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Christ the Antidote regarding Death


Part 15.
There is an elect. ''And to those whom He thus foreordained He a!so "a!!ed# $ those whom He "a!!ed
He a!so %ustified &a"'uitted made ri(hteous )uttin( them into ri(ht standin( with Himse!f *+ And those
whom He %ustified He a!so (!orified ,raisin( them to a hea-en!. di(nit. $ "ondition or state of /ein(+''
Rom 8:30. All references are fond in the Am!lified nless other"ise stated. ''E-en ,in His !o-e0 He
"hose us ,a"tua!!. )i"1ed us out for Himse!f as His own0 in Christ /efore the foundation of the
wor!d+++++++++For He foreordained us &destined us )!anned in !o-e for us* to /e ado)ted &re-ea!ed* as His
own "hi!dren throu(h 2esus Christ in a""ordan"e with the )ur)ose of His wi!! ,/e"ause it )!eased Him
$ was His 1ind intent+0'' #o" $ecase some are chosen $efore others% does not mean that &e lo'es some
a$o'e others. (or reasons n)no"n to man*% ha'ing to do "ith or !ast e+!eriences in or e+istence. ,t
"old seem that some are in a !lace of% shall , sa* a 'higher readiness' than others. -ne of the
re.irements of /-#/&,P is that "e are "illing to ha'e the attitde of the t"ent* for elders 0 $e "illing
to cast down our crowns before His throne. 1e ma* as)2 1hat cro"ns3 The the cro"ns of or o"n
accom!lishments% or the cro"ns of those things "hich are the most im!ortant to s% e'en or religious
thinking or e'en or crowns of or in part Holy Place accomplishments. -h than) 4od that it is &is lo'e
is correcting s% to dra" s nearer to &imself% nearer to &is throne. (or &is ltimate aim is to $ring s to
sch a high !lace that "e "ill share &is throne. ''He who o-er"omes &is -i"torious* I wi!! (rant him to sit
/eside me on 3. throne as I 3.se!f o-er"ame &was -i"torious* $ sat down /eside 3. Father on His
throne+'' Re' 5:61.
#o" the "ord !erfection can seem to s an almost frightening "ord% $t the most comforting 0
"onderfl trth is that or 4od 0 /a'ior is not onl* a !erfect 4od% $t &e is also a 4od of !erfection%
those "ho "old sa* other"ise do not% as *et% )no" &im. As "e come to the !lace that "e allo" the
Christ to ta)e fll !ossession of or li'es% in other "ords that "e allo" 'his identity, to become our
identity' 0 there is no longer 7myself & Christ', 8ess stated that 'I and 3. Father are One' so &e as or
elder $rother is $ringing s to the e+act same e+!erience% "hen "e too can sa* "ith or $rother Pal 4It is
no !on(er I that !i-es /ut Christ that !i-es in me+5 Then "e too are entering into that !erfection% not onl*
in or nderstanding% $t into the realit* of "hat actall* is alread* a fact 0 "as accom!lished $oth on
the cross 0 in the resrrection% 0 to go a little frther also too) !lace in the mind of 4od or the 'Godhead'
earlier2 0 as far as 4od "as concerned this "as accom!lished from the fondation of the "orld "hich is
attested $* the fact of the 'the !am/ s!ain from the foundation of the wor!d+' Re' 13:8. 98:.
-nce again there are three stages in or e+!erience% Passo'er the flesh understanding & it's activity,' &ol*
Place the understanding & activity of the soul, The ;ost &ol* Place the understanding of the spirit & it's
activity. The flfilment of this e+!erience in s is nothing short of !erfection 'His perfection, by His
grace.' Please let me sa* this% "e "ill ne'er for"e or "a* into this e+!erience% it "ill come onl* in
hmilit* 0 $* the grace of 4od. , "old li)e s no" to to consider this 'erse. ''In those times man. sha!!
rise u) a(ainst 1in( of the of the South &E(.)t* a!so the men of -io!en"e amon( .our own )eo)!e sha!!
!ift themse!-es u) in order to fu!fi! the -isions ,of 6an+9 $ :0 /ut the. sha!! fai! $ fa!!+'' Dan 11:15. ,n
this 'erse "e are told that some "ill tr* to $ring the 'isions that "e ha'e $een gi'en in Daniel to !ass
otside of the grace of 4od. ''The ;in(dom of God is /ein( )rea"hed $ e-er.one stri-es -io!ent!. to (o
in ,wou!d for"e his own wa. rather than God's wa. into it0+'' <)e.1=:1=
''I assure .ou most so!emn!. I te!! .ou he who does not enter /. the door into the shee)fo!d /ut "!im/s
u) some other wa. &e!sewhere from some other 'uarter* is a thief $ a ro//er+'' ;t.10:1.
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
We must remember that in every plan that God has it re!uires His Divine intervention"
''And when the da. of Pente"ost had FULL7 "ome the. were ALL assem/!ed to(ether in ONE )!a"e
<hen SU66ENL7 there "ame sound from HEA=EN !i1e the rushin( of a -io!ent tem)est /!ast $ it
fi!!ed the who!e house in whi"h the. were sittin(+ And there a))eared to them ton(ues resem/!in( fire
whi"h were se)arated $ distri/uted $ whi"h sett!ed on ea"h one of them+ And the. were a!! fi!!ed
&diffused throu(hout their sou!s* with the Ho!. S)irit $ /e(an to s)ea1 in other !an(ua(es+'' Acts 6:1>5.
O/edien"e /rin(s Faith+

#o" no do$t the disci!les "ere 0 had $een !ra*ing% $elie'ing% confessing 0 meditating% $t , "ant s
all to realise that it too) more than confessing% $elie'ing 0 meditating% to $ring them into the fll $irth or
manifestation of Pentecost. /re , can $ring m*self into the !resence 0 nderstanding of "ho , am in
4od% 0 m* realisation "ill dee!en throgh m* time s!ent alone "ith 4od 0 this is 'er* needfl% $t )no"
this e'er* saint of 4od "ho reads these "ords% it "ill ta)e not onl* m* o$edience 0 faith to $ring in the
manifestation of the sons of 4od% 'It wi!! ta1e His di-ine su)ernatura! inter-ention to /rin( in the
redem)tion of our /odies+' it "ill not come onl* $* m* confession on m* $ehalf. 1hat , am sa*ing is% it
"ill not $e ?st m* o"n 's)iritua! -io!en"e' that "ill case me to 'for"e' m* "a* in. ,n the case of the
translation of @li?ah it "as no do$t a di'ine act of 4od that "as res!onsi$le% also it "old no do$t $e
the same in the case of @noch. (or 4od 'too1 him'+ ,t "ill come onl* $* the "onderfl grace of 4od as &e
leads s on 0 "e learn to follo" &is gidance 0 allo" or seals to $e $ro)en% as &e leads s on into
P@R(@CT,-#. 4od is dealing "ith each 0 e'er* one of s $* &,/ <-:@.
'',8ut what of that>0 For I "onsider that the sufferin(s of this )resent time &this )resent !ife* are not
worth /ein( "om)ared with the (!or. that is a/out to /e re-ea!ed to us $ in us $ for us $ "onferred on
us+ For ,e-en the who!e0 "reation &a!! nature* waits e?)e"tant!. $ !on(s earnest!. for God's sons to /e
made 1nown ,waits for the re-ea!in( the dis"!osin( of their son@shi)0++++++++That nature &"reation* itse!f
wi!! /e set free from its /onda(e to de"a. $ "orru)tion ,$ (ain an entran"e0 into the (!orious freedom
of God's "hi!dren+ <e 1now that the who!e "reation ,of irrationa! "reatures0 has /een moanin( to(ether
in the )ains of !a/our unti! now+ And not on!. the "reation /ut we ourse!-es too who ha-e $ en%o. the
first@fruits of the ,Ho!.0 S)irit ,a foretaste of the /!issfu! thin(s to "ome0 (roan inward!. as we wait for
the redem)tion of our /odies ,from sensua!it. $ the (ra-e whi"h wi!! re-ea! our ado)tion &our
manifestation as God's sons*+'' Rom.8:18>1A%61>63.
A 'uotation from a Great Forerunner Geor(e Hawtin+
Pentecost in any man's life should be one of the initial e!periences of his progress towards son"ship. #t
should be the alpha & not the omega, the beginning rather than the end. Pentecost is really the earnest of
our inheritance$ it is not the inheritance itself. @!h.1:15. %he word here rendered, &'()&*%, in the Greek
means$ a pledge, a part of the purchase money or property given in advance as security for the rest. +ong
ago in #srael when one man bought a piece of land from another, the seller removed his shoe from his foot,
filled it with the soil, & gave it to the buyer, signifying that the land was now his possession &
inheritance. Rth.5:B. %his shoe full of soil was called the earnest of the inheritance. %hat is what the
baptism of the Holy *pirit really is. Pentecost is the earnest or a foretaste of a great inheritance to come.
+et us not miss this fact, however. %he earnest of the inheritance contained in minute form the ,ualities of
the inheritance, & on that glorious Pentecost about two thousand years ago there was an -P&)
H&'.&). %he sounds of a rushing mighty wind came from heaven. %ongues of fire came from heaven &
filled the waiting believers. %hose assembled that glorious day had their spiritual senses awakened. %hey
saw the heavenly fire$ they heard the heavenly wind as the Holy *pirit swept over them. %hey felt the glory
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
through their mortal bodies until they staggered about as drunken men full of the wine of the heavenly
Canaan. %hey were men transformed because they tasted of the blessing & the glory & the power of
another world, a heavenly world, & the world of their heavenly citi/enship. 's they walked in the glory of
that earnest of their inheritance, nothing could stand before them. )othing could gainsay or resist them.
%he shadow of Peter healed the sick. 'ngels descended from the glory world to open their prisons & set
them free. Acts. 5:1A. Dead "ere raised to life, demons scampered away to the nether regions, &
multitudes were converted to Christ. 'll this was but the beginning. #t is not the end. 0e do not need
another Pentecost, which was the &arnest of our inheritance. 0& 12*% )-0 P-**&** %H&
#)H&(#%')C& #%*&+3 """ our spiritual Canaan, our heavenly citi/enship.

%he e!cellence of the realm of which we speak may seem to cast a shadow of doubt over our minds, for
tradition has not taught us to e!pect these glories here & now as part of our inheritance, but has taught us
rather to e!pect them after death in some far distant day. 4ut for the sake of faith & hope that maketh not
ashamed, the word of God is replete with 1any 0itnesses of men & women who, while here on this earth,
walked in the light of an -pen Heaven, having all their spiritual senses wide awake to see, hear, taste
touch & feel & smell the effulgent glory of an open heaven.5 Cn.ote.
A Pre)ared Son
,n the da*s $efore the $irth of ;oses the ,sraelites had come into $ondage 0 $elie'e it or not 4od had !t
them there2 as also a similar thing had ha!!ened "hen the children of ,srael "ere ta)en ca!ti'e in the da*s
of Daniel it "as the "ill of 4od. 1h*3 @'en a!art from the direct "ill of 4od% the 1ord tells s that
'what we sow we rea)'% in the @ast the* ha'e a name that descri$es this almost to a T it is called 9AR;A.
#o" it did not matter ho" mch ,srael )ic)ed 0 $c)ed% sent @>mail messages to each other or "hate'er
else% it "as not going to change the !lan of 4od one iota 4-D CAC/@D ,T 0 550 *ears "as the time on
4od7s agenda. -ne good thing it did accom!lish thogh% it made them more 4od conscios 0 in the
!rescri$ed time of $ondage% man*% man* hors "ere s!ent in calling ot to 4od for deli'erance. 4od
heard them e'en $efore the* "ere ta)en ca!ti'e 0 the* "ere not going to $e deli'ered ntil God raised
up His servant #ho He #as preparin$. #o" this ;A# "as in their midst for some time hidden a"a*
$eing !re!ared% 0 most of ,srael "ere totall* na"are of the sitation. , re!eat ;-/T -( ,/RA@< did not
ha'e a cle as to "hat 4od "as doing in their midst. The ironic thing "as that the ;A# "ho 4od "as
!re!aring 0 "as to $e the means to their sal'ation "as "ritten off $* all 0 sndr*% 0 to sa'e his o"n life
had to esca!e into the "ilderness. 1e are referring to 4-D7/ ;A# ;-/@/.

Toda.'s S"ene+
#o" , "ant to $ring this do"n to or !resent da*. (irstl* do "e trl* $elie'e that 'God is in $ throu(h
a!! thin(s' can "e $ring orsel'es to $elie'e that 4od sets ! in !o"er 'who He will'% 0 $rings do"n 'who
He will'% no" if *o are "al)ing in the 'in part' realm *o "ill need to tr* to change *or s!irital glasses
right no" to recei'e "hat , am going to sa*. 1h*3 (or in the in>!art realm "e are still fighting fire "ith
fire% or eating from the tree of 'Good & evil'. A good test for s all is fond in Rom.13:1>6. ''Let e-er.
)erson /e !o.a!!. su/%e"t to the (o-ernin( &"i-i!* authorities+ For there is NO authorit. EACEPT FRO3
GO6 ,/. His )ermission His san"tion0 $ those that e?ist do so /. God's a))ointment+ Therefore he
who resists $ sets himse!f u) a(ainst the authorities resists what God has a))ointed $ arran(ed ,in
di-ine order0And those who resist wi!! /rin( down %ud(ement u)on themse!-es ,re"ei-in( the )ena!t.
due them+'' , no" as) the .estion in 'ie" of all that is ha!!ening in the "orld toda*2 Can *o recei'e
that3 ;* ans"er to *o is that if *o do some research into the "orldl* !olitical condition that Pal "as
in at the time that &e "rote these "ords% it "as !ro$a$l* in some "a*s% "orse% than "hat "e are in toda*.
And *et this is his o!inion% 0 , $elie'e that &e "as directl* ins!ired of 4od 0 "hat7s more , $elie'e that
e'en after he "as gaoled "rongfll*% 0 "as in 'arios !risons 0 e'en a dngeon% he "old not ha'e
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
"anted to change one "ord of the a$o'e 'erses. (or in them there is an nderl*ing !rinci!le that a!!lies
e'en to s toda*2 one is ATT,TCD@ 0 the other is trsting 4od in all sitations "ithot retaliation. ''For
from Him $ throu(h Him $ to Him are a!! thin(s+'' Rom.11:3=a. ,n the largel* s!ercilios religiosit*
"e find toda*% the* are sho"ing the same reasoning7s 0 reactions of the most nchristian !eo!le of the
"orld. ,n the last edition of 7(rom the Candlestic) to the Throne7 Part 101% "ritten $* or dear 8. Preston
@$*. &e ma)es mention of Den?amin >> The /on of the Right &and. 1hich re!resents the $right side of
4od% the side "hich the o$edient sons e+!erience. &e also mentions the left hand of 4od% the "ord for left
is smow! /TR-#4/ E8050% meaning the dar1 side of 4od. #o" this dar1 side is "hat &e re'ealed to
,srael% "hen &e actall* $roght a$ot their ca!tre. 1h*3 (or their e'ental good 0 !rging2 all of the
doings of 4od are done in lo'e% mch li)e a lo'ing natral father mst !erform at times to his $elo'ed son
or daghter% sometimes as mch as it hrts the father% for the ftre "elfare of the child% correction mst
$e meted ot. Dt at the time of correction all the offs!ring can see is a dar1 side of the father "hich can
sometimes $e misinter!reted. 1e also can misinter!ret this dar1 side of 4od to $e e'il% as e'il is
generally understood. Dt this is not soF The nderstanding of 'good & evil' to the a'erage mind is not
.ite all that "e ha'e ! to date !ercei'ed 0 it seems that there is more *et to $e nco'ered than "hat "e
ha'e heretofore nderstood. #o" if there is one thing that 4od is teaching s in all of this% it is fond in
this .ote% "hich "as "ritten $* a man "ho li'ed in the 1800s% after he had "ritten his translation of the
"oman ta)en in adlter*%
I te!! .ou men if .ou wou!d CENSURE not ti!! .ou are free from sin the wor!d wou!d soon for(et the
meanin( of the word ACCUSE6+

1hilst "e are retrning evil for evil it is not doing one good thing for or character. 1e in this
"onderfl contr* of Astralia% ha'e% in com!arison to the man* 7Third 1orld7 contries had it mch
easier than most. -ne of or nic)names is 7The lc)* Contr*7 0 if an*one tries to change or "a* of
sheel be right mate or 0 lets thro" a sasage on the $ar$ie 0 lets o!en a fe" cans 0 lets dro"n ot or
conscience% it "old $e met "ith% 'to say the least' disa!!ro'al. #o" !lease do not read me "rongl* as ,
lo'e this contr* 0 , lo'e a $ar$ie 0 the general -ssie, , lo'e to go to the sho!!ing centres 0
;cDonald7s 0 "atch 0 chat "ith the families 0 the children% 0 man* times , tr* to 'ie" them as ,
$elie'e 4od "old 'ie" them. Dt the ma?orit* ha'e not onl* forgotten% $t ignored 4od 0 &is sal'ation.
1e are in a 'er* similar sitation that ,srael "as in se'eral times in her !ast e+istence. The .estion is. Do
"e $elie'e that 4od lo'es s enogh to do something a$ot or letharg* 0 com!lacenc*3 -ne thing that
got m* attention *ears ago as a 'know it all' teenager% "as a $c)et of cold "ater% it not onl* got m*
attention .ic) smart% $t it also $roght me to m* senses% 0 cased me to consider .ite dee!l* m*
$eha'ior 0 attitde. Go ma* as) "hat are *o leading ! to3 ;* thoght is this% that sometimes
"hether it $e a !erson or a #ation% if "e are in either s!irital $lindness% listlessness% re$ellion or
dro"siness% or ha'e an attitde of 7sheel $e right mate7% it needs DRA/T,C ACT,-#. #o" "hen this 7drastic
action7 is ta)en as in the case of ,srael it affected $oth the good 0 the $ad2 Daniel 0 his three
contem!oraries "ere inclded in the ca!tre 0 !nishment 0 "hat "as their reaction. Did the* re$el
against the "ill of 4od in the sitation3 #o the* "ere of A 4--D ATT,TCD@% $t also held fast to their
!rinci!les. , $elie'e that the %Islamisation o& the West% is a 'er* similar thing to "hat ha!!ened to ,srael.
4od allo"ed them to "in most of their $attles 1&,</T T&@G 1@R@ ,# -D@D,@#C@ T- 4-D 0 the*
"ere sall* the 'ictors% $t then "hen 4od "ished other"ise% no matter "hat the* did the* "ere defeated
0 ca!tred% also "e mst remem$er that at times their ca!tors "ere rthless sch as "ith Pharaoh 0
,srael. /ome of *o reading this right no" ma* $e a$horred at "hat , am sa*ing% $t time "ill !ro'e the
trth. 1hen it gets to the stage of "hat 4od has intended 0 that is a change of heart or a R@P@#TA#C@% a
trning to 4od% then 4od "ill lift the o!!ression% $t not ntil. Go see saints of 4od man* times "e ha'e
or o"n ideas of "hat means 4od is going to se to deal "ith the ngodl* 1estern 1orld 0 "hen it
comes "e don7t li)e it 0 "e $c) 0 )ic) 0 !hone% com!lain 0 send e>mails to one another instead of
$eing s!iritall* minded a$ot things. Considering the life of Pal "hat did he ha'e in mind "hen &e
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
"rote ''For I ha-e !earned how to /e "ontent &satisfied to the )oint where I am not distur/ed or
dis'uieted* in whatsoe-er state I am+'' Phil.5: 11$. 1as it ?st in the &igh times3 -f corse notF This is all
!art of trsting 4od. , $elie'e that 4od is right no" re'ealing &is !eft hand not onl* to the n$elie'ers $t
also to the so called $elie'ers "ho are !rod 0 lifted ! 0 are not *et in ste! "ith "hat 4od is doing
8eho!d I ma1e .ou as God to Pharaoh+
''The Lord .our God wi!! raise u) for .ou a )ro)het &Pro)het* from the midst of .our /rethren !i1e me
,3oses0# to him .ou sha!! !isten+'' Det. 18:15. This not onl* a!!lied to or <ord 8ess Christ% the
scri!tres $ear ot the fact of the 71anifestation of the *on's of God, who are also the 1an"child,
1elchi/edek company' these also "ill $e those that sit on the Throne that are mentioned in Re'.6:6=>6B%
3:61. 1ho 4od is raising ! on the third day , ''A da. with the Lord is as a thousand .ears $ a thousand
.ears is as one da.+'' 6 Pet.3:8. As 4od had !re!ared a man% a !ro!het% to free the !eo!le of ,srael so &e
is !re!aring a cor!orate man% a cor!orate !ro!het% "ho is termed in the 4ree) in 8ames.1:18% "hen 4od
said 'in order that to /e us' also the tre translation of 8de.15 is ''He "omes in Ho!. m.riads of Himse!f'
again in 18n.3:6.'For when we sha!! see Him we sha!! /e !i1e Him'' this flfils $oth of the a$o'e
!ro!hecies of ;oses concerning this ;an>child. 1hen "e !ra* "e need to !ra* that 4od raises ! this
deli'erer. <i)e it or not% "e can do all "e can in or earthl* 0 s!irital !o"er% $t ntil 4od is good 0
read*% *o "ill not change &is mind. 1e need to get in ste! "ith 4od 0 !ra* for the !eo!le of Astralia
to R@P@#T. And then or !resent da* ;oses "ill a!!ear on the scene. ,f , ha'e disa!!ointed *o 0 not
s!o)en a$ot a !h*sical ra!tre or an escapism to ta)e s ot of "hat is going to ha!!en% , am sorr* that
*o are disa!!ointed% $t , mst tell it as , no" see it. The esca!e "ill come in o$edience to the "ill of
4od% "hich in ;oses da* "as throgh &is ;A#.
The Ad-ersar. did it

1e ma* $e inclined to sa* 4od is not casing the Islamisation o& the West% 0 sa* /atan or the adversary
isF ,f "e thin) that% then according to the $oo) of 8o$ the onl* reason that the adversary "as let loose on
8o$ "as de to the fact that it "as the "ill of 4od. (or , re!eat ''God is in $ throu(h a!! thin(s'' ,s &e
not3 Also ''to the )ur)ose of Him who wor1s a!! thin(s after the "ounse! of His own wi!!+''
@!h.1:11$.#e" 98:. And if this is so% then "e ha'e a lesson to learn 0 the lesson that "e 0 all the "orld
are to learn is to ''do (ood to them that de@s)itefu!!. use .ou'' and to 'return (ood for e-i!' 1hen 4od
"ants to do a thing &e is far ahead of s% 0 all of the !oliticians. This sitation came in throgh the $ac)
door 0 no"% natrall* s!ea)ing2 "ithot !tting them ot of the contr*% or a engaging in a ci'il "ar% or
hands are tied. /aints of 4od , thin) it far% far $etter to go 4od7s "a* 0 learn the lesson that 4od "ants s
to learn. &ear 4od7s "ordF
''7ou ha-e heard that it was said 7ou sha!! !o-e .our nei(h/our $ hate .our enem.# 8ut I te!! .ou
Lo-e .our enemies $ )ra. for those who )erse"ute .ou+ To show that .ou are the "hi!dren @ 4) &ios
'mature sons' " of .our Father <ho is in hea-en# for He ma1es His sun rise on the wi"1ed $ on the
(ood $ ma1es the rain fa!! u)on the u)ri(ht $ the wron(doers ,a!i1e0+ For if .ou !o-e those who !o-e
.ou what reward "an .ou ha-e> 6o not e-en the ta? "o!!e"tors do that> And if .ou (reet on!. .our
/rethren what more than others are .ou doin(> 6o not e-en the Genti!es &the heathen* do that> 7ou
therefore must 8E PERFECT ,(rowin( into "om)!ete maturit. of (od!iness in mind $ "hara"ter
ha-in( rea"hed the )ro)er hei(ht of -irtue $ inte(rit.0 as .our hea-en!. father is )erfe"t+'' ;t.5:53>58.
Do "e thin) that these 'Is!ami"' !eo!le are e+em!t from the lo'e of 4od3 Did an* of s lead an* of those
"ho "ere in o!!osition to Christ $* o!!osing them "ith or natral emotions3 #-% #-% #-% it "as lo'e
concern 0 !ra*er% 0 if an* of s are o!!osing "hat , am sa*ing% then "e are still C#D@R T&@ <A1 -(
;-/@/. ''The natura! man re"ei-es not the thin(s of the s)irit of God for the. are foo!ishness to him+''
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
The $oo) of &a$a))) if loo)ed at closel* is an end time book as "ell as for the da* of the "riter. 1hen
he tells s that the 'ision "e are going to loo) at% is *et for an a!!ointed time% it is as man* other
!ro!hecies% it is a t"o fold one% one for then 0 one for toda*% also "hen "e read. ,n cha!ter 6:5. ''For the
-ision is .et for an a))ointed time $ it hastens to the end ,fu!fi!ment0# it wi!! not de"ei-e or disa))oint+
Thou(h it tarr. wait ,earnest!.0 for it it wi!! not /e /ehindhand on its a))ointed da.+'' This a!!lied not
onl* to this 'erse 15. ''8ut ,the time is "omin( when0 the earth sha!! /e fi!!ed with the 1now!ed(e of the
(!or. of the Lord as the waters "o-er the sea+'' $t also to "hat *o are ne+t% a$ot to read.
Cha!.1:5>13.. ''Loo1 around ,.ou Ha/a11u1 re)!ied the Lord0 amon( the nations $ seeB And /e
astonishedB AstoundedB For I am )uttin( into effe"t a wor1 in .our da.s ,su"h0 that .ou wou!d not
/e!ie-e it if it were to!d .ou+ C+ For /eho!d I am rousin( u) the Cha!deans that /itter $ im)etuous
nation who mar"h throu(h the /readth of the earth to ta1e )ossession of dwe!!in( )!a"es that do not
/e!on( to them+ D+,The Cha!deans are terri/!e $ dreadfu!# their %usti"e $ di(nit. )ro"eed ,on!.0 from
themse!-es+ 9+ Their horses a!so are swifter than !eo)ards $ are fier"er than the e-enin( wo!-es $
their horsemen s)read themse!-es $ )ress on )roud!.# .es their horsemen "ame from afar# the. f!. !i1e
an ea(!e that hastens to de-our+ :+ The. a!! "ome for -io!en"e# their fa"es turn ea(er!. forward $ the.
(ather )risoners to(ether !i1e sand+ EF+ The. s"off at 1in(s $ ru!ers are a derision to them+ The.
ridi"u!e e-er. stron(ho!d for the. hea) u) dust ,for earth mounds0 $ ta1e it+ EE+ Then the. swee) /.
!i1e a wind $ )ass on $ the. !oad themse!-es with (ui!t ,as do a!! men0 whose own )ower is their (od+
EG+ Are not .ou from e-er!astin( O Lord m. God m. Ho!. One> <e sha!! not die O Lord 7ou ha-e
a))ointed the ,Cha!dean0 to e?e"ute ,7our0 %ud(ement $ 7ou O Ro"1 ha-e esta/!ished him for
"hastisement $ "orre"tion+ EH+ 7ou are of )urer e.es than to /eho!d e-i! $ "an not !oo1 ,ina"ti-e!.0
u)on in%usti"e+ <h. then do .ou !oo1 u)on the )!underer> <h. are .ou si!ent when the wi"1ed one
destro.s him who is more ri(hteous than ,the Cha!dean o))ressor0 is+'' And 4od "ill sta* silent ntil &e
is read*F , as) the .estion% does this a!!l* no"3 , "ill let *o $e the ?dge.
;an* reading this "ill no do$t remem$er Da'id 1il)erson% the athor of the "ell )no"n $oo) '%he
Cross & the *witch"blade'. &e ga'e a "arning to the C/A man* *ears ago 0 onl* no" is some of that
coming to !ass% the main theme of his ta!ed sermon "as that in the midst of his 'ision% fi'e "ords "ere
gi'en clearl* 0 lodl* to him.
This "e need to )ee! "ell in mind.
'I te!! .ou men if .ou wou!d CENSURE not ti!! .ou are free from sin the wor!d wou!d soon for(et the
meanin( of the word a""used+'
Goin( on to Perfe"tion+
1hen these '3.riads of Himse!f are re!eased' Then the* are ''To e?e"ute %ud(ement u)on a!! $ to
"on-i"t a!! the im)ious &unho!. ones* of a!! their un(od!. deeds whi"h the. ha-e "ommitted ,in su"h
an0 un(od!. ,wa.0 $ of a!! the se-ere &a/usi-e %arrin(* thin(s whi"h un(od!. sinners ha-e s)o1en
a(ainst Him+'' 8de. 15$>15.
Those /rin(in( this %ud(ement wi!! /e those who are /rou(ht to )erfe"tion as in the ne?t
'',8ut what of that>0 For I "onsider that the sufferin(s of this )resent time &this )resent !ife* are not
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
worth /ein( "om)ared with the (!or. that is a/out to /e re-ea!ed to us $ in us $ for us $ "onferred on
us+ For ,e-en the who!e0 "reation &a!! nature* waits e?)e"tant!. $ !on(s earnest!. for God's sons to /e
made 1nown ,waits for the re-ea!in( the dis"!osin( of their son@shi)0++++++++That nature &"reation* itse!f
wi!! /e set free from its /onda(e to de"a. $ "orru)tion ,$ (ain an entran"e0 into the (!orious freedom
of God's "hi!dren+ <e 1now that the who!e "reation ,of irrationa! "reatures0 has /een moanin( to(ether
in the )ains of !a/our unti! now+ And not on!. the "reation /ut we ourse!-es too who ha-e $ en%o. the
first@fruits of the ,Ho!.0 S)irit ,a foretaste of the /!issfu! thin(s to "ome0 (roan inward!. as we wait for
the redem)tion of our /odies ,from sensua!it. $ the (ra-e whi"h wi!! re-ea! our ado)tion &our
manifestation as God's sons*+'' Rom.8:18>1A% 61>63.

;oses the deli'erer "as nder in an entirel* different co'enant than the ;an>child is% 0 shall $e. ;oses is
dead 0 so that 'hard line' legal "a* is gone. 1hen 8de mentions the 8CD4@;@#T to $e meted ot to all
the ngodl*2 if "e ha'e or (ather7s confsed 0 "e thin) that the ?dgements of 4od are going to $e
harsh 0 "ithot merc*% "e are still follo"ing a legal 4od% a "rong father a (AT&@R ,# <A1% in the
natural, no matter how close you are to your wife's father he can never be your true father. 1h* $ecase
the relation>shi! is a legal one. , re!eat ;oses is dead 0 the ?dgements of 4od are no" 0 "ill $e 'unto
-i"tor. @ with mer".' @ Retri/uti-e 2ud(ement I ,n 8ohn 5:6A. 98:. 1here it mentions 'the resurre"tion
of damnation' the "ord damnation is of corse to sa* the least% far o'erstressed% 0 is from the 4ree)
"ord krisis 0 to .ote from the Diaglott " those having done evil things,to a resurrection of 6udgement' "
or 7risis. This "ord if "e do a thorogh search on it reall* entails the meaning of retribution. #o" to
e+!lain this sim!l* 0 .ic)l*% "hen a felon recei'es a sentence $* a 8dge in a cortroom it is called
retributive 6udgement% no" this sentence not onl* entails a 6udgement unto damnation% > meta)hori"a!!.
s)ea1in( @ $t in that sentence is the idea that it "ill "or) a repentance a change of mind & heart 0 so
in the original idea it "as ho!ed that the otcome "old $e a 8udgement unto .ictory. ,n 4od it #ill $e a
'%ud(ement unto "orre"tion' as "ell as a '%ud(ement unto -i"tor.'+ ,f "e do a search "e "ill find that the
"ord 8CD4@;@#T in the e!istles is in the ma?orit* of cases from the "ord krisis or krina, & interestingl*
the "ord ?dgement as fond in 8de. 15. 'to e?e"ute %ud(ement u)on a!!' is one of them.

1h* are "e sa*ing all this3 1ell if 4od " lowered us " Rom 11:36. ''For God has "onsi(ned &)enned
u)* a!! men to diso/edien"e on!. that he ma. ha-e mer". on them a!! a!i1e+'' then than) 4od he is also
ta)ing the res!onsi$ilit* for or e'ental eternal e+istence. , hear someone sa* 7!ro'e it7% ''For God so
LO=E6 the <ORL6 that He GA=E His on!. /e(otten Son that <HOSOE=ER /e!ie-es in Him sha!! not
)erish /ut ha-e e-er!astin( !ife+'' ''And I if I /e !ifted u) from the earth " on the cross 9 wi!! draw ALL
men unto me+'' ''As in Adam a!! die e-en so in Christ sha!! ALL /e made a!i-e+'' 8ohn.3:1=% 16:36.
1Cor.15:66. 98:. 1e mst )ee! in mind that "e are "riting in 0 from the %abernacle or %hird realm
A further understandin( of (oin( on unto Perfe"tion is#
Is it m. 'dam 1in(dom or 3. Christ ;in(dom>
,n the s!irital "a* of thin)ing life is the result of death not onl* the death of 8ess% $t or death in &im.
Please let me e+!lain. ''He that finds his !ife sha!! !ose itJ $ he that !oses his !ife for m. sa1e sha!! find
it+'' ;t.10:3A. #e" 98:..... ,n the '1ost Holy Place' realm% the nderstanding of this 'erse ta)es on a
higher meaning than "hat "e considered in the in part realm. 1e realise that to s no#' the fll im!act of
!osin( our !ife $ d.in( to ADA; is actall* d*ing to the second realm "hich actall* incor!orates the
eaten with leaven or (A</@ D-CTR,#@ nderstanding% 0 the in part realm is fll of it. 1h*3 'for we see
throu(h a (!ass dar1!.' 1Cor.13:16. 98:. 1e "ill ne'er )no" him face to face nless "e are "illing to
die to the second realm "hich incor!orates the ADA;% or or 'second realm self will'. This death denotes a
C&A#4@ or new wine s1ins+ ADA; D-@/ #-T 1A#T T- D,@FF ,f those of s "ho are called into the
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
third realm understanding insist on findin( our !ife in the leaven realm 0 loo) for e+cses H whether it be
scriptural or otherwise " "e "ill al"a*s find them% $t )no" this that the the fi'e foolish 'irgins had no "
:;;< sold out " third realm -,< in them. ,nterestingl* the !ara$le of the &ive #ise ( the &ive &oolish is
not no#' as "e ha'e al"a*s thoght in the Pentecostal "a* of thin)ing. ,t no" ta)es on a higher
!erce!tion in the third le'el of nderstanding% also "e no" realise that if this is an end time !ara$le% it
mst incor!orate the third realm conce!t. ,t ne'er ceases to amaIe me the e+cses that or mistaken
identity can di$ up "hen it "ants to !reser'e itself. 1e again re!eat the a$o'e 'erse this time from the
Am!lified2 ''<hoe-er finds his ,!ower0 !ife wi!! !ose it ,the hi(her !ife0 $ whoe-er !oses his ,!ower0 !ife
on m. a""ount wi!! find it ,the hi(her !ife0+'' ;att.10:3A.
The Ten =ir(ins+
Defore , $egin on this thesis the last thing that , "ish to im!art is another doctrineF TRCT& comes $*
grace 0 grace alone. The !ro$lem "ith s all is that if "e tr* to sr'i'e on *esterda*s trth% e'en in the
%hird day a"areness% "e "ill dr* !. 1e are increasing in or conscios a"areness% or Christ
consciosness. This is "h* there "ere , $elie'e 5 foolish 'irgins.
;t.65:1>13. ''Then the ;in(dom of hea-en sha!! /e !i1ened to ten -ir(ins who too1 their !am)s $ went
to meet the /ride(room+'' 1e notice here that the "hole 10 "ere virgins. 1e as) the .estion2 1hat is a
'irgin3 ,n one sense "e are all 'irgins% for there is one "ho is in each 0 e'er* one of s "ho has ne'er
$een contaminated "ith the seed of man 'our divinity'. That is Christ our true identity. ,f 8ess said that
'the 1in(dom of God is within .ou' "old "e $e "rong in assming that Christ "old $e in His
7ingdom> 'A!! sou!s are 3ine'+ @'en thogh it ma* seem acti'e or inacti'e to C/F ,n the case of the 10
'irgins the meaning is a higher one.
,n Re'.15:5. ''These are the. who ha-e not defi!ed themse!-es /. re!ations with women for the. are
,)ure as0 -ir(ins+ These are the. who fo!!ow the !am/ where-er He (oes+ These are the. who ha-e /een
ransomed &)ur"hased redeemed* from amon( men as the firstfruits for God $ the Lam/+'' #o" in the
case of the 10 'irgins% the* "ere all se!arated from the mainline "orldl* "a* of thin)ing% 0 "ere also all
in the '1ost Holy Place' "hich in itself as "e "ill see% "as 7not enou(h' to $e in the 5 "ise gro!+ These
10 'irgins ''fo!!ow the Lam/ where-er He (oes'' "hich "e "old e.ate "ith ''as man. as are LE6 /.
the s)irit of God the. are the son's of God'' #o" as "e !roceed )ee! "ell in mind that the "hole 10%
"ere 'irgins.
:erse. 6. ''Fi-e of them were foo!ish &thou(ht!ess without forethou(ht* $ fi-e were &sensi/!e
inte!!i(ent $ )rudent*+'' 1e "ill not ela$orate on this 'erse as it is .ite !lain enogh.
:erse. 3. ''For when the foo!ish too1 their !am)s the. did not ta1e an. ,EATRA0 oi! with them+'' The*
all needed oil $t in this end>time cha!ter 4od is a$ot to choose his @<@CT% "hen 8ess "ent ! into the
;ont of transfigration &e did not ta)e the 500% or the B0% or e'en the 16% he too) those "ho &@ chose
the the elect' the 3 Peter% 8ames 0 8ohn into the inner sanctum as it "ere. 1h*3 , $elie'e that these "ere
"illing to go A<< the "a*. , no" as) the .estion2 1hat does the oil stand for3 As most of s "old
)no" it is re!resentati'e of the &ol* /!irit. ,t also stands for re'elation. 778ut when the Comforter is
"ome who I wi!! send to .ou from the Father e-en the S)irit of truth whi"h )ro"eeds from the Father
He sha!! TESTIF7 OF 3E+'' 8n. 15:6=. 98:. @'en thogh "e ma* ha'e )no"n 4od for a nm$er of *ears
"e can re?ect the *pirit of %ruth "hen &e comes if "e are insistent on or o"n old wine"skin thoghts%
Pal the a!ostle admonished s not to 'uen"h not the s)irit+ , "old sggest to s all toda* that this oi!
"old $e the revelation oil as to realising or true identity P<C/FF..... That @JTRA -,< that is needed to $e
a 7wise -ir(in'+ This "old also need to $e co!led "ith -D@D,@#C@ 0 ongoing increasing Christ
Consciousness% 0 this entails that , 0 m* (ather are -ne. #-T A/ -#@. , $elie'e that one of the hardest
things to gras! is the fact that the , or or mistaken identity is an ,<<C/,-#. 1e are in realit*% God beings%
to nderstand this% is to ta)e it $* faith. ,f some of *o are not there *et !lease let s tr* to hel! *o $*
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
loo)ing at this 'erse in &e$. A:8. ''8. this the Ho!. S)irit )oints out that the wa. into the ,true Ho!. of
Ho!ies is not .et thrown o)en as !on( as the former ,the outer )ortion of the0 ta/erna"!e remains a
re"o(nised institution $ is sti!! standin(+'' To !t it !lainl*% to $e !art of the fi'e "ise "e first of all need
to come ot of the 'Holy Place' consciosness "hich is a 7God & #' consciosness into a oneness
consciosness of 'I and m. Father ARE ONE' "hilst that do$le in part consciosness e+ists it "ill
contine to hold s $ac). ''Let us (o on to )erfe"tion+'' The Christ consciosness as o!!osed to or o"n
mind "hich is or 7;,/TA9@# ,D@#T,TG.7
:erse. 5. ''8ut the wise too1 f!as1s of oi! a!on( with them ,a!so0 with their !am)s+'' These had !lent* of
'the s)irit of truth' oil% in other "ords @JTRA -,< or 're-e!ation oi!' or Christ consciosness. #o" let s
nderstand that this oil has nothing to do "ith &@AD 9#-1<@D4@% this all has to do "ith the
nderstanding 0 the attitde of the heart 0 s!irit "hich as Da'id said% 7As the hart )ants $ !on(s for the
water /roo1s so I )ant $ !on( for 7ou O God+' 4odl* re'elation cannot come from% or throgh% or $* the
natral man. 4RAC@ is the )e* "ord.

:erse. 5. ''<hi!e the /ride(room !in(ered $ was s!ow in "omin( the. a!! /e(an noddin( their heads $
the. fe!! as!ee)+''
:erse. =. ''8ut at midni(ht there was a shout 8eho!d the /ride(roomB Go out to meet him+''
:erse. B. ''Then a!! those -ir(ins (ot u) $ )ut their own !am)s in order+'' This "hole "onderfl "al)
"ith or Christ is a !ersonal 9 one on one 9 "al) "ith &im alone. ,n the final anal*sis% in one "a* 1@
determine "here or e+!erience is going% the res!onsi$ilit* in one sense% lies "ith s alone "e mst all
!ersonall* ')ut our own !am)s in order'+ That is realising or 'Christ "ons"iousness'+
:erse. 8. ''And the foo!ish said to the wise Gi-e us some of .our oi! for our !am)s are (oin( out+'' ,
re!eat2 1hat did the oil re!resent3 The &ol* /!irit is ''The S)irit of truth <ho the wor!d "annot
re"ei-e+'' 8n.15:1Ba% Re'elation trth. #ot *esterda*s trth% A #@1 T&,#4% A #@1 T&,#4% A (R@/&
C#D@R/TA#D,#4. 1e are all to $e 'er* carefl that "hen "e refse something that the &ol* /!irit is
tr*ing to sho" s% that "e do not ta)e the attitde of the flesh or the "orld. , "ish to sa* at this !oint% this
is a se!arating of the @<@CT of 4od ot ofKfrom the 'irgins or the "oman. This is not as man* teach% of
some $eing caght ! into the s)*% to a so called escapism, 0 the rest sta* to face the music as it "ere.
#either does it mean that these are finished s!iritall*F... Decase 8ess chose onl* Peter% 8ames 0 8ohn
for the ;ont of transfigration e+!erience this did not mean that the rest "ere finished. 4od is choosing
&is man>child 0 he is $orn ot of a "oman 0 as it is "ith an* $irth there is labour, travail, pain &
anguish 0 here "e see some of it $eginning to ta)e !lace. 1e need to loo) at "hat "e are sa*ing here
throgh or s!irital third realm 'ision.
:erse. A. ''8ut the wise re)!ied There wi!! not /e enou(h for us $ for .ou# (o instead to the dea!ers $
/u. for .ourse!-es+'' -f corse to s% there is no other !lace to go other than &e "ho is the 'S)irit of
truth' #o" the dee! e+!eriences "ith 4od% most times do not come o'ernight% time is sall* in'ol'ed%
and so.
:erse. 10. ''8ut whi!e the. were (oin( awa. to /u. the /ride(room "ame $ those who were )re)ared
went in with him to the marria(e feast# $ the door was shut+'' The choosing had ta)en !lace. #othing
cold no" $e changed% as far as those "ho "ere to attend this "edding.
:erse. 11. 77Later the other -ir(ins a!so "ame $ said Lord Lord o)en ,the door0 to us+''

:erse. 16. ''8ut He re)!ied I so!emn!. de"!are to .ou I do not 1now .ou ,I am not a"'uainted with
Christ the Antidote regarding Death
.ou0+'' -ne translation has )indl* stated that He did not know them intimately. 1e see another instance
"here these e+act "ords "ere sed in ;t.B: 61>63. ''Not e-er. one who sa.s to me Lord Lord wi!!
enter the 1in(dom of hea-en /ut he who does the wi!! of m. father <ho is in hea-en+ 3an. wi!! sa. to
3e on that da. Lord Lord ha-e we not )ro)hesied in 7our name $ dri-en our demons in 7our name
$ done man. mi(ht. wor1s in 7our name> And then wi!! I sa. to them o)en!. &)u/!i"!.* I NE=ER 1new
.ou# de)art from 3e .ou who a"t wi"1ed!. ,6ISREGAR6ING 3. "ommands0+'' , "old li)e to !resent
for *or consideration that some did not contine in the re'elation )no"ledge of di'ine Christ
consciousness 0 retained or re'erted to ''the former ,the outer )ortion of the0 ta/erna"!e as a re"o(nised
institution+'' &e$ A:8$% or the mistaken identity the , and 4od duality consciousness.

,n <)e.13:36$. ''8eho!d I dri-e out demons $ )erform hea!in(s toda. $ tomorrow $ on the third
da. I finish &"om)!ete* 3. "ourse+'' The #,: states # reach my goal The 98: sa*s # shall be perfected.
,f as some of or eminent "riters ha'e sggested% that "e are no" "rossin( 2ordan 0 , also "old
"holeheartedl* concr "ith them% 0 , $elie'e that man* are no" being perfected. ,n 'ie" of this% am ,
right then in still sta*ing in the 'outer )ortion of the ta/erna"!e' if , "ish to $e !erfected3.... , !resent
these things for *or !ersal.
:erse. 13. ''<at"h therefore ,(i-e stri"t attention $ /e "autious $ a"ti-e0 for .ou 1now neither the
da. nor the hour when the Son of 3an wi!! "ome+'' , "old sa* right no" that there is a gra'e danger to
tr*% " for the sake of our own convenience 9 to ma)e e+cses to dela* &is Coming% this no do$t "old
also $e one of the errors of the 5 foolish. ;a* "e !t all aside to !artici!ate in the C#:@,<,#4.
;a* 4od7s richest $e !on all of *o as "e all !ress on to Perfection.
Written by Ralph )no#les" *ay+ ,une" -./."