children
Chapter 8. Nighttime Fears, Anxiety, and Recurrent Nightmares SECOND EDITION
Chapter 9. Insomnia Edited by Linda A. Reddy, Tara M.
Files-Hall, and Charles E. Schaefer
Chapter 10. Delayed SleepWake Phase
2016. 365 pages. Hardcover.
Chapter 11. Confusional Arousals, Sleep
Terrors, and Sleepwalking
List: $69.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95
Chapter 12. Nocturnal Enuresis ISBN 978-1-4338-2039-7 | Item # 4317383
Chapter 13. Nonadherence to Positive
Airway Pressure Therapy

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2 0 1 5 E D U C A T I O N L E A D E R S H I P C O N F E R E N C E

the use of
science in the

APAs 2015 Education Leadership Conference
focused on putting psychology to use for
education, policy and the public.
By Rebecca A. Clay

28 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Christopher Futcher/iStock

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 29

Dr. Brian Baird Dr. Tammy Hughes Dr. Daniel Willingham

sychological science often gets lost in translation, Jim Using psychology in the classroom
Diaz-Granados, PhD, told participants at APAs 2015 Education is one realm where psychological sciences contribution
Education Leadership Conference. is frequently lost in translation, said Daniel Willingham, PhD, a
The public often reduces psychology to Freuds couch and psychology professor at the University of Virginia.
padded rooms and views the discipline not as a science but as Psychological science has much to offer teachers, but they
the realm of intuition, said Diaz-Granados, executive director of dont always receive that information in ways they can put into
APAs Education Directorate. use in their classrooms, said Willingham. A 2012 survey from
But as a hub science, psychology has much to offer in so the American Federation of Teachers found that teachers top
many fields. Public health, neuroscience, medicine, education complaint about their training was that it was too abstract,
psychology is very relevant given that we study behavior, Willingham noted.
Diaz-Granados said. There have been efforts to make teacher training more
Finding ways to ensure that psychological science gets practical, with more examples of how theory plays out in class.
put to use was the theme of this years Education Leadership But thats not enough, said Willingham.
Conference. The event brought what Diaz-Granados called the Instead, teacher training programs should strip down
Education Directorates brain trust almost 150 psychology their cluttered curricula and replace often-confusing and
educators, members of APA governance groups and others contradictory material on theory with what Willingham called
together in Washington, D.C., Oct. 1720 to discuss Translating empirical generalizations findings about teaching and
Psychological Science to Educational Practice, Policy and the learning that are almost always true regardless of settings,
Public. Participants explored ways of increasing understanding populations and subject matter. These include several bedrock
of psychological science and expanding its use in the classroom principles: Learning requires attention and practice, learning
and beyond. a new skill is rapid initially but then slows down, and probing
Participants, who included several graduate students, also memory improves retention.
visited elected officials and staff on Capitol Hill to urge Congress Another priority should be training teachers to put these
to help solve the student debt crisis by restoring graduate kinds of empirical generalizations to use. One of the ways
students eligibility for federally subsidized loans. psychological science goes wrong in practice is when teachers
With unsubsidized loans, graduate students start accruing hear an accurate empirical generalization but end up applying it
interest the moment they sign a loan agreement, said Nabil in a way that it wasnt meant to be applied, said Willingham.
H. El-Ghoroury, PhD, executive director of the American Take the fact that active learning enhances retention.
Psychological Association of Graduate Students. Were Researchers want teachers to use this finding by linking new
burdening the next generation of psychologists with a lot of learning to what students already know. Teachers sometimes
debt, he warned. think that means that if kids are moving around and doing
something with their hands, thats active learning, said
Willingham. But thats not what the principle means.

30 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Photos by Nick Crettier
Dr. Roseanne Flores Dr. Jim Diaz-Granados

Students beliefs about how learning works can also

undermine learning, said Stephen L. Chew, PhD, who chairs the
psychology department at Samford University in Birmingham,
Alabama. Research shows that the typical college student
Honoring leaders in education
APA honored four individuals with Cynthia D. Belar
is inadequately prepared for college but nonetheless over- Education Advocacy Distinguished Service Awards at its
confident. And theres lots of evidence that students favorite 2015 Education Leadership Conference:
study strategy re-reading material is also the least effective. Mark A. Reinecke, PhD, a professor of psychiatry
Teachers themselves may have false beliefs about teaching and behavioral science at Northwestern University,
and learning, said Chew. Instead of basing their pedagogy on received an award for his advocacy on behalf of the
science, he said, they are relying on untested intuitions, biases Graduate Psychology Education program, especially
and assumptions. Even among ELC participants, not all could his ongoing contact with the Illinois congressional
identify the most important ingredient of successful learning delegation.
on a list of learning strategies, despite the fact that researchers Paul M. Robins, PhD, a
have known for nearly half a century that the answer is the deep professor of clinical psychology
processing that takes place when students link new information in psychiatry at the University
with their prior experience. of Pennsylvanias Perelman
Whats needed is to replace untested assumptions with School of Medicine, received
research-based principles boiled down in a way teachers can an award for not just being a
easily use, said Chew. Thats the idea behind Chews new series committed advocate himself but
of YouTube videos. Available at bit.ly/1EGm7fW, the five brief for mentoring interns to develop
videos outline the cognitive principles of effective teaching. advocacy skills of their own. Robins
Jill Brimmer, a legislative
Spreading the word assistant to Sen. Jack Reed
APAs Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education is (D-R.I.), and Tim Medeiros, a legislative assistant to
also working to ensure that psychological science gets used to Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.), won awards for their work on
improve education at all levels. the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act reauthorization of
As one example, the coalition is developing High 5, a 2015. These friends of psychology awards recognize
brochure for parents who are trying to choose high-quality congressional staffers who as unsung heroes work
early childhood education programs for their children. What tirelessly behind the scenes, said Tammy Hughes, PhD,
the research shows over and over is that its not just any early chair of APAs Board of Educational Affairs.
childhood education program that matters; its high-quality Rebecca A. Clay
programs, said Roseanne L. Flores, PhD, an associate professor
of psychology at Hunter College.

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 31

The brochure will help parents identify the program thats produced a report called Assessing and Evaluating Teacher
best for their individual child by listing five questions parents Preparation Programs. The task force brought together
should ask program administrators, including what three skills education experts to review the science behind teacher
the program believes are most important for children to have preparation programs.
and how the program manages difficult behavior. There are also Aimed at Congress, the federal government and accreditors,
five questions to ask teachers and five qualities parents should the resulting report recommends using three sources of data to
look for as they observe classrooms. Decisions should be made evaluate teacher preparation programs: direct observation of
based on the best science available, said Flores. And parents teaching, students scores on standardized tests and surveys of
should understand whats developmentally appropriate. program graduates, their employers and their students.
The coalition has also surveyed kindergarten teachers to assess Thats in direct contrast to federal proposals, which focus
such early childhood education changes as the growing pressure almost exclusively on standardized test scores, said Subotnik.
to make pre-kindergarten and kindergarten more academic and Accrediting bodies and state agencies are already using the
the increase in the numbers of children who attend pre-K. report, Subotnik said. The task force is also hoping the report
Despite those trends, there are vast numbers of children will inform federal regulations due out this month.
teachers view as not ready, said Timothy Curby, PhD, an
associate professor of applied developmental psychology at Explaining psychology for journalists
George Mason University. And while teachers ranked childrens Journalists are another audience that needs to have
socioemotional skills such as getting along with others and psychological science translated so they can use that science
knowing how to calm themselves as most important, these effectively, said Elana Newman, PhD, a psychology professor
are the very skills that many children have difficulty with, the and research director of the Dart Center for Journalism and
teachers reported. Trauma at the University of Tulsa.
Teachers felt unprepared for the challenges they faced, the Journalists dont learn science, Newman said. And they
survey found. Almost half reported that a majority of their need information fast, thanks to ongoing deadline pressure.
students were living in or near poverty and 21 percent said To help journalists get the story right, Newman suggested
more than half their students were English-language learners. cultivating relationships with journalists relationships based
Yet most reported that their teacher certification programs on more than expectations that journalists will provide free
hadnt prepared them for such challenges. PR for researchers labs. She also suggested that psychologists
We have an enormous and disgraceful gap in outcomes admit what they dont know, suggest alternative sources, speak
among kids in our schools, said the Education Directorates in jargon-free language and define their terms when talking to
Rena Subotnik, PhD, who directs APAs Center for Psychology reporters. I assume that reporters will know what PTSD is, but
in Schools and Education. was once quoted as talking about post-dramatic stress disorder,
To help improve teacher preparation, an APA task force Newman said.

The Cognitive Principles of Effective Teaching

Stephen L. Chew, PhD, a psychology professor at Samford University, practices what
he preached at APAs 2015 Education Leadership Conference: He has translated
psychological science about teaching and learning into YouTube videos. His series
on The Cognitive Principles of Effective Teaching consists of five short videos:
Beliefs about teaching.
Mindset, metacognition and trust.
Prior knowledge, misconceptions, ineffective learning strategies and transfer.
Constraints of selective attention, mental effort and working memory.
Teachable moments, formative assessment and conceptual change.
Chew also has a video series for students. Based on cognitive research, the How
to Get the Most Out of Studying series has received more than a million views.

Dr. Stephen L. Chew

32 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Most importantly, said Newman, psychologists should start Security, then nuclear power, fisheries and on and on. Make
thinking of translation as a new competency. Newman asks her your research relevant to the policymaker by saying how it will
graduate students to imagine theyre at a cocktail party and must improve something and be worth the taxpayers money. Ideally,
summarize their dissertation, for example. I drill them on how relate it to an upcoming event, such as a bills reauthorization.
to talk about their research in three minutes, she says. She also Telling a compelling story is also key, said Susan Hattan, who
asks students to create jargon-free fact sheets about their work. spent almost three decades as a Senate staffer.
Stories dont just help legislators remember what youve
Informing policy told them, said Hattan, now a senior consultant at the National
Translating psychological science effectively can also help state Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. Stories
and national legislators make more informed policy decisions, also help put a face on an issue. They help build connections
said psychologist Brian Baird, PhD, founder and president of between you and the legislators and their staff. And they can
4Pir2 Communication and a former six-term member of the help people understand your issue and correct misconceptions.
U.S. House of Representatives. The old joke on Capitol Hill is that the definition of a fact
Although psychology is central to addressing such societal is two numbers and an anecdote, said Hattan. Storytelling is
challenges as climate change, education and national security, how to get your message to stand out among the multitude of
said Baird, psychologists arent being as effective as they could issues on Capitol Hill.
be in conveying and applying their findings. We punch way For Diaz-Granados, the key message to Congress is how
below our weight, he said. relevant psychological science is to everything they do.
To be more effective, psychologists should understand Psychology has a connection to lots and lots of fields, and
policymakers situation. Theyre overwhelmed, said Baird. I so should be at the forefront of peoples minds, he said. That
may meet with you for 15 minutes; next its Iraq, then Social should be an antidote to getting lost in translation. n

Assesses a wide range of social, emotional, behavioral, and

academic concerns and disorders in youth aged 6 to 18 years.

Updated to include
a new scoring option
for the DSM-5
Symptom Scales.*
*DSM-IV-TR scoring still available for online and software options.

A multi-informant tool that assesses youth across academic, school, and social settings.
The Conners CBRS assists in the diagnostic process, development and monitoring of
intervention plans, and the identification of students for potential eligibility in special
education programs.

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 33

Could the psychedelic
drug psilocybin help
ease the existential
distress common in

people with cancer?

By Kirsten Weir
A woman being treated for cancer
enters a quiet, comfortable room.
She pulls a mask over her eyes,
lies back on a couch and begins
listening to soothing instrumental
music. A psychologist sits nearby,
but this isnt your typical psychotherapy session. The woman has
just swallowed a pill containing psilocybin, the hallucinogenic
compound in so-called magic mushrooms. The drug is
intended to induce a mystical experience: a sense of profound
interconnectedness with people and the world, and feelings
of the sacredness of the experience. If all goes as planned, that
and 1960s, scientists explored the use
of psilocybin and other hallucinogens,
including mescaline and LSD, to treat
clinical conditions such as addiction,
post-traumatic stress and end-of-life
But after Congress passed the
Controlled Substances Act in 1970,
psilocybin research in the United States
came to a halt until the early 2000s,
when the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) cautiously began allowing a new
wave of research into the drug.
In 2006, Griffiths and colleagues
published the results of their first
psilocybin study. The team recruited 36
healthy volunteers who had never before
taken a hallucinogenic drug. The double-
blind protocol involved two sessions,
one with psilocybin and another with
an active placebo (methylphenidate,
or Ritalin). Following psilocybin
experience will help her move beyond the existential distress trials, most volunteers reported
associated with her cancer diagnosis. having had mystical-type experiences
that, two months later, continued to
It might sound like an underground potentially fatal disease often leads to have significant personal meaning.
experiment, but sessions like this are a kind of chronic syndrome of anxiety, Participants also reported positive
being conducted at institutions such depression and emotional distress. But changes in attitudes and behaviors. And
as New York University (NYU) and under appropriate conditions in well- those beneficial changes were confirmed
the Johns Hopkins University School prepared participants, psilocybin can by ratings from the participants
of Medicine. Theyre part of a series of produce these really quite profound and friends, family and work colleagues
rigorous, double-blind clinical trials abrupt shifts in mood and attitude and (Psychopharmacology, 2006).
to explore the therapeutic value of behavior, even after a single session, In a follow-up study 14 months
this once-maligned drug. The research he says. Its unlike anything available after participants took psilocybin, 58
is still in its early stages, but so far within psychiatry. percent of the participants rated the
the results suggest that even a single experience as one of the five most
session with psilocybin can generate A fresh look personally meaningful experiences of
meaningful, spiritual experiences that Though the current wave of research their lives. Nearly two-thirds said the
ease the anxiety and distress that often began only about a decade ago, psilocybin session had increased their
accompany a cancer diagnosis. psilocybin is anything but new. For well-being or life satisfaction (Journal of
We dont deal well with death centuries, indigenous groups in the Psychopharmacology, 2008). The team
and dying in this culture, says Americas have used the compound, has since conducted several additional
Roland Griffiths, PhD, a professor of which naturally occurs in many species studies confirming and extending the
behavioral biology and neuroscience at of mushrooms, for ceremonial and findings in healthy volunteers.
the Johns Hopkins University School healing purposes. Nor is its use in That initial research at Johns Hopkins
of Medicine. Being diagnosed with a Western medicine new. In the 1950s opened the doors for scientists to

36 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

begin testing psilocybins therapeutic value. In 2011, Charles Although psilocybin is technically a hallucinogen, visual
Grob, MD, and colleagues at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center hallucinations are not necessarily a hallmark of the experience,
published the result of a small pilot study demonstrating the Bossis says. Some volunteers reported seeing images such as
drugs potential for reducing anxiety in cancer patients (JAMA landscapes, celestial scenes or childhood memories but the
Psychiatry, 2011). transformative nature of the experience seems to have more to
Larger studies, using higher doses of the drug, have recently do with insight than with eyesight.
been completed at NYU and Johns Hopkins and the results are While there is variety in peoples individual experiences with
being prepared for publication. Those studies investigated the the drug, volunteers often walk away having similar changes
drugs effect on anxiety and depression, as well as measures such in outlook. Anxiety surrounding death is decreased, while
as spirituality, quality of life and existential distress. spirituality, altruism and a sense of meaning tend to increase.
Patients grappling with a potentially fatal cancer diagnosis My sense is that these experiences open people up to a sense
often suffer such distress, says Anthony Bossis,
PhD, a psychologist specializing in palliative
care and one of the lead investigators of the
NYU trial. Weve gotten better at targeted
chemotherapies and pain control, but theres
In my opinion, the best and safest
really a paucity of approaches to address end-
of-life distress and existential suffering, he says.
way to use psychedelics is to
Such distress can affect treatment
adherence, decrease quality of life and increase take wisdom from the shamanic
suicidal thinking, adds Griffiths. Cancer
patients experiencing anxiety, depression model used around the world,
and distress are an at-risk population for
which we dont have good treatments, either where an experienced guide and
pharmacological or psychological, he says.

Existential wonder
valued healer in the community
Griffiths, Bossis and their colleagues hope
psilocybin could address that treatment gap.
administers the drug to a person
To test that possibility, theyve designed their
studies in cancer patients to be double-blind
who is suffering.
and methodologically rigorous. Volunteers
Jeffrey Guss, MD
in the trials each participated in two blinded
Lead investigator of the NYU psilocybin project
sessions, receiving an active placebo in one and
psilocybin in the other. In several meetings
before and after the trials, volunteers met with
a therapist who helped them establish expectations and discuss of existential wonder. The fear starts dissolving, Griffiths says.
the feelings and emotions stirred up by the psychedelic session. And encouragingly, he says, those positive changes appear to
That therapist was also present to guide and help volunteers, if last for months after just a single session.
necessary, during the drug sessions. Other research groups have begun exploring the effects
The researchers say patients have described impressive of psilocybin in the brain using fMRI. A team at Oxford
transformations. University, for instance, found the drug decreased activity and
As soon as [the psilocybin] started working, I knew I had connectivity in hub regions of the brain such as the anterior
nothing to be afraid of, one volunteer said after a session. I cingulate cortex and the medial prefrontal cortex, thus allowing
thought about being involved with people I loved, things I unconstrained cognition (PNAS, 2011).
would do with people I knew, things I would tell them. It But one unique aspect of psilocybin is that it doesnt appear
reconnected me to the universe. to create lasting changes in brain structure or function. Unlike
Another said, I emerged from that first session having medications such as antidepressants, psilocybin doesnt remain
an extremely strong sense of self and the importance of me, and in the body, and it has no lasting neurochemical effects.
my relationship to everything around me. I came out of this Its the experience that changes the person, not the drug,
feeling assured. I just knew everything was going to be OK. says Jeffrey Guss, MD, another lead investigator of the NYU
The study has changed everything in my life. I am more patient. psilocybin project.
I am more thoughtful. I am present. Still, the drugs are not risk-free. So far, volunteers have been

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 37

A Recent History of Psilocybin
In a letter to Huxley, Amateur mycologist R. Gordon Wasson
Osmond coins the publishes a Life magazine article on the
word psychedelic, indigenous use in Mexico of psilocybin
meaning mind mushrooms, introducing the drug to the
revealing. American public.

1950 1954 1960 1963 1970


Novelist Aldous Harvard Alpert and Leary Richard Nixon

Huxley describes University are dismissed signs the
his experience with psychologists from their jobs Controlled
psychedelic drugs Timothy Leary at Harvard after Substances Act,
in The Doors of and Richard Alpert gives which classifies
Perception after Alpert launch psilocybin to an psilocybin and
being introduced the Harvard undergraduate other psychedelics
to mescaline by Psilocybin student off- as Schedule 1
British psychiatrist Project to study campus. Both men drugs, prohibiting
Humphrey the drugs become icons of their use.
Osmond. therapeutic the psychedelic,
potential. counterculture

carefully screened to exclude anyone with a vulnerability to Therapists also help volunteers frame the experience in a
psychiatric illness. Griffiths says he has not witnessed lasting therapeutic way. If a person took the drug and went to a rave
adverse effects in any of the almost 250 volunteers his team and danced all night, they might have a fun, intense and even
has studied over the last decade. But in a survey of recreational meaningful experience, but not necessarily a therapeutic or
psilocybin users, some respondents reported persistent anxiety transformative experience, says Guss. In my opinion, the best
or other negative psychiatric effects, he says. Of course, its and safest way to use psychedelics is to take wisdom from the
impossible to verify what dose survey respondents swallowed shamanic model used around the world, where an experienced
or even if they actually took psilocybin versus another guide and valued healer in the community administers the
substance. Yet the findings underscore the need for more drug to a person who is suffering, stays with them and helps
research to determine whether some people might be at them interpret its effects afterward.
increased risk of such negative reactions.
While the long-term benefits of psilocybin seem to be Out of the deep freeze
positive, the sessions themselves are not always pleasant. There If the results of the recently completed trials are as positive
can be anxiety during the experience. Like any therapy session, as the investigators anticipate, they hope to follow them up
it can bring up a lot, Bossis says. But the therapists in the with a Phase 3 trial to demonstrate psilocybins efficacy in a
room can help volunteers deal with and learn from those much larger number of patients, says Griffiths. Ultimately,
unpleasant feelings. he and his colleagues hope that if the evidence supports its
Sometimes anxiety and fear experiences open up into safety and effectiveness, the FDA will consider removing
experiences of insight and transformation, Griffiths adds. psilocybin from Schedule 1, making it available for medical
Indeed, the researchers say that having a trained therapist purposes.
present is key to the protocol. It can be unwise to try the Elsewhere, scientists are beginning to explore the
drug without guidance, says Guss. While the drug itself is not therapeutic role of other psychedelics, such as LSD and
dangerous to the body, he says, it can certainly alter perception ayahuasca. The researchers at Johns Hopkins and NYU have
in ways that could be risky if, for example, someone is so chosen to focus on psilocybin for now because it has less
inwardly focused that he or she wanders into oncoming traffic. cultural baggage than LSD, says Bossis. Its shorter acting,

38 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

initiates the first
study of psilocybin
treatment of anxiety
for patients with
advanced cancer.

2000 2006 2009


The FDA grants Johns Hopkins

approval to and NYU,
Johns Hopkins respectively,
scientists for the initiate studies
first clinical study of psilocybin to
of psilocybin alleviate anxiety
administered and distress in
to drug-nave cancer patients.
participants since Results of those
the Controlled trials are now
Substances Act being prepared
was passed. for publication.

easier to manage in a lab setting and is a natural compound

that has been used a long time in indigenous cultures. He Further reading
hopes those characteristics combined with positive results Griffiths, R. R., Richards, W. A., Johnson, M.
from rigorous studies will be enough to earn public W., McCann, U. D., & Jesse, R. (2008). Mystical-type
support for psilocybin-assisted therapy. experiences occasioned by psilocybin mediate the
Meanwhile, researchers are beginning to consider how attribution of personal meaning and spiritual significance
psilocybin-assisted therapy might be used to treat a range of 14 months later. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 22(6),
other conditions. Theres no reason this should be restricted to 621632.
cancer in the end, Griffiths says. Griffiths, R. R., Richards, W. A., McCann, U., &
In a small pilot study, Matthew W. Johnson, PhD, at Johns Jesse, R. (2006). Psilocybin can occasion mystical-type
Hopkins, along with Griffiths and colleagues, demonstrated experiences having substantial and sustained personal
that the drug has promise for tobacco smoking cessation meaning and spiritual significance. Psychopharmacology,
(Journal of Psychopharmacology, 2014). Meanwhile, researchers 187, 268283.
at NYU and the University of New Mexico are exploring Grob, C. S., Bossis, A. P., & Griffiths, R. R. (2013).
whether psilocybin-assisted therapy could be used as treatment Use of the classic hallucinogen psilocybin for treatment
for alcoholism. of existential distress associated with cancer. In B. I. Carr
Though the research still needs to be done, cautions and J. Steel (Eds.), Psychological aspects of cancer. New
Griffiths, the list of possible therapeutic uses for the drug is York, NY: Springer Science+Business Media, LLC. doi:
long. These drugs have been unavailable for clinical research 10.1007/978-1-4614-4866-2_17
for decades put in the deep freeze while science kept moving Grob, C. S., Danforth, A. L., Chopra, G. S., Hagerty,
on, he says. Now all of a sudden we can use them again, and M., McKay, C. R., Halberstadt, A. L., & Greer, G. R. (2011).
use them safely. There are so many different directions in which Pilot study of psilocybin treatment for anxiety in patients
to go. n with advanced-stage cancer. Archives of General Psychiatry,
68(1), 7178.

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 39


Psychologist Anthony Mannarino
and colleagues developed Trauma-
Focused Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy to address the needs of
children who have experienced
abuse and other types of trauma.

By Lea Winerman

40 Monitor on Psychology December 2105

Guenter Guni/iStock
Trauma-Focused Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy has been
used successfully in several
countries, including Congo,
where children have been
exposed to civil war violence.

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 41

ore than two-thirds of American children will experience a potentially
traumatic life event by age 16, according to psychologist Anthony
Mannarino, PhD. That number might sound high. But when you
think about violence, abuse, traffic accidents, bullying, deaths in the family you
can get up to two-thirds pretty quickly, he says.
Decades ago, psychologists had little in the way of evidence- team and the other eight by other research teams around the
based help to offer these children, according to Mannarino, a world.
professor at the Drexel University College of Medicine and vice Maybe the biggest surprise was that it was effective even in the
chair of the department of psychiatry at Allegheny General low-resource countries like Congo and Zambia, where some of
Hospital in Pittsburgh. Thats what inspired him and colleagues these children have been exposed to as many as 10 different types
Judy Cohen, MD, a psychiatrist, and Esther Deblinger, PhD, a of trauma experiences, and have had little or no access to mental
psychologist, to develop Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral health services. You wouldnt necessarily expect that it would
Therapy (TF-CBT) in the 1980s. The course of therapy usually work as effectively with children with such extensive trauma
12 to 18 sessions has been shown to reduce PTSD, anxiety, backgrounds. But the research thats come out from us and others
depression and other symptoms in children and families. has shown that some of the effect sizes, the actual size of the
Mannarino spoke to the Monitor about how Trauma- outcomes, are equal to if not greater than what weve found here
Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works, and how he is in the United States with the populations weve studied.
using mobile technology to enable more children to benefit
from it. How does the treatment work?
Its a phase-based treatment. The first part focuses on stabilizing
Who is this therapy for? a childs clinical symptoms, and includes psychoeducation. We
Weve been studying Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral work with families to help them understand the connection
Therapy, TF-CBT for short, for 25 years, and we have pretty
good data showing its effectiveness with children as young as 3
and as old as 18. The essentials of TF-CBT
Weve studied the treatment with children whove been
sexually abused, children exposed to domestic violence, children Getting TF-CBT right takes PRACTICE
whove had traumatic losses, children exposed to multiple the acronym, that is. It describes the key
traumas. And its been studied around the world at this point components of the therapy:
in Japan, in Norway, in Germany, in the Netherlands, and
even in some low-resource countries like Zambia and the Psychoeducation and parenting skills
Democratic Republic of Congo, where children have been Relaxation skills
exposed to civil war, to sex trafficking, to really complicated Affect expression and regulation skills
trauma backgrounds and histories. Cognitive coping skills and processing
Trauma narrative
Is it equally effective in all those situations?
Yes, fortunately, it has worked equally well with different In vivo exposure
traumas. There have been 16 randomized controlled trials that Conjoint parent-child sessions
have been done, demonstrating the efficacy with a variety of Enhancing safety and future development
populations of children. Eight have been conducted by our

42 Monitor on Psychology December 2105

Ric Evans
between the childs trauma exposure and current clinical
presentation. We also educate the child and caretakers about the
impact of the specific trauma that the child has experienced.
So for example, for a child who was sexually abused, the
early part of the treatment might involve talking about what
sexual abuse is and how often it happens giving them
information so they understand that theyre not the only ones
whove experienced this. We try to normalize this experience
and tell them that lots of kids whove experienced it feel
ashamed, or scared, or other things theyre feeling.
Then we help the youngster with skills development, such
as relaxation skills and other affective-regulation skills. For
example, if theyre having bad dreams or intrusive thoughts,
they can use deep breathing or relaxation strategies. They also
learn how to use feeling words to describe whats going on
like Im feeling really angry or sad. Because we know that
when children can describe their feelings, theyre less likely to
act out those feelings in destructive ways.
We also work with children to understand the basics
of cognitive processing, so they begin to understand the
relationships between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. As therapists, we have to be brave enough to talk to children
All of this is done early, to really help children stabilize about it so that they can begin to externalize their feelings and
their emotions and their behavior. During this early part, most their thoughts instead of those memories just living inside of
them, says Dr. Anthony Mannarino.
children start to improve some.
Then, we launch into them sharing the details of what
happened to them. Thats the trauma narration and processing.
As the child recounts the narration, the therapist might note fault that this happened, the goal is to help them look at their
distortions in the thoughts, such as, It was my fault, and then trauma in a different way so that they have more accurate and
help the child resolve those distortions. more helpful thoughts about their trauma exposure.
Usually, TF-CBT takes 12 to 18 sessions. For children with
really complex trauma backgrounds, it can be as long as 25 Are there big differences in how this works for older
sessions. children, teens and younger preschool-age children?
No. The outcomes with the younger children are as good
How does this differ from cognitive behavioral as with the older children. But of course how you would
therapy with adults? implement the model with a young child a 3-, 4-, or 5-year-
In many ways its kind of a hybrid. Were using cognitive old is going to be very different than with a teenager.
behavioral interventions in the early part of treatment to help With 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds, we use a lot of play materials
a child stabilize, but then we move on to trauma narration and in a structured way, to help the children learn how to identify
processing. feelings and more easily express feelings and progress through
That involves helping children slowly, incrementally, one TF-CBT. With an older youth or adolescent, TF-CBT will
step at a time, be able to tell their stories about the trauma include more typical verbal psychotherapy, although we try to
theyve experienced, their feelings about those experiences, and incorporate interests and activities that the youth enjoys. So if
their thoughts about those experiences, and then helping to a teen enjoys music, they might listen to music and talk about
identify any distortions or unhelpful thoughts that they have the emotions it evokes. And that gives them the opportunity to
about their trauma. talk about emotions more generally, which they can transfer to
For example, when children have thoughts like, It was my talking about trauma.

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 43

Maybe the biggest surprise was that it was effective even in
the low-resource countries like Congo and Zambia, where
some of these children have been exposed to as many as 10
different types of trauma experiences.
Have you been able to follow any groups for the long were having to hear the stories that children tell us about their
term? trauma backgrounds. Because of that, when therapists are
The longest weve been able to follow them is two years, which learning TF-CBT, we strongly encourage them to make sure
isnt a super-long time, but not bad for a treatment outcome theyre taking good care of themselves, having a life away from
study. In the follow-ups weve done, weve found that the work and actually practicing some of these same relaxation
treatment gains that children made at the end of TF-CBT were skills that were encouraging children to learn as part of therapy.
maintained two years out. Those gains include reductions in
PTSD symptoms, depression, anxiety and behavior problems. What are your future directions for research?
Whats also really important is that parents who participated We hear with some frequency from therapists that the early
in the treatment make significant gains as well. They have cognitive processing part of the treatment helping children
reductions in their own depression, PTSD symptoms, and understand the connections between thoughts, feelings, and
distress related to the childs trauma experience, and also behaviors isnt easy for children to learn. And sometimes its
significant increases in their support of the child. hard for therapists to teach, particularly therapists who arent all
Our research shows that the significant gains the parents that experienced with a cognitive behavioral approach.
have made correlate with children having reductions in their Because of that, Judy Cohen and I teamed up with
own symptoms, particularly with the younger children. If students and faculty from the Entertainment Technology
parents have made gains in their own PTSD and depression, Center at Carnegie Mellon University to develop a video
theyre going to be more available for their children in the game to help therapists teach children cognitive processing.
aftermath of trauma, and thats going to make a big difference. The game is called TF-CBT Triangle of Life, and its free
through the Apple store or the Google Play store. The game
Youve said that early on, one barrier to is set in an African jungle, where a lion teaches other animals
implementing this therapy was therapists hesitancy to connect thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and most
to talk to children directly about trauma. Is this still a importantly to modify thoughts to help them feel better. For
problem? example, a fish gets hit with a banana peel and immediately
Sometimes therapists have been reluctant or worried that they thinks the monkey threw it because he was mad at him. The
would retraumatize children if they encouraged them to talk lion helps this fish understand that maybe the monkey didnt
about it. But the truth is that whether we ask them to talk about purposely throw the banana peel at him, maybe it was an
it or not, those memories are living inside of these children and accident. And then the lion discusses how if you thought it
affecting their minds, bodies and brains in highly adverse ways. was an accident, how would you think about that versus if
So as therapists, we have to be brave enough to talk to you thought the monkey was actually trying to hit you with
children about it so that they can begin to externalize their the banana peel?
feelings and their thoughts instead of those memories just living Those kinds of situations help children learn to connect
inside of them. The purpose of TF-CBT is to help families and thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and also to help them see that
children become less avoidant and be able to confront their if you change your thoughts, you can feel better as well. The
feelings and their thoughts about the trauma experience. game has been downloaded several thousand times, and weve
Of course, trauma work can be painful for therapists because gotten a lot of good feedback on it. n

44 Monitor on Psychology December 2105

from the American
ic Psychological Association

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Early career psychology

For early career
psychologists, learning
to negotiate is a key skill.

By Rebecca A. Clay

avid A. Washburn, PhD, earned his psychology I would have said, OK, what color do you want?
doctorate at Georgia State University in 1991, stayed Of course, that kind of attitude doesnt result in effective
on for a postdoc and then secured a full-time research negotiation. In fact, Washburn was so enthusiastic about just
position there. But what he really wanted was to teach. When a getting the job that he didnt think about asking for enough
faculty position opened up in 2000, he was extremely eager to start-up funds for his research and a year later had to ask his
get the job. chair for what he needed. Youre in a much less favorable
When I negotiated with the chair, it was almost like, How position to ask for start-up resources after youve agreed to
much do I need to pay you? because I really wanted to be come, he says.
there, laughs Washburn. I was so pleased when they offered Since then, Washburn has become a full professor and
me a job and so glad to have a faculty position, that the chair chaired the department himself from 2006 to 2010. After
could have said, Your job will be painting the department, and negotiating with nearly two dozen potential faculty members

46 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Janine Lamontagne/iStock

as chair and leading several departmental search committees put your children through college or retire comfortably. Yet a
after that, he has seen negotiation strategies both good and bad. 2013 study by CareerBuilder found that almost half of workers
The difference between the two can be enormous, he says, since 49 percent dont negotiate their first job offers.
future raises, bonuses and other income will be based in part on Whether youre applying for an academic position, clinical
whatever initial salary you negotiate. role or other job, Washburn and other experts offer several tips
According to a 2013 analysis by Salary.com, negotiating for negotiating your first salary:
$5,000 more after an initial offer of $45,000 and pushing for 4
percent pay raises every three years instead of accepting the Dont be afraid to ask
initial offer and standard 1 percent pay raises each year could Some job applicants dont negotiate their starting salaries
mean a difference in lifetime earnings of more than a million because, like Washburn, theyre so excited to have a job offer.
dollars. Thats enough to buy a house in a pricey neighborhood, But for others especially some women the problem is

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 47

fear, says Seattle career counselor Robin Ryan, author of 60 make $70,000 at Georgia State, when in reality they make
Seconds & Youre Hired! They get timid and tend to accept $65,000 on a nine-month contract and may or may not get
whats offered, says Ryan, noting that this unwillingness to a course to teach over the summer. Whats more, he says,
negotiate contributes to the gender gap in pay. They may applicants should understand how little latitude chairs may
not want to be seen as aggressive. Or people may worry that have in determining professors salaries. At Georgia State,
pushing for more will cause the employer to pull the offer for instance, its the dean who decides what the school is
altogether, something that never happens in reality, she says. willing to pay for a position, a decision often made with an
Whether youre a man or woman, the key to overcoming eye toward ensuring salary equity across departments. The
such fears is practice, says Ryan, who suggests that job mismatch between these sources of information frequently
candidates role-play various negotiation scenarios. If you creates, if not tension, at least unfilled expectations and
can do it with a professor or someone whos a manager, thats disappointment, says Washburn.
ideal, she says. A parent, classmate or anyone else with more
job-hunting experience than you can also help. Have your Be strategic
partner throw out a salary number, then you explain why you When it comes to an actual amount, try to make the would-
deserve more. be employer go first, says Ryan. Whoever mentions money
Also practice selling yourself, says Dave Shen-Miller, first loses, she says. When the employer asks about your salary
PhD, an associate professor of psychology at Tennessee State requirements, turn the question around and ask what the salary
University in Nashville. Dont be afraid to acknowledge what range is, she suggests. And remember that the first offer is
you bring and sing your own praises, he says. And find ways usually the lowest offer, she adds. If you find yourself in the
to connect your skills and experience to the organizations enviable position of having multiple offers, you can let your
mission. For a teaching position, for example, you have to go first-choice employer know and ask where you stand, she says.
beyond the idea that youll be a productive researcher. So You can also draw on the psychological literature on
what? They can get other people who can do that, says Shen- negotiation. In a 2013 paper in the Journal of Personality and
Miller. What is it about you uniquely that will advance the Social Psychology, psychologists Daniel R. Ames, PhD, and
mission of the program, the university, even the person hiring Malia Mason, PhD, of Columbia Universitys business school
you? found that proposing a range in acceptable salary yields
better offers than offering a fixed amount. The researchers
Do your research speculate thats because the higher number in the range
Now is the time to use your personal and professional networks. creates the perception of a higher reserve price, makes
Ask professors, friends, graduates of your program and anyone extreme counteroffers feel less polite and makes you seem
else with relevant experience about typical salaries for your more likable. In a 2013 study in the Journal of Experimental
chosen position. For general information on salaries, check and Social Psychology, Ames, Mason and colleagues found
glassdoor.com, which features millions of job listings. PayScale. that suggesting a precise amount $5,115 or $4,885 rather
com even offers a What am I worth? tool that assesses what than $5,000, say is more effective than suggesting a round
you have to offer potential employers and then generates a number. The reason? The other party to the negotiation
report naming the salary you might expect. Peruse job listings assumes youre better-informed than those who make round-
on Vitae, a service of the Chronicle of Higher Education. For number offers and therefore a better value.
more specialized information for psychologists, turn to the
job listings at PsycCareers, APAs online career resource center. Consider the total package
Also check out APAs Center for Workforce Studies. The center Your salary is just one piece of your compensation. You should
conducts an annual survey of salaries in graduate departments ask the standard questions about health and dental insurance
of psychology, for example, plus periodic surveys of salaries and retirement contributions, but also be sure to think about
in other psychology jobs. If youre looking for a job at a state other aspects of the job, says Shen-Miller. If youre seeking a
institution, you can find salary information for every position therapy position, for example, ask what additional tasks youll
online. be responsible for. If youre going for an academic position, ask
But dig deeper so that you understand what the numbers about start-up funds for your research, support for attending
really mean, says Washburn, urging job candidates to use conferences, summer teaching opportunities, course load,
their networks and try to contact people at the organizations tenure requirements, lab space, a job for your spouse or partner
theyre researching. The numbers can be inflated, Washburn and opportunities for outside work. Shen-Millers university
warns, explaining that the amount listed as his salary includes allows him to spend one day a week working as a therapist,
his summer teaching salary and travel reimbursements. which not only brings in extra cash but also offers clinical
A candidate coming in may see that assistant professors insights that inform his teaching and research.

48 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Coming Soon in the January Monitor
Also consider intangible factors, says Shen-Miller. He had
an offer from another university that was substantially more
than Tennessee States initial offer, for example, but went with
Tennessee State anyway. For many folks including my
family and me an areas diversity is absolutely a big factor,
he says. That made coming to this particular university and
Jndependent Study Brochure
to Nashville more attractive. And keep in mind that the Includes
people youre negotiating with now are the same people youll over 300 Continuing
be working with later. How the negotiation process goes Education programs
in terms of being treated fairly and collegially goes a long
way toward setting the tone for your, and everyone elses,
future working relationships, he says.
Be sure to get everything down to the last detail in
writing, adds Shen-Miller. Someone might say, Dont worry, Look for these new releases:
well get you a new computer as soon as you get here, but
sometimes things change, whether its finances, leadership or Article-Based Programs
other factors, he says. To make sure you and your new employer Unseen Wounds: The Contribution of
share the same understanding of the offer, you might consider Psychological Maltreatment to Child
sending an email laying out what you agreed on and asking for and Adolescent Mental Health Risk Outcomes
confirmation that your understanding is correct, he says.
The Psychology of Encouragement: Theory,
Be casual, not confrontational Research, and Applications
One phrase recruiters like more than any other in negotiation
requests is, Is there wiggle room? says Lewis C. Lin, MBA,
author of the 2015 book Five Minutes to a Higher Salary: Over
Book-Based Programs
A Concise Guide to Personality Disorders
60 Brilliant Salary Negotiation Scripts for Getting More. Its not
confrontational; its breezy and conversational. Plus, he says, its Implementation of Mental Health Programs in
easier to answer than a question about whether they can offer Schools: A Change Agents Guide
a higher salary, better benefits and the like. When you get into
those kind of details, they may have to get approval or may not
know what can be negotiated and what cant be, he says. Wiggle Clinicians Corner On-Demand
room is a yes/no question: It doesnt put people on the spot. A Manualized Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
And remember that you both want the same thing, adds Group for Diverse Addictive Behaviors
Washburn. Youve got to remember that the institution
Serving Military Veterans: Understanding Their
wants you as much as you want them, he says, adding
Experiences and Clinical Implications
that the chair is trying to consider both recruitment and
retention including promotion and tenure even in and more
these initial negotiations. The job negotiation represents the
organizations last opportunity to convince an applicant to AMERICAN
accept its offer: Youre it! n ASSOCIATION

Further reading
Kuo, P. X. (2015). Negotiating a tenure-track faculty www.apa.org/ed/ce
job offer. Psychological Science Agenda, 29(2).
continuing education
Society for Human Resource Management. (2013,
from your association
Winter). The art of salary negotiation. SHRMStudent
Focus, 1013.
Winerman, L. (2014). Will you earn what youre
worth? gradPSYCH, 12(2).

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 49

Post- Twenty-five years after

the Americans with
Disabilities Act, some
psychologists with
disabilities say
theyre still not
seen as equals.

By Lorna Collier

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted 25 years ago
to ensure equal access for all people with disabilities in schools and
the workplace including, of course, psychologists with disabilities.
How has the law affected these psychologists? The Monitor
interviewed six psychologists with disabilities to find out. Overall, while
they each have a deep passion for the field, they also say that it needs to
pay more attention to training and awareness of disability issues.

Facing stigma for mental illness academic accommodations during her

Hannah Gammon, PsyD, has a psychiatric undergraduate years.
disability. As a child, she experienced The inaccurate diagnoses also meant
symptoms of mood disorders triggered by inadequate treatment during those early
stress, but her illness didnt become severe years of her education, says Gammon, now
until she went to college. There she was 32. I wasnt sure I would make it through
treated for symptoms of depression, post- college.
traumatic stress disorder and borderline While earning her bachelors degree
personality disorder. in psychology at Ohio University, she
However, she didnt get an accurate largely kept her mental health condition to
diagnosis for these conditions until graduate herself, fearful of stigma. But in graduate
school a delay that she says caused her school at Wright State University School of
to be turned away for disability-related Professional Psychology, she revealed her

50 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Rebecca Stumpf
Dr. Hannah Gammon

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 51

disability to a trusted mentor, though she kept the exact nature She also has felt frustrated and disappointed by the pressure
of her illnesses private. to hide her disability from professors, supervisors, colleagues
Gammon says that borderline personality disorder was and clients.
highly stigmatized among her mental health colleagues, and Still, her career has been rewarding, helping her to
recounts times when other students or clinicians would speak overcome obstacles presented by my own mental illness so that
negatively about patients with the disorder, not realizing she I am now able to truly help others through their struggles with
had the same diagnosis. mental health conditions, she says. She is able to relate to them,
But when she told her internship supervisors about her due to her own struggles, in a way that is greatly beneficial
condition, they were supportive. She also learned self-care to the therapeutic relationship, while also inspiring hope for
measures to help cope with her disability, such as taking more positive change.

I sometimes feel overlooked as though

Im not fully included in the movement, says
Hannah Gammon, PsyD, who has a psychiatric
breaks, asking for flexible work scheduling, and seeking natural Staying happy, no matter what
or full-spectrum lighting to combat depression. The ADA has been in place for as long as HSien Hayward,
Gammon recently completed a postdoc fellowship at the PhD, has used a wheelchair, ensuring or at least offering
University of Colorado at Boulders student counseling center the hope of physical access to buildings, transportation and
and is awaiting Colorado licensure. She plans to open a private recreational activities: All the things that are so necessary for
practice in Denver, with a focus on working with emerging and full societal inclusion, she says.
young adults. Hayward became paralyzed at 16 after a car accident. At
She also has promoted mental health education and the time, a psychiatrist told her to expect to feel depressed
awareness to university communities from students to and suicidal. Yet Hayward, now 38, never felt that way.
faculty and staff through lectures and presentations, and has Despite the day-to-day challenges of living in a wheelchair,
coordinated student groups dedicated to helping people with by and large, my life post-injury was just as good as it was
mental illness. Long term, she hopes to serve young adults with pre-injury.
psychiatric and other disabilities at a systemic, administrative or Hayward was so struck by the disconnect between the
political level, she says. happiness she felt and the research literature that mainly
She says the ADA has significantly benefited her by explored the loss felt by people with disabilities that she
supporting the legitimacy of her invisible disability. This made happiness the focus of her studies and her career. She
has been critical in a world where people often lack awareness researched post-traumatic growth, first at Stanford and later
about, dismiss or misunderstand the connection between at Harvard, where she earned her PhD in social psychology in
mental illness and disability. 2013. She also studied with happiness researcher Martin E.P.
But on the other hand, she says, the ADAs focus seems Seligman, PhD, at the University of Pennsylvania, learning
primarily to have been on those with visible disabilities, optimism-training techniques for people with disabilities.
such as with accommodations for accessibility and public In her dissertation, she found that the quality of life for
transportation. I sometimes feel overlooked as though Im people with disabilities can be just as good if not better
not fully included in the movement, she says. than for people without disability.

52 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

of her psychology career. I wake up every
morning excited to go to work, she says.
I am as happy as I was at Harvard, where I
believed life couldnt get any better. Not only
am I able to maintain my research skills with
various professors, but I am gaining this rich
set of clinical intervention skills.
Although she admits she is a naturally
optimistic person, she believes happiness
does take work. So, she regularly meditates
and also is careful to balance activities that
bring her pleasure with those that give her a
sense of mastery.

Fighting for a wider pipeline

Before Randall J. Cox injured his spinal
cord in a diving accident at age 19, he had
no plans to become a psychologist. He had
been studying at the University of Northern
Iowa to become a funeral home director,
but after becoming paralyzed, he couldnt
imagine physically doing the mortuary
science job. He discovered psychology while
in a rehabilitation facility after his injury.
I became fascinated with the different
adjustment to disability, particularly how
patients with head injury experienced
changes in personality, says Cox, now 51. He
earned his PhD in clinical psychology at the
University of North Texas in 1994.
Cox then was hired as the first staff
psychologist for the Dallas VA Medical
Centers spinal cord unit. He worked
Dr. HSien Hayward
there three years, developing much of the
psychological program for the unit, before
Today, Hayward is completing a postdoctoral clinical re- returning to the University of North Texas,
specialization program at the California School of Professional where he has directed the universitys psychology clinic for
Psychology at Alliant International Universitys San Francisco the past 18 years. He also is associate chair of the psychology
campus so she can do clinical work as well as research. Part of department.
her training included two years as a practicum student at the One of Coxs priorities has been to increase the number of
San Francisco VA Medical Center, where she was trained in the people with disabilities in psychology. Its a pipeline issue, he
recovery model and evidence-based practices. says: Training programs need to be encouraged to teach future
When her patients at the VA center saw that their therapist psychologists without disabilities about disability so they will
was in a wheelchair, she says, almost without exception it be more inclusive and aware. Also, programs must support
brought something positive to the relationship. Clients viewed students with disabilities in their training, he says.
her as someone who could understand their pain and who is Cox is married to Christen Clower, PhD, a psychologist who
living a happy and rewarding life despite physical challenges, is blind, and has four children, ages 3 to 19. He says the ADA
she says. has helped to level societal barriers involving access, yet on a
Hayward considers herself still in the honeymoon phase moment-to-moment level, he still experiences many micro-

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 53

aggressions and barriers. For example, people assume Coxs for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities where she says
PhD is in a desk jockey field, such as accounting or computer she works toward a vision that people with disabilities and
science, rather than psychology. In addition, he believes most their families will lead the lives they want, including providing
people only consider visibly impaired people as disabled training and technical assistance. Her job also requires her
overlooking those with to educate and work with
learning disabilities or policymakers on disability
mental health issues. rights. In addition, she
Cox also has teaches psychology courses
encountered barriers in his and has developed curricula
professional life. During for three local colleges and
conferences, for example, universities.
he has had to sit in isolated Beyond her career, Ayers
accessible sections or has is a passionate advocate for
had to miss socializing parents with disabilities.
and networking with peers She and her husband, who
due to lack of access to also has OI, have a 5-year-
certain venues. Sometimes old biological daughter
he even feels that during (who does not have the
first encounters, his peers condition) and an 8-year-
without disabilities are old son, adopted last year
hesitant to talk to him. from China, who has
I dont think people another form of dwarfism
do it out of intentional (achondroplasia).
prejudice, Cox says. She helps parents with
I think its just lack disabilities learn their rights
of visibility within our and know what resources
profession of individuals are available for support.
with disability. We need to replace archaic
Still, Cox says he has and discriminatory policies
had a very rewarding that list disability in and of
career, especially because itself as grounds for removal
of his relationships with of children from the
his students as mentor custody of their parents,
and teacher. Without says Ayers.
question, encouraging Ayers credits the ADA
and supporting students with supporting her right
during such a critical to request equal access
period in their professional and says it has helped her
Dr. Randall J. Cox
development has been the motivate others to help
greatest gift. build and maintain diverse
communities. That said, she
Finding strength in diversity wishes the law had a more explicit system for enforcement
Kara Ayers was born with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), a type one that doesnt lay the burden on the person with the disability
of dwarfism that causes brittle bones. As a young child, she to complain when the law isnt enforced.
broke at least 60 bones. The breakage slowed after puberty She sometimes is frustrated by the pace of advancement for
when bone density rises. Today, Ayers says shes more likely people with disabilities, noting that weve known ways to better
to experience micro-fractures, aches and soreness. She uses a include and support people with disabilities for decades. Its
wheelchair full time. basic common sense and compassion for humanity as a whole.
Ayers, 35, earned her PhD in clinical psychology from The psychology field, too, has a way to go, Ayers says, citing
Nova Southeastern University in 2011. She is the advocacy job discrimination as one issue. Wed like to believe that our field
coordinator at the University of Cincinnatis University Center would be open-minded and unbiased. That doesnt seem to be

54 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

How many psychologists
have disabilities?
People with disabilities appear to be
underrepresented, both as practitioners
and students.
Nationally, about 19 percent of Americans,
including 10 percent of working-age adults,
identify as having a disability, according to the
2010 Census. But nobody knows how many
psychologists have disabilities, found Erin
Andrews, PsyD, when she and Emily Lund,
a graduate student at Utah State University,
examined the topic in a review for Training and
Education in Professional Psychology (2015).
Not only is there no consistent definition
of disability, but there is no reliable or
comprehensive measure to track the number of
psychologists who might meet that definition,
the researchers found.
People with disabilities appear to be
underrepresented, both as practitioners and
students, concluded Andrews and Lund, noting
that the lack of supervisors with disabilities
deprives students of much-needed mentors and
role models.
In addition, psychology trainees with
disabilities face significant barriers, some
Dr. Kara Ayers
research suggests. In a study in Rehabilitation
Psychology (2014), Lund, Andrew and co-
author Judith M. Holt, PhD, found that most
the case. Discrimination comes in many forms and its rarely psychology trainees reported experiencing
explicit, spoken or written forms of exclusion. discrimination based on their disabilities.
Even with its problems, Ayers says she is passionate The perception of these folks was that
about psychology and cant imagine working in any theres discrimination and prejudice that
other field. After all, psychology has given her countless makes it harder for them to get placement
opportunities to meet people, travel and make a real and be competitive, particularly for internship
difference in the world. placements and practicum sites, says Andrews.
(For more on students with disabilities,
Facing attitudinal barriers read Dispelling myths about students
Guy Guber, PsyD, was in the second week of his doctoral with disabilities, in the April issue of APAs
studies at Alliant International University in San Francisco gradPSYCH.)
when another student clapped him on the shoulder and The TEPP article calls for more research to
said, I am praying for you to get your vision back. Guber, determine disability prevalence in psychology
who has been legally blind since infancy, was 50 at the time, as well as what barriers may exist. Training
twice the age of most students in his cohort. If Id known programs should be enhanced, the authors
what was ahead of me, I would have said, Dont worry say, while disability needs to be included in
about that. Just pray for me to get through my dissertation, the definition of diversity across all levels of
Guber laughs. professional education and training.
Guber, now 65, finished his doctorate in 2007. He had LORNA COLLIER

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 55

Rod Searcey

Dr. Guy Guber

56 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

long dreamed of earning the degree but had instead chosen to what his career brings him. Ive been able to do work which
work in a variety of settings, mostly in the field of disability both benefited others sometimes in very significant ways
including nearly eight years as a vocational counselor with the and which is deeply satisfying personally, he says.
California Department of Rehabilitation. He earned a masters
degree in marriage, family and child counseling (with an Taking pride in being different
additional specialization in rehabilitation counseling) in 1991 Erin Andrews was born with no legs and missing part of one
from San Francisco State University. arm. Until she started college at Michigan State University
Ive never regretted going back to school to get my in 1999, she had little exposure to others with disabilities
doctorate, Guber says. Even so, getting the degree was a and she liked it that way. She didnt want to be thought
challenge, particularly since Guber relies on books on tape of as different. But when she met other disabled students at
and text-to-speech software for most of his reading and college, I discovered that I had a lot in common with others
writing. who had grown up disabled and that I could relate to them in
Today, Guber works as a solo practitioner, primarily meaningful ways, says Erin, now 34.
treating older adults. Most clinicians, he says, get little training She came to fully embrace disability culture, which she

Most clinicians get little training in disability issues

and there is sometimes an unconscious negative
assessment of people with disabilities.
Guy Guber, PsyD
Practitioner, Oakland, California

in disability issues and there is sometimes an unconscious defines as a shared system of beliefs and values, including
negative assessment of people with disabilities. Hes even had disability-related humor, language, symbols and art, as well as
his clinical competence questioned, sometimes not so subtly, a collective worldview that promotes independent living.
with queries such as: How can you be a good psychologist Andrews also became fascinated with psychology and earned
when you cant see facial features or make eye contact? a PsyD in clinical psychology from Wright State University in
Still, he says, the ADA has had a profoundly positive impact 2008. Today, she is a supervisory psychologist at the Austin
on his life and career. The accessibility in higher education and (Texas) VA Outpatient Clinic, overseeing 35 mental health
employment for people with disabilities would not have taken professionals, and co-director of psychology training at the
place without being legally mandated, he says. It also has had Central Texas Veterans Health Care System. She also is a clinical
a very significant impact on the social awareness of disability. assistant professor for the College of Medicine at Texas A&M
It has put disability on the social radar and has removed at Health Science Center.
least to some extent the taboo associated with the presence When not working, Andrews cares for her two children a
of disability. 6-month-old daughter and 3-year-old son and advocates for
He hasnt been disappointed by the ADAs limitations, noting the rights of parents with disabilities. Concerns include a lack of
its not a magic bullet and, like the Civil Rights Act, it cant support and resources for disabled parents, difficulty acquiring
eliminate problems such as discrimination overnight but can adaptive parenting equipment, bias in the adoption system and
work to advance the cause. discrimination in access to assisted reproductive technology.
His professional frustrations, too, are counterbalanced by As part of her advocacy in this area, she testified before

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 57

Dr. Erin Andrews

Congress in 2013 at a briefing about the topic co-sponsored while the number of those with disabilities has remained flat.
by the APA. She also is working with Kara Ayers and attorney (See sidebar on page 49.)
Robyn Powell to develop the Disabled Parenting Project, which Accessibility at professional conferences and other events
will provide online space for sharing experiences, information also remains a frustrating problem. I try to stay involved
and advice for disabled parents and those considering and be part of the solution, says Andrews. But it wears any
parenthood. advocate down when you feel like you are literally
The ADA has made a difference in Andrews life by providing spinning your wheels. n
accessibility to most buildings and accessible albeit limited
transportation, she says. But she doesnt think the law goes
far enough to reduce employment discrimination. There are
little to no incentives to hire disabled employees outside the
federal government and government preferences for disabled Further reading
persons dont extend to professional positions like that of a Burrell, T. (2015). Dispelling myths about students
psychologist. with disabilities, gradPSYCH magazine, www.apa.org
Like other psychologists with disabilities, Andrews senses /gradpsych/2015/04/dispelling-myths.aspx.
that the psychology field is reluctant to see disability as diversity.
Other underrepresented groups have grown in representation,

58 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Jane Brodie Gregory and Paul E. Levy
Feedback is an essential part of communication, coaching, management,
and human resource practices. Yet the essential elements that make feedback
more eective often fail to go beyond the pages of academic journal articles
and into the workplace where they could greatly improve communication
and performance. This book is an easy-to-use resource that applies classic
and current research ndings to create actionable, evidence-based tactics that
consulting psychologists, consultants, managers, and HR personnel can use to
improve feedback exchanges in any work environment. The authors present a
simple and straightforward model of the feedback process that includes four
critical elements that can make or break a feedback exchange. Each chapter
includes a case example that highlights key takeaways from the research and
illustrates how consultants can apply these concepts and strategies in real
scenarios. Series: Division 13: Fundamentals of Consulting Psychology.
2015. 176 pages. Paperback.
List: $34.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $29.95 | ISBN 978-1-4338-1951-3 | Item # 4317367

Introduction | Chapter 1. Laying the Foundation: Classic Models of Feedback in Organizations | Chapter 2.
How Feedback and Goals Drive Behavior: Control Theory | Chapter 3. Getting to the Point: The Feedback
Message | Chapter 4. Feedback Delivery and the Role of the Feedback Provider | Chapter 5. Perception
Is Reality: The Role of Individual Differences in the Feedback Process | Chapter 6. Context Matters |
Chapter 7. The Role of Feedback in Human Capital and Talent Management Processes | Chapter 8.
Recommendations for Practice and Directions for Future Research | Recommendations for Further Reading



Handbook of Handbook of Preventive
Interpersonal Industrial and Stress
Communication Organizational Management in
Edited by Psychology Organizations
David Matsumoto; Volume 1: Building SECOND EDITION
Co-published with and Developing the Organization
Walter de Gruyter Volume 2: Selecting and Developing
2010. 327 pages. Hardcover. Members for the Organization James Campbell Quick, Thomas
Volume 3: Maintaining, Expanding, A. Wright, Joyce A. Adkins, Debra
List: $49.94 | Apa Member/Afliate: $39.95 and Contracting the Organization L. Nelson, and Jonathan D. Quick
ISBN 1-4338-0780-0 | Item # 4317224 Editor-in-Chief Sheldon Zedeck 2013. 247 pages. Hardcover.
* Distribution by APA is limited to
North America only. 2011. 2,300 pages. Hardcover.
List: $59.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95
Series: APA Handbooks in Psychology
ISBN 978-1-4338-1185-2 | Item # 4317292
List: $695.00 | APA Member/Afliate: $395.00
ISBN 978-1-4338-0727-5 | Item # 4311502

APA BOOKS ORDERING INFORMATION: 800-374-2721 www.apa.org/pubs/books

In Washington, DC, call: 202-336-5510 TDD/TTY: 202-336-6123 Fax: 202-336-5502
In Europe, Africa, or the Middle East, call: +44 (0) 1767 604972 AD2823
60 Monitor on Psychology December 2015
A growing number of states are requiring psychologists
to undergo criminal background checks.
By Rebecca A. Clay

europsychologist Paul L. Craig, PhD, has treated patients in his private
practice in Anchorage for 34 years without any complaints. Now, he says,
Alaskas psychology licensing board wants to treat him like a potential
Earlier this year, the state legislature considered a bill that would require
all psychologists and masters-level psychological associates applying for their
first licenses to be fingerprinted. The bill could open the door to requiring even
psychologists renewing existing licenses to undergo criminal history checks.
Although the legislation which was pushed by Alaskas Board of Psychologist
and Psychological Associate Examiners was tabled this time, Craig and others
expect it to return in the next legislative session.
I have nothing to hide, says Craig. I just dont feel like fingerprinting
psychologists is necessary or appropriate.
Alaska is among a growing number of states that are requiring such background
checks when psychologists apply for their first licenses, and some are requiring
fingerprinting even for psychologists seeking license renewals. The issue is dividing
psychologists. While some see fingerprinting as an inconvenience, an invasion of
privacy and even a violation of equal protection rights, others view it as a natural
next step in enhancing patient protection.

An emerging trend
Technological advances have made it easier than ever for the Federal Bureau of
Investigation to check fingerprints against a database that can identify criminal
convictions anywhere in the country, even if someone has changed names or

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 61

used an alias. To help protect patients, state boards that license Psychology licensing boards can also check an ASPPB
health-care professionals are increasingly taking advantage of database to see if boards in other jurisdictions have taken
the technology, according to a 2014 article by the Council of disciplinary action against applicants, a way to weed out
State Governments. those who are jurisdiction hopping. But that system isnt
Fingerprint checks for health professionals began in 1990, failproof, thanks to name changes after marriage, divorce or
when Californias state board of nursing began requiring that other circumstances.
nurses in the state undergo fingerprint-based background Thats why several states are looking to improve the way
checks. By 2014, 37 states were requiring fingerprinting as they do background checks. In Kansas, for example, a new
part of nursing licensure. Other health-care professions have law requires that all licensed mental health providers be
followed suit. Today, at least 29 states require fingerprinting for fingerprinted. The regulations detailing how the law will work
physicians, 13 for emergency medical technicians and 11 for and whether it will apply only to new licensees or also
physical therapists, for example. those seeking renewal havent been promulgated yet, says
Over the last decade, a growing number of psychology Bruce Nystrom, PhD, who chairs the Kansas Psychological
licensing boards have also begun requiring fingerprints, iris scans Associations state legislative committee.
or some other way to check psychologists backgrounds beyond While the association wont have an official position
simply taking license applicants word that they arent criminals, until those regulations come out, Nystrom doesnt have a
says Stephen T. DeMers, EdD, chief executive officer of the problem with the idea. There have always been protections
Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB). against granting licenses to criminal offenders, he says, but
The move to fingerprinting is really due to the minuscule new fingerprinting technology makes it easier to do such
number of cases where people have fabricated their credentials checks than ever before. Plus, it takes it beyond the borders
and applied for licenses, says DeMers. But the risk is so great, of Kansas, says Nystrom, a psychologist with River Park
boards have had to protect themselves. Psychology Consultants in Wichita.
He points to a 2010 case in Indiana in which a
psychologist practicing with a temporary license turned Concerns among practitioners
out to have fabricated his education credentials and a letter of Texas is one state that now requires fingerprinting not just
recommendation and hidden a criminal past. We presented the for would-be licensees but also for psychologists who already
case at one of our meetings, and I think it really chilled a lot of have a license.
the board representatives, says DeMers. They were thinking, This year, the Texas State Board of Examiners of
That could be me up there. Psychologists began requiring fingerprints of psychologists
While ASPPB doesnt track the number of boards that who applied for licenses before October 2007 and who have
require such checks, DeMers estimates that at least half the never undergone a criminal history check as part of the
jurisdictions in the United States now do so when it comes to boards licensing process. Psychologists must be fingerprinted
initial licenses. specifically for this purpose since the board wont accept
And while fewer states require investigations for background checks performed for other government entities.
psychologists who already have licenses and are seeking license Because so many psychologists are affected, the board is
renewals, doing so could give boards a way to be more proactive phasing in the requirement over four years.
about detecting problems among practicing psychologists, James H. Bray, PhD, a past president of APA and now
says DeMers. A psychologist could do a lot of damage before the president of the Texas Psychological Association,
a client complained, he says. Now the licensing board could was fingerprinted as part of the first wave. He made an
find out a psychologist has had three DUIs and not have to wait appointment with a company that contracts with the state,
until a patient says, I smelled alcohol on his breath during my showed up with the required identification and paid about
session. $80 for the service. While the process was efficient, he says, it
Of course, says DeMers, licensing applications already was still an inconvenience.
include questions designed to ferret out a history of Its just a hassle and an expense, says Bray, an associate
wrongdoing. Applications typically include questions about professor of family medicine at Baylor Medical College in
whether applicants have ever been convicted of a crime or Houston.
been denied malpractice insurance, for instance. And to For Craig, the prospect of psychologists being
help confirm that licensure applicants are telling the truth, fingerprinted is more than just an inconvenience its an
state boards have traditionally done random checks to verify unwarranted invasion of privacy. In the absence of probable
university transcripts, letters of recommendation and other cause a legitimate complaint filed against a psychologist,
supporting materials. But, says DeMers, its a very spotty for example fingerprinting violates the right to privacy
kind of system. granted by Alaskas state constitution, he says. This isnt

62 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

a personal fight, he adds, explaining that the federal
government already has his fingerprints since he has
enrolled in the Global Entry program for expedited re-
entry into the United States.
I dont have any criminal history that would make The Clinicians Corner is a series of three-hour
this uncomfortable to me, he says. He just doesnt think it workshops (1:004:00 p.m. E T) that feature lead-
should be a requirement for psychologists. I understand ing practitioners and scholars working in key
that licensure is a privilege and not a right and that its areas of professional practice. Participants can
important the public be protected from individuals who choose to attend via live webcast or in per-
would use the cloak of licensure in ways that would be son at the APA building. All programs include
destructive to others, says Craig. I just see the arm of three CE credits.
government reaching into our personal lives further and
further. January 22 Understanding Autism Spectrum
Plus, says Craig, Alaskas proposed law would only Disorder and the
cover psychologists and psychological associates, not Neurodevelopmental Disorders in
other licensed mental health professionals. To him,
the DSM-5
thats a double violation of the Alaska constitutions Presenter: Greg Neimeyer, PhD
equal protection clause: It doesnt offer equal protection
to all consumers of mental health services and doesnt February 19 Cognitive Therapy for Complicated
provide equal protection of psychologists right to privacy Depression: From Action to Insight
compared with that of other practitioners. If psychologists and Back to Action
are required to be fingerprinted, he says, then social Presenter: Steven D. Holton, PhD
workers, marriage and family therapists and similar
practitioners should be, too. March 18 The Challenges of Community
Joel B. Wieman, PhD, a member of Alaskas Board Violence: Offering Psychological
of Psychologist and Psychological Associate Examiners, Support Amid Racial and Ethnic
doesnt agree with those objections. Conflict
The proposed laws purpose was greater consumer Presenter: Katharine Sieck, PhD
protection, says Wieman, who spoke to the Monitor as an
individual and not on behalf of the board.
Currently, says Wieman, the board cant do much to Fees $65 APA Members
investigate a license applicant who checks a box indicating
a brush with the law in his or her past. The board is allowed Special pricing is valid only
$80 Nonmembers for the workshops in this ad.
to contact the applicant for more information, Wieman Discounts are good through
says, but that person doesnt have to say anything. And some January 31, 2016. No promo
people just wont confess past problems, he adds. code needed.
To Attend
It could be they were arrested as a 20-year-old for
possession of alcohol or some minor thing like that, LI V E webcast: Visit http://apa.bizvision.com
he says. Our statute doesnt allow us to investigate and select Clinicians Corner Programs
that beyond what the applicant states, so we cant do a I N PER SON at the APA building (Washington,
background check; we cant call the state of Illinois or
DC): Call 1-800-374-2721, ext. 5991, option 3
Texas and say, Whats the deal on this charge 10 years ago
on Joe Blow? Visit www.apa.org/ed/ce
The board isnt after psychologists, emphasizes Wieman, for more CE opportunities.
adding that it isnt interested in checking up on current
practitioners. For one thing, the board lacks the resources Continuing Education from your Association
to do background checks on hundreds of psychologists.
But checking out would-be licensees is a different story, he AMERICAN
What were charged with as a board is protecting
the public, says Wieman. Were not an advocate of the
profession; were an advocate of the public. n

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 63


Embracing telepsychology
By Dr. Katherine C. Nordal Executive Director for Professional Practice

An aging population, rising health-care costs, increased prevalence of chronic

diseases and lack of providers in some areas are among the issues driving the
momentum for increasing patient access to care through telehealth services
real-time, face-to-face audio/visual communication with a health-care
provider. A new report from Transparency Market Research estimates the
global telemedicine market could reach $36.3 billion by telecommunication technologies. The new guidelines are not
2020. However, the future of telehealth and telepsychology is intended to change or define psychologists scope of practice.
dependent on reimbursement and regulatory policies at both Rather, they are intended to guide psychologists on issues to
the federal and state levels. consider before they provide telepsychology services.
An increasing number of states are enacting mandates that call Step two involves the development of regulatory guidance
for insurance companies to cover services provided by telehealth for psychology licensing boards to oversee telepractice both
if those same services would be covered when provided in person. intrastate and interstate. ASPPB developed standards and
Currently, 29 states plus Washington, D.C., have such require- principles consistent with the Telepsychology Guidelines to
ments, and three other states prohibit insurers from imposing re- assist licensing boards in appropriate telepractice.
strictions on telehealth services that are covered. Similarly, bills At the same time, ASPPB began working on a regulatory
have been introduced in Congress that would increase the use of mechanism to facilitate interjurisdictional telepractice while
telehealth in federal systems, including Medicare. maintaining the licensing boards mission to protect consumers.
A growing number of states have also instituted telepractice PSYPACT is a multistate compact that would allow for
policies either through statutes that govern the delivery of telepsychological practice and temporary in-person practice
health-care services or through state laws that include remote across state lines up to 30 days in participating states. For more
services within the scope of practice. Psychology licensing information on PSYPACT, go to www.psypact.org.
boards have issued advisory opinions on telepractice, indicating APA Practice has been involved in this development, with
that those who provide services via electronic means to APA Director of Legal and Regulatory Policy Deborah Baker,
consumers within the state must be licensed in that state. JD, participating in ASPPBs ongoing workgroup. Because
APA has been actively involved in developing guidelines implementation of the PSYPACT will require a minimum of
on telepsychological practice and supporting other related seven states to enact the legislation, collaboration between
initiatives that promote lawful, ethical telepractice. Our first the licensing boards and state, provincial and territorial
step was creating a task force to evaluate the need for guidelines psychological associations will be important. The APA Board
on telepsychological practice and to develop guidance with of Directors has endorsed PSYPACT, and it is also supported by
representatives from APA, the Association of State and Provincial the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice,
Psychology Boards (ASPPB) and The Trust. This is the first time the governing body of the APA Practice Organization (which
APA has jointly developed professional practice guidelines with reports to the APAPO Board of Directors). APA and the
other organizations. Practice Organization are supporting efforts at the state level to
At its meeting during APAs 2013 Annual Convention, operationalize PSYPACT to standardize requirements among
APAs Council of Representatives approved the Guidelines licensing boards and protect psychologists and consumers. n
for the Practice of Telepsychology (www.apa.org/practice/
guidelines/telepsychology.aspx). The guidelines are intended For more information, contact Deborah Baker at dbaker@apa.
to both educate and inform practicing psychologists in org. The APAPO, a companion organization to APA, advocates on
applying current standards of professional practice when using behalf of practicing psychologists.

64 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Spotlight on
Early Career Membership

Renew and Plug-In and Each-One,

Stay Connected Weigh-In Nominate-One
Make sure you renew Take a minute to give Help us reach our goal to
your APA membership your input on key gain 2,015 new early career
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Life on the
Psychologists are
working to increase and
improve the reentry
services that can help
former inmates face the
challenges awaiting them
outside prison walls.

By Kirsten Weir

66 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

eventually leave prison and return to society.
Almost one of every 100 American adults is living behind
bars about 2.2 million people, according to a 2014 report
by the National Research Council. The vast majority will
he U.S. Justice Department made
headlines in October when it announced it would release some 6,000 inmates early from federal
prisons. The move was designed to reduce overcrowding and retroactively address the harsh
sentences that many drug offenders have received over the last three decades.
Unfortunately, the odds are long for those inmates, and for many thousands more who will

percent, to about $52 billion annually, according to a 2011 Pew

Center on the States report. Corrections is the second fastest-
growing area of state budgets, after Medicaid.
eventually be released. Yet many wont stay out for long. A Policymakers and criminal justice professionals are
report from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that recognizing that simply releasing someone into the community
three-quarters of prisoners released in 2005 were arrested for a and expecting them to be successful is not a recipe for
new crime within five years. More than half had been arrested success, says Robert Morgan, PhD, a psychologist who studies
by the end of the first year. correctional mental health at Texas Tech University.
People leaving prison face a host of challenges, from Increasingly, states are experimenting with new ways to
untreated mental illness and substance abuse disorders to address the complicated and costly problem of recidivism, or
unemployment and lack of housing. There doesnt tend to relapse into criminal behavior. And psychologists are among the
be a good handoff for individuals leaving the prison system, scientists and clinicians best suited to design, test and deliver
says Roger H. Peters, PhD, a professor of mental health law and those interventions.
policy at the University of South Florida. Reentry is always
going to be a challenge. An uphill climb
Despite the challenge, reentry is an issue the nation can no The list of obstacles is long for people released from prison.
longer afford to ignore. Over the past two decades, state and Offenders often return to communities that are highly
federal spending on corrections increased by more than 300 distressed, with few employment options, high rates of violence

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 67

and easy access to drugs. They may have nowhere to stay and no worth paying attention to. There has been a lot of attention
way to earn a living legally. paid over the past decade or so to offenders with mental illness,
Even if they have support, they are faced with the same and there are a lot of misconceptions about that group, says
risk factors they had coming in, says Nancy Wolff, PhD, an Jennifer Eno Louden, PhD, a psychologist who studies criminal
economist at Rutgers University who has studied trauma and justice and mental health at the University of Texas at El Paso.
addiction among incarcerated men and women. And now they Theres a sense that these folks are extremely high risk, which
have one more: a felony label attached to them. isnt necessarily true, but also that mental health treatment is
Many inmates face additional difficulties that go beyond the only service they need, she says. Mental health is only part
criminal behavior. Both mental health and substance use of the picture. We have to focus on their other needs as well.
disorders are widespread in the nations jails and prisons, and While mental health treatments are certainly important
often co-occur, as Peters and colleagues describe in a recent for improving mental health outcomes, interventions must
editorial (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 2015). also attend to the other risk factors that predispose a person to
More than two-thirds of jail detainees and half of prison engage in criminal activity, agrees Joel Dvoskin, PhD, a forensic
inmates have a substance use disorder, Peters and colleagues and clinical psychologist at the University of Arizona who
note, compared with 9 percent of the general population. has consulted with state and local governments nationwide.
Rates of serious mental illness, including major depression and Offenders both with and without mental illness benefit from
bipolar disorder, are three to four times higher in prisons, and interventions that attend to what sociologists have dubbed
four to six times higher in jails, than in the general population. criminogenic needs, the variables strongly associated with
The correctional system has become our de facto mental crime and violence. (See box, Criminogenic needs.)
health system, says June Tangney, PhD, a clinical psychologist Though social scientists call them needs, these factors also
at George Mason University who studies interventions for jail include personality traits, social relationships and situations
inmates. It is one of our silent shames. that increase the risk of criminal behavior, such as impulsivity,
Yet a minority of people with mental health and substance poor family support and lack of employment. Those are the
abuse disorders receive adequate treatment while in jail or things we need to invest in if were going to have a fighting
prison, Tangney and Peters say. Treatment that does take place chance, Dvoskin says.
might not be intensive enough or last long enough to make a
significant difference. We have people in crisis and often ready Risk and need
for change, and really severely limited resources for treatment of To best target criminogenic needs, the Risk-Need-Responsivity
any kind, Tangney says. (RNR) Model has emerged over the last few decades as the
When inmates do receive treatment during their leading tool for changing criminal behavior. The model was
incarceration, its often difficult to maintain those services once developed largely from work by the late psychologist Donald A.
they are released. If individuals cant connect with mental Andrews, PhD, of Carleton University in Ottawa, and colleagues.
health services on the outside, we lose a lot of the health gain The RNR Models first principle risk is to identify
that correctional settings were able to provide, Wolff says. offenders at the highest risk of recidivism, and provide them
On the other hand, mental illness is not the only factor with the most intensive services. Low-risk offenders should
receive little or no treatment. The second principle need
is to assess inmates for the eight broad criminogenic needs
Criminogenic needs associated with crime and violence. The third principle is to
respond to the specific needs identified for a given offender.
Social scientists have identified eight broad
criminogenic needs that are strongly An offender with an impulsive personality and criminal
associated with crime and violence: attitudes might be best served by a cognitive-behavioral therapy
program to change attitudes and behaviors, for instance, while
someone with an alcohol use disorder would be better served by
Antisocial behavior
addiction treatment.
Impulsivity The RNR Model ensures that offenders with the greatest risk
Criminal attitudes and values will receive the intensive services that have the best chance of
Criminal friends and associates helping them. It also benefits low-risk offenders by staying out
Dysfunctional family relationships of their way, says Jennifer L. Skeem, PhD, a clinical psychologist
Poor investment in school or work at the University of California, Berkeley. Providing services to
people who dont really need them can be harmful, she says.
Lack of legitimate leisure activities
Its not helpful if a former inmate has to leave work to attend
Substance abuse appointments, or to sit in the waiting room of a community
mental health center with higher-risk counterparts. Over-

68 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

programming their lives may interfere with their work, their and nonprofit organizations that provide support and services
social networks and other protective factors they would to people returning from prisons, jails and juvenile detention
otherwise have in place, Skeem says. facilities. Programs funded by the grant include career training,
Increasingly, prisons are using risk-and-needs assessments mentoring, substance abuse and mental health treatment, and
to help them decide which services will best benefit which evidence-based supervision strategies to improve outcomes for
inmates, says Kirk Heilbrun, PhD, a clinical psychologist at people on probation.
Drexel University who studies criminal offenders and forensic That evidence base is pretty good, many experts say, but it
evaluation. Several standard assessments exist to measure risk could be better.
and need, and take no more than an hour or two to complete, Theres a fair amount of research on the things former
he says. Some people need a good bit of support. Some need prisoners need in order to be successful, says Eno Louden.
relatively little. But we can tell the difference without too much The real gap is in doing randomized clinical trials of specific
time and effort put in. programs to really isolate the mechanisms of effectiveness.
Yet while correctional systems are getting better at assessing For example, jobs skills programs can reduce recidivism. But
inmates, theres still a gap between knowing what offenders is it skills, such as welding or machine repair, that are helpful? Or
need to be successful, and making sure they get it. The problem is it the habits gained through the process of employment, such as
is people often just stop at risk assessment, and dont use the showing up and getting along with your boss? Similarly, research-
results to inform service provision, says Skeem. ers have yet to fully parse which interventions work best for specif-
Often, that gap can be traced to scarce resources, Morgan says. ic populations, such as juvenile offenders or sex offenders.
Were doing a pretty good job of identifying needs offenders have Meanwhile, there are opportunities for clinicians, as well as
as theyre trying to re-enter society. Its just a matter of how many
of those needs can be met and for how many offenders.
And while its important to address criminogenic needs, its
nearly impossible to do so without first dealing with the more
immediate, basic requirements of everyday life. Morgan recalls
Incarceration and mental health
a colleague trying to help a former inmate set goals to avoid Almost one of every 100 American adults is
antisocial acquaintances and address his criminogenic thinking. living behind bars, a total of about 2.2 million
But the former inmate only wanted to talk about the bedbugs people, according to a 2014 report by the
keeping him awake in the rundown motel where he was forced National Research Council.
to stay after being released from prison. Criminogenic needs is An estimated three-quarters of prisoners
a big part of it, but thats secondary to making sure folks have released in 2005 were arrested for a new crime
their daily needs met, Morgan says. within five years, according to the U.S. Bureau
of Justice Statistics. More than half had been
Second chances arrested by the end of the first year.
Despite such barriers to success, former inmates are often
released back into their communities with minimal assistance More than two-thirds of jail detainees and
or support. The mandate of state correctional systems is to half of prison inmates have a substance use
protect public safety, and that charge is frequently perceived disorder.
as ending when someone is released from prison, Peters says. R
 ates of serious mental
There often arent built-in mechanisms or incentives for state illness, including major
correctional systems to work carefully with social services, depression and bipolar
particularly behavioral health services. disorder, are three to four
As states have begun to recognize the scope of the recidivism times higher in prisons,
problem, however, some have taken steps to tackle it. From 1999 and four to six times
to 2004, for example, Oregons recidivism rate dropped almost higher in jails, than in the
32 percent, according to the Pew report. In Oregon prisons, general population.
inmates receive targeted case management during incarceration,
and detailed reenty planning beginning six months before they
are released. In 2003, a bill was passed by the state legislature
requiring correctional programs that receive state money to be
The federal government has also taken steps to address
recidivism. In 2008, Congress passed the Second Chance Act, a
program that provides federal grants to government agencies

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 69

researchers, to get involved in improving the odds for criminal

Clinical Resources offenders. Some of that can be done through in-reach, says
Dvoskin, where community mental health center employees
from APA Books begin meeting with prisoners before they are released.
When inmates have met clinicans, the chances of them
showing up for their first appointment [after release] are much
higher, he says. It doesnt happen as often as it should, but its
tremendously helpful.
Some mental health professionals shy away from providing
treatment to former inmates, adds Eno Louden. It can
be very challenging for a clinician to do mental health or
substance abuse treatment for clients who are mandated
it changes the relationship between the client and clinician
when its not voluntary, she says. But there is great need
for such services, she adds, and psychologists have a lot to
offer, both in treating mental illness and helping reduce
criminogenic behaviors with approaches such as cognitive
behavioral therapy.
Providing more mental health and reentry services to
criminal offenders is only part of the picture. Virtually
everyone interested in corrections, on both ends of the political
On Becoming a Better Therapist spectrum, agrees that broad reforms are necessary to repair the
Evidence-Based Practice One Client at a Time nations unwieldy and ineffective criminal justice system.
People are starting to realize that were pouring bad money
Barry L. Duncan
2014. 270 pages. Hardcover. after bad money into prisons. It isnt doing what we were
promised, and its costing a fortune, says Dvoskin. I think
List: $59.95 | APA Member/Affiliate: $49.95
theres increasing pressure to spend this money more wisely,
ISBN 978-1-4338-1745-8 | Item # 4317334
and quit trying to build our way out of this mess. n
Psychotherapy Case Formulation
Tracy D. Eells
2015. 240 pages. Paperback.
Series: Theories of Psychotherapy Series Further reading
List: $24.95 | APA Member/Affiliate: $24.95 Dvoskin, J. A., Skeem, J. L., Novaco, R. W., and
ISBN 978-1-4338-2010-6 | Item # 4317375
Companion Item: 4310938 Case Formulation in Psychotherapy Douglas, K. S. 2011. Using Social Science to Reduce Violent
Offending. Oxford University Press.
Premature Termination in Psychotherapy Pew Center on the States. (2011). State of
Strategies for Engaging Clients
and Improving Outcomes
Recidivism: The Revolving Door of Americas Prisons.
Joshua K. Swift and Roger P. Greenberg Washington, D.C.: The Pew Charitable Trusts. Retrieved
2015. 216 pages. Hardcover. from www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/
List: $69.95 | APA Member/Affiliate: $49.95
ISBN 978-1-4338-1801-1 | Item # 4317349 door-of-americas-prisons
U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice
Ethical Dilemmas in Psychotherapy Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics. (2014). Recidivism
Positive Approaches to Decision Making
Samuel J. Knapp, Michael C. Gottlieb,
of prisoners released in 30 states in 2005: Patterns from
and Mitchell M. Handelsman 2005 to 2010. (Publication No. NCJ244205). Retrieved
2015. 200 pages. Paperback. from www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/rprts05p0510.pdf.
List: $39.95 | APA Member/Affiliate: $34.95
National Research Council (2014). The growth of
ISBN 978-1-4338-2012-0 | Item # 4312021 incarceration in the United States: Exploring causes and
consequences. Washington, D.C.: The National Academies
FAD0148 Press. Retrieved from www.nap.edu/catalog/18613/the-
www.apa.org/pubs/books 800-374-2721 causes.

70 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Methodological and Conceptual Approaches Across Disciplines
Edited by Carlos E. Santos and Adriana J. Umaa-Taylor

Humans are a fundamentally social species.
As individuals, we construct our identity
through our affi liation, interaction, and
identification with larger groups. And in
diverse and multiethnic societies like ours,
ethnic identity takes on an especially profound
importance. In recent years, social scientists
have been increasingly studying the meaning,
process, and content of ethnic identity, but these
efforts have been piecemeal, and the field as a
whole has suffered from a lack of conceptual
clarity and methodological rigor.

In this book, editors Carlos Santos and Adriana

Umaa-Taylor bring together a diverse group of social and applied scientists
from a wide range of fields including educational anthropology, developmental,
community and social psychology, and sociology. Together, they investigate APA Handbook
the process by which ethnic identity is formed and maintained throughout of Multicultural Psychology
the lifespan. Authors present qualitative and quantitative approaches to Volume 1: Theory and Research
Volume 2: Applications and Training
conceptualizing and measuring ethnic identity, including narrative psychology
Editor-in-Chief Frederick T. L. Leong
and ethnographic approaches, cognitive schemas and semi-structured
2014. 1,275 pages. Hardcover.
interviews, as well as analyses of social networks. Throughout, authors present
contextually-rich accounts of ethnic identity that keep the focus where it List: $395.00 | APA Member/Afliate: $195.00
belongs, on the lived experience of real people. 2015. 272 pages. Hardcover. ISBN 978-1-4338-1255-2 | Item# 4311511

List: $69.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95 | ISBN 978-1-4338-1979-7 | Item # 4318132

Culture Reexamined
Broadening Our Understanding of Social
TABLE OF CONTENTS and Evolutionary Inuences
Foreword, Stephen M. Quintana | Introduction: Ethnic Identity Research Across Edited by Adam B. Cohen
Diverse Perspectives, Carlos E. Santos and Adriana J. Umaa-Taylor | Chapter 1. 2014. 257 pages. Hardcover.
Ethnic Identity Research: How Far Have We Come? Adriana J. Umaa-Taylor | Chapter
List: $79.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $49.95
2. Theoretical and Methodological Contributions of Narrative Psychology to Ethnic
ISBN 978-1-4338-1587-4 | Item # 4316159
Identity Research, Moin Syed | Chapter 3. A Critical Ethnographic Approach to the AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE
Study of Ethnic Identity: Chilean Mapuche Intercultural Bilingual Education, Patricio
Ortiz, Guillermo Williamson, and Annette Hemmings | Chapter 4. Studying Ethnic Internationalizing
Schemas: Integrating Cognitive Schemas Into Ethnicity Research Through Photo
Elicitation, Wendy D. Roth | Chapter 5. Understanding the Association Between
Expanding Professional Competencies
Phenotype and Ethnic Identity, Irene Lpez, Lovey H. M. Walker, and Melek Yildiz
in a Globalized World
Spinel | Chapter 6. Using Semistructured Interviews to Examine Adolescent Racial-
Edited by Rodney L. Lowman
Ethnic Identity Development, Leoandra Onnie Rogers and Niobe Way | Chapter 7.
2013. 338 pages. Hardcover.
Friendship Networks and Ethnic-Racial Identity Development: Contributions of Social
Network Analysis, Olga Kornienko, Carlos E. Santos, and Kimberly A. Updegraff | List: $49.95 | APA Member/Afliate: $39.95
Chapter 8. Adolescent Ethnic Identity in Context: Integrating Daily Diaries, Biannual ISBN 978-1-4338-1259-0 | Item # 4317299
Surveys, and School-Level Data, Sara Douglass and Tiffany Yip | Chapter 9. Current and AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE
Future Directions in Ethnic-Racial Identity Theory and Research, Carlos E. Santos

Access to chapters from a variety

of APA scholarly & professional books.

APA BOOKS ORDERING INFORMATION: 800-374-2721 www.apa.org/pubs/books

In Washington, DC, call: 202-336-5510 TDD/TTY: 202-336-6123 Fax: 202-336-5502
In Europe, Africa, or the Middle East, call: +44 (0) 1767 604972
American Psychological Foundation

Clinical neuropsychologists Janet Matthews and Lee Matthews
talk about why they made a bequest to APF.

What inspired you to make a bequest to APF? Why is giving back so important for psychologists?
It wasnt any one thing. We started making donations to APF As a dual-psychologist couple, much of our lives has revolved
to honor friends accomplishments, as well as in memory of around the discipline. Psychology has been our profession,
colleagues who had died. We do not have children other than our personal identity and the source of friendships that would
our cat, whom we regard as a child nor do either of us have not otherwise have occurred. If the profession is to be able to
siblings. continue to grow in multiple directions, todays psychologists
As we considered estate issues, it was just a natural need to consider how they can best support that growth. For us,
progression from our prior form of giving to a bequest. It is a that support means both personal interaction in the profession
way to both acknowledge those psychologists who mentored and a financial support for the future. We believe that giving
us and had such a profound impact on our development and money to APF is the best way for us to pay it forward. n
success in the profession and to support the growth and vision
of both our former and future psychology students.

What kind of research would you like to seeyour gift

Whats your legacy?
support? A bequest makes a personal, powerful, lasting
If possible, we would like some of the funds to be used as travel impact on future generations of psychologists
grants for students to attend APAs Annual Convention. The that costs nothing during your lifetime. This is
opportunity to talk to presenters at poster sessions, symposia an easy way to ensure the field flourishes and
and in division suites not only stimulates the exchange of ideas critical issues are tackled. Giving is as simple as
but also professional identity. It broadens students professional including a single sentence in your will. For more
views beyond the scope of their academic institution. We cant information on how you can ensure your legacy
predict what areas of research might need funding, but we in psychology, visit www.apa.org/apf/index.aspx
feel strongly about the importance of personal interaction to or contact Rachael Lipsetts at rlipsetts@apa.org.
stimulate creativity.

72 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Jackson Hill

We got married in undergraduate

school and I took psychology
courses so we could have classes
together, says Dr. Janet R.
Matthews, a psychology professor
emerita at Loyola University in
New Orleans. Dr. Lee Matthews is a
clinical neuropsychologist in private
practice in Kenner, Louisiana.

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 73

American Psychological Foundation

Thank you APF donors

APF cannot provide grants and
scholarships without the generosity of
our dedicated donors. Your gifts are
launching the careers of promising
young psychologists, supporting
innovative pilot programs in crucial
areas, funding groundbreaking
dissertations and graduate research,
and much more.
Although APF had to turn away 90
percent of applicants this year, donors
from all over the country are helping
APF change that.
Thank you.
It is not too late to join the Campaign
to Transform the Future in 2015.
APF currently gives almost $800,000
annually in grants and scholarships.
With more support, one day APF can
provide more than $1 million a year in
funding to psychologists working on
societys most critical issues.

Supporting the future of group Society of Group Psychology and Group do not become researchers, Keim says.
psychotherapy Psychotherapy when then-president Rather, they have long and productive
With her bequest to APFs Div. Arthur M. Horne, PhD, appointed her careers in the trenches treating clients.
49 (Society of Group Psychology to a committee during his presidency Innovation in how we train and
and Group and became her mentor. She was later supervise these clinicians is critical.
Psychotherapy) elected Div. 49 president in 2011. During As a single mother, Keim understands
Fund, Jean her tenure, Keims presidential initiative how tight money can be. But she believes
Keim, PhD, a was to create a strong foundation to in service and the importance of giving
psychologist fund innovation in group psychology back. By remembering APF in her estate
working in New and psychotherapy. Working with APF, plans, Keim is using a portion of her estate
Mexico is helping Keim brought this idea to fruition by to make a positive and significant impact
to secure a strong establishing the APF Div. 49 Fund and on group psychotherapy for years to come.
future for group the Division leadership committed Keim encourages her colleagues to do
psychotherapy. Keim $100,000 for initial funding. the same. Stop talking about it and just
Her legacy will Her bequest will support innovation do it! Whether the amount is small or
reinforce a field she has dedicated her in teaching and supervision of group large, it affects the future of psychology
career to. psychotherapy. It is important to and ultimately changes lives in our
Keim first became involved with the remember that many clinicians we train community.

74 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

For more information on including APF grants $90,000 to support to examine the cognitive and neural
APF in your estate plans or contributing giftedness work processes that contribute to the early
to the Div. 49 Fund, visit www.apa.org/ APF has presented three Esther Katz emergence of goal-directed learning in
apf or call (202) 336-5843. Rosen Fund Grants to support research gifted children.
and programs on the psychological Alissa Doobay, PhD, of the
Placek winner studies adjustment understanding of gifted children and University of Iowa, won a $20,000
in ethnic and LGBT youth youth. Rosen Grant, to
APF has presented the $15,000 Wayne F. Catherine investigate the
Placek Grant to Luis Armando Parra, a Hartley, PhD, an effectiveness of
third-year human assistant professor a social skills
development at the Sackler intervention based
doctoral student Institute for on Scott Bellinis
in the department Developmental Building Social
of human Psychobiology Relationships
ecology at the at Weill Cornell model for
University of Medical College, improving social Doobay
California, Davis. received a $50,000 Hartley functioning in a
Parra is studying Rosen Grant mixed group (students with and without
the effects of Parra
ethnic/racial and sexual minority
prejudice on the immune system Upcoming deadlines
and how that affects psychosocial January
adjustment. Parra seeks to identify Div. 29 Early Career Award: Jan. 1
resilience factors, such as parent and peer Div. 37 Diane J. Willis Early Career Award: Jan. 31
support, and coping strategies that can
ease the effects of prejudice in young, February
sexual minority people of color. Randy Gerson Memorial Grant: Feb. 1
The Wayne F. Placek Grant Frances M. Culbertson Travel Grant: Feb. 15
encourages research to increase the March
general publics understanding of Esther Katz Rosen Fund Grants: March 1
homosexuality and sexual orientation, Pre-College Psychology Grant: March 1
and to alleviate the stress that lesbian Wayne F. Placek Grant: March 1
women, gay men, bisexual women, F. J. McGuigan Early Career Investigator Research Prize: March 1
bisexual men and transgender John and Polly Sparks Early Career Grant: March 15
individuals experience in this and future
civilizations. Since 1995, the Placek Fund Since 1953, APF has been supporting innovative research and
has granted more than $1 million. programs that launch careers and seed the knowledge base on
For more information on the Placek critical issues around the globe. For more information, visit the APF
Grant, visit www.apa.org/apf/funding/ website at www.apa.org/apf.
placek.aspx. Applications are due
March 1. For more information about APFs funding programs, visit www.
apa.org/apf or contact APF Program Officer Samantha Edington at
sedington@apa.org or (202) 336-5984.

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 75

American Psychological Foundation

Autism Spectrum Disorder) of twice- Rena Subotnik, PhD, of APA, and awareness about how psychological
exceptional adolescents (students who Frank Worrell, PhD, of the University of research can be applied to high
are both intellectually gifted and have California, Berkeley, received $20,000 for performance in academics, sport and the
some form of disability) in grades nine the Coalition for the Psychology of High arts.
through 12. Performance, a group that is raising For more information on the Rosen
Fund Grants, visit www.apa.org/apf/
funding/rosen.aspx. The next application
deadline is March 1.

Graduate student explores link

between racial identity and
APF has presented the $10,000 Kenneth
B. and Mamie P.

BUSINESS Clark Grant to

Krystal Thomas,
a doctoral
SOLUTIONS FOR YOU student in the
Make the most of your membership psychology
with the Discounts Program. at Virginia
Commonwealth Thomas
Bank of America TherapySites University.
Checking and savings accounts, business Professional website design, hosting Thomas is using the grant to study how
and personal credit cards with rewards and content social factors in classrooms affect racial
and $100 cash back (866) 597.2674 Promo Code: APAPO
apa.org/membership/finance.aspx therapysites.com identity and academic achievement.
Elavon Magazine Subscriptions More specifically, Thomas will explore
Electronic payment processing for credit Guaranteed lowest subscription rates cross-racial friendships, teacher-student
cards and check transactions, plus payroll, on hundreds of popular magazines interactions, child racial identity and
tax filing and small business services (800) 289.6247
(800) 546.1831 ext. 5434 apa@buymags.com academic outcomes.
apa.org/membership/ buymags.com/apa The Kenneth B. and Mamie P.
UPS Clark Fund supports research and
Hewlett-Packard Save big on shipping services and supplies demonstration activities that promote
Computers, printers, and imaging solutions at savewithups.com/apa
member discount plus free ground shipping (800) 636.2377 the understanding of the relationship
(800) 888.3124 mention APA between self-identity and academic
hp.com/go/apa For more information:
achievement with an emphasis on
Office Depot children in grade levels K8. For more
Save up to 35% or more on office products,
furniture and Apple products information on the Clark Grant, please
(888) 263.3423 visit http://www.apa.org/apf/funding/
clark-fund.aspx. n
www.twitter.com/ A benefits program operated by APAPO for
APAbenefits all APA members and affiliates

76 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Guidelines for the conduct of president-elect nominations and elections
A. ELIGIBILITY, PUBLISHED STATEMENTS, CAMPAIGN for travel to present or speak to a group specifically regarding the
RESTRICTIONS candidates nomination or election also must be reported. If there is
a question about whether financial support is reportable, it should be
1. Eligibility and appropriateness of members of the board of reported.
directors to stand for the APA presidency. Members of the board of
directors are eligible to stand for and accept nominations for the APA Candidates will report all contribution sources and amounts on a
presidency. form approved by the election committee. Candidates must sign
verifying that the report is complete and submit it to the APA election
2. Eligibility and appropriateness of standing for the APA presi- office no later than Sept. 1. Candidates may not accept contributions
dency while standing for another APA office. Individuals serving in after this date. The data will be made available to the membership on
the APA presidency cycle shall not hold offices within the association the APA Election website.
other than the ex-officio positions that accompany that office. A per-
son elected to the APA Presidency shall, during the term of president- 7. Selling or providing APA mailing labels and email address lists.
elect, president and past president, be restricted from holding any APA will not sell or provide mailing labels or email address lists for
other APA office, including divisional offices, that is not an ex-officio campaign purposes.
extension of the Presidential office.
8. Use of listservs (electronic lists). APA Central Office will not
3. Call to membership of potential presidential nominees. An an- establish or provide listservs or other electronic communities for
nual announcement in the December issue of the APA Monitor on Psy- campaign purposes. However, list members may discuss APA elections
chology will inform potential presidential nominees of the opportunity and APA candidates on established lists to which they subscribe.
to speak at the February council meeting and invite them to submit
a brief statement (50 words or less) to accompany the president-elect B. Statement of compliance with guidelines
nomination ballot. The deadline for submission of such statements is After the election committee announces the candidates, each one
close of business on Jan. 15. will receive a copy of these guidelines. Each candidate must agree to
4. Statement on the issues facing psychology. After the slate of can- and sign a statement acknowledging that he or she has received the
didates is announced, each one will be invited to provide a statement guidelines, pledge to adhere to them, and will report to the election
regarding their candidacy. The candidates statement accompanying committee immediately any deviations from the guidelines of which
the election ballot should be confined to discussion of issues facing he or she becomes aware.
psychology and the APA and should not exceed 1,000 words. The C. Promulgation of these guidelines
APA Monitor on Psychology will provide coverage of the candidates
in a question and answer format in issues published between their The guidelines in their entirety shall appear in the December or
nomination and the election. Each board and committee reporting to January and the May issues of the APA Monitor on Psychology. Each
Council or the Board of Directors will be invited to develop ques- January the election committee will send the guidelines to divisions,
tions, which will be reviewed by the Election Committee. Taking into state/provincial/territorial psychological associations, coalitions and
consideration input from the various constituencies, six (6) final ques- newsletter editors.
tions reflecting important issues to APAs overall mission and strategic D. Compliance
plan will be selected by the Election Committee and presented to each
candidate. Their written responses will be edited for APA style by Member complaints regarding violations of these guidelines will be
APA Monitor on Psychology editors and returned to the candidates for addressed by the election committee. Upon receipt of a complaint,
approval before appearing, in tabular format, over three subsequent the election committee will provide the candidate with notice and an
issues of the APA Monitor on Psychology. The answers to each question opportunity to respond to the allegations and/or to correct his or her
will be limited to 100 words. Each candidate will also be given the op- report regarding campaign funds required by 110-7.1. A6. Recogniz-
portunity to write a short statement, not to exceed 300 words, as a lead ing that the goal of reporting requirements is to achieve transparency
into their questions and answers. The Past President, as chair of the for the benefit of the voters, based on information it receives regarding
Election Committee, is responsible for enforcing these limitations. a complaint, the election committee may also modify the APA election
website to supplement or correct any information about candidate
5. Appropriateness of a member of the board of directors endors- financial support.
ing a particular candidate. Since the board of directors is the executive
committee of the association as a whole, it should be viewed as being The American Psychological Associations Board of Directors and Council
nonpartisan, and, as a matter of protocol, board members should not of Representatives have established these election guidelines for election to
endorse candidates for the office of president-elect. the office of President-elect. They are printed in the Monitor twice a year.
6. Reporting of campaign funds. APA presidential candidates are It is the intent of these guidelines to keep the amount of campaigning and
required to report any financial support greater than $200 that they electioneering for the office of president-elect within reasonable limits and
received while seeking nomination or election from Aug. 1 of the pre- to assist in the maintenance of a spirit of collegiality and essential fairness
ceding year of the election through two weeks prior to the start of the in such elections. These guidelines shall apply to the nomination and
president-elect election balloting period. Financial support includes election process for the office of APA president-elect. Revised: February
direct money payments, in kind services, advertising on behalf of the 2013
candidate, etc. Cash contributions to candidates must be documented
with the source of the contribution. This will include support from For more information please write or call APAs Election Office, 750
any individual, group, organization, society, APA division, state as- First St., N.E., Washington, DC 20002-4242; (202) 336-6087; (202)
sociation or caucus of APA council. Any honorarium and expenses 336-6123 TDD

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 77


Ana Mari Cauce

makes history as the University
of Washingtons new president
Cauce aims to boost access to education and promote diversity.

University of Washington News Office

from the highest office convene students and
faculty on campus to have an open discussion
about issues of growing concern in our society,
says psychology department chair Sheri
Mizumori, PhD.
Cauce joined the UW faculty in 1986 as an
assistant professor of psychology. She served as
dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from
2008 to 2011 and as provost and executive vice
president managing the schools $6 billion
budget from 2012 until March when she was
appointed interim president.
Her deep commitment to education is partly
inherited. Her father was Cubas minister of
education before her family immigrated to
the United States during the revolution when
Cauce was 3. Raised in Miami, where both her
parents worked in a shoe factory, Cauce earned
her bachelors degree in psychology and English
from the University of Miami and her PhD in
psychology from Yale University. As a graduate

T he University of Washingtons new president is psychologist

Ana Mari Cauce, PhD, the first Latina and the first woman
to serve permanently in the role. The former provost had been
student, she was a member of the first class of
APAs Minority Fellowship Program.
Among students and faculty, Cauce was a popular choice for
the universitys interim president since March. president and is widely respected for her fair and transparent
Cauce is known for her work to increase access to education leadership. Anyone who knows Dr. Cauce knows that she is one
and promote inclusiveness at the school. Under her leadership, of the most passionate and hard-working individuals around,
UW reduced its tuition and plans to make more cuts next year. Mizumori says. When she sets a goal or makes a promise, you
She also increased the minimum wage for campus employees. can be sure she will do everything humanly possible to make it
And, in the wake of racial tension throughout the nation happen.
last spring, Cauce launched the universitys Race and Equity Follow Cauce on Twitter at @amcauce. Watch her first
Initiative to promote diversity and social justice on campus. presidential address at www.washington.edu/president.
We see for the first time in many, many years, someone Jamie Chamberlin

78 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

n The American Public Health Association awarded Hortensia
Amaro, PhD, its Sedgwick Memorial Medal for her service Bruce Cuthbert, PhD, has been
to public health, especially in the fields of addiction and HIV named acting director of the
prevention. Amaro is Deans Professor in the School of Social National Institute of Mental Health
Work at the University of Southern California as well as in the (NIMH). Cuthbert has held a
department of preventive medicine within the universitys Keck number of leadership positions at
School of Medicine. Since the 1980s, she has researched issues NIMH, most recently as director of
such as race and ethnicity data collection, health disparities, its Research Domain Criteria unit.
HIV prevention and evidence-based strategies for treating
substance abuse.

n The Jacobs Foundation awarded Sarah-Jayne Blakemore,

PhD, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at University College n The National Eating Disorders Association has given Debra L.
London, its 2015 Klaus J. Jacobs Award for her research on Franko, PhD, its Lori Irving Award for Excellence in Eating Dis-
understanding emotional and social brain development during order Prevention & Awareness. Franko, a professor and associate
adolescence. Blakemores research helped dispel the myth dean at Northeastern University, researches risk factors for eating
that no major neurodevelopmental changes occur after early disorders and has helped to develop prevention programs,
childhood by showing how the adolescent brain continues to including Internet- and mobile-based programs that seek to
develop. improve body image among adolescent girls and young women.

n David Brodzinsky, PhD, has received n The International Society for

the Adoption Excellence Award from the Intelligence Research presented
U.S. Department of Health and Human psychology professor emeritus John
Services/Childrens Bureau. Brodzinsky Loehlin, PhD, with its 2015 Lifetime
was recognized for the extraordinary Achievement Award. Loehlin is a
contributions he has made in fostering professor emeritus of psychology and
the successful adoption of children in computer science at the University
foster care. of Texas at Austin. His research has
Brodzinsky looked at the genetic and environmental
n SafeHouse Denver has presented Anne contributors to differences in personality
DePrince, PhD, with its Carolyn Hamil- and ability.
Henderson Memorial Award for her work
on behalf of victims of domestic violence. n The One Mind Institute has named
DePrinces research has improved how Katie McLaughlin, PhD, its 2015 AIM
SafeHouse Denver and other local agencies Rising Star Research Award winner.
deliver care and services. DePrince McLaughlin, an assistant professor
chairs the psychology department at the of psychology at the University of
University of Denver and is director of Washington, plans to use her $250,000
the universitys Center for Community prize to fund her research on adolescent
Engagement and Service Learning. DePrince stress. She is using fMRI and smartphone
and wearable technology to study the McLaughlin
n The Gerontological Society of America has named Barry biology that links adolescent stress to the
Edelstein, PhD, the 2015 recipient of its Distinguished development of anxiety and depression.
Mentorship in Gerontology Award. Edelstein is a clinical
psychology professor at West Virginia University, where he n Douglas Woods, PhD, is the new dean of the Marquette
has taught for 41 years. He is also a clinical psychologist at University Graduate School as of Jan. 1. He is currently chair
Hopemont Hospital, a state geropsychiatric long-term care and professor of psychology at Texas A&M University, where
facility. he specializes in developing treatments and interventions
for children with Tourettes syndrome and trichotillomania.
He has been a member of the Texas A&M faculty since 2013
and previously was a member of the University of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee psychology faculty. n

December 2015 Monitor on Psychology 79

80 Monitor on Psychology December 2015

Advertising GuidelinesMonitor on Psychology Classified Ads

dition of employment, unless otherwise Deadlines:

required in order to comply with law, All new ads, ad cancellations, and cor-
regulation, executive order, or govern- rections, as well as instructions to rerun a
ment contract. 2) Prohibits any job previous advertisement, must be received
requirement or criterion in connection in writing. Classified advertisements can be
with a job posting that discriminates on submitted online at www.PsycCareers.com.
Advertising: The following are Indication if interview expenses are not the basis of citizenship status or national Nonrecruitment advertising can be submit-
guidelines for use in composing and to be fully paid. origin. You can review more information ted by e-mail to adodson@apa.org.
responding to advertisements to be placed List of documents to accompany initial at http://www.justice.gov/crt/about/osc/
in the Career Opportunities section of the letter of application, e.g., vitae, names htm/best_practices.php. For complete 2016 Closing dates are as follows:
Monitor on Psychology. of references, etc. EEO guidelines please refer to the fol- February December 22
By vote of the Council, 1974, listings Name and address of person to whom lowing resource: http://www.justice.gov/ March January 25
will be accepted from academic institutions application should be directed. crt/osc/. April February 23
under censure by the American Association May March 24
of University Professors (AAUP). How- Placement of an advertisement Policy concerning advertisements
implies that: American Psychological Association
ever, these listings are identified in this appearing in APA publications:
Jobs exist as described. classified ads on APAs Online Career
publication by the placement of the symbol The publication of any advertisement by
There is/are no prescribed candidate(s). Center:
() preceding line classified career op- the American Psychological Association
portunities (and by an editors note located Employer will acknowledge receipt of Line-for-line and display classified adver-
(APA) is an endorsement neither of the
in these guidelines for classified display applicants material. tisements published in the Monitor on Psy-
advertiser nor of the products or services
ads) in order to advise applicants that the It is recommended that advertisers chology also appear on PsycCareers. This
advertised. APA is not responsible for
employing institution, or its administration, inform an applicant when (s)he is service is provided at no additional cost to
any claims made in an advertisement. Ad-
which includes the administrative officers eliminated from consideration or when the reader or the advertiser. The advertise-
vertisers may not, without prior consent,
and the governing board of the institution, the position is filled. ments are easily located. They are arranged
incorporate in a subsequent advertisement
has been censured by the AAUP, and that by categorye.g., by the state in which
Responding to an advertisement or promotional piece the fact that a product
further information may be obtained from the position is available, by specialty area,
implies that: or service has been advertised in an APA
the relevant AAUP Bulletin. and also under other topical headings such
Training experience and interests are publication. The Monitor on Psychology
Department of Defense advertisements as conferences and workshops.
accurately represented by letter of is received mid-month by readers. APA
for positions requiring military service Updated advertisements are released
application and supporting material and recommends that response deadlines in
must include the following disclaimer: on PsycCareers approximately the first of
are consonant with those specified in advertisements be no earlier than the
Eligibility for military service requires the month of issue. Early online postings
the advertisement. 15th of the month following the month of
certain physical abilities and attributes are now available for $10.00 per day up to
Applicant should notify prospective publication.
including age, height, weight, and physi- publication date. Select this option when
employer if (s)he no longer wishes to The acceptability of an ad for publica-
cal ability requirements. submitting a line ad at www.PsycCareers.
be considered for the position. tion in APA publications is based upon
APA policy on the use of the title com, or include a request when placing a
legal, social, professional, and ethical
psychologist is contained in the General display ad.
Equal Employment Opportunity: considerations. All advertising must be in
Guidelines for Providers of Psychologi- The American Psychological Association keeping with the generally scholarly and Online-only ads on PsycCareers:
cal Services, which defines the term endorses equal employment opportunity professional nature of the publication. In Those classified advertisers who miss
professional psychologist as follows: practices and accepts only ads that are not addition, the association reserves the right the current deadline for publication in the
Psychologists have a doctoral degree in discriminatory on the basis of race, color, to refuse advertising submitted for the pur- Monitor on Psychology, or who wish to
psychology from an organized, sequential gender identity and expression, religion, pose of airing either side of controversial, run an online-only ad, can submit their
program in a regionally accredited age, national origin, veteran status, social, or professional issues. The general classified advertisement for release on
university or professional school. APA sexual orientation, or physical disability. policy is stated as follows: PsycCareers. 30-day postings are $550,
is not responsible for the specific title or In keeping with this policy, the use of The publications of the APA are 60-day postings are $925, and 90-day
wording of any particular career opportuni- recent Ph.D. in APA advertising is not published for and on behalf of the postings are $1,122.
ties, but it is general practice to refer to allowed on the basis that it is potentially membership to advance psychology Visit www.PsycCareers.com.
masters-level positions as counselors, age-discriminatory (see U.S. Department as a science, as a profession, and as a
specialists, clinicians, and so forth (rather of Labor prohibition on use of recent means of promoting human welfare. The For recruitments and classified
than as psychologists). In addition, it is graduate). The term beginning-level Association, therefore, reserves the right advertising, contact:
general practice to refer to APA-accredited salary may be used. Positions may also to unilaterally REJECT, OMIT, OR CAN-
programs as APA-accredited rather than Amelia Dodson
be defined in terms of teaching load, CEL advertising which it deems to be not Advertising Sales Department
APA-approved. The position as described specified number of years away from a in the best interest of these objectives, or
must be in conformity with the statute American Psychological Association
tenure decision, or requirements of certain which by its tone, content, or appearance Phone: (202) 336-5564
regulating the use of the title psychologist skills. We reserve the right to edit all copy is not in keeping with the essentially sci-
and the practice of psychology in the state Fax: (202) 216-7610
and to refuse ads that are not in conso- entific, scholarly, and professional nature E-mail: adodson@apa.org
in which the job is available. nance with the principles of Title VII of of its publications. Conditions, printed or
Employers are required to include any the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age otherwise, which conflict with this policy Corey Bockhaus
limits or restrictions on career opportuni- Discrimination in Employment Act of will not be binding on the publisher. Advertising Sales Department
ties in advertisements, including any 1967, the Veterans Reemployment Rights American Psychological Association
restrictions on the basis of geographical, Act Handicap Bias, the Vietnam Era Classified Rate/Payment Terms: Phone: (202) 336-5567
age, and/or religious factors. Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 2015 Rates: $12.25 per line for Career Fax: (202) 216-7610
Advertisements should be written 1974, and the Americans with Disabilities Opportunities and Availability Notices, E-mail: cbockhaus@apa.org
to convey the following information: Act of 1990. The Equal Employment $14.00 per line for all other advertising.
Opportunity Act, in addition to Public Minimum order is six lines. Each line Classified Advertising Index:
Job title with area of specialization Law 100238, makes specific legally contains approximately 32 characters, in- Career Opportunities 8191
required. permissible exceptions to discrimination cluding spaces and punctuation. Practice Opportunities 92
Name of employer. (Blind or box ads in hiring by religious institutions, Indian Purchase Orders should accompany Office Space Available 92
cannot be accepted.) tribes, and federal correctional facilities. advertisements from colleges, universi- Practice Products 92
Description of position, responsibili- For this reason, certain position opening ties, or government agencies. All other Publications & Others 92
ties involved, permanent or temporary, advertisements will include job opening classified advertising orders must be
Workshops and Conferences 92
tenure-track or not, etc. restrictions on the basis of religious, prepaid prior to publishing with the
Advertising Index 92
Minimum qualifications required, racial, and age factors. exception of either member advertising
including any restrictions on the basis Without limiting PsycCareerss terms, agencies of the American Association of
of geographical, age, and/or religious conditions, and policies, PsycCareers in Advertising Agencies (AAAA) or agen- The following display classified advertiser ap-
factors. accordance with Department of Justice cies listed in the Standard Directory of pears on the censured list of the American As-
Salary range and period covered. guidelines: 1) Prohibits any job posting Advertising Agencies. Line classified ad- sociation of University Professors: University at
Albany, SUNY (pg. 86). See the APA Advertising
Closing date for applications and date that requires U.S. citizenship or lawful vertisements are not subject to frequency Guidelines for more information.
position will commence. permanent residence in the U.S. as a con- or agency discounts.

december 2015 Monitor on Psychology 81

Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 81 11/30/15 1:07 PM


US OPPORTUNITIES online application can be found us- fers seven positions in Northern Cal- ments and intakes, case manage-
DOCTORAL-LEVEL PSYCHOLO- ing the Education drop-down menu ifornia. Application due by January ment and consultation. Supervised
GISTDEER OAKS, A BEHAV- from the Stanford Pain Center web- 8, 2016. For program information, go training experiences which meet li-
IORAL HEALTH ORGANIZATION: site (http://paincenter.stanford.edu). to http://info.kaiserpermanente.org/ censing requirements for the state of
Doctoral-level licensed psycholo- html/psychtraining/clinical_west_ California are a central component
gists are needed for full-time and PSYCHOLOGY POSTDOCTOR- bay_consortium.html. of the fellowship. The fellowship
part-time opportunities to provide AL RESIDENT: Kaiser Permanente program is a member of the Asso-
individual therapy, family therapy Central Bay Consortium is an APA- UCLA INTEGRATED SUB- ciation of Psychology Postdoctoral
and behavior management support accredited postdoctoral residency STANCE ABUSE PROGRAMS and Internship Centers. Postdoctor-
to older adults as part of a multi- program in clinical psychology that TRAINING: The UCLA Integrat- al fellowship opportunities may be
disciplinary team. Providing gero- offers six positions in Northern Cal- ed Substance Abuse Programs available in our campus based res-
psych services is challenging but ifornia. Application due by January (ISAP) postdoctoral training pro- idential programs which include
amazing work. Some of the cas- 8, 2016. For program information, gram, funded by the National In- an emergency shelter care for chil-
es involve intimate situations, raw go to http://info.kaiserpermanente. stitute on Drug AbuseRuth L. dren and adolescents and an adoles-
emotions, resolving unfinished busi- org/html/psychtraining/clinical_ Kirschstein National Research Ser- cent residential program; our tran-
ness, preparing for death, respect- central_bay_consortium.html. vice Award Institutional Research sition-age youth program, or the
ing the knowledge behind the de- Training Grant (T32 DA07272-23), non-public school. Eligibility re-
mentia, and helping individuals find PSYCHOLOGY POSTDOCTOR- combines a core research method- quirements include completion of a
purpose/meaning in their current AL RESIDENT: Kaiser Perman- ology curriculum with hands-on doctoral degree from an institute of
stage of life. Salaries commensu- ente Central Valley Consortium training opportunities in addiction higher education accredited by the
rate with experience and excellent offers seven postdoctoral residen- research. Training is provided on American Psychological Associa-
benefits. Deer Oaks is expanding its cies in clinical psychology in North- core issues and methodology with- tion. Application deadline is Jan-
services across the U.S. Visit www. ern California. Application due by in a health services research con- uary 30, 2016. However, applica-
deeroaks.com for more informa- January 8, 2016. For program in- text, particularly related to epide- tions will be accepted until posi-
tion or call (210) 569-8161 or e-mail formation, go to: http://info.kaiser miology, treatment need and utiliza- tion is filled.If interested visit our
recruiting@deeroaks.com. permanente.org/html/psychtraining/ tion, services integration, treatment website to find our program descrip-
clinical_central_valley.html. outcomes, implementation research, tion and brochure, as well as an ap-
and longitudinal research. Eligible plication. http://www.casapacifica.
PSYCHOLOGY POSTDOCTOR- candidates must be U.S. citizens or org/programs_services /clinical_
CALIFORNIA AL RESIDENT: Kaiser Permanente permanent residents. Postdoctoral training_supervision You may
East Bay Consortium is an APA-ac- trainees must have an MD or PhD at contact the following with ques-
RESEARCH PSYCHOLOGIST: credited postdoctoral residency pro- the time of admission. Stipend lev- tions: Contact Robert Kretz, PsyD
Seeking lower overhead, more free- gram in clinical psychology that of- els are based on years post-degree. Program Manager of Postdoctor-
dom, and no teaching or advising? fers ten residency positions in North- Trainees also receive funds for trav- al Fellowship Programrkretz@
The American Institute for Behav- ern California. Application due by el and research project supplies. To casapacifica.or. Casa Pacifica1722
ioral Research and Technology, January 8, 2016. For program in- apply, send a research statement, South Lewis Rd.Camarillo, CA
501(c)(3) research institute in the formation, go to http://info.kaiser curriculum vitae, two letters of ref- 93012 or Sean Dickson Administra-
San Diego area, is looking for re- permanente.org/html/psychtraining/ erence, and publication reprints to: tive Assistant: dickson@casapacifi-
searchers with existing grants or who clinical_east_bay_consortium.html. Kira Jeter at kjeter@mednet.ucla. ca.org. Fax: (805) 484-7157.
wish to apply for new grants. HHS edu. Submit application materials
registered IRB, distinguished Sci- PSYCHOLOGY POSTDOCTOR- by February 1, 2016. For more in-
entific Advisory Board. Curriculum AL RESIDENT: Kaiser Permanente formation, visit: www.uclaisap.org/
vitae and questions to rrobertson@ North Bay Consortium is an APA- t32/index.html. COLORADO
aibrt.org. accredited postdoctoral residency MEDICAL DIRECTOR: Provides
program in clinical psychology that POSTGRADUATE RESIDENCY: oversight of the provision of all psy-
PAIN PSYCHOLOGY POSTDOC- offers 18 positions in Northern Cali- Two to three Postgraduate Residen- chiatric medical services across the
TORAL FELLOWSHIP: The Stan- fornia. Application due by January cy positions available at Counseling AspenPointe continuum of care in a
ford University Division of Pain 8, 2016. For program information, and Psychological Services (CAPS), player-coach model. Oversight in-
Medicine is presently inviting appli- go to http://info.kaiserpermanente. Humboldt State University, begin- cludes clinical leadership and su-
cations for its APA-accredited Pain org/html/psychtraining/clinical_ ning August 10, 2016. For infor- pervision; evaluation, development
Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship north_bay_consortium.html. mation, visit our website at: http:// and implementation of psychiatric
Program for the 20162017 academ- www.humboldt.edu /counseling. services in accordance with strategy
ic year. The selected fellow(s) will PSYCHOLOGY POSTDOCTOR- Applications should include a cover and goals; review and development
work within an interdisciplinary AL RESIDENT: Kaiser Permanente letter indicating goals and interests, of procedures related to psychiat-
pain management outpatient cen- South Bay Consortium is an APA- academic transcripts, curriculum vi- ric services delivery workflow; as-
ter comprised of specialists from accredited postdoctoral residen- tae, and three letters of reference. suring quality and risk management
Psychology, Anesthesiology, Neu- cy program in clinical psychology Direct questions and applications functions; provide case consultation
rology, Physiatry, Addiction Medi- that offers nine positions in North- to: Lori Brown, PhD, Training Di- to staff across patient populations
cine, Acupuncture, Physical Ther- ern California. Application due by rector; Counseling and Psychologi- and the continuum of care; works
apy, and Nursing. Primary clinical January 8, 2016. For program infor- cal Services; Humboldt State Uni- closely with designated Director,
responsibilities will include per- mation, go to http://info.kaiserper- versity; Arcata, CA 95521; (707) Clinic Managers, Vice President,
forming new patient evaluations, manente.org/html/psychtraining/ 826-3236; Lori.Brown@humboldt. Chief Operating Officer and other
administering, scoring, and inter- clinical_south_bay_consortium.html. edu. Review of applications to be- key leaders to ensure the provision
preting psychological assessments, gin January 15, 2016. Note: HSU of an exceptional client experience
pre-surgical screenings for implant- PSYCHOLOGY POSTDOCTOR- CAPS does not participate in APPA in an efficient manner. Up to sixty
able therapies, and delivering outpa- AL RESIDENT: Kaiser Permanente CAS. percent of this position (24 hours
tient treatment services to patients South East Bay Consortium is an per week) is dedicated to the pro-
diagnosed with various chronic pain APA-accredited postdoctoral resi- POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW- vision of direct service. Visit www.
conditions. Research opportuni- dency program in clinical psychol- SHIP OPPORTUNITY: Position aspenpointe.org to review the full
ties will also be available within a ogy that offers five positions in Fre- campus based. We are pleased to of- job description and complete an
thriving translational NIH-funded mont and Union City, CA. Appli- fer a two-year postdoctoral psychol- application or feel free to sub-
research environment (http://snapl. cation due by January 8, 2016. For ogy fellowship beginning in Sep- mit a resume to jose.hernandez@
stanford.edu) and encouraged sec- program information, go to http:// tember 2016. The fellowship will aspenpointe.org.
ondary to clinical care. Qualified info.kaiserpermanente.org/html/ provide advanced training in child
applicants will have a strong back- psychtraining/clinical_south_east_ and adolescent clinical psychology THE ROBERT J. HARMON POST-
ground in Health Psychology and bay_consortium.html. with emphasis on community men- DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS IN
will have completed their doctor- tal health and practice of evidence INFANT MENTAL HEALTH: One-
al training and predoctoral intern- PSYCHOLOGY POSTDOCTOR- based treatments. Training opportu- year clinical and didactic training
ship at APA-accredited programs by AL RESIDENT: Kaiser Permanente nities include cognitive-behavior- in infant development, parent-child
the start of the fellowship year (fall West Bay Consortium is an APA-ac- al interventions, crisis management, therapy, and early childhood psy-
2016). Additional program informa- credited postdoctoral residency pro- brief and long-term psychotherapy, chopathology & treatment, begin-
tion, deadline date, and a link to the gram in clinical psychology that of- group therapy, psychological assess- ning September 2016. Clinical sites


Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 82 11/18/15 11:57 AM

include behavioral health integra- ferences, and administrative meet- POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP, preferred. Licensure or eligibili-
tion into pediatric practices, and ings. http://emoryhealthcare.org/ TRAUMA PSYCHOLOGYRUSH ty and willingness to pursue licen-
outpatient & home-based services veterans-program/index.html. UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER: sure in counseling required. Teach-
in underserved populations with This is an exciting two-year oppor- ing and administrative experience in
high proportion of Spanish speak- tunity to conduct research on trau- higher education strongly preferred.
ing families. PhD/PsyD in clini- matic stress and to gain valuable Review of applications will begin
cal psychology and APA-accred- IDAHO clinical experience with a multi- December 15, 2015. Required and
ited internship required (degree PSYCHOLOGIST: Innercept, LLC, disciplinary team at a major medi- complete application materials in-
must be completed by August 31, Coeur dAlene, ID, is seeking a full- cal center. The ideal candidate will clude a letter of application, cur-
2016); demonstrated interest/expe- time psychologist who is licensed or have experience with trauma pa- rent curriculum vitae, statement of
rience with infants/young children license eligible in the State of Ida- tients and/or patients with serious teaching philosophy, and three let-
preferred. Applicants must be U.S. ho. Innercept is a residential treat- illness, will have a strong research ters of reference, evidence of out-
citizens. Stipend $42,840 FT plus ment center which uses principles of background and some publications, standing teaching and professional
benefits. Application deadline De- integral psychology and integrative be knowledgeable in advanced sta- activities submitted to hr@marian.
cember 15, 2015. More info about mental health. Innercept is a clini- tistics, and will be interested in es- edu. Marian University is an Equal
the fellowship and application cally intensive, team-oriented pro- tablishing a career with strengths Opportunity Employer.
procedures at: www.medschool. vider of residential services to ado- in research and clinical interven-
ucdenver.edu /psychiatr y/ ha r r is lescents and young adults from the tions. The Traumatic Stress Center ASSISTANT PROFESSOR: Mar-
program. Harris Program/UCD de- United States and abroad. Interested is a well-established initiative and ian University is a Catholic Francis-
scription: The Irving Harris Pro- psychologists should contact Tina completers have moved on to suc- can, liberal arts institution of high-
gram in Child Development and In- Laguna at tlaguna@innercept.net. cessful academic and clinical ca- er education. Full-time, tenure track
fant Mental Health at the Univer- Innercept, LLC provides a full con- reers. We are based near downtown assistant professor of psychology,
sity of Colorado Denver School of tinuum of residential treatment for Chicago. Salary is competitive and specializing in clinical or counsel-
Medicine was started in 1996 by adolescents and young adults. Our includes benefits. APA-accredited ing. Teach four appropriate cours-
Dr. Robert J. Harmon and with fi- residents experience opportunities PhD in clinical or counseling psy- es per semester in clinical, counsel-
nancial support from The Harris to improve functioning through the chology required. Applications will ing, and related areas. Maintain an
Foundation. It provides training to development of their own life prac- be reviewed as received until the active program of research and/or
postdoctoral graduates and mental tice. position is filled. Starting date af- other professional activities. Men-
health professionals seeking mid- ter July 1, 2016. Send letter of inter- tor and advise students. Actively
career training in infant mental est, curriculum vitae and three let- participate in the curriculum and
health, consultation, and treatment, ters of recommendation to Colette_ activities of the psychology depart-
with a particular focus on infancy, ILLINOIS Bailey@rush.edu. Questions can be ment. Other duties as assigned. Must
toddlerhood, and parenthood. Our POSITION IN PSYCHO-ONCOL- directed to Stevan_Hobfoll@Rush. have knowledge of and commitment
program also provides direct ser- OGY (TENURE TRACK): The De- edu. Rush is an Affirmative Action to the mission of Marian Univer-
vices, consultation, and outreach to partment of Behavioral Sciences at Employer. sity. Doctoral degree in clinical or
early childhood agencies through- Rush University Medical Center in counseling psychology, PhD pre-
out Colorado. University of Colora- Chicago is looking to fill a faculty ferred. Licensure or eligibility and
do is an Equal Opportunity/Affir- position in psycho-oncology. This willingness to pursue licensure in
mative Action Employer. is a clinical position, with oppor- INDIANA health and human services provider
tunities for research and teaching. MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COUN- strongly preferred. Teaching experi-
POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW- This includes psychological eval- SELING PROGRAM DIRECTOR: ence in higher education and clini-
SHIP IN INTEGRATED PRIMA- uation and intervention with pa- Marian University is a Catholic cal/counseling experience beyond
RY CARE: One-year position fund- tients, families, and in support of Franciscan, liberal arts institution the practicum and internship pre-
ed by the Colorado Health Foun- medical staff who are involved in of higher education. 12-month, full- ferred. Review of applications will
dation in Denver, CO. Training in this stressful work. The ideal can- time, tenure track Master of Science begin immediately. Required com-
medical consultation, diagnosis, and didate will also have strong clinical in Counseling Program Director at plete application materials include
treatment as part of interdisciplin- skills, experience in psycho-oncol- the associate professor level starting a letter of application, current cur-
ary team. Extensive professional de- ogy, a high potential for research, June 1, 2016. The program is cur- riculum vitae, statement of teach-
velopment didactics and experienc- including external grant writing, rently in the accreditation process, ing philosophy, and three letters of
es. January 4, 2016, application and a PhD in clinical or counseling with the initial class of candidates reference, evidence of outstanding
deadline for fall 2016 start. Vis- psychology from an APA-accred- to be admitted for fall 2016. Man- teaching and professional activities
it www.coloradohealth.org Jobs ited program, and must be licens- age and supervise the curriculum submitted to hr@marian.edu. Mar-
website to apply. able in Illinois. Rank is open. The for the Master of Science in Coun- ian University is an Equal Opportu-
department has a highly support- seling Program including School nity Employer.
ive atmosphere, following a clinical Counseling and Clinical Mental
scientist model, and Chicago offers Health Counseling tracks. Addition-
GEORGIA an exciting backdrop for living. In- ally, actively manage the admissions
ADULT OUTPATIENT PSYCHOL- terested applicants should submit processes. Teach 1 to 2 appropriate IOWA
OGISTFACULTY APPOINT- their curriculum vitae, cover let- courses per semester in Counseling LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH
MENT: The Emory Healthcare Vet- ter, and have three letters of refer- and a related specialty area. Mentor PROVIDERS NEEDED: Genesis
erans Program (EHVP) at Emo- ence directly forwarded to Colette and advise students. Prepare for and Psychology Associates is a specialty
ry University School of Medicine Bailey (Colette_Bailey@rush.edu). maintain appropriate accreditations clinic of experienced mental health
seeks to hire an adult outpatient Questions about the position should for the program (HLC, CACREP, professionals who serve the great-
psychologist faculty member. We be directed to Dr. Stevan Hobfoll NCATE) including working with er Quad-Cities area through affili-
are particularly interested in indi- (Stevan_Hobfoll@Rush.edu). Ap- accreditation agencies. Must have ation with Genesis Health System.
viduals with expertise in posttrau- plications will be reviewed as re- knowledge of and commitment to This allows us to offer a competi-
matic stress disorder (PTSD), de- ceived, and the position will be the mission of Marian University, tive compensation model for ambi-
pression, and traumatic brain injury filled at the earlier possible date. doctoral degree in counseling, PhD tious professionals looking to make
(TBI), and substance use disorders. Rush is an Equal Opportunity Em-
Military knowledge and/or experi- ployer and ethnic minority individ-
ence is a plus, as is previous expe- uals and women are especially en-
rience working with veterans and couraged to apply.
their families. The psychologist will
work with an interdisciplinary team
to provide state-of-the-art, multidis-
ciplinary care including psychother-
GIST: Licensed clinical psycholo-
gist to work with children, adoles-
For hundreds of
psychology jobs search
apeutic management of their symp- cents and families in friendly group
toms and treatment protocols. With practice. Will consider postdoc with
the treatment team, the psychologist
will be responsible for coordinating
child experience. Contact Dr. Good-
man and Associates. Fax: (630)
the care of the veterans, conduct- 530-9527 or e-mail: goodmand3@
ing quality assessments, case con- comcast.net.


Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 83 11/18/15 11:57 AM


a difference in their community. We Medical Partners: MaineHealth at therapy services. Supervising psy- science, broadly construed, but are
offer benefits: health care and liabil- afongemie@mainehealth.org. chologist must have one to three especially interested in candidates
ity insurance, as well as many other years post-license experience and who will fit with existing strengths
professional benefits. Individuals in previous supervision experience. in language representation and pro-
our practice also receive a high lev- Pediatric Neuropsychologist works cessing; perception, categorization,
el of supportive services enabling MARYLAND exclusively in a pediatric outpatient reasoning, and decision making;
them to focus on patient care. We POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW: The environment, evaluating the cog- and conceptual development; and/or
are looking for experienced, hard- Trauma Disorders Program of the nitive, developmental, behavioral, could contribute to a new campus-
working, self-directed, and licensed Sheppard Pratt Health System is ac- emotional, and social deficits and wide research initiative in healthy
mental health providers. (licensed cepting applications for a 12-month academic challenges of children and aging. Responsibilities will include
psychologist, LISW, LMHC, LMFT, specialized postdoctoral training adolescents of varied age and diag- teaching undergraduate and gradu-
ARNP). position starting September 1, 2016. noses. Candidate must be able to ate courses and conducting an inde-
The Trauma Disorders Program pro- administer a wide variety of tests. pendent, externally funded research
REHABILITATION PSYCHOLO- vides unique clinical training op- Send resumes to acassidy@fhfc.org. program. Candidates should have a
GIST: A Rehabilitation Psychologist portunities for those wishing to de- PhD in psychology or a related field
is needed for a growing PM&R pro- velop expertise in working with se- FACULTY POSITION IN DE- by the start of the appointment and
gram in a Top 100 Hospital with a vere and complex trauma. The TDP PARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY, a record of research commensurate
24-bed CARF and JCAHO accredit- is part of Sheppard Pratt Hospital NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSI- with rank. Review of applications
ed inpatient rehab unit. Scope of re- which is consistently ranked among TYAREA, AFFECTIVE SCI- began November 15, 2015, and
sponsibilities will be a combination the top ten psychiatric hospitals in ENCE: The Psychology Department will continue until the position is
of inpatient medical psychological the U.S. by U.S. News and World at Northeastern University (www. filled. To apply, go to the following
evals and testing for adults and oc- Reports. The training fellowship in- northeastern.edu/cos/psychology/) link: http://neu.peopleadmin.com/
casional adolescent on our Acute In- volves inpatient and outpatient psy- invites applications for a tenured/ postings/38387. Applicants should
patient Rehab and LTACH units and chotherapy, assessment, and consul- tenure-track faculty position in af- be prepared to attach a cover letter,
the opportunity for developing an tation with patients with PTSD and fective science to start in the fall curriculum vitae, a research state-
outpatient practice model based on dissociative disorders. Intensive su- 2016. Rank is open (assistant/asso- ment, a teaching statement, and up
the applicants interests and skills. pervision and didactic seminars are ciate/full professor). We welcome to five representative publications.
Opportunity exists for an outpatient provided. Applicants must be from applications from any area of affec- They should also be prepared to
pain psychology practice. The posi- APA-accredited graduate programs tive science, broadly construed, but provide information, including an
tion requires a PhD or PsyD from in psychology. Inpatient experience are especially interested in candi- email address, for three referenc-
an APA-accredited program and a is preferred. Salary is $45,000 plus dates who will complement existing es. The references will be contact-
postdoctoral fellowship in medi- benefits. To apply, send hard cop- strengths in affective neuroscience; ed by the online recruitment system
cal psychology. Contact: jennifer. ies of curriculum vitae, official emotion-guided social decision- and asked to provide letters. Inqui-
lakin@unitypoint.org. graduate transcripts, and three rec- making and interpersonal behavior; ries may be directed to Professor
ommendation letters to: Dr. Diane and lifespan development; and/or Neal Pearlmutter (n.pearlmutter@
Adlestein, Director of Postdoctor- could contribute to a new campus- neu.edu), Search Committee Chair.
al Training, Trauma Disorders Pro- wide research initiative in healthy (Note that all application materials
KENTUCKY gram, Sheppard Pratt Hospital, 6501 aging. Responsibilities will include must be submitted through the on-
PRACTICE FOR SALE: Established N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD teaching undergraduate and gradu- line recruitment system described
neuropsychological assessment clin- 21285. Qualified applicants will be- ate courses and conducting an inde- above.)
ic for sale. Wide referral base and gin to be invited to interview start- pendent, externally funded research
payor mix with private and state ing in January 2016. Applicants will program. Candidates should have a POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS
contracts. Located in Urban cen- be accepted on a rolling basis un- PhD in psychology or a related field IN PEDIATRIC NEUROPSYCHOL-
ter in Kentucky. Restored Victori- til positions are filled. Final dead- by the start of the appointment and OGY & OUTPATIENT MENTAL
an home/office included. Financing line for applications is February 1, a record of research commensurate HEALTH: MassGeneral for Chil-
available. Contact Melody Welsh at 2016. Sheppard Pratt is committed with rank. Review of applications dren at North Shore Medical Center
MelodyWelsh@bellsouth.net. to a culturally and ethnically diverse began November 15, 2015, and in Salem, MA, will offer full-time
workplace. An Equal Opportunity will continue until the position is fellowships from September 2015
Emloyer. filled. To apply, go to the following through the end of August 2016,
link: http://neu.peopleadmin.com/ with a stipend and hospital bene-
MAINE postings/38388. Applicants should fits. Three options will be available:
CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, PE- be prepared to attach a cover letter, half-time in the Neurodevelopmen-
DIATRICS: This is a doctoral level MASSACHUSETTS curriculum vitae, a research state- tal Center (NDC) and half-time in
position in the Developmental-Be- PSYCHOLOGIST(S): Join us in ment, a teaching statement, and up Outpatient Child Mental Health;
havioral Pediatric Program, which this exciting expansion of our Be- to five representative publications. half-time in the NDC and half-time
is part of this multi-specialty pe- havioral Health Services at Francis- They should also be prepared to in the Adolescent Partial Hospital
diatric group practice. Key skills can Hospital for Children, Brighton, provide information, including an Program; and full-time in the NDC.
and requirements: doctoral de- MA. The medical psychologist is email address, for three references. The NDC fellowship involves test-
gree in clinical psychology from responsible for the delivery of ser- The references will be contacted by ing children/adolescents with de-
an APA/CPA-accredited universi- vices, as well as supervision of other the online recruitment system and velopmental, attention, autism spec-
ty, licensed, or license-eligible as a clinicians and interns in the medical asked to provide letters. Inquiries trum, behavioral and/or psychiatric
psychologist in Maine, prior expe- units. Medical units serve children may be directed to Professor Da- disorders, as well as weekly semi-
rience working with pediatric pa- with a variety of acute and chronic vid DeSteno (d.desteno@neu.edu), nars and bi-monthly staff meetings.
tients at risk and/or diagnosed with medical conditions and/or develop- Search Committee Chair. (Note Outpatient Child Mental Health
neurodevelopmental disabilities, mental disabilities. The psychologist that all application materials must training includes behavioral medi-
training and experience in admin- works with the medical and rehabili- be submitted through the online re- cine, general clinical populations,
istering/scoring/interpreting cog- tation team to assist inpatients with cruitment system described above.) triage, and supervision experience,
nitive, developmental and psycho- brain injury, seizure disorders, and with weekly team and staff meet-
diagnostic assessment instruments other acute and chronic neurologi- FACULTY POSITION IN DE- ings. Fellows in the Adolescent
including the ADOS-2, special- cal illnesses. Two to five years post- PARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY, Partial Hospital Program conduct
ized training/experience with as- license experience required as well NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSI- intakes, act as clinical case manag-
sessment and treatment planning as one to three years previous su- TYAREA, COGNITIVE NEU- ers, conduct daily individual as well
related to Autism Spectrum Disor- pervision experience. Previous in- ROSCIENCE: The Psychology De- as family therapy, and attend week-
der, strong interpersonal skills and patient experience with medically partment at Northeastern Univer- ly team meetings. Prior psycho-
ability to communicate effective- fragile children and adolescents re- sity (www.northeastern.edu/cos/ logical testing experience with the
ly with families, colleagues (e.g., quired. Outpatient psychologist is psychology/) invites applications WISC-IV and projectives and pri-
physicians, psychologists, social responsible for the delivery of ser- for a tenured/tenure-track faculty or clinical experience with children
workers, and other team members), vices as well as supervision of in- position in cognitive neuroscience and families required. Direct inqui-
community agencies, etc., and in- terns. Provides testing services on to start in the fall of 2016. Rank is ries to Barry Skoff, PhD (bskoff@
terest in working as part of a mul- the evaluation team and other pro- open (assistant/associate/full pro- partners.org). To apply, go to www.
tidisciplinary team in an outpatient grams of the hospital. He/she pro- fessor). We welcome applications nsmc.partners.org. Indicate which
medical setting. Contact Maine vides individual, family and group from any area of cognitive neuro- options, in order of preference, you


Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 84 11/18/15 11:57 AM

are interested in when submitting 420 W. Magnetic St. #234, Mar- ing four applicants to join a vibrant ry, excellent benefits, and a profes-
your application. quette, MI 49855. UPHSM, a Duke- team of faculty and postdoctoral fel- sional travel stipend. We are looking
Lifepoint Hospital, is an Equal Op- lows for a two-year fellowship pro- to fill these positions in the fall of
portunity Employer. gram. There are three specific fel- 2016. Interested candidates should
lowships offered: Metz Fellowship send inquiries to: Eli Coleman, Pro-
MICHIGAN POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP, in Couples Sexual Health; Braun- fessor and Director, 1300 S. 2nd St.,
BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE/ CLINICAL HEALTH PSYCHOL- Harvey Fellowship in Compulsive Suite 180, Minneapolis, MN 55454
HEALTH PSYCHOLOGIST: Up- OGY: Genesys Regional Medical Sexual Behavior; and Ettner Fellow- or colem001@umn.edu. Application
per Peninsula Health System-Mar- Center is pleased to offer a two-year ship in Transgender Health. These instructions and more information
quette, a tertiary care hospital, Lev- fellowship in clinical health psy- designated fellowships are designed regarding the fellowship are avail-
el II Trauma Center and federally chology. The position is part of the to support a balanced mix of clinical able at http://www.sexualhealth.
designated Regional Referral Cen- Consortium for Advanced Psychol- and research training in these specif- umn.edu/education/fellowships.
ter for Michigans Upper Peninsula ogy Training (CAPT) at Michigan ic areas with broader experience in
(UP), is seeking two full-time sal- State University, Flint Area Medi- overall sexual health care. One fel- PRIMARY CARE BEHAVIORAL
aried psychologists for its expand- cal Education. You will have the op- lowship will be broad with a general HEALTH FELLOWSHIP: The De-
ing health psychology clinical pro- portunity to train in both integrated emphasis in sexual health care and partment of Family Medicine and
grams. Successful candidates will primary care (Family Medicine, In- a smaller portion of time devoted to Community Health at the University
have skills and experience in assess- ternal Medicine, & OB/GYN) and research. Fellows would provide in- of Minnesota Medical School has an
ing and treating chronic pain and/ hospital-based consultation-liaison dividual, family, couple and group opening for a two-year postdoctor-
or oncology patients, psychological settings. Fellows actively partici- psychotherapy for a wide range of al fellowship in Behavioral Health.
evaluations of surgical candidates pate in medical education teaching sexual dysfunctions and problems Provide integrated care and individ-
and general skills in assessment and of primary care residents and medi- including: relationship and sexual ual, family, couple and group psy-
evidence-based psychotherapy in cal students. In the second year, you problems, transgender issues, sex- chotherapy in outpatient clinics of
the outpatient clinic and inpatient will have the opportunity to super- ual orientation concerns, paraphil- a large family medicine residency
hospital setting with medical pa- vise doctoral-level practicum stu- ias and compulsive sexual behavior, program for a wide range of prob-
tients referred from all medical spe- dents. CAPT is an APA-accredited The clinic serves a diverse group of lems including anxiety and depres-
cialties and primary care. A positive program. Application deadline: patients (an average of 1,300 visits sive disorders, chronic pain, eating
interdisciplinary culture is estab- December 15, 2015, for one posi- per month), including children, ad- disorders, interpersonal problems,
lished with physicians who enthu- tion starting February 2016. We olescents, minorities, disabled in- marital and sexual problems, and
siastically welcome collaboration will continue to review applications dividuals, and clients with chronic family discord. Will be involved
with health psychologists. Addition- until position is filled. Note: our medical or mental health problems. in the overall behavioral medicine
al opportunities exist in a develop- program offers other positions start- The training will help the fellow de- teaching for the family medicine
ing integrated primary care behav- ing September 2016. Visit our web- velop skills in addressing sexual is- residents and complete a research
ioral health program, palliative care site for find more complete program sues in any clinical setting and con- project under faculty supervision.
program, and teaching medical stu- descriptions as well as detailed ap- ducting psychosexual evaluations. Applications should be received
dents and residents in the Marquette plication instructions. http://www. In addition to sex therapy, treatment by January 4, 2016, for a start in
Family Medicine Residency Pro- genesyshealthpsych.info. addresses a wide variety of Axis I September 2016. Applicants must
gram. Faculty appointment through and Axis II disorders. This kind of have their PhD or PsyD and will
the Michigan State University Col- diversity makes for an exciting and be eligible for Minnesota licensure.
lege of Human Medicine may be of- stimulating fellowship! Fellows Competitive salary with excellent
fered to qualified candidates. High- MINNESOTA complete a research project that is benefits. Application instructions
ly competitive salary and benefits POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS tailored to their own interests. Ap- and more information regarding the
package, including relocation assis- IN SEXUAL HEALTH CARE AND plicants must have their PhD, PsyD fellowship are available at: http://
tance. The City of Marquette, pop- RESEARCH: The Program in Hu- or MD. The fellowship helps indi- www.fam ilymedicine.um n.edu /
ulation 21,335, is the largest UP man Sexuality at the University of viduals gain licensure. The fellow- education-training/fellowships /
community and regional center for Minnesota Medical School is seek- ship includes a competitive sala- behavioral-medicine
education, healthcare, retail and
recreation, as well as arts festivals,
local theater, symphony orchestra
and a childrens museum. Marquette
is also home to Northern Michigan Renew Your APA Membership
Online Today
University, housing the nations only
Olympic Education Center. Located
on the southern shore of Lake Su-
perior and surrounded by numer-
ous other lakes and fishing streams,
the region is a vacation destination Stay Connected to Benefits
for nature and outdoor recreation
enthusiasts in all seasons, attract- and Services You Can Depend On
ed by hiking and mountain biking
trails, a luge run, downhill and cross The Monitor on Psychology (print and digital) and American Psychologist
country skiing, snowmobiling, and
ample woodland for campers and APA Access monthly electronic newsletter highlighting the latest psychology
hunters. Marquette was named one and APA news
of Americas Most Livable Com-
munities by Partners for Livable Reduced subscription rates (up to 60%) on your choice of nearly 85 journals
Communities in 2004; Third Best (print and digital)
City in America to Raise a Fam-
ily in 2010 by Forbes; and on of Discounts on hundreds of discipline-specific books, professional videos,
the top micropolitans by Site Selec- APA PsycNET subscriptions and other electronic resources
tion Magazine in 2011. Candidates
should have completed an APA-ac-
credited internship and be eligible Renew Online Today at http://my.apa.org
for Michigan licensure, and ideally Click on Pay 2016 Dues and be sure to have your credit card
would have postdoctoral behavioral or APA Bank of America card handy.
medicine training and experience in
similar positions. A letter of interest, Thank You for Your Membership in APA.
curriculum vitae, and three letters
of reference should be addressed to
Hannah Steinitz, PhD, and sent to
Theresa.Stewart@mghs.org or to
Health Psychology Search, UPHSM


Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 85 11/18/15 11:57 AM


MAYO CLINIC MEDICAL PSY- search activities with opportunities ed teams and research opportuni- it https://edocs.dhs.state.mn.us/
CHOLOGY POSTDOCTORAL for additional specialization in ar- ties are available within all major lfserver/Public/DHS-6311-ENG or
FELLOWSHIP: APA-accredited eas of interest within clinical child rotations. Opportunities are avail- contact Dr. Sheryl Delain-Adderley,
in the specialty practice areas of and/or pediatric psychology. In ad- able to develop specialized training Forensic Psychology Fellowship Di-
clinical child psychology, clini- dition to brief required rotations in experiences in a variety of clinical rector, at sheryl.l.delain-adderley@
cal health psychology, and clini- assessment, inpatient psychiatry, areas, such as behavioral medicine, state.mn.us or (507) 985-2804.
cal neuropsychology: The Depart- and inpatient pediatric consultation transgender health, teaching of pri-
ment of Psychiatry and Psychology, and liaison, clinical training in- mary care physicians, implement-
Mayo Clinic Rochester, is accept- cludes opportunities for rotations in ing wellness programs, and engag-
ing applications for our APA-ac- day treatment programs (pediatric ing in research on tobacco cessa- MISSOURI
credited two-year specialty prac- pain, mood disorders) and a variety tion with diverse populations. The POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS
tice programs. Applicants apply to of multidisciplinary outpatient clin- application deadline is December IN AGING: Washington Universi-
one of our three programs. Fellow- ics (e.g. anxiety, ADHD, autonom- 18, 2015 for Clinical Health Psy- ty in St. Louis, Psychology Depart-
ship positions are available for July ic dysfunction, behavior medicine, chology. Clinical Neuropsychol- ment, will be available the summer
1, 2016. Start dates are negotiable. craniofacial disorders, eating dis- ogy: Clinical training in neuro- of 2016. Fellowships, sponsored by
The fellowship will prepare doctor- orders, LD, mood disorders, obe- psychological evaluations of adults the National Institute on Aging, are
al-level clinical or counseling psy- sity/weight management/bariatric with a range of neurologic, medical for one to three years and are de-
chologists from APA-accredited surgery, pain, and traumatic brain and psychiatric conditions; and in- signed to train psychologists for ac-
graduate programs and internships injury, ). Fellows choose their rota- patient and outpatient rehabilitation ademic and research careers in the
for careers in academic health sci- tions and length of rotation based psychology with persons with brain psychology of aging. Fellows car-
ence centers. The medical psychol- on their own interests/career goals. injury, spinal cord injury, multiple ry out their own research under the
ogy fellows experience in each Fellows maintain an active outpa- sclerosis, stroke and other disabling supervision of a faculty preceptor.
specialty practice area combines tient therapy caseload and have op- conditions. There is also the oppor- Current faculty interests related to
clinical, educational and research portunities to facilitate a variety of tunity to develop research skills in aging include memory, attention,
activities. Fellows select research group-based interventions. The ap- areas of neuropsychology, includ- emotion, visual perception, hearing,
mentors and have 30% protected plication deadline is January 5, ing aging and neurodegenerative social/personality, clinical psychol-
research time. Educational oppor- 2016 for Clinical Child Psychol- disorders, traumatic brain injury, ogy, neuropsychology, neuroimag-
tunities are tailored and include ogy. Clinical Health Psychology: and rehabilitation. Member of AP- ing, and Alzheimers disease. Pri-
weekly departmental grand rounds, The clinical health psychology fel- PCN, see www.appcn.org for ad- or training in aging is not required.
case conferences, journal club, and lowship offers advanced clinical ditional information. The appli- Fellows must be citizens, noncitizen
didactic seminars. Fellows also re- training in assessment, consulta- cation deadline is December 14, nationals, or permanent residents
ceive funding for attendance and/ tion, and outpatient individual and 2015, for Clinical Neuropsychol- of the United States. Send curricu-
or presenting at national confer- group intervention, along with re- ogy. Application process: appli- lum vitae and three letters of refer-
ences. All fellows will be well pre- search and educational opportuni- cants must submit a letter of inter- ence to David Balota, Department of
pared for pursuing board certifica- ties. Indepth training is available est, transcripts, curriculum vitae, Psychology (Box 1125), Washington
tion through the American Board in the following areas: pain man- completed application and at least University, One Brookings Drive,
of Professional Psychology. Clini- agement, womens health, obesity three letters of reference. Applica- St. Louis, MO 63130 or to dbalota@
cal Child Psychology: The clinical and bariatric surgery, primary care, tion materials and more informa- wustl.edu. Initial review will begin
child fellowship includes advanced and psycho-oncology. Participa- tion are available from our web- immediately. Washington Univer-
clinical training, education, and re- tion in multidisciplinary integrat- site address: http://www.mayo. sity is an Equal Opportunity/Affir-
edu/msgme/psychology-rch.html. mative Action Employer. Employ-
Member of APPIC, see www.appic. ment eligibility verification required
org. Mayo Foundation is an Affir- on hire.
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR IN COGNITION mative Action/Equal Opportunity
AND PERCEPTION (DECISION MAKING) Educator and Employer who val-
ues and emphasizes diversity in our
educational, clinical, and research NEW MEXICO
Department of Psychology programs. PSYCHOLOGIST: Hidalgo Medi-
cal Services is recruiting for a Psy-
chologist who will provide assess-
ment, therapy and consultative men-
nesota State Operated Forensic Ser- tal health care under the supervision
The Psychology Department in the Faculty of Arts and Science at vices (St. Peter, MN) is offering a of the Chief Mental Health Officer
New York University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant postdoctoral fellowship in foren- in accordance with their knowledge
professor position in decision-making, neuroeconomics, and/or sic psychology beginning Septem- base, experience, and competence.
reinforcement learning. The appointment is expected to begin ber 2016 with a stipend of approxi- In addition to clinic-based servic-
September 1, 2016, pending budgetary and administrative approval. mately $64,060 with benefits. This es, the psychologist will be expect-
fellowship focuses on training in fo- ed to actively participate in out-
We seek applicants with an outstanding record of research in rensic evaluation and assessment. reach efforts in Southwestern New
the cognitive, economic, neural, and/or social aspects of human Applications are due January 4, Mexico. In addition the psychologist
decision-making or closely related areas. Preference will be given 2016. For a fellowship brochure will manage appropriately, in accor-
to applicants with research that integrates multiple methodologies with application requirements, vis- dance with HMS productivity stan-
(e.g., behavior, fMRI, computational modeling). The ideal candidate
will have the opportunity to build a collaborative research and
teaching program within the Psychology Department and
the Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Decision Making
To apply, see the Job Openings link on the NYU Psychology Tenure-Track Assistant Professor
Department web site (http://www.psych.nyu.edu/). Review of
applications will begin December 31st, 2015, and will continue until Social Psychology APAMon
the position is filled. The electronic application should include a CV, The Psychology Department at the University at Albany, State Decembe
statements of research (no more than four pages) and teaching University of New York, invites applications for a tenure track Display A
interests (no more than two pages), at least three representative assistant professor position in Social Psychology, to begin in Fall
publications, and at least three references.
2016. Review of applications will begin November 15, 2015 and 2x2
continue until the position has been filled. $800 incl
For further information and to apply, please visit our website:
EOE/AA/Minorities/Females/Vet/Disabled/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity. The University at Albany is an EO/AA/IRCA/ADA Employer


Tenure-Track Assistant Professor APAMonitor

Social Psychology
The Psychology Department at the
Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 86 11/18/15 11:57 AM
MONITOR ON PSYCHOLOGY University at Albany, State University Line Ad
dards, the immediate mental and be- lowing salary range: Assistant pro- warding population, flexible sched- with any age population. We seek
havioral health care needs of acute fessor: $42,873$81,645. Applica- ule, supportive supervision (as applications that reveal candidates
and urgent care patients. For more tions must be submitted online by needed). Reply to Dr. Pat Tomasso: with a commitment to excellence,
information contact Cathy Diaz at accessing the CUNY Portal on City ptomasso@agingmattersny.com. and/or evidence of success in teach-
cdiaz@hmsnm.org. University of New York job website ing, a clear motivation to mentor un-
(http://www.cuny.edu/employment. POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW- dergraduates in a liberal arts setting,
POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS html) and following the CUNY- SHIP AT BARNARD COLLEGES the potential to develop a productive
IN NEW MEXICO: The University first Job System Instructions. Cur- COUNSELING CENTER: Twelve- developmental psychology research
of New Mexico Center for Develop- rent users of the site should access month, full-time position, begin- program that involves undergradu-
ment Disability (CDD) is pleased to their established accounts; new us- ning September 1, 2016. Responsi- ates, and a commitment to contrib-
offer postdoctoral fellowship oppor- ers should follow the instructions to bilities include: crisis intervention, ute actively to the growth of the
tunities in Autism Spectrum Dis- set up an account. To search for this short-term individual therapy, group Department and College. Denison
order and Early Childhood Mental vacancy, click on Search Job List- therapy, evening walk-in hours, and is committed to attracting and sup-
Health emphasis areas. The fellows ings, select More Options to Search outreach to the college community. porting an academically and cultur-
will gain specialized training in in- For CUNY Jobs and enter the Job The fellow participates in case con- ally diverse faculty. The Psychology
terdisciplinary assessment and ev- Opening ID number. The required ference and on-going staff develop- Department currently has 12 full-
idence-based service delivery. The material, as stated on the CUNY- ment, and has the opportunity to cul- time faculty members who repre-
CDD is located in Albuquerque, first vacancy notice, for the appli- tivate an area of interest under staff sent a wide range of specialty areas.
NM, and is part of the UNM Health cation package must be uploaded as mentorship. Intensive supervision Our departmental facilities include
Sciences Center. Start date is Sep- one file in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, or provided by senior psychologists. recently renovated research areas,
tember 1, 2016 and the review of ap- text format. Incomplete applications Annual salary is $40,000 with bene- computer labs used for instruction
plications will begin immediately. will not be considered. The search fits. Applicant requirements include: and research, and smart classrooms
For additional information, contact will remain open until the position Doctorate in clinical or counsel- equipped for multi-media instruc-
Sylvia J. Acosta, Director of Post- is filled. CUNY is an Affirmative ing psychology preferred, although tion. There are college and depart-
doctoral Psychology Training, sya- Action/Equal Opportunity/IRCA/ ABD candidates will be considered. mental programs for mentoring and
costa@salud.unm.edu or visit http:// ADA Employer. Application Deadline: January 8, enhancing teaching. The college
www.cdd.unm.edu/PsychPF/index. 2016. To apply visit https://careers. also offers generous support for fac-
html for more information. PSYCHOLOGIST IINEW barnard.edu. Send letter of interest, ulty and student research, including
YORK CITY HEALTH AND curriculum vitae, three letters of rec- a junior faculty leave following a
HOSPITALS CORPORATION, ommendation. Barnard College is an successful third year review. Deni-
FAMILY COURT MENTAL Equal Opportunity Employer. son University has no graduate pro-
NEW YORK HEALTH SERVICES: Opportu- grams. Denison University is an ac-
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR nities are available for outstanding ademically rigorous liberal arts col-
EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS psychologists to join an experienced lege with an increasingly diverse
(SCHOOL OF EDUCATION): The team performing intensive court-or- OHIO campus community. It offers a com-
Department of Educational Foun- dered psychological evaluations in LECTURER IN PSYCHOLOGY: petitive salary and a comprehensive
dations and Counseling Programs a stimulating legal setting. FCMHS Ohio University Zanesville is seek- benefits package. Denison is located
in Hunter Colleges School of Edu- serves a culturally diverse popula- ing candidates for Lecturer of Psy- in the village of Granville, 30 min-
cation seeks candidates for a tenure tion of families, youths and adults chology, renewable non-tenure- utes from Columbus, OH, the state
track position in Assessment effec- through the provision of expert fo- track position available August 22, capitol, which hosts a wide range of
tive January 2016. Duties associat- rensic evaluations in child protec- 2016. Expertise in clinical psychol- cultural and artistic opportunities.
ed with this position include: engag- tive, delinquency, and domestic vi- ogy is required. Teaching may in- Granville also offers an excellent
ing in research, scholarly writing olence cases, other Family Court clude courses such as general psy- public school system and easy ac-
and grant work, teaching graduate proceedings, and onsite emergen- chology, abnormal, clinical and cess to outdoor activities. For a full
courses in our Teacher Education cies. Clinics are located in the New counseling, health, physiological description, position requirements,
and Educational Psychology pro- York City Family Courts in the bor- psychology, and other courses in and to apply, visit: employment.
grams, serving on program, depart- oughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Man- candidates specialization. PhD in denison.edu. Candidates applying
ment, school, college and university hattan, and Queens. Competitive Psychology or PsyD by the time of by December 1, 2015, are assured
committees, where appropriate, and salary and comprehensive benefits appointment (August, 2016), and full consideration. Position open
student advisement. Qualifications: package are included. Extensive in- prior college/university teaching ex- until filled. To achieve our mission
hiring rank is open at the assistant service education, training, and su- perience is required. Specialization as a liberal arts college, we contin-
professor level. All candidates must pervision are provided. Minimum in health or physiological psycholo- ually strive to foster a diverse cam-
have an earned PhD in assessment requirements include: PhD/PsyD gy preferred. Apply online at http:// pus community, which recognizes
and measurement, measurement and in Clinical Psychology; valid New w w w.o h io u n ive r sit y job s.c om / the value of all persons regardless
evaluation, educational psychology, York State license. No prior forensic postings/16521 by January 4, 2016. of religion, race, ethnicity, gender,
or an earned doctorate in a related or court experience is required, but sexual orientation, disability, or so-
field. The ideal candidate will have candidates are expected to be profi- ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF cio-economic background. Denison
a strong research agenda that relates cient in general clinical assessment, PSYCHOLOGY, DEVELOPMEN- University is an Equal Opportunity
to important questions about ap- oral presentation, and writing. In- TAL: The Department of Psychol- Employer
plied cognitive sciences, learning, patient internship is preferred and ogy at Denison University invites
teaching, and/or educational poli- bilingual ability or other special ex- applications for a tenure track posi- ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF
cy. The ideal candidate will also be pertise is welcome but not required. tion at the level of assistant profes- PSYCHOLOGY, COGNITIVE (FAC-
able to teach graduate-level assess- Candidates should apply online at sor. Candidates must have a PhD ULTY): The Department of Psychol-
ment courses in early childhood or https://employment.nychhc.org/ in developmental psychology at the ogy at Denison University invites
elementary education and gradu- careers.html (search by job # 24671) time of appointment (August, 2016). applications for a tenure track posi-
ate-level courses in educational psy- or forward a copy of curriculum vi- The successful candidate will be ex- tion at the level of assistant profes-
chology. As a public urban institu- tae with a cover letter to: Family pected to teach content and research sor. At the time of appointment (Au-
tion, we also seek candidates who Court Mental Health Services, 60 courses at the undergraduate lev- gust, 2016), candidates must have a
have a demonstrated commitment Lafayette Street, Suite 6-D, New el in development (Infancy/Child- PhD in Cognitive Psychology or in
to work in multicultural and urban York, NY 10013 or fax: 212-442- hood, adolescence, and/or adult), as Cognitive Science. Applicants with
settings. Compensation: CUNY of- 0788. An Equal Opportunity Em- well as introductory psychology, re- degrees in other areas (e.g., social
fers a competitive compensation ployer M/W/D/V. search methods (design and statis- psychology, neuroscience, develop-
and benefits package to its faculty, tics), and junior-senior level cours- mental psychology) will not be con-
covering health insurance, pension CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, PHD/ es in an area of expertise. The typi- sidered. The successful candidate
and retirement benefits, paid pa- PSYDNYS OR CT LICENSE RE- cal teaching load is five courses per will be expected to teach content
rental leave, and savings programs. QUIRED: Complement your private year. We are especially interested in and research courses at the under-
We also provide mentoring and sup- practice or primary job. Work part- candidates with expertise in cogni- graduate level in cognitive psychol-
port for research, scholarship, and time with older adults in metro NYC tive development and/or language ogy, as well as introductory psychol-
publication as part of our commit- area (the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Is- development; full consideration will ogy, research methods (design and
ment to ongoing faculty profession- land, Westchester, Putnam County be given to strong candidates in oth- statistics), and junior-senior level
al development. Compensation for or Connecticut). Quality-focused er areas of development. Research courses in an area of expertise. Can-
this position falls within the fol- treatment, collegial atmosphere, re- facilities include a lab suite for use didates should have research and


Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 87 11/18/15 11:57 AM


teaching emphases in human cogni- Kashikar-Zuck@cchmc.org) has one studies of the relationship of adher- or CPA-accredited internship. At the
tion that can complement the current position to work on an NIH-funded ence to clinical outcomes and clin- time of the application, applicants
research and curricular offerings in study on behavioral and exercise- ical trials to promote treatment ad- should be on-track to reach those
our department. The typical teach- based treatment of adolescents with herence and health outcomes for milestones. Applications will be
ing load is 5 courses per year. We juvenile fibromyalgia syndrome. a range of chronic conditions. See reviewed as they are received un-
seek applications that reveal candi- Fellows will participate as a study http://www.cincinnatichildrens. til January 4, 2016. For more infor-
dates with a commitment to excel- therapist delivering manualized org/research/project/adherence/ for mation on about the neuropsychol-
lence, and/or evidence of success, cognitive-behavioral group therapy, more information about the Cen- ogy fellowship and a list of needed
in teaching, a clear motivation to assist with coordination of the study ter for Adherence and Self-Man- application materials, see the link
mentor undergraduates in a liberal and manuscript preparation. Some agement. The Wellness Center in to our brochure at www.cincinnati
arts setting, the potential to develop travel will be required to deliver the the Cancer and Blood Diseases In- childrens.org/education/clinical/
a productive cognitive psychology treatment protocol at collaborating stitute (Director: Ahna Pai, PhD; fellowship/beh-med/curriculum/.
research program that involves un- sites. Fellows will also participate in ahna.pai@cchmc.org) has one open To submit an application or for more
dergraduates, and a commitment to related research projects on the topic fellowship that is focused on pro- information about how to apply,
contribute actively to the growth of of pediatric chronic pain in collab- spective and intervention studies in contact: Postdoc Training Commit-
the department and college. Denison oration with researchers at the Pain oncology, bone marrow transplant tee, c/o Vicky Sanders, Division of
is committed to attracting and sup- Center and Divisions of Rheumatol- and hematology populations. Appli- Behavioral Medicine and Clinical
porting an academically and cultur- ogy and Sports Medicine. Projects cants to any of the above positions Psychology, Cincinnati Childrens
ally diverse faculty. The psychology include validation of pediatric pain must have a doctoral degree from Hospital Medical Center, 3333 Bur-
department currently has 12 full- assessment instruments, assessment an APA-accredited program, com- net Avenue, MLC 3015, Cincinna-
time faculty members who repre- of physical activity and quantitative pleted an APA-accredited intern- ti, OH 45229-3039 or e-mail Vicky.
sent a wide range of specialty areas. sensory testing of pain. Clinical op- ship, and defended their disserta- Sanders@cchmc.org. For specif-
Departmental facilities include re- portunities at the multidisciplinary tion prior to beginning the fellow- ic inquiries about the fellowship
search areas, computer labs used for Pain Service are also available and ship. Visit our website for fellowship please contact Dean.Beebe@cchmc.
instruction and research, and smart include training in outpatient and in- information and application forms: org. You can also visit our website
classrooms equipped for multimedia patient cognitive-behavioral therapy http://www.cincinnatichildrens. at www.cincinnatichildrens.org/
instruction. There are college and for pain management and biofeed- org/education/clinical/fellowship/ ed/clinical/fellow/psychology/ for
departmental programs for mentor- back. The Center for Child Behavior beh-med/default/. Questions may be more information about the multiple
ing and enhancing teaching. The and Nutrition Research and Train- addressed via the directors for spe- postdoctoral programs within our
college also offers generous support ing (Co-directors: Scott W. Powers, cific positions as noted above, or for Division.
for faculty and student research, in- PhD, ABPP; scott.powers@cchmc. more general assistance, applicants
cluding a junior faculty leave follow- org and Meg H. Zeller, PhD, meg. may contact the Psychology Fellow- POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS
ing a successful third year review. zeller@cchmc.org) has two open fel- ship Coordinator (Vicky Sanders, IN DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILI-
Denison University has no graduate lowship positions funded by a NIH- vicky.sanders@cchmc.org) or the TIES AND AUTISM SPECTRUM
programs. Denison University is an NIDDK T32 training grant. Fellows Director of Psychology Fellowship DISORDERS: Cincinnati Childrens
academically rigorous liberal arts in this program engage in special- Training (meg.zeller@cchmc.org) Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC)
college with an increasingly diverse ized training in research targeting Applications should be addressed to: announces the availability of sever-
campus community. It offers a com- the improvement of outcomes for Postdoctoral Training Committee, al postdoctoral fellowships in De-
petitive salary and a comprehensive youth with chronic medical condi- c/o Vicky Sanders, Division of Be- velopmental Disabilities and Au-
benefits package. Denison is located tions for which nutrition manage- havioral Medicine and Clinical Psy- tism Spectrum Disorders. CCHMC
in the village of Granville, 30 min- ment and/or dietary change are key chology, Cincinnati Childrens Hos- is one of the largest childrens hos-
utes from Columbus, OH, the state components of care (e.g., obesity, pital Medical Center, 3333 Burnet pitals in the country with a reputa-
capitol, which hosts a wide range of cystic fibrosis). Through mentored Avenue, MLC-3015, Cincinnati, OH tion for excellence and innovation
cultural and artistic opportunities. experiences with NIH-funded fac- 45229-3039. The application dead- in clinical care, teaching, and re-
Granville also offers an excellent ulty, the fellow will gain experience line is Monday, January 4, 2016. search. The Division of Develop-
public school system and easy ac- in study design and execution (ran- mental and Behavioral Pediatrics
cess to outdoor activities. For a full domized clinical trials and/or ob- POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP (DDBP) is offering two open (one-
description, position requirements, servational longitudinal outcome IN CLINICAL NEUROPSYCHOL- year) fellowship positions which
and to apply, visit: employment. studies), manuscript writing, and OGY: Cincinnati Childrens Hospi- focus on the evaluation and treat-
denison.edu. Candidates applying grant preparation. Additional men- tal Medical Center (CCHMC) an- ment of infants, children, and ado-
by December 1, 2015, are assured torship is provided through team nounces the availability of a Post- lescents (and their families) who
full consideration. Position open collaborations with affiliated T32 doctoral Fellowship in Clinical present with a variety of neurode-
until filled. To achieve our mission faculty in pediatric subspecialties Neuropsychology. CCHMC is one velopmental disabilities and chron-
as a liberal arts college, we contin- (e.g., endocrinology, gastroenterol- of the largest childrens hospitals in ic handicapping conditions within
ually strive to foster a diverse cam- ogy, surgery, pulmonary medicine), the country with a reputation for ex- an interdisciplinary, outpatient set-
pus community, which recognizes as well as nutrition and basic sci- cellence and innovation in clinical ting (Director: Rebekah Ridgeway,
the value of all persons regardless ence. Applicants with specific inter- care, teaching, and research. The Di- PsyD; Rebekah.Ridgeway@cchmc.
of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, ests in severe pediatric obesity, in- vision of Behavioral Medicine and org). Conditions may include de-
sexual orientation, disability, or so- cluding bariatric surgery outcomes Clinical Psychology is offering one velopmental delay, Autism, ADHD,
cio-economic background. Denison (meg.zeller@cchmc.org) and obe- two-year fellowship in Neuropsy- discipline and behavioral problems,
University is an Equal Opportunity sity prevention in children 0 to 24 chology (Neuropsychology Training and intellectual and learning dis-
Employer. months (lori.stark@cchmc.org) are Director: Dean Beebe, PhD, ABPP) abilities. At least one of the fellow-
encouraged to apply. The Center for that conforms to the guidelines of ships may be predominately in The
POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS Adherence and Self-Management the Association of Postdoctoral Pro- Kelly OLeary Center (TKOC) for
IN PEDIATRIC PSYCHOLOGY: has three open fellowship positions grams in Clinical Neuropsychology Autism Spectrum Disorders. Both
Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Med- funded by a NIH-NICHD T32 train- (APPCN). Fellows receive clinical positions are primarily clinical with
ical Center (CCHMC) announces ing grant (Director: Kevin Hommel, training with diverse neurologic and the option of some research train-
the availability of seven Postdoctor- PhD; kevin.hommel@cchmc.org) in medical populations, participate in ing. The positions are assessment
al Fellowships in Pediatric Psychol- treatment adherence research and a variety of didactic activities, and focused with several elective rota-
ogy. CCHMC is one of the largest involves all Center faculty. These contribute to ongoing research pro- tion possibilities from which to se-
childrens hospitals in the country positions afford extensive opportu- grams. This primarily pediatric ex- lect, including short-term behavior
with a reputation for excellence and nities in multidisciplinary research perience is supplemented by a minor treatment, early intensive behavior
innovation in clinical care, teaching, with faculty in clinical psychology, rotation with adults. We use an ap- intervention, community consulta-
and research. Fellowships in pediat- pediatrics, and biostatistics. Pro- prenticeship model focused on ac- tion, and Parent-Child Interaction
ric psychology within the Division gram fellows will have opportunities tive mentoring, career development, Therapy. The Division of Develop-
of Behavioral Medicine and Clini- to conduct research in the following professional role identity, and de- mental and Behavioral Pediatrics
cal Psychology are typically two- areas: measurement of adherence to velopment of skills in clinical care and the Division of Child and Ado-
year positions focused on clinical treatment including electronic mon- and research. Prior to beginning the lescent Psychiatry are offering one
research and patient care within a itoring, behavioral and pharmaco- fellowship, applicants must have a open (one-year) psychology clini-
hospital setting. The Pediatric Pain logical approaches, statistical meth- doctoral degree from an APA- or cal fellowship position. The fellow
Research Program (Director: Sus- ods, including predictive models of CPA-accredited program, including will spend 50% of training in the
mita Kashikar-Zuck, PhD; Susmita. influence on adherence to treatment, a completed dissertation and APA- inpatient developmental psychiatry


Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 88 11/18/15 11:57 AM

acute stabilization program within accredited internship, and defended their dissertation prior to beginning ship Training, Meg H. Zeller, PhD
the Division of Child and Adoles- their dissertation prior to beginning the fellowship. Visit our website for (meg.zeller@cchmc.org) Applica-
cent Psychiatry serving children and the fellowship. The DDBP fellow- fellowship information and applica- tions should be addressed to: Post-
adolescents dually diagnosed with ship program is part of a larger net- tion forms: http://www.cincinnati doctoral Training Committee, c/o
developmental disabilities and men- work of clinical and research fel- childrens.org/education/clinical/ Vicky Sanders, Division of Behav-
tal health disorders (Director: Re- lowships in psychology at CCHMC fellowship/beh-med/default/. Ques- ioral Medicine and Clinical Psy-
bekah Ridgeway, PsyD; Rebekah. (Director of Psychology Fellow- tions about the specific fellowship chology, Cincinnati Childrens Hos-
Ridgeway@cchmc.org). The fellow ship Training: Meg H. Zeller, PhD). may be addressed to Dr. Matthews. pital Medical Center, 3333 Burnet
will be actively involved in the be- Visit our website for fellowship in- For more general assistance, ap- Avenue, MLC-3015, Cincinnati, OH
havioral assessment, development formation and application forms: plicants may contact the Psycholo- 45229-3039. The application dead-
and implementation of individual- http://www.cincinnatichildrens. gy Fellowship Coordinator (Vicky line is Monday, January 4, 2016.
ized treatment programs to treat se- org/education/clinical/fellowship/ Sanders, vicky.sanders@cchmc.org)
vere problem behavior, parent and beh-med/default/. Questions about or the Director of Psychology Fel-
caregiver training, as well as par- the DDBP fellowship program lowship Training, Meg H. Zeller,
ticipation in daily interdisciplinary should be directed to Dr. Ridge- PhD (meg.zeller@cchmc.org) Ap- OKLAHOMA
rounds and family meetings. This way. For more general assistance re- plications should be addressed to: AUTISM POSTDOCTOR-
training offers fellows the opportu- garding the CCHMC fellowship ap- Postdoctoral Training Committee, AL FELLOWSHIPS: Summer/
nity to experience a broad range of plication process, contact the Psy- c/o Vicky Sanders, Division of Be- fall 2016 autism immersion post-
experiential learning from a multi- chology Fellowship Coordinator havioral Medicine and Clinical Psy- docs. ADOS-2 training, with PCIT
disciplinary team who cares for (Vicky Sanders, vicky.sanders@ chology, Cincinnati Childrens Hos- certification option. $40,000 sal-
complex children with the goal of cchmc.org). Applications should be pital Medical Center, 3333 Burnet ary, medical/den tal, 401k. Poten-
developing entry-level profession- addressed to: Postdoctoral Train- Avenue, MLC-3015, Cincinnati, OH tial to join multi-specialty autism
als with a broad skill and knowl- ing Committee, c/o Vicky Sanders, 45229-3039. The application dead- center staff, mak ing $100,000/
edge base to treat a range of severe 3333 Burnet Avenue, BMCP MLC- line is Monday, January 4, 2016. year. Send curriculum vitae to:
behavior challenges in children with 3015, Cincinnati Childrens Hospi- Dr.Ward@yahoo.com. www.Moore
developmental disabilities. The fel- tal Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP CounselingCenter.com.
low will also spend 50% of train- 45229-3039. The application dead- WITHIN THE DIVISION OF PHYS-
ing within the Division of Develop- line is Monday, January 4, 2016. ICAL MEDICINE AND REHABIL-
mental and Behavioral Pediatrics in ITATION: Cincinnati Childrens
his or her chosen elective rotation. POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) OREGON
Fellows will serve as a member of IN EATING DISORDERS TREAT- Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow- ASSISTANT PROFESSOREN-
a multidisciplinary team that con- MENT AND RESEARCH: The Di- ship Program announces the avail- GINEERING PSYCHOLOGY: The
sists of developmental pediatricians, vision of Adolescent Medicine and ability of one postdoctoral fellow- School of Psychological Science at
psychiatrists, psychologists, speech- the Division of Behavioral Medi- ship within the Traumatic Brain In- Oregon State University, located in
language pathologists, occupation- cine & Clinical Psychology (BMCP) jury (TBI) Research Center within Corvallis, OR, is accepting applica-
al therapists, physical therapists, at Cincinnati Childrens Hospi- the Division of Physical Medicine tions for a full-time, 9-month, ten-
and social work. Elective opportu- tal Medical Center (CCHMC) an- and Rehabilitation. CCHMC is one ure-track position in Engineering
nities available include diagnostic nounces the availability of a post- of the largest childrens hospitals in Psychology. This position is at the
assessment, Parent-Child Interac- doctoral fellowship in Eating Dis- the country with a reputation for ex- assistant professor level, although
tion Therapy, or short term behav- orders Treatment and Research. cellence and innovation in clinical more senior applicants will also be
ior treatment (behavior modifica- Successful candidates for this fel- care, teaching, and research. This considered. The position will be ef-
tion, social skills training, skill ac- lowship will have evidence-based 12 year fellowship in the TBI Re- fective fall 2016. The candidate is
quisition, and anxiety management). clinical experience in child and ad- search Center, directed by Shari expected to have a PhD in Psychol-
The Division of Developmental and olescent psychology. They should Wade, PhD (shari.wade@cchmc. ogy or closely related field by start
Behavioral Pediatrics in collabora- have experience conducting re- org), provides training opportuni- date of employment, establish/con-
tion with the Division of Child and search and have strong interests in ties through work on multiple NIH, tinue a strong and productive re-
Adolescent Psychiatry is also of- ultimately pursuing a career spe- DOE, and PCORI funded studies of search program, demonstrate evi-
fering one open (one-year) clini- cializing in the field of pediatric eat- TBI, including prospective follow- dence of, or potential for, excellence
cal research psychology fellowship ing disorders. CCHMC ranks third up studies and numerous interven- in teaching, and to contribute to the
position. This position is available in the nation among all Honor Roll tion studies focusing on prevent- advising and student mentoring pro-
in the autism and related disorders hospitals in U.S. News and World ing post-concussive syndrome, im- cess. Preference will be given to
clinical research lab of Dr. Craig Reports 20132014 Best Childrens proving outcomes in young children candidates who exhibit a demonstra-
Erickson (http://www.cincinnati Hospitals ranking. It is internation- with TBI, and facilitating participa- ble commitment to promoting and
childrens.org/research/divisions/ ally recognized for improving child tion and functional outcomes in ad- enhancing diversity. Applicants will
p/psychiatry/labs/erickson-wink/ health and transforming delivery of olescents with TBI. Training will be be expected to teach one or more of
default/). This lab focuses primar- care through fully integrated, glob- provided through an apprenticeship the following courses: Introductory
ily on research related to Autism ally recognized research, education model incorporating active mentor- Psychology, Engineering Psychol-
Spectrum Disorders, Fragile X Syn- and innovation. The fellow will pro- ing, career development, profession- ogy, Research Methods, as well as
drome, and Angelman Syndrome. vide clinical services on a continu- al role identity, and development of any other courses within their own
The position is one year and pri- um of care, including inpatient med- skills in clinical research and care areas of interest. For further in-
marily clinical research with the op- ical and outpatient treatment, with a that ensures success as a scientist- formation and to apply visit http://
tion of some clinical training (Di- focus on family-based interventions practitioner. It is anticipated that at oregonstate.edu/jobs.html. Refer-
rector: Rebekah Ridgeway, PsyD; for eating disorders. They will gain least 80% time would be devoted to ence posting #0016070. For full
Rebekah.Ridgeway@cchmc.org). experience in complementary clini- research activities. Questions about consideration applications should
The fellow will serve as a mem- cal areas, including obsessive com- the specific fellowship should be ad- be received by December 30, 2015.
ber of a multidisciplinary research pulsive disorder, feeding disorders, dressed to Dr. Wade. Applicants to OSU is an Affirmative Action/
team including child psychiatrists, transgender clinic, and hospital- the CCHMC Psychology Fellowship Equal Opportunity Employer.
a licensed psychologist, a research wide consultation/liaison services. Program must have a doctoral de-
nurse, and research coordinators. The fellow will also have 20% pro- gree from an APA-accredited pro- ASSOCIATE/FULL PROFESSOR
Training will be provided in diag- tected research time to work on col- gram, completed an APA-accred- IN PSYCHIATRY, VICE CHAIR
nostic testing for autism spectrum laborative projects and, ultimately, ited internship, and defended their OF RESEARCH POSITION: Or-
disorders, cognitive assessment for an independent project. The fellows dissertation prior to beginning the egon Health & Science Universi-
a wide range of functioning levels, primary supervisor will be Abigail fellowship. Visit our website for fel- ty (OHSU) is seeking applicants for
eye tracking paradigm adminis- Matthews, PhD (Associate Director, lowship information and applica- Vice Chair of Research (VCR) in the
tration, and any other assessments Eating Disorders Program; abigail. tion forms: http://www.cincinnati Department of Psychiatry. The de-
deemed appropriate for the studies matthews@cchmc.org). The antici- childrens.org/education/clinical/ partment brings in over $20 million/
being conducted. Research training pated start date for fellowship will fellowship/beh-med/default/. For year in research funding, has strong
will take place in both outpatient fall between July 1 and September more general assistance, applicants partnerships with basic science de-
and inpatient settings. Applicants 1, 2016. Applicants must have a doc- may contact the Psychology Fel- partments, and has nation-leading re-
for all positions must have a doc- toral degree from an APA-accredit- lowship Coordinator (Vicky Sand- search programs. The department is
toral degree from an APA-accred- ed program, completed an APA-ac- ers, vicky.sanders@cchmc.org) or building around a strategic plan in
ited program, completed an APA- credited internship, and defended the Director of Psychology Fellow- research, with priority areas in neu-


Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 89 11/18/15 11:57 AM


rodevelopment, addiction, treatment cialty treatment program. Dead- applications will begin immedi- an academically and culturally di-
outcomes, and trauma/PTSD. We line: January 18, 2016. For a com- ately and continue until the po- verse community of exceptional
are seeking applications at the asso- plete description and application sition is filled. Campus security faculty. Vanderbilt encourages and
ciate or full professor level. Appli- information, go to: tiny.cc/anxiety crime statistics: For more about facilitates collaboration across de-
cants must have an actively funded, postdoc. safety at Penn State, and to review partments and schools. Outstand-
nationally recognized program of re- the Annual Security Report which ing institutional resources support-
search, an MD or PhD in a relevant contains information about crime ing research include the Academic
discipline, an established record of statistics and other safety and se- Computing Center for Research &
grant support, and a strong publica- PENNSYLVANIA curity matters, refer to http://www. Education, Center for Cognitive &
tion record. We are particularly in- ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF police.psu.edu/clery/, which will Integrative Neuroscience, Vander-
terested in applicants whose inter- PSYCHOLOGY: Penn State Har- also provide you with detail on how bilt Brain Institute, Vanderbilt Eye
ests are consistent with the depart- risburg, School of Behavioral Sci- to request a hard copy of the An- Institute, Vanderbilt Genetics Insti-
mental strategic plan and who have ences and Education, invites ap- nual Security Report. Penn State is tute, Vanderbilt Institute of Imag-
strong administrative experience. plications for a tenure-track ap- an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative ing Science, Vanderbilt Institute for
The VCR will provide leadership to pointment as assistant professor of Action Employer, and is committed Integrative Biosystems Research &
maintain and expand the breadth and psychology to begin August 2016. to providing employment opportu- Education, Vanderbilt Institute of
depth of the departments research A PhD in clinical psychology and nities to minorities, women, veter- Nanoscale Science & Engineering,
portfolio, including oversight of re- licensure or license eligibility as a ans, disabled individuals, and other Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and the
search hires, and will participate in psychologist are expected. An ac- protected groups. Vanderbilt Vision Research Cen-
cross-departmental meetings about tive program of research with po- ter. The candidate will have oppor-
research. The VCR will also identi- tential for external funding is re- PSYCHOLOGY FACULTY MEM- tunities to teach and supervise stu-
fy scholarly and academic develop- quired. Preference will be given BER (RANK OPEN): Kings Col- dents in our excellent undergraduate
ment opportunities for junior faculty to candidates with clinical devel- lege, Wilkes-Barre, PA, seeks a and graduate programs in neurosci-
and trainees, strengthen existing re- opmental sub-specialties or relat- Psychology faculty member (rank ence and psychological science. The
search partnerships, foster an extend- ed areas. The successful candi- open); tenure-track; begins August neuroscience graduate program at
ed network of collaborations, and date will teach graduate and un- 2016. Primary teaching duties for Vanderbilt includes faculty from a
alongside the Chair, monitor quality dergraduate courses, maintain an the experimental psychologist are broad range of departments (https://
and financial and operating perfor- active research agenda, guide stu- courses in Biological Psychology. medschool.vanderbilt.edu /brain-
mance of the departments research dent research, and provide service. Other areas could include cogni- institute/). Applicants should sub-
enterprise. Apply online at: http:// Teaching responsibilities will in- tion or cognitive neuroscience, re- mit a cover letter, curriculum vitae,
www.ohsu.edu/xd/about/services/ clude undergraduate and graduate search methods, statistics and ar- research and teaching statements, up
human-resources/. courses in research methods, de- eas of special interest. The suc- to three relevant publications, and ar-
velopmental psychology, and oth- cessful candidate will support the range for three letters of recommen-
CLINICAL/RESEARCH POST- er clinical courses related to ones Holy Cross mission and Catholic dation to be sent to https://academic
DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP IN area of specialization. Applicants identity of the College. Require- jobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/6120. The
ACT AND SHAME/SELF-COM- must have excellence in research ments: earned doctorate in Psyc or search will remain open until the
PASSION RESEARCH: Postdoc- and teaching, along with a commit- Neuropsyc and college level teach- position has been filled; applicants
toral fellowship at Portland Psycho- ment to integrity, diversity, collab- ing experience. ABDs considered are urged to submit their materials
therapy Clinic, Research & Train- oration, and professional service. if all requirements for doctorate at their earliest convenience. Infor-
ing Center, PC. 2050% of fellows The psychology program offers a will be completed by August 1. mal inquiries may be sent via e-mail
time is spent on research on shame BS in psychology and two grad- There is an expectation of being to vivien.casagrande@vanderbilt.
and self-compassion and the rest on uate degrees leading to the MA, actively involved in the College edu. Vanderbilt is an Affirmative
clinical work & training in ACT. Applied Psychological Research community outside of the class- Action/Equal Opportunity Employ-
Deadline: January 18, 2016. For and Applied Clinical Psychology, room. Send one .pdf file contain- er and particularly encourages ap-
a complete description & applica- which may result in licensure as a ing a letter of interest, curriculum plications from minorities, women,
tion information, go to: http://tiny. Masters level therapist. Penn State vitae, three professional reference and members of other underrepre-
cc/postdoc. Harrisburg, with an enrollment of letters, evidence of teaching effec- sented groups.
approximately 4,500 students, is tiveness, & statements of teaching
CLINICAL POSTDOCTORAL FEL- located in Middletown, PA. The philosophy & research interests to
LOWSHIP ANXIETY DISORDERS: college is easily accessible via in- hrjobs@kings.edu by December
Postdoctoral fellowship at Portland terstate and rail routes from Bal- 31, 2015. Late applications may TEXAS
Psychotherapy Clinic, Research & timore, Philadelphia, Washington, be considered as the position will LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST:
Training Center, PC. Fellow works DC, and New York. The College be open until filled. Only complete Great Oaks Counseling Center is a
as part of anxiety disorders spe- offers students the opportunity to applications will be reviewed. thriving group private practice in
earn baccalaureate degrees in thir- the Austin area seeking full-time
ty academic majors. As a gradu- licensed psychologists. Immedi-
PSYCHOLOGIST ate center, the college offers twen-
ate openings for specialization with
ty-two masters degrees and three adults and couples/marital therapy.
Western Mental Health Institute doctoral degree programs. The TENURED ASSOCIATE PROFES- Send curriculum vitae to Dr. Barnes
college is located near the Penn SOR OR TENURE-TRACK AS- at ashleydbarnes@gmail.com; (512)
located in Bolivar, TN, has
State Milton S. Hershey Medical SISTANT PROFESSOR OF NEU- 807-8457.
an opening for a full-time Center, which facilitates collab- R O S C I E N C E VA N D E R B I LT
H.C.P. licensed Psychologist orative research opportunities. To UNIVERSITY: The Department of FULLY LICENSED NEUROPSY-
at an inpatient mental health learn more about the College and Psychology, College of Arts and Sci- CHOLOGIST, PSYCHOLOGIST,
facility located 55 miles the School, visit http://harrisburg. ence, invites applications for a fac- PROVISIONALLY LICENSED
east of Memphis. We offer
psu.edu or http://harrisburg. ulty position in neuroscience at the PSYCHOLOGIST, LCSW, LPC:
psu.edu/behavioral-sciences-and- assistant (tenure-track) or the asso- The Ludden Group, P.C. has over 25
competitive salaries, group education. Applicants should sub- ciate (tenured) professor level. We years of experience and is a Chris-
health insurance, CE time, mit a letter of application, curricu- seek applicants with innovative re- tian Psychology and Counseling
11 paid holidays, monthly lum vitae, copies of graduate tran- search programs that address fun- Group Private Practice of indepen-
leave accrual, & deferred scripts, statement of teaching and damental questions at the interface dent contractors. Psychological as-
compensation plans. research interests, and samples of of psychology and neuroscience us- sessments, office and nursing home
recently published work to http:// ing nonhuman primate models. We testing and psychotherapy; Rock-
psu.jobs, job number 59965. Addi- particularly welcome applications wall, Dallas, Texas area. We are
For more information, contact tionally, three confidential written from scientists who utilize cutting- seeking students/interns that are
Josh Carter at 731-228-2032, letters of reference should be sent edge methodologies with poten- on a psychology/counseling career
fax resume to 731-658-2136 or directly to Attention: Assistant tial translational implications that path. Part-time and full-time po-
e-mail to josh.carter@tn.gov. Professor of Psychology Search complement existing programs of sitions available. Salaries are on a
Committee, Penn State Harris- research at Vanderbilt in cognitive, contract basis. Apply by faxing your
burg, School of Behavioral Scienc- behavioral, and systems neurosci- curriculum vitae to (972) 771-4505
WMHI is an EOE es and Education, W319 Olmsted, ence. Vanderbilt University is com- or e-mail lindaluddensivils@gmail.
Middletown, PA 17057. Review of mitted to recruiting and retaining com.


Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 90 11/18/15 11:57 AM

PSYCHOLOGY POSTDOCTOR- Maria Kanakos at mkanakos@ be certified within two years. Can- with three adult and two pediat-
AL FELLOWSHIP: Announc- familyfirstva.com. didates must also be eligible for li- ric neuropsychologists. This posi-
ing two postdoctoral fellowships censure in Wisconsin and inclusion tion involves conducting neuropsy-
in Clinical Psychology at Scott & in the National Register. Madison, chological assessments, as well as
White Healthcare, Temple, TX, for population 200,000, consistent- consulting with primary care and
2016-2017. Track 1 with emphasis WISCONSIN ly ranks as one of the top plac- specialty care medical staff and
on End-of-Life Care, Grief & Be- ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR es in the country to live, work, go community agencies. The require-
reavement; Track 2 with emphasis UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN to school, play and raise a fami- ments for this position are a PhD in
on Health Psychology. Starts Au- SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AND ly. Home to the State Capitol and neuropsychology with board cer-
gust 29, 2016. Practitioner-scholar PUBLIC HEALTH, UW-CENTER University of Wisconsin, Madison tification, or eligibility to be certi-
model with research opportunities. FOR TOBACCO RESEARCH AND offers residents a stimulating civ- fied within two years. Candidates
Requires doctorate from APA- or INTERVENTION: Tenure track, re- ic, political and educational envi- must also be eligible for licensure
CPA-accredited graduate program, search-focused position in smoking ronment. Boasting an outstanding in Wisconsin and inclusion in the
APA- or CPA-accredited intern- cessation. Applicants must have: public school system, Madison has National Register. The communi-
ship, or its substantial equivalent. current status as tenured associate 30 elementary, 12 middle and five ty: Madison, population 200,000,
$40,000 with fringes. Application or full professor at an accredited high schools. More than 180 pub- consistently ranks as one of the top
deadline February 5, 2016. Sub- US university, seven or more years lic, governmental and special li- places in the country to live, work,
mit curriculum vitae, statement of of prior directly relevant study de- braries are available for addition- go to school, play and raise a fam-
goals, three letters of recommenda- sign and leadership, at least eight al learning. There are more than ily. Home to the State Capitol and
tion, graduate program attestation, first author publications and suc- 160 churches representing 45 de- University of Wisconsin, Madison
official transcript, and two sample cessful extramural grant funding nominations, and at least 120 com- offers residents a stimulating civ-
reports (1 assessment, 1 therapy) to required. PhD in clinical psychol- munity organizations supporting ic, political and educational envi-
Program Coordinator, Tina Miller ogy and eligibility for state of Wis- a vast array of community needs. ronment. Boasting an outstanding
((254) 742-3874), timiller@sw.org. consin licensure required. Work in Residents also enjoy an endless ar- public school system, Madison has
a center devoted to smoking ces- ray of music, dance, theater, visu- 30 elementary, 12 middle and five
sation; develop protocols; over- al and literary arts, including five high schools. More than 180 pub-
see studies and analysis, indepen- museums exhibiting art, history, lic, governmental and special li-
VIRGINIA dently write and obtain grants; act and science collections. Shoppers braries are available for addition-
PROFESSOR CLINICAL PSY- as Principal Investigator on stud- and diners enjoy an eclectic mix of al learning. There are more than
CHOLOGY (RANK OPEN): The ies. Provide clinical psychologi- independent stores and restaurants 160 churches representing 45 de-
APA-accredited Doctoral Program cal services; participate in clinical celebrating cultures from around nominations, and at least 120 com-
in Clinical Psychology at Regent teaching of medical students, resi- the globe. Built around four lakes, munity organizations supporting
University (regent.edu) is hiring a dents and fellows. Send curriculum Madison satisfies outdoor enthusi- a vast array of community needs.
tenure-track faculty position. Can- vitae to: David Fraser, 1930 Mon- asts with its public parks, beaches, Residents also enjoy an endless ar-
didates with general clinical psy- roe St., Suite 200, Madison, WI and marinas. Dane County Inter- ray of music, dance, theater, visual
chology or child/pediatric psy- 53711, or dlf@ctri.wisc.edu. The national Airport provides easy ac- and literary arts, including five mu-
chology specialty are encouraged UW Madison is an Affirmative Ac- cess to Detroit, Chicago, and Min- seums exhibiting art, history, and
to apply. The position is a 9-month, tion/Equal Opportunity Employ- neapolis in minutes, making travel science collections. Shoppers and
tenure-track appointment, and the er; caregiver and open records laws easy and convenient. Driving, Chi- diners enjoy an eclectic mix of in-
salary is commensurate with qual- apply. A background check will be cago is just two hours from Mad- dependent stores and restaurants
ifications and experience. Posi- conducted prior to employment. To ison; Minneapolis about three and celebrating cultures from around
tion open until filled. The position learn more about the UW Madi- a half hours; Milwaukee about one the globe. Built around four lakes,
starting date is fall 2016. A com- son, visit: http://www.wisc.edu/ hour. Interested applicants may ap- Madison satisfies outdoor enthusi-
plete application consists of a letter employment/madison.php. ply online at www.deancare.com. asts with its public parks, beaches,
addressing the qualifications cited You may also forward your resume and marinas. Dane County Inter-
above; a curriculum vitae; a copy FACULTY PROFESSOR FOR to: Kate Kaegi, Manager of Phy- national Airport provides easy ac-
of a license to practice psychology YOUTH DEVELOPMENT IN sician Services, Dean Health Sys- cess to Detroit, Chicago, and Min-
(if licensed); and at least five pro- PROGRAM AND COMMUNITY tem, 1808 W. Beltline Hwy. Madi- neapolis in minutes, making travel
fessional references. A University CONTEXTS: Seeking an applied son, WI 53713. Phone: (608) 250- easy and convenient. Driving, Chi-
application can be found at http:// scholar with expertise in youth de- 1071. Cell: (608) 279-1254. E-mail: cago is just two hours from Madi-
www.regent.edu /admin /hr/job_ velopment in program and com- kate.kaegi@deancare.com. son; Minneapolis about three and
opportunities.cfm. Members of mi- munity contexts. 12-month tenure- a half hours; Milwaukee about one
nority and unrepresented groups track UW Madison School of Hu- CHILD NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST: hour. Interested applicants may ap-
are encouraged to apply. Qualified man Ecology: 25% in Civil Society Dean Health System, Madison, WI. ply online at www.deancare.com.
prospective employees will receive and Community studies and 75% in Dean Clinic, a large multi-special- You may also forward your resume
consideration without discrimina- UW Extension, 4-H. Applications ty, integrated healthcare delivery to: Kate Kaegi, Manager of Physi-
tion because of race, color, gender, are due December 6, 2015. Apply system is seeking a Child Neuro- cian Services, Dean Health Sys-
age, national origin, or disability. online at https://sohe.wisc.edu. Full psychologist for our Dean Clin- tem, 1808 W. Beltline Hwy., Mad-
description and application require- ic-Fish Hatchery Road location in ison, WI 53713. Phone: (608) 250-
CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, PRI- ments are listed on the UW an- Madison, Wisconsin. This full- 1071. Cell: (608) 279-1254. E-mail:
VATE PRACTICE: Private Practice nouncement at: http://go.wisc.edu/ time clinical position will work kate.kaegi@deancare.com.
seeks two Clinical Psychologists, g8s8s0.
CBT-trained with Children or Anx-
iety Disorders. Attractive salary ADULT NEUROPSYCHOLO-
GIST: Dean Health System, Mad-
and partnership. Contact Dr. Mulli-
gan at wlmulligan@cox.net. ison, WI. Dean Clinic, a large
multi-specialty, integrated health-
CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Join care delivery system, is seeking Child & Adolescent Clinical Services Director
FamilyFirst Psychological Services an Adult Neuropsychologist for Do you have heaps of C&A experience treating young people
in Vienna, VA, a well-established our Dean Clinic-Fish Hatchery with eating disorders while leading a team of mental health
and thriving private, fee-for-ser- Road location in Madison, Wis- workers in a clinical setting?
vice, group practice with attractive consin. This full-time clinical po-
compensation. Supportive, ener- sition will work with two adult and If you answered yes to the above and are a licensed clinical
getic and family-friendly environ- two pediatric neuropsychologists. psychologist, then we definitely want to hear from you. A NZ
ment. Seeking a Virginia licensed This position involves conducting competitive salary along with relocation assistance is on the
clinical psychologist who specializ- neuropsychological assessments, table for the successful candidate.
es in working with children/adoles- as well as consulting with prima- This position is part-time leadership and part-time hands-on
cents for full- or part-time position ry care and specialty care medi- therapy.
(flexible hours). Expertise in thera- cal staff and community agencies. Email a copy of your resum to larry@alignrecruitment.com as
py and assessment with children as The requirements for this position the first step in exploring the adventure of a lifetime living and
young as four years old is required. are a PhD in neuropsychology with working in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand.
Send cover letter and resume to board certification, or eligibility to


Monitor_Class_Dec15_Digital.indd 91 11/18/15 11:57 AM


OFFICE sion of supervision, both postdoc- DISSERTATION call for presentations. Deadline:
SPACE AVAILABLE toral and AAMFT. Transfer of good CONSULTING December 15, 2015.
NORWALK, CT: New office. Med- will with neurologists, family prac- DISSERTATION CONSULT-
ical building. Large soundproof tice doctors, legal, psychiatrists and ING: Statistics Solutions has been
other referral sources is available. EDITING
rooms, windows. $490 per month assisting graduate students through
includes electric, wifi. Suitable Practice has been assessed by lo- the dissertation process for over 20 DISSERTATION EDITING
psychotherapist. Five-office suite, cal bank and bank will provide fi- years. Our services include assis- SERVICES, REGENT EDIT-
quiet. Great location and parking. nances to purchase practice based tance with everything from topic ING: Get ahead with your dis-
Contact: Rishon Stember, MD: on possession of a current Utah Li- development through defense prep. sertation with our accurate edit-
rishonstember@gmail.com. cense in any of the designated ar- We have an A+ BBB rating and a ing and formatting services. Dis-
eas of mental health. Current bill- success rate of 100%. Give us a call sertation editing services start
ing is 200k plus annually but could to schedule your free consultation from $7 per page. Write to info@
PRACTICE FOR SALE be expanded to exceed 350k. Lo- regentediting.com or visit www.
with one of our experts. We look
S.W. PORTLAND, OR: 35+ years cated near Zion National Park, East forward to moving you quickly and regentediting.com.
child, family, ADHD, school prac- Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and smoothly through the dissertation
tice, with furniture, client hand- Bryce Canyon for starters. Easy process. (877) 437-8622 or www. DISSERTATION FORMATTING
outs, and tests. Will stay to transi- access to Las Vegas and regional StatisticsSolutions.com. SERVICE24X7EDITING: Hire
tion referrals. E-mail: swpsychology airports. Contact Shinedling and our dissertation formatting servic-
practice@gmail.com. Shinedling at P.O. Box 653, Santa DISSERTATION PAL: Compre- es for your APA formatted disserta-
Clara, UT 84765. hensive help and coaching is avail- tion. Visit www.24x7editing.com or
PRACTICE FOR SALE IN able for PhD, EdD, PsyD, DSW and e-mail contact@24x7editing.com.
GEORGIA: Reputable and lucra- CHARLOTTE, NC AREA: Prof- DBA candidates for concept papers,
tive private practice for sale, serv- itable 20-year-old private practice proposal and dissertation. Visit EDITING SERVICES: Editor ex-
ing children, adolescents, and fami- for sale in Rock Hill, SC, 18 min- www.dissertationpal.com. perienced in APA style and a va-
lies for more than 20 years. Practice utes from downtown Charlotte. 3 riety of topics. Can brush up your
is located 60 miles south of Atlanta hours from Myrtle Beach and 3 next journal article or help with
and only minutes from Lake West hours to mountains. Single-person CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS your new book. Patricia Rockwood:
Point and Callaway Gardens. Cur- practice that sees adults in individ- rockwoodp@gmail.com.
ual therapy. Practice has an excel- INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIA-
rent referral base includes multiple TION FOR THE STUDY OF
pediatric medicine groups and so- lent reputation and a constant refer-
ral stream from area MDs. Owner DREAMS (IASD) 33RD AN- PUBLICATIONS
cial service agencies over an eight- NUAL CONFERENCE: It All
county area. Practice includes office wants to retire and will assist with SEEKING NARRATIVE AC-
transition. Excellent referral sourc- Starts With a DreamJune 24-
building in residential setting with 28, 2016, at the Rolduc Confer- COUNTS: Peer-reviewed inter-
space for four providers. Owner will es from area MDs. Call Dr. Bill disciplinary journal seeks narrative
Wells at (803) 328-0030. ence Center, Kerkade, Netherlands
aid in transition of referrals and re- (a 12th century Abbey). Seeking accounts of practice. Visit Reflec-
ferral agencies. Interested parties proposals related to Dreams and tions website at (www.rnoph.org) or
should contact Dr. Sean McKay at NEWPORT BEACH, CA: 35 Dreaming, for Papers, Workshops, e-mail editor at Cleveland State at
(706) 845-1601. year psychological multi-specialty and Panels. Submission themes may reflections@csuohio.edu.
practice with high growth poten- focus on: Clinical, Research, Theo-
SOUTHERN UTAH: A Clinical tial. Owner moving out of area, will
Psychology, Marriage and Family ry, Arts, Education, Spiritual, PSI,
transition. Price includes furnish- Health, Mental Imagery, History STATISTICS
and Social Work Practice for sale. ings, computers, billing and testing
Sub-specialty in Neuropsychol- and Culture, and Dreamwork. Con- METHODOLOGY CONSULT-
software. Contact Juliette Beck- ference attendees can earn up to 20 ING AND DATA ANALYSIS
ogy and AAMFT supervision for er, PhD at (949) 922-2773 or vis-
MFTs and MSWs. Owners will as- CE credits. IASD is approved by the HELP: Our service includes con-
it www.Newportbeachpsychoffice. American Psychological Associa- sulting on research design, meth-
sist in transition, including provi- com for more information. tion to sponsor continuing educa- odology and statistical help us-
tion for psychologists. IASD main- ing SPSS, AMOS, STATA or
tains responsibility for the program E-Views. E-mail info@statistics
and its content. Submissions: Go to consultation.com or visit www.

asdreams.org/2016 and select the statisticsconsultation.com.

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Using Feedback in Denver, Colorado
Organizational Consulting. . 59 Western Mental Health
Institute. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90
August 47, 2016


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