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The Historical Jesus


Yusuf Samkelo Sikundla 3/8/17 Comparative religion

Who is the Historical Jesus the true Jesus?
In the name of God, the Beneficent, the merciful.

When anyone reads the bible, it is easy to conclude that Jesus Christ of
Nazareth was born and is the son of Mary, Without a father (Miracle
baby). Acknowledging this we cant help but realise that He is like the
first Man, Adam (Who is without father or mother, Greater miracle).

His name is invoked by Christians Globally in prayer or in songs, in

tribulations and even in joys. Who is this Man in the Hearts of most
men? Muslims and Christians accept him as a Messiah, a unifying force
of mankind. There are important questions I would like to go into.

Who is Jesus?

Historically there is no Jesus, there is a Yehoshua (Hebrew name- The

home language of Jesus) a common name among the Israelites at the
time, similar to Esau and Joshua. Jesus is an English word which is
derived from the latin Iesus, Latin is the first language in which all bibles
were translated in the West, much of the English words are derived from
Latin, even Romance languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese
and Italian come from Latin.

What did Jesus teach?

He taught the worship of one God without partners, sons or

daughters, just like Abraham, Moses and many other prophets before
him, his was not a new message but a revival for a people (The children
of Israel) who had taken the hustle and bustle of this world as their god.
but much of what he taught is lost, the subtleties of language, nuances
and their context in the Bible have been lost in translation. Deuteronomy


Anyone who has played the game Telephone, will agree that the original
message would lose fragments of truth as it passes through many
people, How much more when the message is related in many different

Is Jesus the begotten of God? (John 3:16)

Far exalted is Gods majesty to what we associate with Him!

To Beget means to procreate, in lay terms, that is getting offspring

through the act of sexual intercourse, which is an act of creation
(Animals) and not that of a Creator(God).

Is it correct to pray in the name of Jesus?

Praying in such a manner is based on the concept of Holy trinity, God

the father, God the son, God the Holy spirit. In this way, Jesus is an
intercessor of mankind to God, because according to the bible he is
seated at the right hand of God. Jesus taught his disciples how to pray in
the correct way, this prayer is commonly known as the lords prayer
Matthew 6:9 JESUS DID NOT teach us to conclude the prayer in his
name, because it would not be fitting to associate worship to God with
the name of a prophet who was only a human being.

Is the Holy Trinity God?

Hear oh Israel the lord your God, is one Lord. Mark 12:29
While most are aware of what Holy means, trinity means 3 (THREE).

It is important to understand that much of Christian doctrine took 300

hundred years to be in its present form. It was designed to suit the
understanding of its audience a lot of whom were Romans and Greeks a
group of people who had believed in a supreme god before Christianity
but believed there were other gods along with him having many sons
with humans (Demi-gods) much of this can be learnt in greek mythology,
therefore it was easier to accept the concept of trinity than that of One
God, gradually this line of thought developed into teachings we know
today as Catholicism, Anglicanism and Protestantism, these are the
three biggest Christian movements that believe in the Trinitarian doctrine
( Holy trinity)and many other sub groups, there is a minority of churches
that do not believe at all in the concept of trinity. By Gods providence
the words holy trinity are nowhere to be found in the whole bible,
therefore it is not a biblical teaching.

Is Jesus God or a Demi-god?

Biblically, Jesus had a mother, He has no father therefore he might be

God? Adam had no mother or father, Biblically Adam is not God, he is
the first Man

God is not subject to his creation, Jesus was subject to hunger and
death. Hunger and death being Gods creation.

Making Jesus God, or a part of God (Son of God) is associating partners

with God, something unbiblical.

What does Son of God mean?

In the original Hebrew language, the term was not known as it is known
today. This title was given to those were righteous, people who were
mindful of God. It had nothing to do with genealogy or filial connection
with God.