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Among the stars in Ziwei, Zuo Fu, You Bi, Wen Chang, Wen Qu (these four stars), are

usually grouped among the helping stars with the star Ziwei and just merely used as
scholarly stars, but this way of analysis is too limited and leaves no meaning. Indeed
these 4 stars include the effects that a baby from the time of conception up to the moment
of birth, the whole life will be because of these 4 stars and become fate, fixed karmas,
control the direction of the life as well as good and bad effects, which is usually recalled
in the sentence if you have fate you will get it, otherwise you wont, this is controlled by
these 4 stars

Zuo Fu star
Represents the moment from conception up to the period of preparation for delivery, the
baby body inside his mothers womb grow up slowly in the process, affect the health of
the baby, and also impact the whole life whether they will meet with disaster, if in the
palace the star Zuo fu is hurt , then the probability of the child having health problem is
increase, later on in life will get troubles related with this main palace and main stars

Besides, Zuo Fu is also what the old people said as the life ticket, what you receive as the
entry ticket, the later life will act out in the same scene, for example decide whether
person will go out, life will toil outside the house, whether you will act well or not is not
the scope of Zuo Fu, but of Wen Chang

Wen Chang

Wen Chang does not mean what in Fengshui talks about the wenchang position or
whether or not person can study or read books, a deeper way of seeing is that it represents
the carrying of the fetus already reaching the period of delivery, the baby body is
complete ready for birth, at this moment, Karma follows and become the form, what
Buddhist said, everyone carries karma and the twelve cause and effect, this is Wen Chang

Meeting karma, people will have disturbance and calculating mind, has the expectation
and failure, all the things we cannot choose and nonsense things we have to face, or
something we cannot give up, or the memory of the past existing, this is why the same
chart, have different things that one meet, It is because people meet different chance in
life, like parents, friends, siblings, colleagues

Since Wen chang is karma, but karma in its own sense does not have good and bad
distinction, all depends on the mind, relatively, mother at pregnancy carries the thought,
will impact the karma of the child, hence in the pregnancy we must keep good thoughts,
positive thoughts, baby carries the karma can slightly improve, if often angry during
pregnancy or negative thoughts, baby carries the karma will tend on negative, and
whether listening to Buddha speech can help baby have better karma? It is not depended
on whether one listen, but if it improves the thought of mother, stability, Karma change
depends on the heart thought
In ziwei doushu, Wenchang falling in a palace whether good or bad, will decide the
karma of a person for his whole life and carru with it the karma of this life and the past

You Bi star

You Bi is the soul, the body of the baby in the mother womb forming in the 10 months
duration does not have a soul, the whole process must rely on the moment of birth, the
soul then will take on wenchang s Karma and decide the soul who wants to incarnate

In Ziwei chart, You bi position whether good or bad, will decide the person its before
heaven soul and ability to understand, this is decided by heaven, at moment of birth will
decide whether person is good talented or dull, cannot be affected by after heaven work
or training or learning

Wen Qu star

Wen Qu is called the moment of falling into earth, or the moment of cutting the umbilical
cord, represents the moment of pregnancy has ended, the new born is ready to face life, it
is the Effect star, once born is decided by bazi, which is whether your acting in this life is
good looking or not, whether one will reap good fruit, have wealth, all is decided by wen

In the Ziwei chart, the position of wenqu is good or bad, will deeply impact the person
doing work successful or not, for example the saying, if it is yours will be yours, if not no
use begging

From Zuo You Chang Qu represents the pregnancy process, from the moment of
conception to cutting the cord, the basic frame of life is fixed, like the hardware of a
computer is prepared, will decide whether the computer will have certain features,
whether it will not run and have to be fixed, this does not depend on effort spent after
grown up, different geographical location, the hardware can be changed, life only has one

After being born, then the Ziwei and Tian Fu series will work, and the 4 Huas, then it is
the after birth hard effort, hence effort is needed, but the must have hardware (zuo you
chang qu) must have certain level, this is why it is said that life is not fair to all (not
related to parents rich or not)

The above talk about whether the palace Zuo You Chang Qu fall into is good or bad, does
not depend on conventional Ziwei shining bad stars like Kong Jie Qing Tuo, and also
does not depend on brightness, you cannot anyhow use

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