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TCS Mumbai - Separation Process Document

1. Separation has to be initiated by your supervisor in Ultimatix. You would need to ensure that your
separation process is approved at all levels prior to your release date

2. After HR action on workflow, you will receive an email prompt to fill in the online exit interview form to
share your feedback with the organisation. You will also be able to download your retiral forms

Path: Ultimatix -> HR & Talent Management -> iTalent -> Responsibility for Employee -> Mybox

3. To further your separation process, you would need to visit the Separation Cell twice. 1st visit needs to
be at least a week prior to your last working day.

Please carry the below documents while visiting the Separation Cell:

a) Salary slips of last 2 months (during 1st visit)

b) Passport (in case of any valid visa / work permit / petition filed through TCS):
If you have any of the above, you are required to intimate the Separation Cell at the earliest as
cancelation of the same by concerned authorities may take time. You would also be required to
submit your passport to the Travel Department hence it is advisable to initiate cancellation well
in advance so that you can have your passport back with you prior to your last working day. If
the cancellation has to take time, the Travel Department will keep you informed so that you can
collect the passport accordingly once the cancellation is done.

4. The Separation Cell will provide you details of authorities for Departmental Clearances - Library, IS &
Admin on your 1st visit. You would then be required to follow up with the respective departments to get
clearance in the system with no dues. Incase of any issues, you can take help from Separation Cell
to confirm if your clearances have been approved by respective departments.

5. Submission of SEEPZ pass, SEZ pass, Client Site Pass / ID, Vehicle pass, Drawer keys to your Local
Admin is mandatory (Pass needs to be submitted even if it has expired).

6. After receiving all clearances (with no dues), an Initial Release Letter would be e-mailed to your personal
email ID on the last working day. Your Service Certificate & Relieving Letter would also be e-mailed to
you on your personal email ID after the Full and Final Settlement (FFS) is completed by Corporate FFS
team (corporate.ffs@tcs.com). This should take approximately 1-2 months & would be subject to
clearance of dues (if any). Please note that all relieving or settlement related documents would be
issued in the form of soft copy only.

7. Please note that dues (if any) payable by you can be paid through online transfer. Payment can also be
made via Demand Draft [Cheque / Cash would not be accepted]. Details for online transfer or DD can be
checked with the Separation Cell on your visit


TCS Internal

8. During your notice period, you cannot take leaves (except for Flexi leave and Sick leave). For Sick
leave, you would need to provide medical certificate & documents to your HR for the duration of
absence and ensure that the leave is approved at all levels in GESS.

9. In case of any pending claims (Eg: GESS), you would need to ensure that you submit request & have
the same approved at all levels prior to your last working day. It is advisable to retain printout of the
screenshots from the system for future reference and records.

10. Any redemption under Gems should be made well before your last working day.

11. In case food coupons of the previous month were not collected, the equivalent amount would be
encashed to you in your last payroll or FFS, whichever is earlier (tax applicable).

12. On the last working day, there is a likelihood of you losing access to Ultimatix during the course of the
day subject to batch run. Hence it is advisable for you to take printout of important documents that you
may need at a future date (Compensation Letters / Pay Slips / Form 16 etc) well in advance.

13. It is mandatory to fill your timesheets upto the last working day prior to visiting the Separation
Cell for final visit. It is advisable to fill timesheets on regular basis considering that you may lose
access to Ultimatix early in the day on your date of release

14. You are required to be available for official purposes upto end of business hours on your last
working day. You are also expected to continue to adhere to dress code guidelines during visit to the
Separation Cell & upto your release from the company.

15. You can refer to the Separation Kit for further details on separation process

Path: Ultimatix -> Knowmax. -> My HR -> Indian -> HR processes -> Separation -> TCS India Process -
Separation Kit

16. You may connect with Separation Cell for your separation process. Team co-ordinates are mentioned

Contact Person(s): Suman Sengunthar 6779 6732

Jitesh Pise 6779 6051

Email ID: mumbai.separationcell@tcs.com

Address: 2F10/ 2F14, 2nd Floor,

TCS Gateway Park, Akruti Business Port, Road No-13,
MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400093

Timings for Visit: 10.00 AM 1.00 PM

02.30 PM 5.30 PM


TCS Internal