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oo Hewlett Packard HPE Support Center Enterprise HPE Prol Ti int DL380 Gen9 Server - SAS Expander Cabling : HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 Server - SAS Expander Cabling Object Name: mmr_kc-0124147 Document Type: Suppart information inal owner: KCS - ProLiant Servers Disclosure level Puc Version state: final Environment Pact: aP: cond server Questions/Symptoms conn: ander Cabling oan: 38: ond SAS Expander Cabling Cause Answer!Solution 2 SEF in the rear and 2 controller PS40ar Bay 2 front dvive cages (Bay 3 12 primary wh: Por? Tor Smart Array Controller Primary PCI Riser Cage (777283-001) SAS Expander Card tion pare standard primary #Cl visor by bon ccabeling: Accay Controller to SAS Expander card [Controller to SAS Expander 1 [Bescription Pore Teo Fore 1 Pore Dee For 2 Pore Ico torea Tana ® cane SAS expander card to SFP drive cages [ons Expander srr prive Bay fixie: _[Pescrtption a= fe wa wind -GAs able port 3 pore & hh srr nay 1 Port 1 @ SEF Ray 1 Port 2 Pore S bore @ bere Tp SFP Bay Ton bay Doct 28 GF bay 2 bore If Perec pore 8 b srr Roar Ba al Media bay SAS Expander card to LIP drive cages (Eas expander DFP Drive may ]Fare wunber pescription [fore 2 pore @ [ia usr pore 12 uF Pore > |fer7sv6-00: Jp at [Fores fats tore [fee ains \Esre [SFE Rear Bay career More Information: ‘© coprah 2017 Hew Porat Onvtpment Company LP