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What Makes Effective Teacher Effective?

Dr. Jeffrey Spanogle

Sarah Paramita

Universitas Pelita Harapan

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What Make Effective Teachers Effective?


Teacher factors are the most powerful influences on student achievement. Another

concern in regards to the student achievement is that not all the teachers have the same level of

instructional quality, such as instructional planning, instructional delivery, and assessment for

learning. This article gives certain standard about instructional planning qualities of effective

teachers which are collaboration in planning with other teachers, not being limited by the

traditional resources, data-driven planning, efficiency in translating plans into actions, and

ability to predict in planning troublesome areas for student learning. However, only the teachers

practices on delivering the lesson that plays practical significance to the student achievement

because it influences directly to the student learning (p.7). Moreover, the quality of an

assessment is one of the major points that could determine the effectiveness of a teacher. A

research study found that student assessment affects their progress in the learning process. It

shows the student performance data in understanding the certain lesson and it helps the teachers

to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching. This article also gives specific qualities of student

assessment practices of effective teachers, which use frequent assessment, provide constructive

feedback, inform instructional decision making, use data-based decision for modification, leads

to differentiated assignments, and assess instructional effectiveness. Consequently, the author

believes that effective teaching is much more implementing a number of pedagogical principles

and content knowledge because both works side by side.

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Reflection and Evaluation:

I strongly believe that the effectiveness of a teacher is the core of the student

achievement. From the article, I learned that the teachers are the potters and the students are the

pots. The teacher as the potter has the responsibility to shape their pots into a beautiful pot that

is qualified to be sold in a store. Considering the productivity, time-bound, and the effectiveness

of the potters, the pots uniqueness depends on the potters themselves. Just like an analogy of

potters and their pots, the teacher responsibility is to prepare the students before they were sent

out to the real field and thus the teacher is the most important factor that influences students in

their journey of gaining the knowledge.

I realize that there are plenty of resources that could train a teacher to be more effective.

However, I, myself have to practice it in the real classroom. Plan, act, reflect, and evaluate are

the actions that should be a lifestyle for a teacher. Moreover, the classroom is a place where I

could try any kind of effective and efficient ways to increase the student achievement. In an

appropriate manner and with the genuine purpose to serve the students, I have the power to

conduct the class. The students would follow my pace of effectiveness in teaching them if I

have a determined goal, which is to be an effective teacher. Once I become firm and consistent

in whatever I do inside the class, the students would understand and they would try their best to

accomplish the tasks. Thus, there is always a need for an interactive relationship between the

teacher and the students in order for the both sides to produce an effective learning process.
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