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Progress Test Files 15
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A ENGLISH FILE 3

GRAMMAR 6 I dropped my cell phone in the bath last month

so I must / had to get a new one.
1 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of
the verb in parentheses. 7 You shouldnt / dont have to eat so much salt. It isnt
good for you.
Example: How many cups of coffee do you have (have)
8 Do you like / Are you liking going to hot places on
every day?
1 Jaime isnt in the office today. He ________ (work) at 9 Have you been having / had that computer for a long
home. time?
2 I ________ (answer) sixteen emails since ten oclock 10 This summer wasnt as hot than / as it was last
this morning. summer.
3 They _______ (watch) a football game on TV when 11 He doesnt need / isnt needing to do any work this
we arrived. evening.
4 What _______ you _______ (give) Pete for his 12 What time do you go / are you going out tonight?
birthday last week?
13 You listened to the instructions more / most carefully
5 I _______ (go) to the doctors at 4:30. Ill see you at than I did.
14 Shes been working with us for / since 2004.
6 _______ he _______ (finish) his homework yet? Oh,
15 We like going to restaurants / the restaurants on the
that was quick!
7 Dont get a taxi. I _______ (meet) you after the class
in the car.
8 _______ you _______ (see) the new James Bond
movie next week?
3 Complete the second sentence with two words so
that it means the same as the first sentence.
9 We _______ (stay) with my parents at the moment Contracted forms, e.g. isnt, count as one word.
while we look for an apartment.
Example: Im not sure who it is. Maybe its his wife.
10 _______ you ever _______ (drive) a sports car?
Im not sure who it is. It might be his wife.
11 _______ David _______ (look for) me at 10:30? I
was in a meeting. 1 All passengers must show their passports at the
check-in desk.
12 We _______ (just finish) lunch when Joe arrived.
You _______ ________ show your passport at the
13 Sorry Im late. _______ you _______ (wait) long? check-in desk.
14 Will you _______ (can) help us move next week? 2 That dress is beautiful!
15 The train _______ (not arrive) yet. Its an hour late. What _______ ________ dress!
15 3 I didnt like exercise when I was younger, but now I
go to the gym a lot.
I didnt _______ ________ like exercise, but now I go
2 Underline the correct word(s).
to the gym a lot.
Example: She wants / is wanting to be alone at the 4 Do you have time to finish the work before Friday?
moment. Will you be _______ ________ finish the work
1 My sisters a science teacher / science teacher in a high before Friday?
school. 5 This book isnt as interesting as the last one you lent
2 Tom was playing / used to play baseball when he was me.
young. This book is less _______ ________ the last one you
3 You must not / dont have to pay for museums in the lent me.
U.K. Theyre usually free. 6 Our wedding will be in July.
4 Im afraid you cant / couldnt speak to Mr. Jones. Were _______ ________ in July.
Hes in a meeting. 7 I was in the middle of my homework when you
5 My boyfriend drives more slowly / slowlier than I do. called.
I _______ ________ my homework when you called.

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Progress Test Files 15
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A ENGLISH FILE 3

8 Going to the theater is more expensive than going to 6 Underline the correct word.
the movies. Example: The trip took forever. I was really tired /
Going to the movies isnt _______ ________ as tiring the next day.
going to the theater.
1 I forgot to wear socks to work. It was so
9 Ive never read a funnier book.
embarrassed / embarrassing.
Thats _______ ________ book Ive ever read.
2 We were really frightened / frightening during the
10 We met years ago.
We _______ ________ each other for years.
3 She often feels very depressed / depressing in the
Grammar total 40 4 Ive left my cell phone at home again! Its so frustrated
/ frustrating.
VOCABULARY 5 Have you ever walked out of the theater because the
movie was bored / boring?
4 Underline the odd word out. 5
1 melonpeachbeetpear 7 Complete the words in the sentences.
2 fathernephewniecebrother Example: Hes very smart. He always knows the
3 captaintrackfanspectator
4 margarinecartonboxjar 1 Karen isnt in the office right now. Do you want to
l_______ a message?
5 moodybossystubbornreliable
2 Its difficult to choose b_______ these two
6 bushighwayscootervan
7 frozenboiledroastfried
3 Which g_______ is our plane leaving from?
8 winplaylosedraw
4 This is Dave, my r_______. We live in the apartment
9 inheritborrowthrowearn next door.
10 furioustinyhilarioushungry 5 I dont want to cook tonight. Shall we get t_______?
10 6 We were two hours late because there was a terrible
traffic j_______.
5 Write the opposite of the adjective. 7 You must go to that new restaurant. The food is
Example: lazy hard-working d_______.
8 I get along really well with Kate because we have a lot
1 mature _______
in c_______.
2 shy _______
9 When his grandmother died, Jeff i_______ her
3 tiny _______ house.
4 organized _______ 10 Whats the speed l_______ on this road?
5 freezing _______ 10

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Progress Test Files 15
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A ENGLISH FILE 3

8 Complete the sentences with the correct word(s). PRONUNCIATION

Example: I owe my dad $100. 9 Underline the stressed syllable.
Example: com|pe|ti|tive
1 You have to be careful what you say to Sofia. Shes
1 spec|ta|tor
very _______.
sensibleresponsiblesensitive 2 i|ma|gi|na|tive
2 Shes trying to cut _______ on coffee at the moment. 3 un|der|ground
She just has one cup a day. 4 rasp|be|rries
outdownup 5 a|fford
3 I still keep in touch with some of my _______ from 6 cir|cuit
high school. 7 pe|de|stri|an
8 in|de|pen|dent
4 They _______ me $10 to park my car at the train
9 mort|gage
costsavedcharged 10 am|bi|tious
5 Im sorry, Im busy right now. Can I _______ you 10

back later?
leavedialcall 10 Match the words with the same sound.
6 Hes a cute child. Hes very _______.
charminginherit journeyheight injured
affectionatemoodyaggressive selfishorganizedpaidteamgossip owe
7 I dont like_______ food. I think food should be
cooked! Example: phone owe
rawfriedboiled 1 fish ________
8 Did he apply _______ that job he was talking about? 2 jazz ________
3 snake ________
9 I told my friend what to do and she did the opposite.
4 tree ________
I was _______!
filthytinyfurious 5 chess ________
10 This new company pays me a better _______ than 6 egg ________
my old company. 7 bike ________
mortgagesalarytax 8 clock ________
10 9 zebra ________
10 train ________
Vocabulary total 40

Pronunciation total 20

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 100

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Progress Test Files 15
Reading and Writing A ENGLISH FILE 3

READING 2 They were most worried that the plane was _______
to fly.
1 Read the text and check () A, B, or C. A too light B too small
C too heavy
The transatlantic question 3 The storm in Canada was _______.
A quite small B very serious
Charles Lindberghs 33-hour flight from New York to Paris in
C not worrying
1927 made aviation history. Less known is the return flight
to New York by two Frenchmen three years later. Taking just 4 They were worried that the plane _______.
over three hours longer, Costes and Bellonte made an A was losing fuel B was flying too high
equally exciting journey from Paris to New York in their C was getting wet
plane, the Question Mark. The first question they faced, 5 When it rained, they sometimes had to fly _______.
Captain Costes remembered in an article at the time, was A above the clouds B close to the sea
Would the plane lift off the ground? That was our C around the clouds
greatest concern. We had 5,200 liters of gasoline on board.
6 The most exciting part of the journey was when
This fear passed quickly but was followed by other hazards. _______.
They ran into three storms. The third, and worst of all, was A they flew close to the sea
over Nova Scotia, in Canada. In order to avoid it, we had to B they saw the American coast
fly 100 miles out of our way. Time was passing and every C they saw the third storm
minute meant the loss of more of our precious fuel.
7 They saw the American coast when it was _______
They had another problem: The sky was overcast, it was in France.
raining and we had to fly below those rain clouds.
A early morning Bmid-afternoon
Sometimes they were extremely low which meant they had
to fly as close to the water as thirty feet.
8 Costes thought they were going to _______.
There were many exciting moments during our trip, but I
A fly into the river B fly into a storm
think the greatest thrill came when we first saw the coast
C crash into a mountain
of North America, said Costes. He decided that three was
their lucky number. They had survived three storms and
9 They _______ the airport in New York.
at 3 a.m. French time, they saw land. But their adventures A landed at B passed over
werent over. Cmissed
Suddenly, a mountain appeared out of the mist. We were 10 Colonel Lindbergh congratulated them _______.
between the steep banks of a river. It was a tight place. A on the phone B in a letter
Bellonte was at the controls at that time and he had to C at the airport
think fast. Fortunately, having flown thousands of miles, 10
the plane was light. Bellonte managed to turn the plane
just in time. But Costes said, It is not pleasant to think how
2 Match five of the highlighted words and phrases
close we came to those cruel, jagged rocks.
with the definitions.
Fortunately, they succeeded where many others before
Example: dangershazards
them had failed, and the graceful landing at the airport in
New York was greeted by 10,000 cheering people. Among 1 worry__________
them was Colonel Charles Lindbergh who said, I 2 not on our planned route __________
congratulate you! as he shook the hands of the two
3 covered in cloud __________
4 excitement__________
5 light and controlled __________
Example: Lindbergh traveled from New York to Paris
in _______. 5
A a boat B a plane
C a ship
Reading total 15
1 Costes and Bellonte flew from Paris to New York in
A1927 B1930 C1933

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Progress Test Files 15
Reading and Writing A ENGLISH FILE 3

Answer one of the questions and write 75100
1 What advice would you give to someone moving to
your country?
2 Describe an exciting sporting event you have seen or
been to.
3 What is your favorite way of traveling and why?

Writing total 10

Reading and Writing total 25

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Progress Test Files 15
Listening and Speaking A ENGLISH FILE 3

1 Complete the sentences with one word. 1 Make questions and ask your partner.
1 Its a good idea not to eat foods that have a lot of 1 What / your favorite meal?
_______. 2 Who / you / get along best / family? Why?
2 On the caveman diet you mustnt eat products that 3 ever buy / anything / online? What?
are made from _______. 4 When / you last feel frightened? Why?
3 Dont follow the cabbage soup diet for more than 5 How / travel / school (university / work)?
one _______. 6 prefer / do / or / watch / sports?
4 Blue sunglasses make your food look less _______. 7 What new subject / like / learn? Why?
5 On the reverse diet, you eat your meals in a 8 often / use / cell phone in public?
different _______. 9 What / should / take / when / have / dinner / friends?
10 like / win / a lot of money? What / would / do?
Now answer your partners questions.
2 Listen to five conversations. Check () A, B, or C. 2 Talk about one of the statements below, saying if
1 Rob used to like eating a lot of _____. you agree or disagree. Give reasons.
Acurry Bpizza Csweets 1 Sports have become all about money.
2 Lisa thinks that Mark _____. 2 Its better to have a few close friends than lots of
A has a lot of money friends.
B isnt telling the truth C won the lottery 3 Traveling is the best way to learn about the world.
3 Paul was _____ at the end of his vacation in Iceland.
Adisappointed B exhausted but happy 3 Listen to your partner. Do you agree with
C happy and full of energy him / her?
Speaking total 15
4 Anna tells Mark that he _____ tip taxi drivers.
A must always B doesnt have to Listening and Speaking total 25
C must never
5 Sam and Alice _____.
A are getting married B have got engaged
C are no longer together

Listening total 10

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