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MC Inspection & Test Record

MC-L-01A Pre-Hydrotest Linewalk

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1.01 Check line installed in accordance with isometric, P and IDs complies to piping specification.
1.02 Check piping fabrication complete and accepted.
1.03 Check all field welding complete and NDE clear and accepted.
1.04 Check all bolting complete and tightened / torqued up correctly.
1.05 Check all flange / hub faces square and undamaged.
1.06 Check there's no visible damage to Gaskets or Seal Rings.
1.07 Check all clamp connections installed and bolted with even spacing.
1.08 Check branch reinforcements are correct.
1.09 Check that all high and low point drains installed for hydrotesting.
1.10 Check all valves installed / tagged correctly and locking device and interlock installed where
1.11 Check all inline SP items are installed with the correct flow direction.
1.12 Check all in-line instrument tagged devices and soft seated valves are removed / isolated
prior to flushing / testing.
1.13 Check orifice flange tapping orientation and that unused tappings are plugged and welded
and orifice plate remove.
1.14 Check all spectacle blinds, spades and spacers are installed and have sufficient swing space.
1.15 Check any exposed threads on screwed piping are coated in accordance with specifications.
1.16 Check tapped test holes in branch reinforcing pads are clean and available for 1 bar g. leak
1.17 Check that bracing is installed on valved instrument branch connections.
1.18 Check adequate support has been installed on field (1.5" nb and below) piping.
1.19 Check all permanent / temporary supports are installed and tagged correctly.
1.20 Check Gags fitted on spring supports / below and cold preset loads on spring supports are to
1.21 Check that all unpainted SS and Duplex lines are clean and any passivation has been carried
1.22 Check all galvanised piping is undamaged and has no excessive wrench marks on it's
1.23 Check pipe to equipment flanged connections are not overstressed. (Random check).
1.24 Check if testing through equipment / vessel they can withstand test pressure and take the
test media weight. (ref MC-M-06)
1.25 Check all pipe penetration seals have been installed.

Note: Tick all check item under OK - Satisfactory; N/A - Not Applicable; Punch items(s) are to be PL.

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