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Volume 50 - Issue 23

April 5, 2017
Since 1967

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2 Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Enactus Brainstorming Event
Join us for an exciting brainstorming session and collaborate
with students from all faculties. Share your expertise and passion to help
create the next big Enactus Ryerson project!
Event Dates: April 6th, 1:30-3pm @ SLC 508
April 11th, 2:30-pm @ Sandbox
Register at: www.enactusryerson.ca/brainstorming/

We Should Know Each Other

A monthly series to promote creative connections across generations in the Japanese Canadian Community

Inspired by Joy Kogawa, this conversation series is designed to create a space for conversations with
Japanese Canadians and the broader JC community.

St. Andrews Japanese Congregation and St. Davids Anglican Church in Toronto are pleased to host a Japa-
nese Canadian community-building project of public conversations called We Should Know Each Other.

Join us for our next conversation on Thursday April 13, 2017 our guest panel will be comedy writer, actor,
Mio Adilman, poet and writer Sachiko Murakami and writer and editor Kelly Fleck

Wednesday May 10, 2017, we will be showcasing the following musical performances and conversation
panel withPianist, Jamie Parker Violinist, Kathleen Kajioka and Flutist, Rob Korb.

Thursday June 8, 2017 our guest speaker will be lawyer, musician, national broadcaster, and author Mark

Gatherings will be held at 7:00 p.m. at St Davids Anglican Church 49 Donlands Avenue.
(Just north of Danforth, across from Donlands Subway Station)

Each evening will start with a short talk or presentation by the guest speaker/s followed by a moderator led
discussion with the audience.

Space is limited so please pre-register for one or all of the sessions at the We Should Know Each Other
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/WeShouldKnowEachOther/ or call the JCCC at 416-441-2345.

Co-sponsored by the Greater Toronto Chapter of the NAJC, the Japanese Canadian Young Leaders of
Toronto, the JCCC Heritage Committee.

We welcome your ideas, your participation and your engagement in this initiative. We look forward seeing
you there!

For more information please go to our Facebook page or for inquiries please contact:
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 NEWS 3


What does free speech really mean?

Free speech vs. hate speech is being debated on campus. Both sides are getting it wrong. Heres how it actually works
By Sarah Krichel and Jacob Dub Students Association of Ryerson (CESAR) opinions itself. She also cited past lawsuits that portant. Im not negating that. But its often
have taken a pro-choice stance. didnt work in a universitys favour. used as an excuse.

E verybody loves to use their right to free

speech as a defense when it comes to con-
troversial topics, and everyone has the right
The current method of protesting has been
labelled as a form of violence and hate speech,
according to RRJC members, because students
In 2014, a provincial court ruled against the
University of Calgary for charging a group of
pro-life students with academic misconduct.
Blaise Alleyne, a volunteer for TAA, said
the group uses vetting and training processes
for their volunteers to ensure they know
to express their opinions in a public setting are being triggered by the graphic images. The university heard complaints from stu- how to conduct a productive conversation
for all to hear. But does that mean people cant But is it hate speech? dents about pro-life protesters on campus, and deescalate a situation if need be. He add-
justifiably get offended when someone says Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and decided to take action. They ordered the ed that the volunteers they select to bring to
something shitty? And does that mean we can and Freedoms includes, freedom of thought, protesters to point their signs towards a wall. campuses are people motivated by love for
say anything we want without fear of reper- belief, opinion and expression, including free- If someone walking by decided they wanted women who had abortions and for children
cussions? Does someone elses free speech im- dom of the press and other media of com- to look, they were able tobut this way any- being killed by abortions.
pede on our own? munication, as a fundamental freedom. This body who would be negatively affected by see-
Look. No one actually know what this shit means that the charter protects the dissemi- ing the images wouldnt have to. When the
means. nation of opinions and informationthe goal protesters refused, the university found them By suppressing them, by
Online and on campus, free speech and being that everyone talks through their issues guilty of academic misconduct and they were having them driven off
hate speech have been debated on every side and works towards a solution. But it doesnt penalized. So they sued. And won. The school
of every argument, ever. Last school year, the always happen that way. was ordered to listen to their appeal.
campus, in some ways all
Ryerson Students Union (RSU) voted against Jim Turk, director of Ryersons Centre The line is really the law, Lane Vetere you do is make a martyr of
creating a Mens Issues Awareness Society for Free Expression, said that although some said. In this case, we have no legal right to them
because they were concerned it would lead to types of discourse can be hateful, the laws sur- tell anyone that they cannot speak, protest,
oppressive discourse. And last month, Ezra rounding hate speech are pretty strict. etc. on a public street when doing so is not
Levant, who founded the controversial publi- The term hate speech is used very loosely. against the law, no matter how offensive or Although its legal and theres effort on both
cation The Rebel, gave a talk at Ryerson about If someone is charged with hate speech and objectionable the message or the method of ends, some are going through emotional trauma.
campus culture while protesters stood out- it goes to court, the Supreme Court has set delivering the message might be. For now, scheduling times or having desig-
side, posters in hand, chanting, Hey hey, ho out certain tests as to what constitutes hate Even if the university really wanted to do nated spaces for controversial protests to take
ho, your racist shit has got to go. speech, he said. And to qualify for hate something about upsetting images on cam- place isnt completely feasible, according to
Free speech and hate speech already have speech it has to be a really high bar. pus, it couldnt. Gould and Victoria streets are Tamara Jones, current vice-president equity.
legal definitions, but people seem to be decid- public property, and though the school and She added that a possible step to take is ques-
ing on definitions for themselves. Theres cur- Im really not buying the the RSU have looked into getting stewardship tioning the limitations of what constitutes
rently no real consensus that everybody can rights, they have no control over the space or hate speech and seeing how the RSU and the
use and abide by and, as a result, no proper free speech argument what gets said there. university can help students by questioning
way to minimize harm. as a scapegoat to be A lot of controversial opinions end up fall- governmental policy.
On Sept. 28, 2016, Toronto Against Abor- discriminatory ing under the freedom of expression umbrel- The truth is, there really is no answer.
tion (TAA), a pro-life advocacy group, showed la. People can say whatever they wantto a There might not even be a solution at the
up on campus with graphic photos of aborted certain extent. But should they? end of the day. There might not be anything
fetuses. They have made recurring appearanc- According to Turk, to qualify as hate Some opinions can end up hurting people, we can do, Harlick said. But [we can make]
es ever since and the red-saturated images are speech, a person would have to advocate for and opposing views can get to a point where sure students [who are being triggered] feel
usually large enough to be seen from the other violence against a specific race, religion or a violent discourse is happening far too often. like theyre being heard [and make sure] there
side of the street. Counter-protesters started lifestyle, considering them subhuman and One RRJC member told The Eyeopener in a are resources for them to access.
showing up with larger signs to cover the im- not worthy of living. previous interview that they were told by a Even though peoples voices are being heard,
ages and express support for those disturbed The way to deal with them is just to ex- protester that they should be raped. there has to be a way to have conversations
by the pro-lifers. pose the idiocy of their positions, Turk said. Camryn Harlick, incoming vice-president where different perspectives are welcome and
In response to the triggering photos in the By suppressing them, by having them driven equity for the RSU, said that the issue is not real progress can be made. People will inevita-
middle of campus, equity centre members cre- off campus, in some ways all you do is make a that TAA is on campus. You can have what- bly disagree with each other, but that doesnt
ated the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collec- martyr of them. ever view you want [and] you can express mean that we cant listen to each other.
tive (RRJC) on Nov. 18 and published a list Ryersons executive board decided that while your views, they said. I think [mine] and a The importance of free expression is for
of demands. The demands included banning they might disagree with some of the views lot of RRJCs members issue is the signs. people to hear and think for themselves, and
pro-life posters on campus and recognizing shared on campus, theyre not in a position to Harlick said despite the groups right to somebody doesnt decide what theyre entitled
that anti-choice ideology is a form of violence. take sides. During a roundtable discussion with share their opinions, the signs add a discrimi- to hear, Turk said. If I stop you from speak-
TAA said having a team that tackles univer- RRJC members on Jan. 23, Ryersons vice- natory and harmful tone to the conversation. ing then Im also stopping people from hear-
sity campus advocacy is necessary to exhibit provost students Heather Lane Vetere told Im really not buying the free speech argu- ing what you might have to say.
the supposed realities of abortion. Mean- the group the university had to remain a place ment as a scapegoat to be discriminatory, So please, go get into an argument. You can
while, the RSU and the Continuing Education where opinions can be held, instead of having they said. Free speech is totally valid and im- even yell a little. Just dont be a dick about it.
4 EDITORIAL Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bye forever
light and a few condomshidden General Manager
away in the ceiling. It would teach Liane Bye Now McLarty
me about integrity, about how to
distinguish a lie from the truth, Advertising Manager
and it would help me realize that I Chris Goodbye Roberts
cant change the world because bad
people will always exist in it. Most Design Director
importantly, it would be the place J.D. See You In Hell Mowat
where Id meet some of my best Editor-in-Chief
friends. Nicole Bye forever Schmidt Contributors
This office has always had a way Nikhil Pandemic Sharma
of bringing together a group of News Emerald New Fun Mom
strangers who probably wouldnt Alanna So long Rizza Bensadoun
find each other out in the world, Sarah Farewell Krichel Hayley Our Favourite Hanks
and it forces them to become a dys- Jacob Au Revoir Dub Allie Ace Drummer Downham
functional family. I stuck around
for five yearsnearly a quarter of Photo Unfortunately, theres no room for an
my lifebecause it was the place Devin *Middle Finger* Jones Annoying Talking Coffee Mug this
where I felt like I fit in most. These Izabella Do Widzenia Balcerzak week. See you next semester, fuckers.
ambitious weirdos cared about the Keith Peace Out Capstick
same things I did, and we were all The Eyeopener is Ryersons largest and
more than willing to sell our souls Online only independent student newspaper. It
Tuesday morning (print day), 10:58 a.m. PHOTO: ANNIE ARNONE
to The Eye for a few measly dollars Sierra Cheers Bein is owned and operated by Rye Eye Pub-
and some free beer. Farnia Godspeed Fekri lishing Inc., a non-profit corporation
down. The glass door of the office None of us seemed to mind the Lee Cheerio Richardson owned by the students of Ryerson. Our
By seemed like some sort of portal for chaotic deadlines or the inhumane offices are on the second floor of the
Nicole real journalists, which I was not. I hours because every week, we came Features Student Campus Centre. You can reach
Schmidt was flooded with the kind of anxiety together into our dingy, dimly lit of- Karoun Warm Regards Chahinian us at 416-979-5262, at theeyeopener.com
that makes your stomach feel like fice and made a newspaper. or on Twitter at @theeyeopener.
Trying to describe the strange magic its been wrung out to dry and con- Now that Im leaving (as one of Arts and Life
of The Eyeopener to someone whos vinces you that the people nearby those real journalists I wanted to Annie Forever Yours Arnone LETTER TO THE EDITOR
never experienced it is complicated, can hear your heartbeat. be from day one), I can only hope
but these are the last words Ill ever I didnt know it at the time, but that Ill stumble across another job Sports Dear Editor,
write for these pages, so now seems that office would eventually be- that makes me care as much as this Daniel Sincerely Rocchi
like the best time to try: come my second homea place one did, and where the people push Your recent article about Ezra
About five years ago, my first- where Id get my first byline, learn me to be better like these ones did. Biz and Tech Levant and press freedom describes
year self hesitantly walked up the how to be a good reporter and oc- Thanks for the memories and the Justin Hasta La Vista Chandler Ezra Pound as the influential (and
stairs of the SCC for the first time. casionally, sleep under a desk. It lessons, Eyeopener. May you continue unfortunately, dead) poet. However,
I wanted to write storiesmaybe would be the backdrop for epic bat- to provide editors with a home and Communities he was much more than that. In fact,
even change the world. tles involving Johnny Depp card- a reason to engage in fuckery for Sidney Adios Drmay Pound was a fascist, who supported
When I got to the top, I turned board cutouts and an ideal space many, many years to come. both Hitler and Mussolini. Neither
around and marched right back to find relics of the pasta Flesh- FIN. Fun of whom were big on the idea of a
Skyler Toodle-oo Ash free press. The only reason he wasnt
imprisoned for being a collaborator


Thomas RIP Skrlj
Carl FIN Solis
was because he went mad shortly af-
ter the war. So in essence, the article
is, in part, arguing that an apparent


Igor Until Next Time Magun
fascist, Ezra Levant, should be disin-
vited in favour of an actual one, Ezra
Pound, were he still alive. I pray this
I told him he couldnt put a hyperlink in the paper and he snapped was a simple oversight.
Intern Army
Eight people are dead following suspended from the archive room mer media editor Thomas Skrlj Nathalie See You Later Rodriguez Zachary Pothier
what police have described as a ceiling with hockey tape. Nearby, was seen riding down Bond Street Sierra Nice Knowing You Bellmore Ryerson Philosophy Students Union
violent and senseless crime that Sid Drmay and Farnia Fekri, former around 10:55 p.m. on the rickety

took place at The Eyeopener office on communities and online editors, circ cart with an allegedly stolen red
Tuesday evening. were found splayed out in front of telephone in hand chanting, EIC,
Current editors Sarah Krichel and the photocopy room. Police suspect EIC, EIC.
Annie Arnone discovered the crime
scene after returning from a late-
they were mowed down by the of-
fice circ cart while trying to escape
Around 11 p.m., Skrlj was hit by
an eastbound streetcar at Dundas
the best of the year
night quest for vegan food. the attacker. It appears as though and Victoria Streets. He was pro- THE EYEOPENER WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE TO THE WINNERS OF
According to her statement, copy editor Igor Magun attempted nounced dead on scene. THIS YEARS IN-HOUSE AWARDS
Krichel was on her way to the sink to intervene, but he was impaled by Police have not yet confirmed the
to discard her bowl, which was a heavy object. The murder weapon motivation behind the bloody killing Selected by Kenny Yum, managing editor, Selected by Shannon Higgins, producer,
caked with oatmeal remnants, when is believed to be a hardcover CP spree, but Chief Investigator Scoop Huffington Post Canada CBC The Current
she tripped over former biz and style guide, which was found near W. Gerbil confirmed that Skrlj is the $80K in 6 Fest refunds transferred into Tomboy: An alternative transgirl
tech editor Justin Chandlers body. his corpse. primary suspect in the case. personal accounts, by Sarah Krichel narrative, by Riley Wood
Sources who were in the building at A seventh body, identified as for- I told him he couldnt put a hy- BEST FEATURE BEST VIDEO
that time reported a loud, piercing mer news editor Keith Capstick, perlink in the paper and he snapped, Selected by Robyn Doolittle, investigative reporter, Selected by Lauren Strapagiel, managing editor,
The Globe and Mail BuzzFeed Canada
shriek that echoed through the SCC was found on the third floor of the said incoming editor-in-chief Sierra The long way home, by Skyler Ash The Sports Issue: Mohand Hekal, by
around 10:35 p.m. building. After being stabbed three Bein. If he was behind this it was Thomas Skrlj
The autopsy report revealed that times with a rusty office butter pretty inconsiderate. Were all just Selected by Barry Hertz, deputy arts editor and BEST BIZ & TECH STORY
several action figures were found in knife, it appears as though he, too, trying to get through finals and now film editor, The Globe and Mail Selected by Eric Lam, reporter,
An unspoken sisterhood, by Raneem Bloomberg Hong Kong bureau
Chandlers esophagus. It is unclear tried to escape, but collapsed just we have to write eight obits and a
Al-Ozzi How the provincial labour reform might
as to how the plastic pieces became eleven feet away from the RSU of- breaking news hit. affect your job, by Nikhil Sharma
lodged in his trachea, but choking fices. Boe the janitor, who was mop- Eyeopener general manager Liane BEST SPORTS STORY
Selected by Sean Fitz-Gerald, managing editor, BEST COVER
has been ruled as the cause of death. ping nearby, said in a statement that McLarty confirmed that the oatmeal The Athletic Selected by Marta Iwanek, award-winning
Soon after police arrived on scene, Capsticks last words were, I know bowls have not yet been moved Breaking the Ice: how one hockey photojournalist

they found photo editor Devin all of your secrets, fuckers. from the sink. league affected LGBTQ communities, by Ill Sleep When Im Dead, by Chris
Ben Waldman Blanchette
Jones and sports editor Dan Rocchi According to a third source, for- *Some events have been fabricated
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 NEWS 5

RSU: A year in review Eye EIC

executives, during the semi-annual ployee Ram Ganesh.
general meeting in November dur-
ing a motion for a Holocaust educa-
tion week. Ullah wrote a Facebook
VP Education Victoria Morton
Morton started the year off by
releasing a report that evaluated the
gluten, dies
status saying he was trying to keep effectiveness of the services pro-
the room united and not cause heat, vided by the Canadian Federation By The News Team
but he shouldnt have asked anyone of Students (CFS), a national lob-
to leave the meeting. bying group to which the RSU pays It was the rotisserie chicken that
VP Operations Neal Muthreja an annual membership fee of about drove them off the edge.
Muthreja entered his position $500,000. She says her accomplish- Nicole Schmidt, Editor-in-Chief
with an $800,000 deficit. He contin- ment has been helping build and of The Eyeopener, tragically died on
ued following through with the Used empower the national movement to April 3 after being poisoned.
Book Room moving online, which reform the CFS. It was The Eyes weekly Monday
helped the RSU financially since the But Morton also faced criticism dinner, and Schmidt posted the usu-
service was incurring losses. when she tweeted that the CFS Fight al SurveyMonkey link to her mast-
Are you sour about how the RSU ran this year? However, Muthreja faced criti- the Fees campaign wasnt productive, head. Editors voted for what food
cism when 6 Fest refund money for which she later apologized. they wanted to order, but many
By Alanna Rizza tance of improving transparency and exceeded the budgeted $50,000 and VP Equity Tamara Jones knew the system was rigged.
communication with the member- when he co-signed a transaction Jones says her biggest accomplish- Toronto Police Services discov-
Another school year is gone and its ship. However, there was a severe which saw refund money go into ment this year was being connected ered that the SurveyMonkey op-
time to look back at the accomplish- lack of communication within the the personal bank accounts of RSU to administration and students in var- tions were Swiss Chalet and Salad
ments and failures of the Ryerson exec team and the board. and non-RSU employees. ious communities and groups. I look King. The vote came to 87.3452 per
Students Union (RSU). President Obaid Ullah VP Student Life Harman Singh forward to passing on these contacts cent in favour of Swiss Chalet.
All five executives ran on the Im- This was Ullahs second year on Theres no doubt Singh has gone to the incoming exec team. I think Photo editor Devin Jones said that
pact slate and their main campaign the exec team (he was previously where no other vice-president stu- that creating those relationships and Schmidt had rigged the system to al-
platform points were lobbying for vice-president operations). He kept dent life has gone before by putting on building institutional memory is the ways vote in favour of Swiss Chalet.
better transit services, increased his campaign promise of increasing a two-day concert with performances best way to ensure that RSU contin- Im just so fucking said Jones.
mental health services and a higher mental health services on campus from French Montana and Diplo. ues to grow, she said. Thirteen witnesses say they heard
number of hands-on learning experi- with the creation of the Wellness It was the aftermath of the long Jones was criticized for a lack of people shouting No Salad King, no
ences across multiple faculties. Centreeven though the opening process of 6 Fest refunds that led to support for the Reproductive Justice peace! A riot broke out in the r-
The year started off with the RSU of the centre got pushed back three Singh receiving criticism (he almost Collective, which formed in response chivs night club in SCC 207. Some
employees getting a pay raise. RSU times. The centre will provide di- got impeached). About $80,000 of 6 to pro-life demonstrators who have chopstick-related casualties oc-
part-time staffs hourly wage was rection for students to access men- Fest refund money was transferred been on Gould Street since the be- cured and chicken drumsticks were
raised to $15 and the executives tal health services on and around into his personal bank account along ginning of the school year. But Jones thrown into the air.
received an additional $5,000 to campus. with the personal bank accounts said she was a part of the counter- Trouble was marinating.
their salaries, which totalled about But Ullah found himself in hot of finance committee member Ali protesting and she later helped look The next day, former biz & tech
$36,000 each. water after it was discovered he Yousaf and the private merchandise into Ryerson gaining stewardships editor and incoming traitor Justin
Impact also stressed the impor- initiated a walk out, along with the business account of non-RSU em- rights over Gould Street. Chandler found Schmidt at her desk.
Before expiring, Schmidt looked up
and said Nicht das gluten!

Looking back on 2016-2017 Someone had poisoned her aru-

gula and squash salad with gluten
supplementsshe slowly morphed
into a giant piece of white toast.
The 2015-2016 school year will for- The RSU executives were ac- Pro-life demonstrators have been toast, tampering with the evidence.
ever be known as the year of the 6 cused of anti-Semitism after The on Gould Street since the begin- He is now facing seven years in dog
Fest refunds. The Ryerson Students Eyeopener obtained screenshots of ning of the school year, which lead jail. I guess Ill see him in a year, said
Union (RSU) two-day concert be- the executives initiating a planned to the formation of the Reproductive photo editor and Polish dog afficio-
came a shit show when the date for walk-out at the Semi-Annual Gen- Justice Collective (RJC). Currently, nado Izabella Balcerzak.
the concert changed which led to eral Meeting (SAGM) on Nov. 29. neither Ryerson security or the RSU The only evidence recovered was
hundreds of students requesting re- The walk-out occurred during a can legally remove pro-life advocates an old-school, all-red telephone and
funds. This led to the resignation of motion for the RSU to organize a from Gould Street, as the property is a USB key labelled Take a whirl on
five board members, and vice-pres- Holocaust education week. The ac- owned by the City of Toronto. Ry- the Skrlj. The line was dead and the
ident student life & events Harman cusations made national headlines erson also wants to remain objective USB key was empty.
Singh almost getting impeached. including the Toronto Star. and not take any political positions. However, Chandler said he heard
online editor Farnia Fekri shouting,

Moving forward into 2017

I will find you, and I will kill you.
Toronto Police could not confirm
who she said it to.
The Ryersonian reported on April
4 that Schmidts death was a result of
Ryerson University, in partnership Ryerson announced on March 8 A new juris doctor law program free quinoa burger on a bench. The
with Sheridan College, has made a that the installation of the Sam the could be coming to Ryerson in 2020. Sonian later issued a correction stat-
formal proposal to the Ontario gov- Record Man sign is expected to be- The Academic Standards Commit- ing that Schmidt sat on hundreds,
ernment to expand its campus to the gin this spring and be completed tee as well as the Senate need to ap- maybe thousands of benches before
city of Brampton. late in 2017. prove the process in 2017. sitting on that one bench.
The proposal included an expres- Sign-making company Sunset The aim is to produce practice- But Toronto Police confirmed that
sion of interest to have an edu- Neon has been hired to restore and ready legal professionals with the it was indeed the salad and the Sonian
cational and innovation hub in install the sign on the roof of the knowledge and transferable skills re- had to issue another correction.
Brampton. Public Health Building on Victoria quired to compete in a rapidly chang- Skrlj, the main suspect, was last
There will be an announcement Street, where it will be visible from ing profession, according to Ryer- seen attempting to break into the Ry-
about the proposals near the end Yonge-Dundas Square. sons letter of intent. The proposal erson Students Union office, yelling
of 2017. Its about fucking time. has been in the works since 2007. Dont worry, I know the president!
6 NEWS Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What would ryerson do during an


ith four confirmed cases
of mumps on campus, the
question has been raised
about what steps Ryerson is taking Ou t b r e a k ? By Nikhil Sharma
in the event of a public health emer-
gency. The university hasnt had to The plan states that Ryerson will be as versity would be made by the executive group, ing education student reported symptoms,
seriously consider it since the creation of the proactive and transparent as possible in which includes Ryersons presidents office. TPH quarantined the students entire class.
Flu Pandemic Plan, which was approved by communicating information to students, The decision on how to deal with a public One of my own students came in to see me
the Board of Governors in 2008 following staff and faculty about outbreaks on campus. health emergency is based on whether the using the subway while in the early stages of
the emergence of the H5N1 influenza virus. An executive group is responsible for initiat- conditions threaten the health, safety and se- the SARS, but before she was diagnosed, Sly
It was last updated in 2009. ing the plan, while the chief communications curity of the community. Serious precautions said. That class was also quarantined for 10
Security and Emergency Services will officer is responsible for informing the Ryer- were taken during the spring of 2003, when days, along with the instructor and another
convene with the universitys Public Health son community about an emerging virus or the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome staff member.
Threat Management Group to address exter- illness. (SARS) outbreak became a topic of concern As the number of cases grew, area hospitals
nal and internal reports of concerns relating Protection of students [was] the first pri- in Canada. began to notify Ryerson when a case of SARS
to public health, including potential exposure ority, said Tim Sly, a professor in Ryersons Professor emeritus from the School of Oc- was diagnosed so the university could work
to infectious agents in water and food. School of Occupational and Public Health cupational and Public Health, Marilyn Lee, on furthering preventative measures.
An influenza pandemic or large scale in- who was part of the planning group behind still remembers the impact the deadly virus Sly said the pandemic plan was informed
fectious disease outbreak are considered to Ryersons Flu Pandemic Plan. had on campus life. by Canadas reaction to SARS after it be-
be public emergencies according to Toronto If an outbreak were severe enough, a deci- Detecting how SARS spread was diffi- came clear that municipal and institutional
Public Health (TPH). sion to partially or completely close the uni- cult during the early stages of the outbreak responses to a rapidly spreading viral infec-
because symptomsin- tion were neither ready nor efficient. The
cluding fever, sore throat, decision to shut down Ryerson in the case

CESARS CORNER headache and dry cough

were easily confused with
pneumonia, Lee said. Hos-
of a health emergency always depends on the
characteristics of the illness and how conta-
gious it is.
pitals were unprepared for More recently, on March 17, Ryerson stu-
Show Us The Money: Students Must Be Consulted On Ryerson's Budget
Since the announcement of the Ontario Student Grant and its claims of free education, students have SARS and many healthcare dents received an email about a TPH investi-
been abuzz about the possibility of accessible education, daring to hope that their debt mountain might workers became ill as a re- gation regarding the mumps outbreak in the
become a debt molehill. sult. city. As of April 3, there were 66 confirmed
We really didnt know cases across Toronto, with most cases occur-
Ryersons budget, however, tells a different story. Instead of moving towards affordable education, we see how to react when one ring among 18-35-year-old individuals.
more of the same from the Administration: increased tuition fees, departmental budget cuts, and a of our students was ex- Mumps is a viral infection that can be
process that doesnt include students. posed, Lee said. Forty- spread through coughing, sneezing or kiss-
four peopleincluding ing. In extreme cases, it can lead to menin-
Just over half of Ryersons income is comprised of tuition fees, making students the largest stakeholders
Ryerson nursing gradu- gitis.
at the university. Although the Administration has been forced to acknowledge us as stakeholders as a
result of student pressure and now conducts open student consultations, it is not enough. ate, Tecla Lindied from In the event of a full pandemic, for students
SARS in Toronto in 2003, unable to travel back home, residence on cam-
On January 31, the administration announced two open Town Halls for February 6 and 15 on Ryerson Today, with a total of 438 people pus would stay operational to provide hous-
inviting Ryerson community members to have their say. Not only did the administration provide less being diagnosed as prob- ing for those who need it.
than three business days notice for the first town hall, they also did not contact student representatives able cases. Lin was exposed Since Toronto is seen as a hotspot for a
directly to engage them in these consultations. to the virus while caring highly contagious disease due to its high pop-
for patients at North York ulation, vulnerable age group and crowded
At a more exclusive consultation, leaders from the two students unions on campus and the handful of General Hospital. Of the 44 spaces, those looking to get out of the city
student societies were invited to get an in-depth look at Ryersons budget PowerPoint Presentation about
deaths, healthcare workers may run into issues entering other commu-
the budget. Paul Stenton guided the group through a bare bones breakdown of income and expenditures,
showing the Universitys budget was in line with Ryersons strategic mandate, and attempted to provide accounted for 43 per cent nities, Sly said. Overseas students would be
insight on why tuition fees would be increasing again. This insight varied from pressures like the provincial of them. even more dependent on emergency accom-
deficit to Ryerson-specific issues like increases to collective agreement benefits. Questions were asked at During the SARS out- modation.
the end, but every answer was more or less this is the budget and were sticking to it. break, Ryerson cancelled Sly said that Ryersons pandemic plan is
all nursing classes and better than most because the university has
Decidedly, the budget consultation process leaves something to be desired. From lack of promotion to hospital placements for several epidemiologists on staff, including
confusing and limited information, there is very little room for students to have a genuine impact on the two weeks after hospital himself, who track current global emerging
university they fund. We must demand real consultations and a real involvement in Ryersons budget quarantines were issued. diseases and trendslike last years emer-
development process, not a token consultation.
An email was sent out to gence of Ebola cases, which sent the world
students, staff, and faculty into panic.
notifying them that seven TPH has recommended that people under
CESAR Board of Directors
nursing students had been 40 get re-vaccinated for mumps. The Health
put under a 10-day quar- Promotion Unit and the Medical Centre col-
Rabbia Ashraf, President Phyllis McKenna, Vice President Equity antine due to risk of expo- laborates with the Daphne Cockwell School
Francis Pineda, Vice President Events Janet Rodriguez, Vice President Internal Heba Huzayin, Vice President Services sure. of Nursing to provide a flu clinic program to
Sara Asalya, Member-at-Large Ian Royer, Member-at-Large When another continu- the Ryerson community.
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 WERE FUCKED 7








know your limit

And in vertorne, Sweden, a local politician has proposed
implementing a paid, weekly hour-long break for workers
to have sex. Swedish workers already get time off to exercise
each week and in many offices, an hour-long break for coffee
and cake is mandatory.
Meanwhile in Canada, a 2011 Heart and Stroke Foundation
survey found that 44 per cent of respondents said they had no

work within it
time for regular physical activity because of work. Another 41
per cent said healthy meals take too long to prepare. Finding
time to exercise and eat well is critical because failing to do so
increases the risk of heart disease and strokes, which kill one-
third of Canadians annually.
Working over 50 hours a week, according to some experts,
can actually be counterproductive. Other data strongly suggests
CANADIANS TAKE PRIDE IN WORKING LONG that risking ones health to work more doesnt even pay off. De-
HOURS AND SLEEPING LESS THAN THEY spite the workloads many Canadians take on to support them-
SHOULD. BUT RESEARCH SHOWS COUNTRIES selves, the country, as a whole, does not have a high productiv-
ity rate compared to other countries, like Ireland and Spain.
WITH BETTER WORKLIFE BALANCE Shayan Yazdanpanah is the special projects lead for the Ry-
GUIDELINES ARE HAPPIER AND MORE erson Students Union and a mental health advocate. He works
PRODUCTIVE, WRITES JUSTIN CHANDLER with students in leadership roles and said he sees often work-
loads translate into bragging rights.

I think its almost become a norm now for students to do
he time is 11 p.m. Its Halloween and Im still at The Eyeopener this, Yazdanpanah said.
newsroom. Ive spent the whole day editing a radio feature: Instead of bragging about how they sacrifice their physical
the first thing on my novel-length to-do list. Next, Ill finish de- and mental health for the things they do in school, Yazdanpa-
signing and editing pages for the issue Im co-managing. nah said itd be better if students discussed the ways they took
I head to the washroom and, with my forehead pressed against care of themselves.
the wall above the urinal, think about the week ahead. It doesnt Theres a huge stigma around taking the time to self-care,
look promising. Late nights turn into early mornings and 15- he said, adding that people often look down on peers who take
hour days accompany little sleep. If Im lucky, Ill find a day to rest naps or rests, and view them as lazy. Yazdanpanah said he has
on the weekend before I resume the chaotic cycle. tried to rid himself of that attitude. He sleeps as much as he can
By the time I stumble out of the newsroom, its nearly mid- and spends more time talking to his friends and playing with
Illustration: Sierra Bellmore
night. Ive got an hours commute home and an 8 a.m. class the his dog, which he finds therapeutic.
next day, which means another night with little sleep. When the So that they say, We are coping, were good, and others are The days you dont feel like you can make time for it are
northbound subway gets to Bloor Station, I marvel as an eight- less good or bad at coping. So it becomes a matter of pride to they days you need it the most, he said.
foot-tall inflatable dinosaur squeezes on board. Presumably subject yourself to this rigid discipline imposed on you by the When it comes to taking time off from working, people
theres a human inside. Then I remember that its Halloween. market, Streeck said. self-stigmatize, telling themselves they should be finishing
Why does this person get to have fun in an inflatable costume Im certainly not the busiest person I know and its impor- homework or replying to emails instead. But the work never
tonight while Im working late and putting my head in suspect tant to note that, unlike the people Streeck referred to, the ends, Yazdanpanah said. Work is important, but your health
places? I ask myself. Am I doing something wrong? work Im doing isnt all necessary for me to survive: my par- is more important than anything else.
Months later, while listening to the CBC radio show Ideas, I ents help pay for my education and I live rent-free at home. As a student going into my graduating year, Im not opti-
heard something that answered my question. During a February But I do feel that sense of pride Streeck refers to regarding mistic about the future. In a world where rent and housing
episode, sociology professor Wolfgang Streeck described coping my work habits. Rather than complain, Ill often catch myself prices continually increase as jobs in journalism disappear, it
with the realities of day-to-day existence as, an attitude or an ac- bragging to the people near me about how much I have to do seems less and less likely that Ill have the same chance at a
tivity whereby people who lack traditional supporteither from in hopes that someone will sympathize, or toss out a measly stable career as my parents did when they were my age.
families or from social serviceswork very hard to cope with compliment. But that rarely happens. When I arrive home, my family is asleep. Even after work-
increasing pressures on their everyday life. My peers busy brag too. Who slept the least? Who worked ing all day and coming back late, my mind races. It jumps from
According to Streeck, who is also emeritus director at the the hardest? We talk about our unhealthy habits like its some- what I have to do tomorrow, to what I did today, to what I
Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne, thing to be proud of when in reality, it would probably be bet- need to do in a week, a month, a year. Am I doing the right
Germany, one can observe this attitude in studies of family ter for everyone if we slept more. things? Am I working too much? Too little? I dont know the
life in the United States and Europe. He says people who live There are places where people value R&R (rest and recuper- answers and maybe I never will. But Im tired, so I do what the
exhausting lives that are regulated in order to compete in the ation) much more than we do in North American culture. Ac- voice in my guided meditation app tells me: I let my stress and
labour market can become proud of their ability to exhaust cording to the National Sleep Foundation, workers in Spain, worry dissipate and focus on my breathing, softly and slowly
themselves. Italy and China get time off from their jobs for afternoon naps. until I fall asleep. Tomorrow is a new day.
8 WERE FUCKED Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Living Costs more

Than in the 90s

There are two things my older rela- Now:

tives love to talk to me about: the According to Statistics Canada, the
five-mile treks through 40 feet of youth unemployment rate in Can-
snow they had to make to get to ada was 13 per cent in 2016.
school, and how expensive it is to Maitland is one of many students
live in Toronto now, compared to who cant find a part-time job. She
the 1990s. has sent in several applications to
Maybe its my own fault that I cant various locations in Scarborough
afford to live on my own. Ive chosen since she started university, but
to go to a university where, for the hasnt yet been successful.
low price of about $8,000 a year, I get I had to make my own job be-
to move my laptop from classroom cause no one wants to hire me,
to classroom and lose outrageous she said.
amounts of sleep. Maitland started her own busi-
I like living. ness as a party entertainer in No-
I like being able to wake up in vember. So far, she has had one
a house with furniture, unlimited request to entertain at a relatives
WiFi and food. With my minimum- birthday party.
wage job, I would have to work about I feel pretty crappy because no
39 hours per week to afford the av- one will hire me, she said. Not
erage rent in Toronto. That doesnt having a job makes me feel really
take into consideration additional anxious.
costs, like food and transportation. Some of those who graduate
So, I stay home with my parents. from undergraduate programs,
Im not alone. According to the however, are seeing some success.
2015 Statistics Canada census, 42.3 A survey conducted in 2015 by
per cent of people in their 20s lived Photo Illustration: Annie Arnone & Keith Capstick the Council of Ontario Universi-
at home in 2011. Thats up from 32.1 ties found that six months after
per cent in 1991. She said she thinks current tuition rates are doable for graduation, the average annual salary for graduates of all
I always wondered how expensive it really is to exist now her, but they can be too much for other people. university undergraduate degree programs was $41,839.
versus 20 years ago, so I decided to write about it. Maitland avoids extra costs by buying used textbooks and After two years, the average annual salary was $49,170.
using Amazon trials for free shipping. She also sells her old The lowest salary was for those with fine and applied arts
Tuition and OSAP books on Kijiji. degrees, who make on average about $28,119 six months
Then: Maitland is hopeful she will be able to pay off her OSAP after graduation. The highest was for graduates of phar-
According to research from the Canadian Centre for Policy loans soon after she graduatesshe plans to go to teachers macy programs, who made around $79,867.
Alternatives conducted in 2013, tuition in the 1990-1991 aca- college to become a French and drama teacher. The survey also found that on average, six months after
demic year was $1,464. In 2017 dollars, thats about $2,300. On Feb. 25, 2016, the Ontario government announced graduation, the rate of employment for graduates of under-
Post-secondary students had access to Ontario Student students whose families have an income of $50,000 or less graduate programs was 87 per cent. Two years after gradu-
Assistance Program (OSAP) loans and grants at the time. will receive free tuition by the 2017-2018 year. ation, this number rose to about 93 per cent.
Like the current system, these were given based on finan- The plan also implemented a new grant system, which Two years after graduation, 77.9 per cent of graduates
cial need. But there were no discounts on tuition or breaks will start in the 2017-2018 school year. Fifty per cent of stu- employed full time said they considered their work closely
for lower-income families. dents from families that make $83,000 or less annually will or somewhat related to the subject of the program they
In 1990, 66 per cent of university funding was from the receive non-repayable grants and the program debt level graduated from.
government. Twenty-five per cent of university funding will be capped at $10,000 annually for higher-income fami-
was from students. lies. Transit Costs
Now: In the 2016 Federal Budget, Prime Minister Justin Then:
By 2009, the gap between this number had decreased, with Trudeau made changes to financial aid, allowing low-in- TTC cash fare in 1996 would have been about $2.95 in 2017
41 per cent of funding coming from students and 46 per come graduates to defer their student loan payments un- dollars. Adjusted to the rate of inflation, the average cost of a
cent from the government. til they make more than $25,000 a year, and providing a monthly adult Metropass in January 1996 was about $114.83.
According to Statistics Canada, tuition across the country 50-per-cent increase to federal grants to $3,000 from $2,000 Post-secondary Metropasses were not introduced until
during the 2016-2017 year was an average of $6,317. for low-income students. November 2009, when the RSU and other Toronto student
Currently, the Ryerson admissions website lists tuition unions banded together with the Canadian Federation of
ranges for the 2015-2016 academic year from $6,942 to Employment Students to lobby for their creation. Post-secondary Metro-
$10,660 for Canadian citizens or permanent citizens, de- Then: pass sales began in 2010.
pending on the program. For international students, tu- In October 1997, economist Kevin B. Kerr examined youth Now:
ition ranges from $22,133 to $25,399. unemployment trends from 1976 to 1996. He determined A monthly TTC adult Metropass currently sells for $146.25
Katie Maitland is a first-year English student at the Uni- that the average youth unemployment rate for people ages and a post-secondary pass sells for $116.75. It costs an ad-
versity of Toronto Scarborough. For her program, tuition 15 to 24 was 27 per cent in 1996. ditional $5.25 annually for a post-secondary ID card, which
averages at about $8,000. The same study also examined data from a National is required for student passholders.
This year, she took out a loan for about $5,000 in order to Graduate Survey, which concluded that real median full- Presto users pay more for their trip, depending on where
pay for tuition. To pay for the rest, she used money she put time earnings of 1990 graduates with a bachelors degree they commute from. Those who commute in Toronto pay
aside, as well an entrance scholarship she received for her was about $27,000 annually two years after graduation. In a flat rate of $3.00 per trip versus the standard adult cash
academic average in high school. todays money, thats about $46,000. fare of $3.25.
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 WERE FUCKED 9
In the fall of 2015, StudentMoveTO, a collaborative ef- ing for help, Horrobin said in the article.
fort between four universities (including Ryerson), studied Horrobin said his church has helped people pay outstand-
post-secondary transit usage. They conducted a survey on ing hydro bills or given them pre-paid grocery cards when
the modes of transportation to and from campus and the they cant afford both.
motivating factors behind commuting. In order to fix the problem, Wynne offered a 25 per cent
The survey, which over 2,900 Ryerson students partici- cut on hydro rates earlier this year, but owners will face an
pated in, found 54 per cent of Ryerson students use local additional $25 billion in interest charges over the next 30
transit, while an additional 23 per cent use regional transit years.
to commute to university. The government said the rate will apply to families and
For riders traveling outside Toronto on GO Transit, fares about 500,000 farms and small businesses.
cost a flat rate of $5.30 for each one-way trip, with addition-
al charges depending on which zones users travel through. Housing
The more one-way trips a user makes, the cheaper the Then:
cost of fare. Over 40 one-way trips per month will cost post- The Toronto Real Estate Board lists average home prices
secondary students anywhere from $200-$300 each month. historically from 1970 to 2014. In 1990, the average annual
The 2017 federal budget includes a cut to the public tran- price of a home was $255,020. Thats about $428,000 in
sit tax credit for riders of the TTC and GO transit. Prior 2017 dollars.
to the implementation of the budget, students could receive The last housing bubble in the city of Toronto occurred
tax credits of 15 per cent, for purchasing a pass or using
electronic fare cards.
in 1989. Between 1985 and 1989, the prices increased by
about $258,000 in todays money.
Eliminating the tax credit will cost $210.14 per year for But an economic recession in the early 1990s meant hous-
TTC users buying post-secondary Metropasses. For Presto ing prices in Toronto collapsed. Between 1989 and 1996 av-
users, this depends on how many trips were made over a erage price of a home in GTA declined by about $195,000.
given month.
The federal government is expecting to save $200 million
per year by eliminating this tax credit.
The Toronto Real Estate Board reported in February 2017
that the average selling price of a home was $875,983
Hydro Rates
thats nearly 28 per cent more than than it was a year ago.
In a March talk at Ryerson University, Toronto Mayor OF 32.1 % SINCE 1991
Then: John Tory said he advocated for the federal governments
Since 2006, the price Ontarians pay for off-peak electricity infrastructure plans to invest $11.2 billion in several years
has gone from 3.5 to 8.7 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), an for housing, calling Toronto the single biggest recipient.
increase of almost 150 per cent. With respect to housingof course Im concerned. How
Mid-peak and on-peak usage also saw some increases,
with prices going up by 80 per cent and 70 per cent from
could you not be? Tory said at the time, emphasizing that
the high cost of living could potentially make housing inac-
2006. cessible.
Now: The danger that lurks in prices that get to very high lev-
The majority of users in Ontario are under time-of-use els is that you start to exclude people from even having the
prices. There are three time-of-use periods: off-peak, mid-
peak and on-peak. When demand for electricity is low (off-
peak) owners are charged a cheaper rate. When demand for
option to live in the City of Toronto, Tory said.
Some buyers are unable to pay for the full cost of a home,
so they make arrangements with other homeowners to
energy is high, owners are charged a higher rate.
To date, hydro rates are the highest they have been since
make it more affordable.
Toronto Life reported several cases of individuals coming INCREASED ALMOST 150%
2006. Adjusted to inflation, users pay 8.7 cents per kWh together to purchase housing in a pricey housing market.
during off-times, 13.2 cents per kWh in mid-peak and 18 One of these purchases was made by a group of three friends
cents per kWh during on-peak times. for a five-bedroom, two-bathroom semi at College and Do-
vercourt, listed at $1.54 million.
IN 1990-1991, TUITION

They set up a joint bank account to cover property taxes,
home insurance and bills.

Rent Control COST $2,300. IN 2017,

NOT HAVING A Under the Residential Tenancies Act of 2006, units that
were built or occupied prior to Nov. 1, 1991 are subject
JOB MAKES ME to rent control, or the government controlling how much
should be charged for rent.
FEEL REALLY Buildings constructed or converted after Nov. 1, 1991 are
not subject to rent control under the act. There is no limit
ANXIOUS on rent increases for modern buildings.
Under the act, rent cannot increase by more than 2.5 per
cent a year unless tenants get a three month warning.
On April 4, the Toronto Star reported that tenants in two

west-end buildings were notified their rent would double
from $1,650 to $3,300 on July 1.
New Democrat MPP Peter Tabuns (Toronto-Danforth)
introduced a private bill on March 20, aiming to close the
In 2015, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced a loophole that exempts landlords of buildings constructed
plan to sell 60 per cent of the governments shares of Hy- after 1991 from rent control rules.
dro One in order to have $4 billion to use on infrastructure During a town hall meeting I recently hosted in my rid-
plans. ing, I met a couple who told me they were living on a se-
On Nov. 19, 2016, Wynne spoke at the Liberal party an- niors pension of $1,400 per month. Their rent is $1,000.
nual general meeting where she cited the rising hydro costs said Tabuns during question period at Queens Park on
as her mistake. March 30.
More recently, on March 16, the National Post reported on Toronto City Council recently passed new tenant protec-
citizens turning to churches for help paying their hydro bills. tion bylaws. The new bylaws set out clear guidelines cover-
Pastor Brian Horrobin of First Baptist Church in Walla- ing issues including maintenance, security, waste manage-
ceburg, Ont., told the Post that his churchs benevolent funds ment, cleanliness, repairs, and pest control.
have been in deficit three times over the last two years be- Landlords will also be required to keep detailed records
cause people are asking for help on their hydro bills. of repairs, services, and tenant requests, with the 24-month
Theres definitely been a marked increase in people com- logs.
10 WERE FUCKED Wednesday, April 5, 2017



S ean Cooper set a daunting

goal for himself roughly
four years after graduating
the lease was up.
Because of the current
financial climate, a good
from Ryersons business number of students today
management programto will be doomed to a future of
have his mortgage paid off low-pay, insecure, part-time
by the time Star Wars Episode work and debt after gradua-
VII came out. tion.
In summer 2012, he I dont expect people to
bought a $425,000 Toronto pay off their mortgage like
bungalow, just east of the me in three years Thats
beaches, with a $255,000 not realistic or healthy,
mortgage. Cooper said. He no longer
Three years and two lives in his basement and
months later, he stood out- has finally won his finan-
side his new home, dressed cial freedom. Though he
up in a black suit jacket and wouldnt recommend his
bow tie. Friends surround- strategy to everyone, he
ed him as he set his now- said there are things peo-
paid-off mortgage papers ple can do to secure extra
on fire. He beat his Decem- funds.
ber 2016 deadline by about Precarious work may be
two months and thinks oth- unfortunate, but it gives
er young Canadians can do you the free time to pick up
the same, despite continu- more work, he added. Jobs
ing challenges. may not be as stable as they
Though Cooper said Illustration: Sierra Bellmore were but there are more
having the weight off his opportunities than ever to
shoulders was satisfying, the period in-between buying the generally make up peoples two biggest expenses after shel- make money and part-time workers have more free time.
house and paying off his mortgage left him with no time for terby packing his lunch every day and riding his bike as One example of part time work he gives is being an Uber driver
friends or fun. often as he could. a few days each week.
Growing up with an indebted and insecurely-employed Though he acknowledges the pay that comes with part-time Cooper published a book on the subject of financial free-
single mother gave him incentive to throw all he had toward work is generally low, his part-time and freelance work turned dom, where he recommends that instead of using low interest
his financial freedom. His experience working as a financial the $55,000 he earned from his full-time job into $100,000 an- rates to pile on debt, use it to spend to your advantage to pay
consultant and writer helped him learn how to manage mon- nually, CBC notes. This helped him commit $825 weekly to down the biggest debt of your lifetime.
ey and cut costs, he said. For several years, Coopernow his mortgage at an accelerated rate. To put this in context: the Bank of Canadas interest rate
32worked 80-hour weeks, bouncing between three jobs: His family and friends were constantly checking in on him is the amount in interest paid on Canadas banks money, so
one full-time, one freelance and the other part-time at a su- to express their concerns about his well-being. Though his a lower rate incentivizes more lending. Since 2008, Canadas
permarket. He cut back on food and transportationwhich doctor found no adverse health effects from overworking, he interest rate has been abnormally low and currently sits at a
said that if he had to maintain that type of lifestyle for more record 0.5 per cent to buoy a lagging economy. There are con-

than three years, things could have gone downhill. cerns this has caused household debt levels in Canada to surge
A 2015 study by Stanford University, for example, found because credit is so cheap.
workplace stressincluding working long hours, job insecu- Additionally, a recent UBC report on Canadian housing
rity and a lack of work-life balancecan lead to health compli- policies found most young Canadians must save for 12 years
cations that aid killing 120,000 people annually in the United before they can afford a 20 per cent down payment on an av-
MOST ONTARIANS States. erage home15 years if the house is in Toronto. It takes the
Stanford professor Stefanos A. Zenios told Stanford Busi- average Canadian an additional 11.7 years to pay off a mort-
DONT ExPECT TO ness researchers that the deaths are comparable to the fourth gage, though some reports have estimated that most Ontar-
BE MORTGAGE-FREE and fifth-largest causes of death in the countryheart disease ians dont expect to be mortgage-free until theyre in their
and accidents, with long hours increasing mortality by about mid-to-late 50s.
UNTIL THEYRE IN 20 per cent. Going forward, Cooper is going to make some lifestyle
Cooper also moved into his basement apartment and rented changes, the main one being to not work 70-80 hour weeks.
THEIR MID-TO-LATE out the upper floors to earn landlord cash. He quickly learned Working extremely long hours for so long allows him to now
50S how to distinguish good tenants from bad ones after getting sit back and feel secure.
stuck with a group of loud, late-paying and fight-prone rent- But still, he said things arent perfect and the day-to-day
ers who frequently drove him to sleep at his parents house in chaos and pursuit to save seems never ending.

pursuit of some peace and quiet. Im house rich and cash poor now, he said.
He spent a lot of time thinking about all sorts of creative Step one for financial freedom is paying off your house, but
ways to push them out, including lying about wanting to step two is saving money outside your house because what else
move back upstairs. But they left on their own initiative once can you live on?
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 WERE FUCKED 11

n a f Students
f o r d a bInltheE RLurch

S ebastien Martin-Schultz and his

roommate began frantically look-
ing for a place to live about a month
in one place for a long time, and they
lower their standards so they can make
ends meet. It becomes easier to down-
before their move-out date from Ry- play the importance of providing af-
erson residence. fordable housing for youth.
The logic behind the strategy (if Discussions about housing just
you could call it that), was that if they dont consider students, Webber said.
found a place they liked too early, a Last July, second-year creative in-
landlord would be unlikely to hold it dustries student Zo Arseneau had
for more than a few weeks. So they less than a week to find a house and
waited. They waited so long that sign the lease before she had to return
there was no time to find what they to New Brunswick for the summer.
initially wanted. She filled out five tenant applications
Martin-Schultz frequented prop- in one day and was stressed about not
erty listing sites daily, searching for knowing if shed have a safe place to
a place within walking distance of live, or any place at all.
campus. Ten days before he needed The one place that accepted hera
to move out, he came across a hopeful tiny, over-priced basement near Col-
advertisement for a small townhouse lege Stationwas her only option.
near Jarvis and Carlton streets, which The thought of spending a year below
he would soon call home. But all of ground with regular visits from rac-
the frantic searching and uncertainty coons and mice wasnt something she
were just the start of his problems. Illustration: Devin Jones was excited about. A lack of windows
According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corpora- When Martin-Schultz moved into his new townhouse, he and natural light made the place feel like a prison.
tion, the current vacancy rate in Toronto is 1.3 per centthe was greeted by a broken refrigerator and dark, dingy rooms. Lots and lots of student loans, along with her campus job, is
lowest its been in seven yearsand the average rent price is The bulk of his savings went to rent$940 a month, plus utili- how Arseneau gets byand she expects itll be that way until she
$1,233, up 3.1 per cent from 2015. For students, this means the ties, food, internet and his phone billwhich left him with graduates. She hasnt put too much thought into what will hap-
chances of finding a place to rent are lower. Martin-Schultz only $20 to live off until his OSAP came through. pen next, but she hopes to secure a job in her field.
said he wont be surprised if hes renting for the rest of his life. If she cant, or if her situation worsens, Arseneau might have
A new report published by the City Building Institute at Ry- no choice but to go back to New Brunswicka place she said she
erson shows that while enough houses are being built to sustain
Torontos population growth, the demand for more housing is
outpacing it. Its not an issue of supply, its an issue of demand,
said Cherise Burda, executive director of the institute, adding
that a number of factors influence the high demand for housing.

never wants to go back to due to a lack of employment, small-
town closed-mindedness and rough winters.

I ts in a universitys best interest to come up with a solution

that will provide students with decent and affordable hous-
ing opportunities. At Ryerson, the least expensive option is the
Many investors, domestic or foreign, buy houses for profit. LOST IN THE SHUFFLE; universitys smallest residence, OKeefe House. Shared rooms
The speed at which the houses are purchased creates a notion cost around $6,000 for eight months, while accommodations in
of speculation, which drives demand and prices upward. Burda THEYRE TRANSITIONAL, larger buildings cost up to $14,000. Off-campus residence, like
said in order to bring down prices in the long term, the prov- THEYRE NOT IN ONE the nearby Parkside, are about $2,100 per month for a dorm-
ince should seriously consider taxing foreign buyers and vacant style room.
homes. As a short-term solution, the market needs to be cooled
PLACE FOR A LONG The federal government has a set standard of affordability
with measures that control over-inflation. TIME, AND THEY LOWER that equals 30 per cent of ones income paid toward housing
Other experts on affordable housing agree that policies need to THEIR STANDARDS a number Webber described as ridiculous. Webber estimat-
be rethought with students in mind. Even though more houses ed that most students are likely spending 60 to 70 per cent of
are being built for rent, market prices are still unaffordable, ac- their incomes on housing, not including other bills and fees.
cording to Steven Webber, an assistant professor at Ryersons For students, its often accepted that unaffordable and unstable
School for Urban and Regional Planning. There has to be a strat-
egy that engages with post-secondary institutions to have a more
active role in the provision of housing, he said.
Webber emphasized the quality of housing is just as impor-
tant as the cost of rent. There are a lot of people who are

Absolute trash was how he described his diet which, at
housing is a rite of passage. But it shouldnt be.
Martin-Schultz used to be a foster child and now receives a
monthly fund, which helps pay for his living expenses. In his
home-town of Windsor, the fund would have covered hous-
ing, utilities and all other living expenses. In Toronto, its only
taking advantage of students by overcrowding units so that the time, was made up of peanut butter and jam sandwiches, enough to cover his rent. Further adding to his already signifi-
students can meet their rent obligations, he said. They know pizza pockets and cheap frozen food. The broken refrigerator cant financial costs, his roommatewho dropped out of jour-
that students are looking for houses close to campus and that spoiled whatever he could afford to put in it. nalism school to join the armydidnt always pay their share
their highest priority is the amount of money theyre paying The federal government announced in its 2017 budget that of the rent.
and its almost like a decent unit is a bonus for them. $11.2 billion would be allocated over 11 years for a national In less than a year, his current job contract will end. This will
There are rules on how a dwelling can be rented. Students housing strategy. This money is meant to renew and repair give him a few months to find something sustainable before he
may encounter situations where theyre unaware of their rights, Canadas public housing. Webber said funding likely wont turns 21 and stops receiving his support fund. After that, hell
or they dont prioritize them because theyre too desperate to place students at a high priority and would instead focus on have to finance himself entirely on his own, and hes uncertain
care. A common example is illegal rooming houses, where four more vulnerable members of society, such as seniors and of what will happen if things dont go according to plan.
or more people each pay rent, but share a kitchen and/or bath- homeless people. I feel very anxious, he said. If I dont get a job, I wont have
room. These houses are only permitted in some areas of the city. Students get lost in the shuffle; theyre transitional, theyre not cash or anything.
12 ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A journey paddling through Peel waters

By Hayley Hanks the Yukon and the Northwest Ter- film photography. place, both the landscape and the Five days into their trip, Field and
ritoriesbraving the bitter weather Now, The Peel is making its To- vibrant communities that make up the others encountered patches of
Packing their waterproofed cam- along the way. ronto premiere at the Hot Docs Ted that wilderness space, how that all whitewater that werent marked on
eras, equipment and food, Ryerson The group was part of The Peel, Rogers Cinema as part of the Water affected their work, said Calder their map. There was no time for
image arts alumnus Callan Field and a documentary that captured the Docs Film Festivalclosing April 8. Cheverie, The Peels director. Field to act as a photographer.
his teammates piled into six canoes. experiences of six Canadian artists The initial intention of the film The Peel watershed is anomalous; In this moment, Field understood
Floating just a few inches above the paddling through the largely un- project was to take artists ... and its one of the only remaining unde- the severity of his journey.
water line, they pushed off into the touched watershed in September drop them into a rural, semi-remote veloped watersheds in the continent All of a sudden these boats start
Ogilvie Riverpart of the Peel Riv- 2014. For the next three weeks, place in Canada that they hadnt and spans almost 68,000 square ki- flipping ahead of me and I move
er Watershed that spans between Field would be exploring it using been to before, and watch how that lometres. Four First Nations com- from that [personal] space into hav-
munities lay just outside its bound- ing adrenaline and then paddling
ary and depend on the resources it these rapids and rescuing my friends
provides. and the other people on the trip and
Continuing O ve r 1 0 0
courses in
Development in northern Canada
is different than in the rest of the
it was a very powerful moment,
said Field.

Studies at G ra p h i c D e s i g n
country, said Dr. David Atkinson,
an associate professor in Ryersons
Unlike the other artists who could
write subsequent music or poetry,

We b D e s i g n geography department, whose re- Field had limited chances to capture
I n t e ra c t i ve M e d i a search focuses on Arctic water- what he was seeing and feeling. His
sheds and community water usage. medium necessitated preparation

Animation Although the province was push- and sometimes, serendipity. He
Film and Video ing for development to be possible didnt always have his camera. Other
P h o t o g ra p h y in the region, there was pushback times, he didnt use it.
from the regions communities. Although the gear was water-
Sculpture Its not like [theyre] about to proof, they werent able to save
Industrial Design build a Walmart there as soon as everything. They lost helmets and
3D Modelling [they] greenlight it ... it depends on paddles and had to toss some of their
a number of factors, said Atkinson. food that was dampened by the flips.
We a ra b l e M e d i a But if we can protect it now, then Field managed to save his physical
F i b r e a n d Fa s h i o n lets protect it now. film rolls, but would have to wait
D ra w i n g a n d P a i n t i n g First Nations communities in the until he was home to see their fate.
area, like the Gwichin people, are As the sun faded, the group
Printmaking culturally connected to the areas worked to build the fire they needed
M a r ke t i n g caribou population, which may be to dry their gear. It took three days
Communications threatened by development proj- for Field and the others to portage
ects. Last year, a new territorial gov- over the unforgiving whitewater
Theory in Art and Design ernment was elected and promised strip.
C r e a t i ve Wo r k s h o p s to protect most of the watershed. Five days before the trip ended,
P r o g ra m s f o r Yo u t h The landscape, according to Field and the others met Ernest,
Cheverie, moved from slow and Alice and Margaret Vittrekwasa
winding water surrounded by thick family that was out hunting moose.
E x p l o r e Yo u r C r e a t i v e P o t e n t i a l woods, to fast rapids over the first The family invited them to spend
three days. Past the rapids, the rocky the night at their cabin. Field said
landscape grew more prominent this was a welcome invitation, since
A r t . D e s i g n . N ew M e d i a CONTINUING
STUDIES and increasingly narrow. mid-September in northern Canada
E ve n i n g s . We e ke n d s . O n l i n e The rough water, coupled with has temperatures dipping below
the groups isolation, proved to be zero, and this was their fifteenth day
C o u r s e i n f o a n d r e g i s t r a t i o n : o c a d u . c a /c o n t i n u i n g s t u d i e s dangerous. on the water.
Our time with them was also
really rejuvenating. We were only
Ryerson_Sept2016_QuarterPage.indd 1 2016-08-18 1:00 PM
there for that evening and the next
morning, but our groups experi-
ence had [us feeling] down for the
last couple days after being wet, cold
and hungry, said Field.
This act of kindness was crucial in
the groups success and well-being.
Today, they look back on their jour-
ney, documented by video, remem-
bering the waters they braved.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017 SPORTS 13

Rye highs: The top Rams moments of the year

With another year of Ontario University Athletics (OUA) seasons, U Sports national tournaments and club competitions
in the books, The Eyeopener looks back at some of the most memorable Ryerson sports moments of 2016-17

Mens basketball defends OUA gold, Earns national silver

When the Rams won Ryersons first OUA championship last season, they did so in the familiar the countrys best squads for the national title. Ryerson came away from the last two national
confines of Coca-Cola Court in front of their home fans. To defend their title this year, they had to tournaments with bronze medals, and was looking for its first-ever appearance in the gold medal
beat Carleton at the Ravens Nest. Ryerson hadnt beaten the Ravens at home since January 2000, game. The top-seeded Rams beat the Saint Marys Huskies and the host Dalhousie Tigers in a pair
while Carleton entered the OUA gold medal game with a 21-0 record. of tight games to earn a spot in the finals against none other than the Carleton Ravens.
Bolstered by a 29-point performance from Adika Peter-McNeilly and 24 second-half points Carleton came out firing, leading by 24 points late in the third quarter. The Rams got to within
from fellow guard Ammanuel Diressa, the Rams secured the improbable 86-79 road win to claim six points, but Carleton pulled away to win 78-69, earning their seventh straight national title.
their second straight OUA title. The Rams U Sports silver medal is the best finish in program history, and just the second
One week after taking the OUA crown, the Rams travelled to Halifax to go head-to-head with national silver in Ryerson history.

Womens curling earns trip to nationals Womens volleyball hosts U Sports final 8


With a 1-3 record through their first four games of the OUA championship tournament in The top womens volleyball teams in Canadian university athletics played under the bright lights of
February, the Rams needed to win all three of their remaining round-robin games to have a the Mattamy Athletic Centre when Ryerson hosted the U Sports national tournament in March.
hope of making the playoffs. Ryerson went 3-0 to secure the final playoff spot in their pool. As the host school, Ryerson automatically qualified for the tournament, despite a last-place
An impressive quarter-final upset of the Brock Badgerswho won OUA silver in 2016 and finish at the OUA Final Four. It marked the Rams first appearance at nationals since 2002. Last
were 7-0 in round-robin playand a semi-final victory over Carleton sent Ryerson to the gold season, they barely missed out on a berth at the tournament when they lost to the University of
medal game. The Rams lost that game to Laurentian, but their silver medal finish earned them a Toronto in the OUA gold medal game.
berth in the U Sports national championship in Thunder Bay, Ont. Ryerson finished the regular season with a 15-4 record, but dropped their tournament-opening
Ryerson went 2-5 in the round robin, missing the U Sports playoff round. But qualifying for game to Alberta in straight sets, putting an end to their championship aspirations. UBC took home
nationals was an unprecedented step forward for a club that didnt exist two seasons ago. the gold as Ryerson lost its consolation semi-final match against Dalhousie to close out the season.

MENS SOCCER wins 13 straight Womens hockey beats queens record year for mens hockey fastpitch makes rye debut


With an OUA championship game appearance Coming into the 2016-2017 campaign, the There was plenty of uncertainty surrounding After a year of fundraising, organizing and
in 2013 and two Final Four berths in as many Rams had at least one win against 10 of the the Rams as they entered a season without advocating, the womens fastpitch team played
seasons since, the Rams entered this season other 12 teams in the OUA. Ryerson was 0-6 (now-retired) head coach Graham Wise behind its inaugural season as an official Ryerson club
with high expectations. But no one was all-time against the Nipissing Lakers and 0-12 the bench for the first time in a decade. in 2016.
expecting Ryerson to kick off the year with 13 against the Queens Gaels. But under interim head coach Johnny Duco, On Sept. 9, Carly Forrester scored the first
straight wins, the longest winning streak in On Nov. 12, the Rams rolled into Kingston the Rams set program records with 136 goals run in team history in the second inning of
team history. riding a two-game losing streak, having lost scored and 22 wins for a 22-4-2 regular season the teams first game, a 12-5 extra-innings loss
Over their 13-game winning streak, the Rams four of their last five games. recordthe best record in the OUA. to Queens. Their second gameplayed that
outscored their opponents by an astounding With the Rams down 2-0 in the second Aaron Armstrong set a new single-season same night as part of a doubleheader against
combined score of 45-3, helping them finish period, Sarah McGilvray and Blair Malthaner record with an OUA-best 46 points, and team the Gaelsended prematurely when the lights
the year with the second-highest goal total in both scored their first goals of the season to tie captain Michael Fine made his last season at at Dieppe Park shut off in the fifth inning,
the OUA and a league-best eight goals against. the game. The Gaels retook the lead early in Ryerson his best. Posting career highs in goals, leaving the Rams with a 6-2 loss.
The Rams finally lost on Oct. 12: a 2-1 defeat the third period, but goals from Malthaner and assists and points, Fine finished his career as The Rams got their first two wins as
at the hands of their crosstown rivals at the Kryshanda Green gave the Rams a 4-3 win for Rams mens hockeys all-time leading scorer members of the Ontario Intercollegiate
University of Toronto. Ryerson clinched first their first-ever victory against Queens. with 134 points in 124 regular season games. Womens Fastpitch Association just two days
place in the OUA East for the fourth straight The Rams lost both of the years games Ryerson beat Waterloo in the first round of later, sweeping a doubleheader against York.
season, finishing the regular season with a 14- against Nipissing, but beat Queens in a February the playoffs before losing to Windsor in the Ryerson finished its inaugural regular season
1-1 record before losing in the Final Four. shootout at home for a historic season sweep. OUA West semi-final. with a 7-15 record, missing the playoffs.
14 WELL FOLKS... Wednesday, April 5, 2017

he day is Tuesday, April Youre that reporter! The one
4. The time is 4 p.m. The whos been exposing us and spread-
Eyeopener goes to print in an ing lies! said Yandler.

hour, but intrepid staff reporter and Im just doing my job, said John-
investigative dynamo Smith John- son. And now Im about to finish

son is still chasing a story. We sent it. Lunging forward, Johnson freed
him out of the office with a fresh Bustamante from his chains, ripped
notebook, a ballpoint pen and half a the duct tape from his mouth, and a
meatball sub. He flashed a smile and
walked out the doors of our office THE shot rang out.
Lachemi let out an ear-piercing
for the last time. We didnt know shriek like a toddler on a rampage
where he was going, because the as the ravenous gang of common
life of an investigative reporter is street vermin held him back. But
shrouded in mystery, and none of us they didnt have to try too hard to
asked when he left. contain him, as the sight before him
But this story actually starts in would leave him shocked, and a lit-
September, when former Eye re- tle bit sick.

porter Jevin Dones went under- There stood Johnson, clutching
cover to expose Ryersons most elite his chest, where blood poured from
club, the Ardillasa group of stu- the shot fired by Yandler. As John-
dents who have been operating in son staggered backward, he hit the

illegal squirrel fights in Lake Devo tunnel wall, knocking aside a frames
since 1963. Dones stayed with the photo of Lachemi and Levy playing
story for months, but after leaving with a model train set. When the
the club and the paper behind for a frame fell to the floor, so did John-
more quiet life, we hired Johnson, son and a huge pile of money.
who took over the investigative beat The 6 Fest refunds! said Yan-
in Doness place. dler. They were here the whole
Johnson didnt know he was time!
walking into a trap, and neither did In a tragic turn of events, Eye ace reporter Smith Johnson has died. But before Yandler could run
any of his fellow reporters. Dones forward, Bustamante knocked him
had burned a lot of bridges with In memory of this amazing, dedicated soul, Skyler Ash brings you out cold and whispered, This is my
his inside sources, and they werent zone now, before promptly faint-
happy. the story of his death in the form of a very special column ing from exhaustion and innovation
A few weeks ago, the Toronto overdose.
Police said they were going to ban- At the sight of Bustamante faint-
ish the infamous gang of pigeons ing, Lachemi fainted, murmuring
that plague our campus. We thought Sheldon, save me, over and over.
they did, but it seems the gang just
moved underground, where Ry-
erson has started building its new
tunnel system that is set to open in Just a hard
February 2019. working
reporter with
a hunger for
Johnson didnt the thrill
know he was of reporting
walking into and a good
a trap, and meatball sub
neither did any
of his fellow In his last few moments, in a dark
reporters It all connects. Its a bit of a stretch, but its true. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION: DEVIN JONES
tunnel under Gould Street, Johnson
did what any good reporter would
would change everything. action, Johnson could see the bench weird canola oil scent coming off of do: he filed his story. Whipping out
Put down the gun, said Ryerson Key had been talking about. And Gould Street lingered heavy in the his phone, he shared his editor on a
Leaving The Eyeopener office, president Mohamed Lachemi , who while it was a damn good bench, it air. But there was something else Google Doc and got writing.
Johnson was headed for the third was surrounded by an angry crowd was what was on the bench that re- in the air, too. The Ardillas could Unfortunately, we ran this story
subway grate at the top of Gould of pigeons and squirrels. It doesnt ally mattered. sense it as well. The pigeons began instead. Johnsons article didnt make
Street, near the campus bookstore. have to end like this. A swatch of duct tape over his to stir. Is that... marinara? asked any sense because he was too busy
He had been tipped off earlier that Across from Lachemi stood Yus- mouth and chains around his torso, Yandler. bleeding out to think about how the
day by local bench enthusiast, Les- tin Yandler, Swedish indie film su- there sat Ryersons newest zone I think so, said Lachemi. You can fuck a news story is written.
lie Key. She said there was supposed perstar who had fallen from grace a ambassador and former YTV host, tell by the subtle notes of oregano. But we think hed be proud. Be-
to be a great bench under the street, few months back. Fresh out of re- Carlos Bustamante, with a gun to Pointing his gun at a few of his an- cause thats the kind of guy he was.
but every time she went to go down hab and brandishing a gun in hand, his head. imal followers, the creatures silently Just a hard working reporter with
there, she heard mysterious sounds. Yandler wasnt backing down. You Just give me my 6 Fest refund, scoured the area. With the recent a hunger for the thrill of reporting
Looking both ways, he pushed promised! You said you would pay and Ill let your little innovation crack-down on gangs, they were and a good meatball sub.
the grate aside and jumped down back our 6 Fest refunds, but you puppet go, Yandler said to Lache- left without a leader, and quickly So tonight, the night of our last is-
into the darkness. Johnson took didnt! You liar! screamed Yandler. mi. Dont make this harder than it looked to the effervescent Yandler. sue of the semester, we raise a meat-
out his flashlight and ate his meat- The angry Swede seemed to en- needs to be, Lachemz. We have on the tape that came back ball sub to you, Smith. You were a
ball sub, making sure to leave a rage the animals, who crowded You have to understand, said with Johnson a slew of expletives damn good reporter.
trail of marinara sauce so he could closely to Lachemi, tearing at his Lachemi. I dont have that money and heavy breathing, as he knew he *By the way, you arent getting your
find his way out later. Hearing cleanly pressed khakis and ripping anymore. Obaid, the RSU president, was about to be discovered. 6 Fest refunds. When Johnsons body
the sounds of a scuffle ahead, he off his authentic plastic ankleta hes the one you want. Let Carlos Johnson stepped bravely into the was recovered, the money was gone. We
turned on his recorderwhich was gift from his dear friend and former go. dim light of the tunnel, passing a think it was Yandler, but we dont have
returned to us with his bodyand Rye prez Sheldon Levy. Yandler paced the decrepit be- few framed selfies of Lachemi and an investigative reporter, so were not
hid behind a pipe. What he saw Moving a few feet closer to the ginnings of the tunnel while that his friends, and everyone gasped. really sure where it went.
Wednesday, April 5, 2017 ITS BEEN FUN 15

A letter to you, from fun LiZZiE


editors old and new Welcome to the last fun puzzle of the year!
You know the drill: complete the word scramble
and submit it with your name, contact info and TAMT
your hot summer plans for your chance to win
a $50 Starbucks gift card. Drop it off at The
Eyeopener office (SCC 207) when youre done!

Balloons are almost as much fun as these two. PHOTO: DEVIN JONES

Dear reader, it was oddly reminiscent of a Tarsus

Club commencement, except instead
Well, its been a slice. By the way, of sacrificing virgins to Satan in the
its me, Skyler, your local fun editor name of the esteemed Illuminati,
for the last year and a half. Weve the movie Finding Nemo is played on
been through a lot together. Re- repeat. Also, there was a torch in-
member that time you thought Ry- volved. Buildings were burned, and
erson was getting a tunnel? Or that there were some fatalities.
Lachemi was giving you back your But I digress! Today is not about
6 Fest refunds and also planning an unintentional arson. Today is about
Easter egg hunt? God, youre stupid. the little editor that rose from the
But I love you anyway. ashes, like that phoenix from Harry
You guys have stood by me Potter. Clumsily, squawking, and Have a degree or completing your degree?
through thick and thinall the bad ready for my close-up. Am I kid- Want to teach overseas?
puns and even some of the clever ding? Maybe. Maybe not. Youll
ones. And through the beautiful never know.
mess that was the parody issue in My fellow Ryerson-goers, there
October. Remember that? It was will be laughs. There will be tears.
that time you went to pick up The Most of all, there will be people try-
Eyeopener but it was actually a satiri- ing to sue. What do we say to those
cal rendering of InTouch magazine? people? According to our beloved
That was pretty funny. But its not legal team, fuck em. In this era
normal to have this job for more of eternal Ramnation, I for one am
than a semester and I did it for three, pretty gosh darn excited.
so its time to move on. Thank you for electing me, and
Im sorry Im leaving you, and Im get ready for some fun.
sorry I didnt put more sudoku in the
paper. But I just really hate sudoku Sincerely,
and the mazes seem to be more fun. Your friendly neighbourhood fun
Also, sorry the mazes are hard. If it editor, Emerald Bensadoun
helps I cant really solve them, either.
Im going to miss you and I know
youll miss me, because Im pretty
cool and occasionally funny. But
Im moving onto other things. Im
the features editor here next year,
so youll find my work in the mid-
dle of the paper, not the end. But
Ill never forget all the good times
we shared.
Soup and Substance
I leave you now in the hands of
a girl named Emerald. Shes funny.
You like her work. Shes your fun
Soup and Substance on the go:
editor now. But dont forget me. I
certainly wont forget you. Ill write Are you ready to take the EDI pledge?
for you again next year, I promise.
Tuesday, April 18, 2017
All my love,
Your fun overlord, Skyler Ash
Noon - 1 p.m. | POD 250

Dear reader,
Faculty, staff and students are invited to come and enjoy soup and
engage in an open conversation on a range of diversity related topics.
Jambo! If youre reading this, Im
alive, Ive survived initiation, and
We are committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities.
Ive been elected your new fun edi- Please contact 416-979-5000, ext. 3243 or equity@ryerson.ca if you
tor. Ill admit, I nearly shat myself. require accommodation.
It was a perilous journey. While I
ryerson.ca/soupandsubstance CC
cant tell you anything too specific
about my induction ceremony into
The Eyeopener, what I can say is that
16 Wednesday, April 5, 2017

From President Lachemi,

a message of thanks

One of the great joys of serving as president is finding

inspiration every day from you, our wonderful students.
Your enthusiasm, creativity, talent and optimism are the
spark that energizes our community, and inspires me.

As the academic year comes to a close, I want to thank you for

making my first year as president so enjoyable, and so fulfilling.

To those of you graduating this year, I look forward to seeing

you at convocation. For those continuing in the fall, I wish
you all the best in your studies. Please have a safe and
relaxing summer.