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Peculiar Elementary School

Counseling Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Lets Show Empathy

Grade Level: 3-4
Big Idea:
PS1. Understanding Self as an Individual and as a
Member of Diverse Local and Global Communities
PS2. Interacting With Others in Ways That Respect
Individual and Group Differences

Grade Level Expectations:

3- Identify the personal characteristic needed to
contribute to the classroom; Identify the interpersonal
skills necessary tobuild quality relationships.
4 Identify the personal charactistics that contribute to
the school community; Identify and practice the skills
used to compromise in a variety of sitations.
ASCA National Standards:
PS:A2.2 Respect alternative points of view
PS:A2.3 Recognize, accept, respect and appreciate
individual differences
PS:A2.4 Recognize, accept, and appreciate ethical and
cultural diversity
Learning Objective:
-I can define the word empathy
-I can accept and understand differences of others.
Materials Needed:
-Computer (to show video)
-Lets Show Empathy worksheet
Formative Assessment:
Students will complete a worksheet where they have to
show empathy for a character that is experiencing a
particular situation.
Lesson Preparation:
Essential Questions:
1. What does empathy mean?
2. How can you show empathy to others?
Students will watch the youtube video titled Empathy
Can Change The World.
Instructional Procedures:
1. Counselor will explain to students that our topic for
today is empathy.
2. Counselor will ask students to answer essential
questions listed above.
3. Counselor will show students video titled Empathy
Can Change the World. After completion of the video
the counselor will allow the students to discuss what they
saw in the video and what their take-away was.
4. Counselor will then inform students that they are going
listen to a few scenarios where they will have to complete
a worksheet to show that they know how to empathize
with others. The counselor will read the scenarios below
for students.
1. Jessie is a very good friend of yours. She got in
trouble at home and is now unable to go to the skating
party this weekend
2. While at the school family assembly a 3rd grade
student trips and falls in front of the entire school
3. Valerie has a birthday party coming up that she
has been talking about for weeks. She brings invitations
for all but one of the students in your class.
4. Rodney is a new student and he loves to play
kickball. Everyday at recess he tries to join the kickball
game, but no one ever lets him play so he ends up sitting
on the stairs or swinging by himself.
5. After listening to the scenarios the students will be
given two scenarios to work with. They will have to
answer the following questions:
1.What does the word Empathy mean?
2. Which character are you going to help?
3. How is your character feeling?
4. How do you know they are feeling this way?
5. What can you say or do to help?
6. After students complete their worksheet they will share
their responses with the class.
1.Students will listen as counselor explains the topic for
the day.
2. Students will participate in the discussion about the
essential questions listed above.
3. Students will watch the video and will participate in the
discussion about what they learned about empathy after
watching the video.
4. Students will listen as the counselor provides them
with information about the 4 character.
5. Students will complete their worksheet using one of
the characters.
6. Students will share their responses to the questions on
the worksheet with the rest of the class.