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Symbol: Atef

Symbol: Crook/Flail

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Symbol: Hedjet/Deshret

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Symbol: Atef Symbol: Crook/Flail Symbol: Hedjet/Deshret
Cut out and glue inside. Cut out and glue inside. Cut out and glue inside.
Cut out the books and the Great Sphinx that
show symbols of power. The pharaoh wore Hekat (Crook) repre- The Hedget was the
this most decorative sented the pharaoh tall white crown that
crown at his corona- and his responsibility represented Upper
Cut out caption Symbols of Power.
tion. Usually the atef to protect and guard Egypt. Deshret was
Research and define what each symbol or pic- resembled a combina- the people. Flail rep- the red basket crown
ture stands for. Or you can use the facts given tion of the hedget, resented the power of that represented
uraeus, two feathers the pharaoh. Lower Egypt.
on this page.
and rams horns.
Glue the Caption to the right of the map.
Remember: The map is placed in the center of
the lapbook.

Glue the Atef, Crook/Flail, and Hedjet/Deshret

to the right of the map. Cut out and glue inside Sphinx mini book

The sphinx is also a symbol of the pharaohs power.

The sphinx fits under the map. The sphinx came into use during the time of the Old
Kingdom. It has the body of a reclining lion and the
Again, see picture of lapbook layout for refer- head of a royal king or queen. The lion was a form
ence. of protection to the Egyptians. The lion represented
strength and courage. The most famous of all the
sphinxes is the Great Sphinx of Giza.

2010 http://dynamic2moms.webs.com/