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The BZB Demo Room Here to Attract and Educate

BZB Express introduces their new demo room with a goal to educate their team, as well as clients,
on the thousands of AV products housed in their warehouse. It will also allow clients to sample and
try out devices before they commit to their investment.

Fremont, CA, April 05, 2017 --(PR.com)-- BZB Express is proud to announce their latest addition to
helping clients find the best AV solution - a brand new demo room. The demo room features a 2x2 video
wall, multiple HDTVs including a 4K display, a portable rack to accommodate HDMI sources, wall plate
IOs for various connectivity types, and a broadcast setup for streaming how-to and demonstration videos.
The BZB demo room allows the sales team and customers to immerse themselves with new products and
all their functionalities, while the marketing team takes advantage in the production of educational videos.

We're excited about our new demo room and the chance to test the newest innovations from our
partners, said Eugene Bocharov, CEO, BZB Express. This investment is geared toward helping our
clients better understand these innovations as it allows them firsthand experience. We encourage our team
to use this room and learn the full capabilities of the technology we carry.

BZB Express' vision is to educate themselves more thoroughly on the array of technologies in their
warehouse. This will result in more efficient consultations and prepare them for each unique application
presented by their clients. As for the clients, they will have the opportunity to visit the demo room for
product demonstrations and get familiar with their capabilities. This will garner trust and credibility
toward BZB Express and their products, allowing the clients to feel more comfortable with their potential
investment. Additionally, partner manufacturers have a resource they can utilize for product showcasing
and presentations.

The BZB demo room is a tool BZB Express, their clients, and their partners can all take advantage of and
benefit from. It is now ready to connect anyone to the solution they seek in audiovisual.

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