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E-Billing Management System

This project entitled as E Billing Management System. And this software application is
developed to maintain the record of the customer, employee and Admin. In this project we are
maintaining the individual records of the customer there set-up box numbers and about the
Office so here we can maintain the record easily and we can stay and touch with the

This project aims to build a computer Web Application for E-Billing, to
develop and integrate E-Billing Management System database server, web application server
and its provide accessibility through internet. In this system there are three modules those are
Admin, Employee and Customer. This project implemented using some tools those are
Macromedia Dreamweaver to design front end, Apache Tomcat5.5 for web server and some
programming languages those are jsp and servlet. Which communicates with the web server
at the time of execution? The user must be registered with the system to surf the various
options available in the system.

Project Category:
The project is based on the concept of RDBMS (i.e. Relational Database Management
System). A database which store data in the form of tables which has related with each other
in as particular manner.

Existing System:
Whenever any customer wanted to buy a setup box then they have to visit the Office
to get details about the boxes and the office service. And here the every record is
maintained manually. When the customer wanted to buy the setup box there is some
formalities is required to be completed like the correct or valid address or valid
details those all collected manually and kept in files or records book etc.

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E-Billing Management System

Problems in Existing System:

Keep the records manually.
Take lot of time to process.
If any documents are required then we have to visit the Office again and
If any problems is occurred and the collect data or any important details is
missed or loosed then we cant get it back etc.

Proposed System:
In this application we can see all the details of the customer and the Office online
and here on need to visit Office to get details because in this system we can see all
the valid or exact information about the Office and customers easily. And the
required documents are also mentioned here which is recommended to customer.
Then the users can complete the process easily etc.

Advantages of Proposed System:

We can keep the records in data base which is secured way to maintain the
If any data is lose then we can restore the data to the database. And maintains
the valid or correct records or data of the Office or data of the customer and
the employees.
It does take much time to process.
Users can give feedback or share their opinion to the Office management

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E-Billing Management System

System Requirement Specification

The main purpose of the project is to automate the existing system of manually
maintains the records of the Office, customer and the employees.
The E-Billing Management System is new type of dynamic application system.
Which has developed to automate the manual work and maintain the records? It saves the
time perform well. This system gives opportunity to the Office members to check the details
and allows giving the feedback about the customers. And also it allows sharing the
information about the customer and setup boxes.

Functional Requirements:
Office (Admin):
Admin maintains the entire application.
Admin can add new employees and manage their accounts.
Admin can also view customer (users) details.
Admin deals with the customer and make user friendly system.
Customer can visit office. And they check the office details
Customer can give feedbacks about the service.
This module is designed for the user interface.
In this module Customers can view the setup box details and feedbacks in Office.
Employee can upload there related office information.
Employee can also maintain the records of setup boxes.

Hardware and Software Requirement specifications:

Hardware Requirements:

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E-Billing Management System

Processor : Pentium 4 or Above

RAM : 512 MB or Above
HDD : Minimum 20 GB

Software Requirements:
Operating System : Windows XP /Windows 7 /windows 8
IDE : Micro Media Dreamweaver
Designing Tools : HTML, CSS, XML
Server Side Software : JSP, Servlet (JAVA)
Server : Tomcat 5.5
Back End : MySql
Animation : Micro Media Flash
Web Browser : Google Chrome or any latest version of browser.


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E-Billing Management System

A business activity or function where the manipulation and

transformation of data takes place.

External Entity:
An external entity can represent a human, system or subsystem. It is
where certain data comes from or goes to.

Data Store:
D A data store represents the storage of persistant data required and / or
produced by the process.

Data Flow:
A data flow represents the flow of information. The arrows indicate the
direction of data flow from beginning to the end.

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E-Billing Management System

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E-Billing Management System

This project is for client.

Name: Eknath Powar
Address: Sai Cable Network,
Tal: Hukkeri Dist: Belgaum.

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