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McKenna Pierson

Philosophy of Education

A famous quote from Benjamin Franklin states, Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I

may remember, Involve me and I learn. My philosophy is that in every classroom

students should participate and grow with their learning. An educator should engage

students in participation of their learning whether in structured group discussion, Think-

Pair-Share activities, or individual brainstorming. Charles C. Bonwell defines active

learners as students who are involved in more than passive listening, engage in activities,

and are integrating higher order thinking. I believe that the best learning comes from the

involvement of each student. Active learning lets students express their own knowledge

and experiences to a new schema.

Within how we teach and promote active learning, differentiation is closely aligned. In

my classroom I plan to use centers in my curriculum to provide differentiated instruction

by allowing students to work at their pace and ability level. I believe students of all

varied abilities will attain the skills, knowledge, and work habits to be independent

learners in a classroom when active learning.

Each student is provided with strategies to problem solve throughout their learning. With

these strategies we can modify to our below level students who need the stepping stones

for growth, the on level students who are using and applying strategies, and the above

level students who need enriched and stretched in their learning. Teaching must be in

accordance with your students stage of development. Therefore pedagogy practices must

be presented in strategies best suited for your students.

I believe that students will give their best if they know and feel loved and supported. I

want my students to know that my job is to help them grow and theirs is to always do

their best. Building a heart-felt rapport with students the first weeks in your classroom

with set the tone for how they respond to positive reinforcement and consequences. For

six hours each day students spend their time in the classroom. In the time I want to be a

mother. A parent is defined as a caretaker, bumps and bruises, good days and bad days,

students should feel save and comforted. Consequences will come but must follow with

positive reinforcement and exposure to what is expected.

My education derives from a diverse area in southern Ohio full of culture and diversity.

In my education at Mount Union I have been given an opportunity to work hands on in

both a rural education system and an urban education system only a few miles apart. This

gives me an upper hand in how culture and diversity can change and the best ways to

embrace it no matter where it takes you. In any district there is a reason to celebrate and

expand our learning on culture around the world. Having this background I feel prepares

me to succeed and support the learning around me in any environment, as well as use my

experiences in my teaching to promote learning with diversity.