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Version No. : V1.0 Issue Date : 2009-04-10 1.1 Warning watoratton AS + Before operating the unit, please read the user manual carefull. + The input voltage of the unit is AC220-230 Voltage ,50/60 Hz. + Make sure the dental unit is well-grounded. + This dental unit does not include any components that can be fixed by the user. Therefore, should any trouble arise, do not attempt to dismantle it yourself. + Allthe electrical components and connections should be made by an authorized technician. + Only fuse and accessories recognized by Ajax can be used. + After daily working, all the water/air input and electrical power connecting to the unit should be turned off. + This device should not operate in the environment of high temperature, high humidity, vibration flammability, unbalance, or dusty. + The operating cycling factor of the patient chair is 10%, and the continuous ‘operating time of the chair movement should not exceed one minute. + Only the authorized spare parts can be used in this device. + This dental unit should not come into contact with any object in its operational range of movement, + Donot touch the bulb and the surface of the reflector of the dental light during working. + This device can not be used in the environment of strong magnetic, electromagnetic + This device should not be used for purposes other than intended use. 01 02 1.2 Symbols Function Description Symbols Definitions Symbols Definitions ) For setting function © Backrest forward ae, | omens Cuspidor rinsing ) Patient chair go down Xray film viewer & Patient chair go up Dental light Q) Reset position Preset 1 Preset 2 Preset 3 Spitting position An mc | gy RE G Protective grounding