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Product Progress Assessment

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

My goal for a final product is to gain experience in the field of Christian
ministry as well as to help and motivate young Christian women. I plan to
write and publish a Bible study book for young women grades 6th-12th grade.
I believe the aide of this Bible study will gear up young women through the
troubling teenage years, and ultimately help them grow a strong faith in
Christianity. I would like to share my love of God and reading with these
young ladies, and hope that they will transform their spiritual life.
Create Project Lesson Plan
By writing a Bible study for young women, I hope to gain the
experience of cooperating with this age group, as well learning to relate to
their various issues, and learning how to lead others in their faith. As well as
expanding my network through meeting with different pastors that can help
me with my project and other interest in Christian ministry aside from my

Samples of young women Bible studies

November 16, 2016 - 9:00 AM- Mrs. Solomon

December 14, 2016 9:00 AM- Mrs. Solomon
Description of Process
To create curriculum for this Bible study for young women, I met with
Mrs. Solomon on November 16th to propose my idea and topics to be covered
in the book. Mrs. Solomon proposed looking at numerous popular Bible
studies for women, as well as using a Counseling the Youth handbook.
Afterwards, I took surveys of those within the age group about top issues
they feel they have in their lives. When we met again on December 14th to
revisit the project, we established the topics that were going to be covered,
an overall format, what type of bind it would be printed in, and where I will
get my resources. Since then I have done my research through the usage of
testimonies, and online Bible studies.
Result/ Conclusion
I was able to establish a product I will enjoy finishing. I was successful
in drafting all my ideas and introducing to my mentor all the curriculum and
ideas behind the book. I was highly intrigued by all the different resources I
was able to use. Considering I ran my curriculum by numerous people in this
age group, I have determined that this Bible study can be successful and will
impact young women in a positive way, and help me gain leadership
experience in the church.
Drafting With Her and getting support
Establishing the name of the book as well as getting the work of my project
into the public for the support of selling t-shirts which then funds the
publishing of the book and donations to Genesis Womens Shelter. Other
than that, completing a relatable, intriguing draft to show to my mentor and
Pastor Patrick McLaughlin to receive their feedback.
Google Doc to share with Pastor Tysha Solomon (mentor) and Pastor
Patrick McLaughlin
Meeting/ Dates

February 21, 2017- 10:00 AM- Pastor Patrick McLaughlin

March 23, 2017- 9:00 AM- Mrs. Solomon
Marc 29, 2017- 1:30 PM- Pastor Zac Morgan
Description of process
Over this stressful and long process, I have made the most
accomplishments. I was able to establish the name, With Her. I was able to
order t-shirts to help with funds, organize a financial plan, work on promoting
through the help of my youth group and youth pastor by providing me a
booth to show off my product and raise funds, and lastly, completing the
draft for the book. Pastor Patrick McLaughlin and Pastor Tysha Solomon have
continually looked over my Bible study draft as I wrote it and offered
Result/ Conclusion
At this point, I have not completed the project, but have a specific plan
and date for myself to have it done by. This has been the most productive
weeks through this process, and I am excited to see where it leads my Bible
Finishing Touches
To successful complete my Bible study within in the next few weeks, I
have last minute touches to complete. I am meeting with Pastor McLaughlin
as well as my mentor this coming week to add last minute suggestions
before artwork and publishing. Then my goal is to complete that and have it
published within the next week (before April 16th).

Meeting/ Dates:

April 10, 2017- 2:00 PM- Pastor Patrick McLaughlin

April 12, 2017- 9:00 AM- Mrs. Solomon
Description of Process
As I begin to wrap up my original work, I still have quite a bit to do. My
original calendar might be pushed back a bit as I still have some last minute
meetings to wrap up; I recently have also been offered the opportunity to set
up a booth during youth nights to spread awareness and raise money. In
these meetings, I will finish editing and revising, then complete the artwork,
and finally publish the books to display at the booths for the next 2-3 weeks.
Result/ Conclusion
While finishing my original work, I have become very happy with my
progress and really grateful for the amazing help and support. Over this
process, I have learned how to work with others and deal with stress. Along
with these life lessons, I have broadened my knowledge of the Christian
ministry field, but learning and writing about specific topics which ultimately
allow me to lead young women in their faith as well as expand my network in
this type of industry through meeting other pastor and becoming more
involved and knowledgeable about helping others. As of right now, the
project is not fully completed, however will be in the next week, and I am
eager to show all of what I have accomplished through the ISM program and
with my mentor.