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Hello everybody!!

We are a group of chess fans who are producing new chess material. We have members from all around the
world, belonging to different cultures and speaking different languages, all of us joined by our common love
for chess! We hope you will enjoy our work!
If you are interested in joining us, or send any comments drop us an email at: caissa_lovers@yahoo.com.

Best regards!!

Hola a todos!

Somos un grupo de fanticos del ajedrez, que estamos tratando de producir nuevo material como este,
desarrollando diferentes proyectos e ideas. Tenemos miembros de diferentes partes del mundo, provenientes de
diferentes culturas, hablando diferentes lenguas, unidos por nuestra pasin por el ajedrez!. Esperamos que disfruten de
esta muestra de nuestro trabajo!.

Si alguien estuviese interesado en unirse al grupo nos pueden escribir a: caissa_lovers@yahoo.com.


Caissa Lovers
Queenagainstuncoordinatedminor pieces Queenagainstcoordinatedminor pieces
KRAMER-EVANS! NEw yoRK srATE cHAMproNSHrp, 1949 H E A R S T - r v A Nus . s . c u l v r r o r s H r e , I 9 5 4
White mortes. Theoreticalr',ryhite
hss material equality in trro Rooks
againsta Queen-100 units to 100. % %"'/tN
% % t But herehispiecesaresoscattered and % %
% % % Black's Knights so strongly placed
that Whitc is likely to losea piece in
6:r,ffi.% trying to establish a line of com- % % %
%6% 72 munication.Blqck'simmediatethreqt % % %
r s 1 . . . N x B ; 2 R x N ,Q x N . I n
order to meetthis threat, Whitemust
m ^ %% n
losea piece.
Diagram 96 Diagrunl97

Blsck tnortes. This is extremelydificult to eualuateat frst glqnce.

Ilhite hasa Queenand threePawnsfor a Rook and twopieces-l3l
1N-831 Q-Q2 3 R-R4 P_8513 to 120units in White'sfeaor.
2 R-K42 P_84 4 N_K2 Q_K2 As (r generalrule thepieceswin if theycancoordinateandpenetrqte
White Resigflsa beforcthePav,nsgetfar enoughqduancedto do an! hqrm. Oncethe
Patunsget mobilizedthe defender's piecesare nailed to the defense.
1If instead1 B-N5, P-R3; 2 B-K7 (or B-Ra), N-Q7t; 3 R - Q l , So the piecesmust be madeaggressive at all cost.
In the actualgameBlack got panickyin time-pressure and walked
' To prevent straight into a lost ending after I . . . RxP?; 2 RxR, R-KBI;
3 PreventingB-R6ch and renewingthe threat of 3 QxRch, BxQ; 4 RxP.
QxPch. In reality Black has the better of it. Correct is 1. . . R-KBI!
a White cannotmeetthe doublethreat of
QxR and QxN.
after which White must fight for his 1ife. For instance:

If 2 Q-R3, N-K5 ! 3 Q-K6ch, R-B2.

If 2 Q-N4, R-85 followed by QR-K81, or N-K5.
If 2 Q-N6, R-83 followed by QR-KBI with a stiong initiative.
For anothergood exampleof coordinatedpiecesagainsta Queen,
seeDiagram 66.

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