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constructive solutions

Concrete Repair Systems

Cement based repair mortars and concretes

Renderoc TGxtra Shrinkage controlled, cementitious vertical and overhead repair

mortar system
Renderoc SPxtra Shrinkage controlled, repair mortar system designed for wet or dry
spray application
Renderoc Sxtra Shrinkage controlled, structural grade repair mortar system
Renderoc RSxtra Rapid setting, polymer modified, repair concrete
Renderoc LAxtra Shrinkage controlled, fluid micro-concrete for structural repairs
Renderoc HSxtra Shrinkage controlled, high specification repair mortar system
Renderoc FCxtra Single component polymer modified cementitious pinhole filler,
fairing coat and cosmetic mortar
Renderoc FC Single component polymer modified cementitious fairing coat
Renderoc Plug Rapid setting mortar for leak plugging in running water
Renderoc Putty Single component fine quality putty of polymer, fine graded filler
and biocides, for good stability
Renderoc LA Single component free flowing low alkali micro concrete
Renderoc TG Single component medium- weight concrete and masonry
reinstatement mortar for use in hot climates
Renderoc S Single component structural grade polymer modified concrete
reinstatement mortar
Renderoc HF High performance non-shrink cementitious micro-concrete
Patchroc GP Fast-setting emergency patching mortar for concrete pavements
and floors
Patchroc RSP Rapid-setting patch repair concrete for pavements and floors

Resin based repair mortars and compounds

Nitomortar B High strength bearing epoxy mortar

Nitomortar HB High build epoxy mortar
Nitomortar FC Epoxy resin fairing coat and filler
Nitomortar S High strength, abrasion - resistant epoxy reinstatement mortar
constructive solutions

Nitomortar TC2000 Epoxy resin based sealing and anchoring compound

Nitomortar TS Three-component epoxy system to work with bridge deck joints
Nitomortar MH Solvent free epoxy lining and benching mortar
Nitomortar ECL Epoxy cementitious sealing mortar

Resin based crack injection grouts

Nitofill WS60 Crack injection resin for stopping water flow

Nitofill UR63 Flexible polyurethane injection resin system
Nitofill EPLV Low viscosity epoxy injection resin system

Reinforcement protection primer

Nitoprime Zincrich Active single component epoxy zinc primer

Sheet CFRP Composites

Nitowrap FRC High performance high strength carbon fiber system for structural

Strip CFRP Composites

Nitoplate CP Strips High strength composite laminate structural strengthening

system for concrete structures