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Throughout my entire life I have gained a keen interest in Science especially when I studied
physics, chemistry, integrated science, agricultural science and mathematics in my secondary
education. The knowledge I gain during this period enlighten me and reinforced my interest in
science. I began to ask myself a lot questions of which I had few answers.

When I had the opportunity to pursue a degree in BSc Agricultural Engineering, it exposed me to a
wide range of interesting courses in Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Fluid mechanics, Basic
mechanics, Applied electricity, Engineering mathematics, Renewable Energy systems and
management, Engineering Economics and management to mention but few, it provided me with
answers my childhood questions and a new perspective on the worlds energy and its utilisation.

I have developed a unique interest in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy systems
especially with the approach to the development of sustainable systems to the generation and supply
of energy which is renewable and sustainable. I also want to be conversant with the problems of
energy distribution and the constraints on present demand and distribution systems.

My ultimate goal is to work with research based group in the design and development of renewable
energy technologies with environmental sustainability which can alleviate the world especially
Africa from the constant pollution of fossil fuels, pollution and hazard associated with nuclear
energy and in so doing making the world a better place for living.

Also it is my aspiration to utilize the knowledge I will acquire in this MSc studies to improve the
energy sector of my country (Ghana) due to increasing energy problems facing this country and the
government initiative to look for new sustainable energy to augment the ever increasing demand
and meet the current energy deficit.

I am highly aware the reputation of your school, your programs and course content strengthens my
interest in enrolling in your school. Your excellent department, your computer facilities are among
the best in the world.

1 will be very grateful to be provided with admission to pursue a masters in Electrical Engineering
and Renewable Energy Systems to improve my education. I believe that being a student in your
department would not only empower my career development, but would give me the framework to
utilize my full potentials.

I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my studies at your fine institution and I look
forward to a positive reply.