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Student Activities & Greek Affairs

6511 N Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60626

Suite 127
p (773) 508-8850 | f (773) 508-2144
activities@luc.edu, greeklife@luc.edu

To whom it may concern:
My name is Precious Femi-Ogunyemi and I currently serve as the Coordinator for
Registered Student Organizations within the office of Student Activities & Greek Affairs at
Loyola University Chicago. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Rebecca
DeRose at the beginning of 2016-2017 the academic school year.
Rebecca is a remarkable student, who has the capability to transform the landscape of
student affairs and the college experience for students, through her innovative
programming methods and collaborative spirit. While Rebecca worked in our office, she
often was able to offer connections and opportunities to collaborate, which spanned across
the different functional areas of the university. Projects that she was working on in the
Center for Experiential Learning had applicable outcomes for the work that was being done
in Student Activities & Greek Affairs. Rebeccas insight to identify connections is a skill that
expands the knowledge of her professional skill set and her professional network.
Additionally, Rebecca has an electrifying personality that instantly brightens a room.
One of the programs that we attempted to host for student organization leaders, had a very
small turn out. However, Rebecca approached each event with a positive energy, and did
not allow the lack of attendance to diminish the attitude. Rather, each week, she would
think of new ways to market to students about the program and tried to meet them where
they were.
Rebecca is an astute, engaged professional. During staff meetings, she would often raise
questions and concerns, so that she could better understand the material and expectations.
Furthermore, Rebecca would raise comments that were reflective of someone who was a
professional, not a graduate student. Rebeccas understanding of higher education and
student affairs, has been developed and shaped by her experiences within the Higher
Education program at Loyola, and will only continue to be refined, as a professional. I am
eager to see where Rebecca will land, because I am confident that she will be an invaluable
resource to a staff and an advocate for students. Rebecca is the type of colleague; I would
want to work with, because she produces superb work and has a bright energy. She is hard
working, and works diligently to insure that all the detail are properly carried out, and
executed in a timely fashion.
Lastly, I think Rebecca will be a good person in this field because, shes unafraid to take
some risks. She dreams big, and constantly thinking of how she can make a program better,
refine a workshop series, or better serve the students. She is student focused and has a way
of connecting with students and professionals alike.
It has been an honor to work with Rebecca and I am confident the field is going to be a
better place because of Rebeccas dedication to students.

Precious Femi-Ogunyemi

Precious Femi-Ogunyemi