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List of Central Public Information Officers(CPIOs) and Appellate Authorities (AAs)



Sl.No. Designation Name Bureau Work Assigned to the CPIO Appellate Authority
of the CPIO Tele.No.& Email IDs of

1. Deputy Smt Kanta Batra Finance and Internal (i) Budget of UGC and its Sh.Upamanyu Basu
Secretary Tel. No.23236977 Audit maintenance; Financial Adviser
( Finance) Room No.322 (ii) Pay bills of UGC staff, GPF/CPF, Tele No.23231814
Batra.ugc@nic.in remittance of pension, income tax, Fax-23235729
contingency Bills, LTC, TA bills, Room No.214
payment of advances, compilation ubasu.edu@nic.in
of accounts, coordination with
designated banks, maintenance of
record of plan and non-plan
(iii) Release of funds to beneficiaries;
(iv) Financial concurrence for all
(v) Internal Audit

2. Deputy Dr. Shakeel Ahmed XII Plan /Parliament XII Plan Sh. Upamanyu Basu
Secretary Tel. No.23219719 Preparation of all guidelines of various Financial Adviser
(XII Plan/ Room No.326 schemes of UGC for the XII Plan period Tele No.23231814
Parliament) shakeel_du@yahoo.co.in and other related matters. Fax-23235729
Parliament Room No.214
All matters relating to Parliament ubasu.edu@nic.in
Questions, Parliament Assurances and
Parliament Committees.
3. Joint Dr.(Mrs)Manju Singh Administration & (i) Establishment matters of UGC staff, Sh.Vikram Sahay
Secretary Joint Secretary Establishment including cadre maintenance, Director( Admn)
(Admn.) Tel No.23238876 appointments, transfers and Tel No.23230405
Fax-23232297 postings; Fax-23231055
Room No.226 (ii) CGHS /Medical Reimbursement. Room No. 217
manjusinghugc@gmail.co (iii) General Administration, including vikramsahay.edu@nic.in
m maintenance of premises, hiring of
various service/contract;
(iv) All matters pertaining to service &
supply which includes procurement
of various office items like
stationery, furniture etc. in respect
of UGC;
(v) Welfare
(vi) Receipt and Issue (R&I)
4. Publication Dr(Mrs)Diksha Rajput E-content, E- (i) Publication all documents of UGC, Sh.Vikram Sahay
Officer Tel. No.23235739 Governance, Publication including Annual Report Director( Admn)
(E- Room No.105 &Website (ii) Administration and management Tel No.23230405
Governance Diksha.ugc@nic.in the website of UGC Fax-23231055
) (iii) Coordinating work relating to e- Room No. 217
governance in the UGC vikramsahay.edu@nic.in
(iv) Coordination of development of e-
content material in higher

5. Under Smt Sushma Rathore Central (i) All matters relating to Central Sh.Vikram Sahay
Secretary Tel No. 23235719 Universities/Joint Cadre Universities receiving Plan & Non- Director( Admn)
(CU/JCRC/ Room No.419(A) Review Committee Plan grants from the UGC. Tel No.23230405
DU) srathore.ugc@nic.in (JCRC)/ (ii) All matters relating to the Joint Fax-23231055
Institutions Deemed to Cadre Review Committee (JCRC) for Room No. 217
be Universities recoomending uniform service vikramsahay.edu@nic.in
conditions of non- teaching staff of
Central Universities, colleges under
the Central Universities funded by
UGC and UGC funded Institutions
Deemed to be Universities;
(iii) Institutions Deemed to be
Universities receiving Plan & Non-
Plan grants from the UGC.
6. Under Dr.(Mrs) S.B.Gupta Vigilance All Vigilance matters under the Central Sh.Vikram Sahay
Secretary Tel No.23218121 Vigilance officer (CVO), UGC Director( Admn)&CVO
(Vigilance) Room No.119 Tel No.23230405
sgupta.ugc@nic.in Fax-23231055
Room No. 217

7. Deputy Mrs. Kanta Kumari Information & Statistics Matters relating to collection, collation, Sh.Vikram Sahay
Secretary 35, Ferozeshah Road and compilation of statistical information Director( Admn)
(I &S) Room No.106, Mandi relating to Universities and colleges. Tel No.23230405
House , New Delhi-110001 Fax-23231055
Tel No. 23382091 Room No. 217
Kanta.ugc@nic.in vikramsahay.edu@nic.in

8.. Under Sh.P.K.Sharma Regional Offices Coordination with the Regional offices of Sh.Vikram Sahay
Secretary Tel No.23238849 UGC. Director( Admn)
( RO) Room No. 319 Tel No.23230405
pksharma.ugc@nic.in Fax-23231055
Room No. 217

9. Under Sh.Charan Dass Coordination Planning & To provide Fitness of Private Universities Dr.Sunita Siwach
Secretary Tel No. 23238446 Policy - I (CPP I in and Institutions Deemed to be Deputy Secretary
(CPP- Room No.206 respect of Private Universities under Section 2(f) and 12 (B) Tel No. 23235640
I/Private) charandas.ugc@nic.in Universities and of the UGC Act. Room No.426
(CPP- Institutions Deemed to Ssiwach.ugc@nic.in
I/Deemed) be Universities)
10. Under Smt Paramjit State Universities/ Delhi Grants under Plan Development Dr.Sunita Siwach
Secretary Tel No.23230144 Colleges schemes, merged schemes, Deputy Secretary
(SU/DC) Room No.206 Development of sports, infrastructure Tel No. 23235640
Paramjit.ugc@nic.in etc. of all State Universities and other Room No.426
related matters of State Universities and Ssiwach.ugc@nic.in
Delhi Colleges under the University of
11. Under Sh.Charan Dass Coordination Planning & To provide Fitness of Colleges under Dr.Sunita Siwach
Secretary Tel No. 23238446 Policy-I (Colleges) Section 2(f) and 12 (B) of the UGC Act. Deputy Secretary
CPP- Room No.206 Tel No. 23235640
I(College) charandas.ugc@nic.in Room No.426

12. Education Dr.Nikhil Kumar Community Community Colleges : Matters relating Dr.K.P.Singh
Officer Tel No. 23232701 Ext. Colleges/National to providing grants to institutions to Joint Secretary
(CC/NVEQF/ No.155 Vocational Educational achieve the following aims : Tel No.23239597
Sports) Room No.117-B Qualification Framework Fax-23236347
nikhil.ugc@nic.in (NVEQF) /Sports (i) Provide knowledge Skill mixed Room No.223
programme to make higher kpsingh@ugc.nic.in
education relevant to the learner
and community.
(ii) Provide skill based education to
students currently pursuing higher
education but actually interested in
entering the workforce at the
earliest opportunity.
(iii) To offer bridge courses to certificate
holders of general/vocational


All matters relating to Skill development

as part of college/university education,
including Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.)

All grant related to sports infrastructure

for Universities and Colleges.

13. Under Smt.Uma Bali Universities with To identify Universities and Colleges Dr.K.P.Singh
Secretary Tel No.23239357 Potential for Excellence under UPE/CPE Schemes and Centres Joint Secretary
(UPE/CPE) Room No.205 (UPE)/ Colleges with under Centre with Potential for Tel No.23239597
umabali.ugc@nic.in Potential for Excellence Excellence in Particular Area and provide Fax-23236347
(CPE) grants to them under the guidelines. Room No.223

14. Education Dr.Nikhil Kumar Technical Education All matters related to Technical Dr.K.P.Singh
Officer Tel No. 23232701 Ext. Education in India. Joint Secretary
No.155 Tel No.23239597
Room No.117-B Fax-23236347
nikhil.ugc@nic.in Room No.223

15. Education Sh. Mriganka Sekhar Autonomous Colleges Providing conferment and renewal of Dr.(Mrs)Manju Singh
Officer Sharma Autonomous status to eligible colleges as Joint Secretary
(AC) Tel No.23217896 per UGC guidelines and providing Tel No.23238876
Room No.205 financial assistance to such colleges. Fax-23232297
mssarma.ugc@nic.in Room No.226

16. Education Sh. Mriganka Sekhar International International Conference Dr.(Mrs)Manju Singh
Officer Sharma Conference/Travel UGC Academic relationship with foreign Joint Secretary
(IC/TG/) Tel No.23217896 Grants countries. All MoUs/Agreements with Tel No.23238876
Room No.205 foreign countries and implementation of Fax-23232297
mssarma.ugc@nic.in the educational programmes. Room No.226
Travel Grant om
Facilitate research work of colleges
teachers, Vice- Chancellors by providing
travel grants to them for presenting
research papers in international
conferences abroad.

17. Education Dr. Salil S Inter-University Centre/ Provision of grants and matters relates Dr.(Mrs)Manju Singh
Officer Tel No.23217891 Mass Communication/ to Inter-University Centres established Joint Secretary
(IUC/MC/ Room No. 419-A National Facilities under section 12 (ccc) of the UGC Act. Tel No.23238876
NF) findsalil@gmail.com Fax-23232297
Room No.226

18. Under Smt Kulwinder Kaur Mal Practice Cell /Public Mal Practice Cell Dr.(Mrs)Urmila Devi
Secretary Tel No. 23232701 Grievances /Rajbhasha Matters relating to Fake Universities. Joint Secretary
(MPC/PG/ Ext.No.502 Tel No. 23238865
Rajbhasha) Room No.502 Public Grievances Fax 23210548
kkaur.ugc@nic.in Room No. 224
Handling of Online public grievances. urmila@ugc.nic.in


Dealing with the Government of India

policies pertaining to use of Hindi as the
official language, translation of all
relevant documents in Hindi.

19. Under Sh.Satish Kumar Pay Scale / Area Study All matters relating to qualification, pay Dr.( Mrs)Pankaj Mittal
Secretary Tel No. 23233831 Programme scale, service conditions, counting of Joint Secretary
(PS)/ ASP Room No.319 past service, Career Advancement Tel No. 23232055
satish.ugc@nic.in Scheme (CAS) of teaching staff all Fax No.23219716
university/college teachers, and of Room No. 216
Librarians and Directors of Physical pankajugc@nic.in
Standardization of M.Phil/Ph.D

Area Study Programme

Establishment of centres /programmes

and releasing grants to them and dealing
with different regions strategically
important to India.

20. Under Smt. Ritu Oberoi Basic Scientific Research Implementation of the Dr. Sunita Siwach
Secretary Tel No.23232210 recommendations of the task force set Deputy Secretary
(BSR) Room No.404 up by MHRD to promote Basic Scientific Tel No. 23235640
roberoi.ugc@nic.in Research in Indian Universities; providing Room No.426
Infrastructure grants, Research grants Ssiwach.ugc@nic.in
and Fellowships to Basic Science,
Engineering and Technology
departments of Indian Universities and
21. Under Smt.Sunita Gulati Selection & Awards I Junior Research Fellowship Scheme to Dr.Sunita Siwach
Secretary Tel No.23213745 candidates who qualify in National Deputy Secretary
(SA-I) Room No.502 Eligibility Test (NET) of UGC and CSIR Tel No. 23235640
sgulati.ugc@nic.in Room No.426

22. Under Smt. Sudha Rani Selection &Awards II Research Awards / Post Doctoral Dr.Sunita Siwach
Secretary Tel No.23234840 Fellowship for Women/ Emeritus Deputy Secretary
(SA-II) Room No.502 Fellowship and Fellowship to Research Tel No. 23235640
sudharani.ugc@nic.in Scientists Room No.426
23. Education Ms. Monika Selection &Awards-III Matters relating to grant of following Dr.Sunita Siwach
Officer Tel No. 23217493 Scholarships/Fellowships : Deputy Secretary
(SA-III) Room No.117-B (i) Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for Tel No. 23235640
monika.ugc@nic.in SC/ST; Room No.426
(ii) Maulana Azad National Fellowship Ssiwach.ugc@nic.in
for Minority Communities;
(iii) Indira Gandhi PG Scholarship for
Single Girl Child;
(iv) PG Merit Scholarship for University
Rank holders;
(v) PG Scholarships for Professional
courses for SC/ST;
(vi) PG Scholarship for ME/M.Tech GATE
qualified students;
(vii) Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for
Persons with Disability

24. Under Mrs. Rukmani Srinivasan Legal All legal matters relating to UGC Sh.Vikram Sahay
Secretary Tel. No. 23232701 Director( Admn)
(Legal) Room No. 509A Tel No.23230405
rsrinivasan.ugc@nic.in Fax-23231055
Room No. 217

25. Education Ms. Smita Bidani Special Assistance Providing financial assistance three levels Dr. Nidhi Sharma
Officer Tel No.23231811 Programme Departmental Research Support (DRS), Deputy Secretary
(SAP) Room No.105 Department of Special Assistance (DSA) Tel & Fax No.23211513
smitabidani.ugc@nic.in and Centre of Advanced Study (CAS) to Room No. 424
University Departments to encourage Nidhi.ugc@nic.in
the pursuit of excellence and team work
in advanced teaching and research to
accelerate the realization of
International standards in specific fields.
26. Education Ms. Megha Kaushik Humanity Research All proposals received from teachers of Dr. Nidhi Sharma
Officer Tel No.23238895 Project Universities/colleges in Science and Deputy Secretary
(HRP) Room No.425 Humanities for sanctioning of Major Tel &Fax No.23211513
megha.ugc@nic.in Research Projects. Room No. 424

27. Under Mrs. Sarita Makhija Right to Information/ Coordinating matters related to RTI Dr. Nidhi Sharma
Secretary Tel No.23232701 Ext.240 ASSIST/Innovative applications, Appeals, CIC Hearings, etc. Deputy Secretary
(RTI)/ Room No.206 Programme Tel &Fax No.23211513
Innov. makhija.ugc@nic.in Financial Assistance provided as Room No. 424
Programme Assistance for infrastructure for Science Nidhi.ugc@nic.in
& Technology and Innovative
programmes in respect to the on-going
approved courses for the period of five
years from the date of implementation
to the approved departments of
Universities and Colleges under 2(f) and
12(B) of the UGC Act.
28. Under Sh.G.S.Aulak Major Research Project All proposals received from teachers of Dr. Nidhi Sharma
Secretary Tel No. Universities/colleges in Science and Deputy Secretary
(MRP Room No.325 Humanities for sanctioning of Major Tel &Fax No.23211513
gsaulak.ugc@nic.in Research Projects. Room No. 424
29. Under Mr H.P.. Kapruwan National Eligibility Test All matters relates to NET Dr. Surender Singh
Secretary Tel No. 24116316 Deputy Secretary
( NET) Room No.106 Tel No.24115419
South Campus , Benito Fax-24112276
Jurez Marg, New Delhi Room No. 03
Rsrinivasan.ugc@nic.in South Campus, Benito
Jurez Marg, New Delhi

30. Under Ms. Madhu Mehra Anti- Ragging Anti- Ragging Cell Dr. Archana Thakur
Secretary Tel No.23381335 Cell/Selection Research- Deputy Secretary
(ARC/SR-III) Room No.121 III All matters / complaints related to Tel No.23386128
35,Ferozshah Road, Mandi Ragging in Universities and Colleges. Room No.129
House , New Delhi-110001 35, Ferozeshah Road,
madhumehra.ugc@nic.in Mandi House , New

31. Deputy Dr. Archana Thakur Task Force Matters related to gender sensitization Dr.(Mrs)Manju Singh
Secretary Deputy Secretary in institutions of higher education. Joint Secretary
( Task Tel No.23386128 Tel No.23238876
Force) Room No.129 Fax-23232297
35, Ferozshah Road, Room No.226
Mandi House , New Delhi- manjusinghugc@gmail.c
110001 om

32. Education Sh. Joseph Varghese Scheduled All reservation policy matters related Dr. Archana Thakur
Officer Tel No. 23381650 Castes/Scheduled Tribes with SC/ST and OBC and Physical Deputy Secretary
(SC/ST/OBC Room No.214 /Other Backward Classes Disabled person and Coaching Schemes Tel No.23386128
/ PWD/ 35, Ferozshah Road, Mandi /Physically With for Minorities. Room No.129
Minorities/ House , New Delhi-110001 Disabilities / Framing consolidated guidelines for 35, Ferozeshah Road,
Minorities facilities provided to physically Mandi House, New
handicapped persons in Delhi-110001
Admission/appointments. archana@ugc.nic.in

33. Under Ms. Kanta Kumari Women Studies /Human Women Studies Dr.( Mrs)Pankaj Mittal
Secretary Deputy Secretary Rights Value Education Research / Grants related to Women Joint Secretary
(WS/HRVE/ Tel No.23382091 /Academic Staff Colleges Studies Tel No. 23232055
ASC/NFE) Room No.106 /Non-Formal Education/ Human Rights Value Education Fax No.23219716
35, Ferozshah Road, Computer & Technology All matters pertaining to Human Rights Room No. 216
Mandi House , New Delhi- related Education. pankajugc@nic.in
110001 Academic Staff Colleges
Kanta.ugc@nic.in Grants to ASCs providing refresher
Courses and orientation courses for
Non- Formal Education
Adult Education and Continuing
34. Under Sh. R.C.Kandera Career Oriented Implementation of UGC scheme on Dr.( Mrs)Pankaj Mittal
Secretary Deputy Secretary Education Career Oriented Courses. Joint Secretary
(COE) Tel No.23381261 Tel No. 23232055
Room No. 101 Fax No.23219716
35, Ferozshah Road, Room No. 216
Mandi House , New Delhi- pankajugc@nic.in

35. Education Sh. Vinod Singh Yadav North Regional College All type of grants related to Colleges of Sh.Ajay Kumar Khanduri
Officer Tele.No.23385432 Bureau Northern Region Tele.No.23381421
(NRCB) Room No.123 1. Jammu &Kashmir Fax-23381422
35 Ferozeshah Road 2. Himachal Pradesh Room No.201
Mandi House, New Delhi- 3. Punjab 35 Ferozeshah Road
110001 4. Haryana Mandi House, New
5. Chandigarh-UT Delhi-110001
6. Uttar Pradesh Khanduri.ugc@nic.in
7. Uttarakhand
36. Education Mr. Amit Kumar Verma Distance Education All matters pertaining to Regulation and Dr. Renu Batra
Officer(DEB) Tel No. 29572632 Bureau monitoring of Open and Distance Tel No. 23231273
Bahadurshah jafar Marg Learning (ODL) programmes in Higher Bahadur Shah jafar marg
, New Delhi Education, including grant of assistance , New Delhi
akverma.ugc@nic.in to State Open Universities and other renu.ugc@nic.in

37. Deputy Dr. Shakeel Ahmed CPP-II Dr.( Mrs)Pankaj Mittal

Secretary Tel. No.23219719 Coordination Planning & (i) Policy planning, formulation of Joint Secretary
(CPP-II) Room No.326 Policy II (CPP II regulations for maintenance of Tel No. 23232055
shakeel_du@yahoo.co.in standards, specification of Fax No.23219716
degrees; Room No. 216
(ii) Task force on Humanities & Social pankajugc@nic.in
(iii) Standing Committee for
specification of degrees.
(iv) Fee Committee
The Regional Offices of the UGC deal with the following matters in respect of the eligible colleges under their respective jurisdiction :
(i) General Development Assistance to Colleges
(ii) Grants for 14 Merged Schemes under Development grant
(iii) Autonomous Colleges
(iv) Faculty Development Programme
(v) Workshops, Seminars and Conferences
(vi) Minor Research Projects (Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences)
(vii) Financial Assistance for construction of Womens Hostels
(viii) Development of Sports Infrastructure and Non Expendable Equipment
(ix) Additional Assistance to Colleges included under 12(B) during XI Plan
(x) One time Catch up grant to Uncovered (Non-12B) Colleges during XI Plan
(xi) Jubilee/Centenary Grants
(xii) Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

UGC Eastern Regional Office (ERO), LB-8, Sector-III, Salt Lake , Kolkata- 700098 (West Bengal)

1. Under Sh.Avtar Singh Eastern Regional Office, All matters related to UGC grants to Dr. Mohd. Arif
Secretary Tel no.033-23354767 colleges of following states: Joint Secretary
(ERO) Eastern Regional Office, 1. West Bengal Tel No.033-23354767
Kolkata 2. Jharkhand Fax-033-23350586
3. Orrisa/Odisha ugcero_kolkata@yahoo.i
4. Bihar n

UGC- South Eastern Regional Office, PB- No. 152, APSFC Building, 4th Floor, 5-9-194, Chirag Ali Lane, Hyderabad-500001(
Andhra Pradesh)
2. Education Dr.Vamshika South Eastern Regional All matters related to UGC grants to Dr.G.Srinivas
Officer Tel No.040-23204768 Office colleges of following states : Joint Secretary
(SERO) South Eastern Regional 1. Andhra Pradesh Tel No.040-23204735
Office , Hyderabad 2. Pondicherry Fax-040-23204734
Vamshikaugcsero@gmail.c 3. Tamil Nadu srinivasugc@gmail.com
om 4. Andaman & Nicobar

UGC- Western Regional Office, Ganeshkhind, Pune- 411007 (Maharashtra)

3. Deputy Sh. Manoj Kumar Western Regional Office All matters related to UGC grants to Dr(Mrs)Renu Batra
Secretary Tel No. 020-25696896 colleges of following states: Joint Secretary
(WRO) Western Regional Office, 1. Maharashtra Fax No.020-25691477
Pune 2. Goa Tel-020-25694796
3. Gujarat Renu.ugc@nic.in
4. Daman &Diu
5. Dadar&Nagar Haveli

UGC- North Eastern Regional Office, 3rd Floor, House FED, Rental Block- 5, Beltola- Basistha Road, Dispur, Guwahati-
781006 ( Assam)

4 Education Sh.Kishore Kumar North Eastern Regional All matters related to UGC grants to Dr.Mohd. Arif
Officer Tel No.0361-2264818 Office colleges of following states: Joint Secretary
(NERO) North Eastern Regional 1. Assam Tel No.0361-2267721
Office , Guwahati 2. Arunachal Pradesh Fax-0361-2267056
3. Manipur mdarifugcne@gmail.com
4. Meghalaya
5. Mizoram
6. Nagaland
7. Tripura
8. Sikkim

UGC- South Western Regional Office, Prasanna Kumar Block, Palace Road, Bangalore-560009 (Karnataka)

5 Education Ms.Neethu S. South Western Regional All matters related to UGC grants to Dr. N.Gopukumar
Officer Thulaseedharan Office colleges of following states: Deputy Secretary
(SWRO) Tel No. 080-22375695 1. Karnataka Tel No. 080-22375695
South Western Regional 2. Kerala Fax-080-22280381
Office , Bangalore 3. Lakshadweep gopukumar99@rediffmai

UGC- Central Regional Office, Tawa Complex, E-5, Arera Colony, Bhopal- 462016 (Madhya Pradesh)

6.. Education Sh. Prashant Dwivedi Central Regional Office All matters related to UGC grants to Dr.G.S.Chauhan
Officer Tel No. 0755-2467892 colleges of following states: Deputy Secretary
(CRO) Central Regional Office, 1. Madhya Pradesh Tel No. 0755-2467892
Bhopal 2. Chhattisgarh Fax-0755-2467893
3. Rajasthan chauhanugc@gmail.com