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A Global Threat Mitigation Firm

16 July 2010 Washington, D.C. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

www.cjiausa.org 703.268.4453

CUBA will undoubtedly defend itself TEHRAN

Special points of inter- from the aggressors. It’s hard to
est: “Reflections”-By Fidel Castro President Mahmoud
understand that Obama may seri-
ously believe that it would yield Ahmadinejad's preparation
FLECTS ON THE “Who knows about the impe- for his first visit to the
MIDDLE EAST AND to his demands. The president of
WARNS 1 rialists’ sinister plans towards Lebanese capital has Mid-
Iran and its religious leaders will
Iran and their gross pretexts dle Eastern intelligence
 HEZBOLLAH AD- resist, drawing inspiration from
VANCES 20,000 to attack it? At the same time, service(s) speculating as to
the Islamic Revolution headed
TROOPS TO ISRAELI I wonder, what are the Israeli the purpose- “ a possible
BORDER 1 by Ruhollah Khomeini, the crea-
warships doing, for the first confrontational exercise to
tor of the Guardians of Revolu-
 RUSSIA SIGNS EN- time, in the Persian Gulf, the warn the US and Israel that
ERGY RELATED tion, the modern Armed Forces
AGREEMENTS AND Strait of Hormuz and Iran’s full implementation of the
and the new State of Iran.”
SALES WITH IRAN 1 maritime areas? Is it possible tough new UN, US and
to think that the Yankee nu- European sanctions will
THREAT OF WAR clear aircraft-carriers and the RUSSIA provoke an Iranian war on
VISIT TO LEBANON 1 Israeli’s warships will leave Israel - waged from Leba-
the area, with the tail between Russian Energy Minister Sergei
the legs, when the demands Shmatko and Iranian Oil Minis-
contained in Resolution 1929 ter Masud Mir-Kazemi signed Ahmadinejad is expected
of June 9, 2010 are met…. energy-related agreements, in- to travel before September
The Moslem Shiite Iran that cluding sales to Iran of Russian – possibly with Syrian
ADDITIONAL READING they are threatening now with petroleum products and petro- president Bashar Assad and
their ground, sea and air chemicals, thus countering the the Qatari ruler Sheik Al
http://mexidata.info/ forces is nothing like the Re- new US energy sanctions against Thani.
id1744.html publican Guard they attacked Iran. This could offset the im-
with impunity in Iraq. The pact of Barack Obama's new US Further speculation is that
http://www.scribd.com/ people of Iran, a nation with sanctions against Iran. this plan created by Iran’s
doc/33806087/Dismantled ancient cultural traditions, rulers began when they saw
just a few hundred meters
away.” that the US embargo on
http://www.scribd.com/ gasoline and other refined
doc/32272465/ LEBANON
ISRAEL%E2%80%99S- Frustration by many Israelis oil products was to become
Iran's proxy (Hezbollah) has is that there is a misguided a reality.
http://mexidata.info/ recovered the forward oper- policy of misdirected reliance
id1943.html ating positions it lost in the on international players and This, in addition to Presi-
2006 war, as 20,000 Hez- diplomacy and with terrorists dent Obama’s administra-
http://mexidata.info/ bollah troops have dug in with utter contempt for the tion's partial success in
id2315.html with “160 new positions in rules of international diplo- closing the US banking
South Lebanon, backed by a macy. system and markets to Ira-
vast rocket arsenal… This, a nian firms and the UAE's
gross violation of UN Secu- The UN was believed to not consent to close its ports to
Twitter: cjiausa rity Council resolution 1701. even be asked to address Iranian traffic.
Israel has reinforced its bor- Hezbollah's illegal redeploy-
http://www.scribd.com/ der defenses against this en- ment in new positions in the
jbrewer31 South. .
trenched Hezbollah threat