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Observation Task 3: Teaching Shared/Guided Reading

Focus: Identify the structure used by your MST while implementing a

shared or guided reading lesson.

Objective: To encourage student teachers to identify and discuss the

purpose of Shared or Guided reading and how it helps promote
Concepts About Print (CAP) skills, phonemic awareness, letter
knowledge and phonics.

Procedure: Familiarize yourself with the Observation Table:

Shared/Guided Reading. Identify the specific book and reading skills
modeled by your MST and any skills that were demonstrated by the

Observation Task 3: Teaching Shared/Guided Reading

Table 3: Teaching Shared/Guided Reading
Title: Shapes on the seashore
What the teacher does What the children do Comments

Teacher before she begin the The student sit as a circle to It is good point to teach the
story , she ask student what is that listen to the story and be student the tittle name and
I have , student say story , then attention. When teacher ask author that gain knowledge
she tell them where is the tittle them the raise hand to answer to them.
the student will point the tittle, also the teacher. Student say story,
the author. other student go to point the
tittle and the author.

The student will participate

When teacher read the story, she It is great idea to let students
ask them what you see in this with teacher in the story.
to sharing with teacher they
page, and each page have idea about the story, that let
different shapes students are see students have confidence
and notice then teacher repeat the with each other and always
shapes name ti them to make they encourage them.
know it.
The teacher make the activity for
the story, draw what they saw the The student was known many
shapes in the story in each group. shapes they many shape the, That was good thing teacher
and say the names of the make activity and connect
shapes. with story for students they
will known.

Reflections on Observation Task 3: Teaching Shared/Guided Reading

1. Which concepts about print (CAP), phonological awareness, letter knowledge and
or phonics did the teacher focus on?
Teacher focus of phonics in the songs of the sound for students to make sure
they memorize the letters sounds and the acting the sound, she play for them
daily to be easily for students. So then she start to teach a new letter with them,
and how to write it.

a) What did strategies/activities the teacher use to help the students

understand the concept being taught?
She show them the pictures of flash card and repeat after her , the
behind the card is sound of letter she show them and student they say
the sound 3 times , after that she play with them she take out the
card and student see what is missing the picture. she notice most of
them are saved quickly.

2. Were there any initial/medial/final sounds, punctuation, sight words or word families that
were covered during the lesson? If they were, select (a); if they were not, select (b).

a. What was the purpose of teaching these concepts? Explain its importance.

The importance things teacher focus how to how to communicate

information to the student in a structure d and simpler method and saved.
Also repetition with student to be sure all of them known. I think make
more practicing in different way to fun and enjoy in the lesson to be
recognize for students.

a) Provide one (1) activity example of how initial/medial/final s ounds ,

punctuation, sight words or word families could have been could have been
covered during the lesson.
The activity for the story, draw what they saw the shapes in the story, also they
can discover the shapes in the classmate to make sure student understand and
know the names of the shapes and classify.