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SULTAN MOULAY SLIMANE IVERSITY Faculty of Sciences and Technics=— == Beni Mellal-Morocco in partnership with LALLA SALMA FOUNDATION- PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF CANCER organize Cancer diseases: Clinical studies, scientific and therapeutic advances May, 19-21, 2016 Preliminary Program 08H00: Welcoming of Attendees - Registration 09H00: Opening Ceremony Sossion 1: Moderators: Pr. M. Zouak and Pr. A. Zyad 410H00 -10H30: Conference 1: Epidemiology of cancer: Impacts, mortality and risk factors. Prk. El Rhazi, Director, Studies and Programs, Institute ‘of Cancer Research, Fes, Morocco 10130-1100: Conference 2: Evaluation of the Cancer Plan in Morocco. Pr R. Bekkal, General Director ofthe Lalla Salma Foundation- Prevention and treatment of cancer, Rabat- Morocco ‘44H00-1 1110: Discussion ‘MH10: 11130: Coffee break Session 2: Moderators: Pr L.Saso and Pr. A. Bonider {1490 1200: Conference 8: Taree heepos ne rentof cancer. Or | Ismail, Department f mecical oncology, Mohamed Vi Universly Hospital Cente, Marakech Morocco, 12H00-12H30; Conference 4: Adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with rectal cancer treated with radiochemo- therapy: time to change the guidelines. Pr. S, Bazarbashi, Alfaisal Univers ‘Arabia 412H30-13H00: Conference 5: Oncogenomics analysis of advanced cancers and precision medicine. Pr. M, Chaffanet, Cancer Research Center, Mat France. 13h00-14h30: Lunch. Poster session tyad-Saousi Session 3: Moderators: Pr. EM. Rakib and Pr. ML Chaffanet 415h00-15H30: Conference 6: Breast cancer in Morocco: clinical studies, Epidemiology and scientific research Pr. A. Benider, Head of oncology service, UHC Ibn Rochd, Casablanca, Morocco 415H30-16H00: Conference 7: Searching for therapeutic targets in triple-negative breast cancers. DrT. Dubois, Curie institute, Paris, France, 16H00-16H30: Conference 8: New drug developmentin ‘gynecological cancers Philippe Aftimos, Jules Bordet institut, Brussels, Belgium 416H30-17H00; Conference 9: Br Cancers and viral etiology in Pr My Mustapha Ennaji, Fa ‘Technology, Mohammed st and Gynecological 17100-17120: Coffee break and visit of posters 417H20-17HS0: Discussion 17H50-19H00: Oral Communications 20H30: Diner Session 4: Moderators: Pr. A. Hannioui and Dr. T. Dubois 9H00-9H30: Conference 10: oncology: current status and Pett Bathe Nefonl rat of Onesogy, Reba Morocco. '9H30-10H00: Conference 11: Modulators of oxidative Stress in the pharmacological treatment of neoplastic disease Pr. Saso, Faculty of Medicine and, Pharmacy, Rome- ference 12: Oncogenic isoforms of ral communications 13H00-15H30" Lunch 5: Moderators: Pr. H. Rals and Dr. M. 16H00: Conference 13: Integrated genomic analysis of breast cancers - Focus on an aggressive ‘molecular subtype: luminal B. Pr. M. Chaffanet, Cancer Research Center, Marseille, France, “48HO0-16H30 : Conference 14, Cancer immunotherapy : wih ippe Atmos, Jules Bor ‘we in 2016 ? institut, Brussels, igiu 18H30-16H50: Discussion 418H50-17110: Coffee break 417H10-18H30: Oral communications 19100: Closing session and Recommendations. Day 3 - Saturday May 24%, 2016 08HO0: A trip in the Atlas Mountain (Cascade Ouzoud) ABSTRACT SUBMISSION and REGISTRATION Abstracts should be submitted according to the recommendations described in the attached page FEES Before April 1", 2016 * Academic Students: 50 Euro + Academic Professors: 100 Euro + Industrials: 200 Euro After April 1%, 2016 + Academic Students: 75 Euro + Academic Professors: 150 Euro + Industrials: 300 Euro N° COMPTE: 0003143596510124 Bank: Crédit Agricole du Maroc ‘Contact: jecbm2016@gmail.com ‘+212 666 722 054 ' 7 or +212 660 090 382 Website: - www.fstbm.ac.maliccbm2016/public