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Ailment Nutrilite Products & Dosage Comments
Can start with small PP and small Daily as
Protein Powder(1 scoop/day) and that would be easily affordable on the first
Diabetes Daily (1 tab/day) purchase

Promote Positrim here. 10 Kg weight loss

Garlic heart care (2 tabs/day) and will lead to 50% drop in blood pressure.
High Blood Pressure Omega-3 (1 cap/day) Avoid APC (Aachar, Papad and Chutney)
Lipid Profile (High cholesterol, Omega-3 (1 cap/day) and Natural-B Natural-B leads to lower levels of
high triglyceride etc.) (2 tabs/ day) Homocystine
Iron-Folic (1-2 tabs/ day) and Bio-C
Anemia (1-4 tabs/day) Vitamin-C helps in absorption of Iron
Siberian ginseng (1 tab/day) and Ginseng is not recommended for blood
Stress Natural-B (2 tabs/day) pressure patients.

Bone Health with Ipriflavone (2

Osteoporosis caps/day) and CalMag (2 tabs/day)
Minimum is 3 months. The condition may
Glucosamine (2 breakfast and 2 aggravate initially but we must provide
Osteoarthritis evening snacks) reassurance to patients

Face Wash and Attitude Masque

followed by Bio-C (1-4/day)and
Acne Parselenium-E (1 tab/day)
CalMag (2 tabs/day) and Natural-B
Muscle Cramps (mostly in feet) (2 tabs/day)
Mouth Ulcers Natural-B (2 tabs/day)
Rheumatoid arthritis Omega-3 (1 caps/day)
Parselenium-E (1 tab/day) and
Omega-3 (1 caps/day) followed by
Protein powder (1 scoop/day) and
Iron-folic(1-2 tabs/day) after 2
Hair Fall months
Omega-3 (1 cap/day) and
Lack of Glow Parselenium-E (1 cap/day)
Kids Drink has got 3 A-class proteins (Soya,
Childrens Immunity Kids Drink and Kids Chewable Whey and Milk)
Constipation / Irritable bowel
syndrome Nutrilite Fiber (1 scoop per day)
Course-1st day (3+3+3), 2nd day(3+3) then
3 tablets per day till the end. Repeat course
Allergies & Asthma Triple Guard Echinacea based on result.

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