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Assessment 6: Peer & Self Evaluation (10%)

Instructions and Response Document

Due: Week 3 (see course outline for specific date)

The Peer & Self Evaluation is your chance to rate your performance and that of your peers for your time
working on Assessment 5: Debate Club project. You will rate your peers and they will rate you.

Please note the following:

All group member ratings are averaged to form your grade for this assessment

If you want to receive full marks, be a productive team member

Receiving a score of zero for the Peer & Self Evaluation may result in you also receiving a zero
for your group assessment

Submissions are confidential (no team member can see how another member scored their


1. Complete this assessment only after your group work is submitted.

2. Download and save this file to your computer.

3. Locate and open the file.

4. List your name and the names of each team member in the Peer & Self Evaluation Response
Chart (see the next page).

5. Consider the following factors for each team member's performance (including yourself):

Critical thinking
Quality of contribution
Contributions to the team
Helping other team members learning

6. Individually rate your performance and theirs from 0 - 5 according to the scale below.

0 Did not participate

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1 Very poor
2 Poor
3 Satisfactory
4 Great
5 Excellent

7. Explain each rating (including your own) in the Comments column and include examples.

For example, instead of writing that a team member showed a lack of commitment, mention that
they showed up late for meetings and/or did not participate in editing the final draft.

8. When finished filling out the chart, save and upload your file to the Assessment 6: Peer & Self
Evaluation Dropbox.

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Peer & Self Evaluation Response Chart

Fill out the chart according to the instructions above.

Team Member Rating

Names (0 - 5)

I honestly had some ideas, but I couldnt put them together due to
Jose Escudero 1 personal problems. However, I read what my peers posted and
learned more from their perspectives.

Ninette, just like Eric, carried the group by working together.

Ninette Chinn 5

Owain seemed to be absent, I think there was a reason for this, Im

Owain Jones 1
not completely sure though.

Eric showed a lot of enthusiasm, and contributed a lot throughout

Eric St-Hilaire 5
the making of the assignment.

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