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Practice Reflection worksheet

Use this worksheet to reflect on your practice; you can use more than one if you need

You do not have to submit this worksheet to College if you are selected for Practice

Describe an experience, event or change in your practice or practice

setting that was significant to you.
I got an opportunity to insert urinary catheter in one of the male
patient who had the problem of urinary retention. I studied about the What happened?
process and did my task of urinary catheterization successfully with
the proper guidance and instruction of clinical teacher. It was a great What was your
experience of utilizing nursing knowledge and skills with real patient in role?
my practice, and it was special for me because I did this job first time.

Based on what you described above, what were your strengths and what
were your areas for improvement?
Areas for
I performed the procedure of urinary catheterization successfully
without any complications, and with the help of my clinical teacher. I improvement will
need to have sound knowledge of complex nursing procedure like
inform your
urinary catheterization, and also need to increase the skills through
watching videos and doing more practice of such complex procedure. learning needs

What input have you received from your peers about your practice?
Consider asking:
Can you give me
an example of
what learning
needs might be?
Consider any
feedback you have
received from
Based on your own reflection and the input you received, what are your
learning needs?
Based on my own clinical experience and feedbacks received from What do you
clinical teacher and peers, I have identified following learning needs: need to learn to
1. To communicate and provide proper information to the patients
about the procedure. improve your
2. To be more actively participate in the discussion during practice?
conference meeting.
3. To increase initiation and leadership skills in nursing practice.

- Chet Raj Bhatt, Student Nurse, Humber College (Nurs 208)

Practice Reflection worksheet
What elements relate to your learning
Advances in technology
Change in practice environment
Entry-to-practice competencies
Interprofessional care