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Conference Name: 13th International Conference on

Pa p e r s Healthcare and Life Science Research (ICHLSR) International Association for
Dear Colleagues/ Professors/ Students,
Promotion of Healthcare and Life-Science
Conference Dates: 26-27 May 2017
International Academic Conferences pro- Conference Venue: Congress Centre, Tecnico
mote international dissemination of (IAPHLSR)
f or

knowledge and development of cross- (Universidade de Lisboa), Campus da Alameda, Lisbon, iaphlsr.org
national academic fraternity. The partici-
pants come from different backgrounds and Portugal
Ca l l

countries. They share their researches, expe-

Deadline for Abstract/ Full Paper Submission: 23 May 2017
riences and informally create long-lasting
bonds. Contact Email ID: info@iaphlsr.org 26-27 May 2017
Prospective authors are invited to submit Conference Convener: Dr. Pallavi R
Full Papers/ Abstract of Original Re- Lisbon, Portugal
search work or, Synopsis of PhD/
Dissertation, Published work, View-points
or Way Forward/ Poster by filling the online applica- Category Registration Fee

tion form, available on the conference website. PRESENTER USD 300


Salient Features of the Conference:
International Dissemination and Synthesis of LISTENER/ CO-AUTHOR USD 250
Knowledge ADDITIONAL PAPER USD 150 Per Paper
Generation of Multi-national Academic commu-
Global Networking and Collaboration Young Researcher Scholarship FREE (Limited to 5 Seats Only)
(Only for Students/ Research Scholars) Details are available on the conference
Opportunity for presenting PhD Thesis/ Disser- website.
tation/ Already published work
Apply for the conference using the online application form.
Opportunity for presenting and discussing Origi-
Once you receive an invoice and invitation letter, the registration
nal concepts/ Viewpoints/ Way forward/ Lit-
erature review process begins. Following payment options available on confer-
Opportunity to retain copyright of presented ence website: 1 3 t h
I nt er na tio na l
research work for publication in other reputed Bank Transfer Co n fer e nce o n
Hea lt hc ar e a nd L i fe
journals of choice Paypal (Card Payment) Sc ie nce Re sear ch
Opportunity to publish research work (in Eng- On Spot payment on conference day ( I C H L SR )
lish) in our collaborated International Journals
Please visit conference website for more details. Dont hesitate to
Presentation in Oral/ Poster/ Video format
contact the conference secretariat for any query.
Affordable conferences at best locations around
the world
Conference Locations:
Prompt and hassle free services
Best Paper Award Dubai/ Istanbul/ Kuala Lumpur/ Singapore/ London/
Presentation in native language possible for Mauritius/ Hong Kong/ Thailand/Portugal
groups of 5 or more from same language
Please visit this link for Conference Calendar: