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The MCMC Dispatcher of the Year Award

The MCMC Dispatcher of the Year Award was created to identify and
recognize individuals who have made the most significant contributions to
further the values and mission of Ambulance New Brunswick through
personal action. This award will be bestowed annually upon the emergency
dispatcher who has most successfully exemplified the values and mission of
Ambulance New Brunswick.

Ambulance New Brunswick is committed to the delivery of innovative health

care, safety and communications solutions through knowledgeable and
caring professionals. Our belief is in a better life for the communities we

The EMD is committed to:

Section I
Providing the highest quality service through innovative dealings while
demonstrating honesty, equity, courtesy and professionalism in all
their dealings

Be accountable to our clients, coworkers and to the public we serve

Developing, coaching and motivating staff to grow and do their best

Providing safe working conditions for our staff and clients

An active role in our local communities as it relates to a better life in

the communities we serve

Demonstrating flexibility and adaptability in assignments and


Demonstrating clarity and quality of voice communications via radio

and telephone

Actively participating in the education and training of self, EMS

personnel and public in the use, access or support of emergency 911

Section II
Demonstrating a positive attitude toward all aspects of the job
Demonstrating a willingness to participate as a team player
Demonstrating pride in being on time, personal appearance, quality of
workplace appearance, and other factors that merit enhanced respect
and esteem of superiors, co-workers and others

Complying with policies, procedures and protocols

Remaining current in all certifications

Maintaining good Quality Assurance Scores

(A candidate is nominated by either a peer or manager. Once nominated, the nominee must meet a minimum
of 90% of the criteria listed above. From those nominees that qualify, a voting ballot is created and all staff
and management then vote for the person they feel best exemplifies the criteria listed in Sections I and II. In
the event of a tie, the Management Team will make the final decision.)

Nominations for Dispatcher of the Year

Describe how the EMD exemplifies the above mentioned criteria.

In your own words, tell why you believe the candidate should be named
dispatcher of the year.
Submitted by ______________________________ Date _______________

Please submit to Tiffany Good by December 10th, 2016