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Manuscript Organization

1-Title page
It includes:
-Title of the Article. Title should be brief, descriptive and concise
-Information about ALL authors, including:
Full name,
Academic position or professional affiliations (i.e.
Associate Professor, Post
doctorate, PhD student, MSc Student, Senior Engineer, etc.)
Last Degree earned (i.e. MSc, PhD, Dr. Eng., etc)
Name and complete address of affiliation institute,
including Telephone
Number and Fax number
E-mail address of the author from the affiliated institute
Designated corresponding author. Information regarding
corresponding author
is given below.
-Name of supporting funds Organization
This page should not be numbered.

Abstract and Keywords: Page 1 of the main text should include only
paper title, abstract and keywords (without name of authors). Abstract is a
concise summary of the whole paper and should briefly state the objective,
approach, summary of results and conclusions drawn, all in a single
paragraph. Abstract should not be a summary of subjects covered or
introduction. Avoid expressions such as is discussed and is described in
the Abstract. Do not include references, figures, or tables. Abstract is
widely indexed and therefore is the most read portion of a manuscript. The
abstract should be between 200-250 words. At the end of Abstract, the list
of 4-6 Keywords must be given.
References: All publication cited in the text should be presented in the list
of reference and vice versa. In the text, references should be given by
numbers in order as they appear in the text by [ ]. All the references should
be given in the list of references in the order of their numbers as they
appeared in the text.
References to books, journal articles, articles in collections and conference or
workshop proceedings, and technical reports should be listed at the end of
the article in numbered order. Articles in preparation or articles submitted for
publication, unpublished observations, personal communications, etc. should
not be included in the reference list but should only be mentioned in the
article text (e.g., T. Moore, personal communication).
References to books should include the authors name, title, publisher, place
of publication, year of publication, page numbers where appropriate, in the
order, given in the example below:
[1] Bird R.B., Stewart W.E. and Lightfoot E.N. Transport Phenomena, Wiley,
New York,
References to articles in periodicals should include: the authors name,
article title, title of periodical, volume number (issue number where
appropriate), year of publication, first and last page numbers, in the order
given in the example below:

[2] Baziar M.H., Salemi Sh., Heidari T., Analysis of Earthquake Response of
an Asphalt
Concrete Core Embankment Dam, International Journal of Civil
Engineering, 2006;
4 (3), 192-210.

Corresponding Author: The profile (previous research work and papers) of

the corresponding author, in any research work, is very important for the
readers and reviewers. For this reason, it is recommended that the most
renown author (among co-authors) to be selected as the corresponding
author. It is strongly recommended to avoid having graduate student (MSc
or PhD) as the corresponding author and instead have a university professor
as corresponding author. Based on the policy of this Journal, corresponding
author has to present his/her email from his/her affiliated institute for further
contact. All the information provided by the corresponding author has to be
the same as what appears in the affiliated Institute website.