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Voice off: She is Emma, she is a beautiful, clever and rich girl whose mother died when
she was younger. Here you see that day (Emma se pasea modelando mientras la

Recreacin de la muerte de su mama

Mr. Woodhouse: Ooooh, NO. Dont die love of my life. Please noooooooooooo!

Emma: No, mother nooooo!


Present time

Mr. Knightley: Good evening Mr. Woodhouse

Mr. Woodhouse: Good evening, Its cold in here. Very cold. My leg hurts, Im very ill.
Help me! Please.Heeeelp! ( el papa de Emma se cae, se pega con la mesa y empieza a
gritar, Emma y el seor K lo levantan y lo sientan)

Emma: Do you know that Miss Taylor got married to Mr.Weston? Im happy but sad at the
same time, but of course she got married with my help

Me.Woodhouse: Ive told you not to try to be a matchmaker.

Mr. Knightley:Thats not true Miss Taylor got married because she loved Mr. Weston.

Emma: Thsts not true, because ive already known that! You are always cross with me.
Good bye. Im going to Paint Harriets picture.

Harriet:Im so happy! Mr. Martin asked me to marry him,and Im going to say YES

Emma: But you cant marry him.Its just a farmer

Harriet: But I love him!!!!

Emma: I have a better man for you. Mr. Elton!


(Harriet Emma y Elton entran en escena)

(Elton camina con su cuadro, lo pega en la pared y lo mira con felicidad. Emma y Harriet
estn sentadas. Emma se dirige donde Elton y le habla)
Emma: Mr. Elton I have an idea, You have to write a love poem to Harriet.

Mr. Elton: Ok eeeeh Ill do it. Eeh with pleasure.


(Emma y Elton van en carruaje en silencio)

Elton: Emma I have to confess something to you.

Emma: What?

Mr. Elton: Its so difficult to explain.

Emma: just tell me

Mr. Elton: Im so in love with youand Im in love with your money too.

Emma: but you were in love with harriet !!!!

Mr. Elton: Her??? Nooo, she doesnt have money like you.

Emma: How you dare to say that!!!!!!

Mr. Elton: Would you marry me?

Emma: NOOOOO!!!! (Emma le pega una cachetada a Elton y se baja del carruaje))


Miss Bates: ohh Its so nice to see you Emma and you too Harriet.

Harriet: Good afternoon

Emma Good afternoon

Miss Bates: Do you know that my niece Jane is going to visit me in a few more days.

Emma: What a horrible old woman! (Lo dice en voz baja hacia el pblico) Ohhh thats
wonderful miss Bates.

Miss Bates: Do you know yhat Mr. Elton got married? To a very rich Young girl.

Emma: But hes been away only four weeks!!!!How is that possible?

( Pasan cuatro dias se encuentran en la calle)

Emma: Hello Mr. Watson, Mr. Franklin, Mr. Knigthley. Are you walking around?

Mr. Franlin: Yes, Its nice to walk here.

Emma:( pensando en voz alta) What a handsome man is Mr. Franklin!

Mr. Knightley:(pensando ) mmm Im tired of this Franklin man is so popular.


Mrs.Cole: Did you know what happened to Jane?

People: No what happened? Tell us!!

Mrs. Cole: Jane received a piano!! And nobody knows who sent it to her!!

People: Shes got a secret admirer!!

Mrs. Cole: OMG. Who could It be?( pone cara de sorpresa muy exagerada)

People : Dont know

(Mientras tanto Emma est escuchando se sorprende mucho y luego se escucha un

piano. Supuestamente es Jane)


Emma: Do you know? We are going to do a ball Mr. Knightley!! Im in charge !! Its soooo
cool!!. Would you come?

Mr. Knightley: I dont think so. Im not very fon of parties. I prefer to stay at home.

Emma: but Jane is going to be there !

Mr. Knightley: and so what?( pone cara de pocos amigos y de sorpresa)

Mr. Franklin: Im so sorry but my mother is really ill. I have to travel.

Emma: Oh no then there will be no ball.( Frank sale y Emma hace una pataleta. Se tira al
piso ,Grita, etc)

y dice: No, no, no I wanted to dance with Franklin. No,no,no


(Emma y Frank aparecen bailando msica clsica) Y el sr. K dice:

Mr. Knightley: Im going to invite to dance to.

(Harriet pone cara de esperanza de que la saquen a bailar pero Mr. K saca a bailar a Elton
Harriet se pone a llorar y dice Oh no que vergenza, salieron del closet. )

Harriet: Oh no! What a shame! They are out of the closet!!!

En otro momento estn sentados en un saln. jane y Franklin se miran con amor Y el Sr.
K le dice algo bajito a Emma)

Mr. Knightley: I think something is happening between Jane and Franklin. Emma!

Emma: Yes Mr. Knightley?

Mr. Knightley:I Think Jane and Franklin are in love

Emma: Thats nonesense!!! (Se para y se va)


(Emma y todos sus amigos van a un picnic)

Emma: Im having a very good time!! Are you happy miss Bates?

Miss Bates: Of course. Did you hear the news about Mr. Franklin?

Emma: No, what happened?

Miss Bates: Her mother has died.

Emma: Oh. Thats terrible!!

Miss Bates: Yes but The happy part is that now Mr. Franklin and Jane are going to get
married finally, because Franklins mother didnt like Jane. Now. They are free!!

Emma: Oh no (se desmaya y la sacan arrastrando)


Harriet: Did you know about Jane and Franklin?

Emma: You know. You must be very sad. Poor friend.

Harriet: What should I be sad?

Emma: Because you love Franklin!

Harriet: Of course NOT. I love Mr. Martin and Im going to marry him.( harriet se va)

(Emma se queda sola pensando en voz alta .

Emma: What an idiot I am. Idiot, idiot, idiot !! I did all wrong. And now I realize I love Mr.
Knightley, but he doesnt love me.

Emma: Who can help me now?

Me the red chapulin!!!!!


Emma: Im so sad, ooh good morning Mr.Knightley

Mr.Knightley: Good morning Emma. Its so nice to see you. I need to tell you something.

Emma: Yes Im all ears

Mr Knightley: Ieer I..eeer I

Emma Come on, Franklin. SPIT IT OUT!!!!

Mr Knightley: I LOVE YOU. Will you marry me please, please?

Emma: yes of course. Yes,yes.