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Land Lands vesting with the Government Disposal of Policy guidelines orders

G.O.Ms.No.2318 Dated.4.12.88

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The Special Commissioner & Commissioner of Land Administration has

reported that due to the continuous grant government land quite generously over
the years a stage reached where its availability has become scarce. The Special
Commissioner and Commissioner of Land Administration has therefore,
proposed the evolving of a New land Policy which ensure the preservation of the
limited extent of land available with the Government, and its optimum utilisation.
The main plant of the proposal of the Special Commissioner and Commissioner
of Land Administration is that Government should be given only on lease for
specified short periods irrespectively of the fact whether the applicant for
government land is a State or Central Government Department or their
undertakings, Board, Corporation etc., or whether it is an Association, Private
Institution, Industrial Organisation, Private Individual etc., According to him
assignment/alienation of Government lands is not to be resorted to at any cost
except as house-sites and lands for cultivation to the landless poor. The

Government have considered carefully and pros and cons of the suggestions of
the Special Commissioner and Commissioner of Land Administration vi-a-vis the
dwindling availability of the lands at the disposal of Government, the increasing
demand for these lands from the various departments, State and Central, the
Public and Private organisations, Institutions and individuals and the preserving
the water course, grazing grounds, forests, etc., The issues involved were
discussed at the meeting of the Secretaries to Government presided over by the
Chief Secretary taking note of all the points put forth by the Special
Commissioner and Commissioner of Land Administration, the existing orders in
R.S.O. and other Special G.O.s and the experience so far gained in respect of a
number of cases of lease, assignment etc., already done with reference to the
existing orders.
2. Based on the discussions and the decisions arrived at in the meeting,
the Government issue the following guideline to the observed in the matter of
disposal of Government land in future.

I. Government land shall be given to State Government Department

State Government under takings including Corporations, Boards
etc., only by way of simple alienation as provided under the R.S.Os
II. In all other cases including Central Government Departments and
under takings, the formula should normally be lease upto thirty years
and exceptions to those warranting alienation should be individually
and carefully examined and orders obtained.
III. All orders in respect of assignment, lease etc., of Government land
shall be issued only in Revenue Department, irrespective of the
Department in which the land is vested. However, this will be no bar
to the Departments like P.W.D. Highways or other Departments to
exercise the powers of temporary lease of Government land as
provided in the relevant codes. Such orders to be issued by those
Departments shall be done only in consultation with the Revenue
IV. The provisions of Government land to various organisations like
Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and
Drainage Board, Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing Corporation etc.,
shall be done according to the provisions indicated in the Special
G.Os issued on the subject; and
V. Distribution of land under the Land Reforms Act and Tamil Nadu
Urban Land Ceiling Act shall be done as provided in the said Acts;

VI. In all cases of disposal of lands acquired under the L.A.Act, the
provisions under the Land Acquisition Act and Manual shall apply.
There is no question of leasing out the land acquired under the
L.A.Act at the cost of the requisitioning body.

2. The Special Commissioner and Commissioner of Land

Administration is requested to issue suitable instructions of the above lines to
all the Collectors and District Revenue Officers with a direction to process all
pending and future cases in the light of the guidelines mentioned above.

3. The cases in which permission to enter upon the land has been
granted pending a decision on the land policy, shall be dealt with in accordance
with the above decisions. The Special Commissioner and Commissioner of Land
Administration is requested to initiate action for issue of formal orders of grant of
land in all such cases accordingly and send proposals to Government only in
respect of cases on which orders of the Government are necessary, under the
R.S.Os or other Specific orders of the Government.


Sd/- R.Kirubhakaran,
Commissioner and Secretary to Govt.,