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Industrialised building system (IBS) is a construction process where the components

were produced or manufactured in a factory or onsite and transported and gathered into a
structure using machinery with minimal work force. There are numerous advantages can be
achieved by using IBS for constructions. However, the acceptance of this technology is still
in poor level.

The awareness about this technology among the local construction stakeholders are
still in poor level. This technology has been implemented in Malaysia long time ago and
government agencies such as Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) encouraging
implementation of this technology in construction industry. Moreover, there are various short
courses available to support IBS implementation in Malaysian construction industry.
However, local construction stakeholders still not aware about IBS technology. Therefore,
producing documentary that covers the advantages, construction process of IBS buildings
projects in Malaysia, and the opportunities available to learn about this technology could help
in producing awareness among the Malaysian construction stakeholders.

Understanding about the basic concept of IBS principles among current and old
generation construction personals are still inadequate. They have inadequate knowledge on
IBS implementation procedure, IBS implementation management task, and IBS
implementation technical task. Therefore, to produce construction personals with adequate
knowledge on IBS technology, they have to join short courses about IBS and IBS should be
taught to university students enrolling programs that related to construction industries such as
Civil Engineering students.

However, the contractors and developers are still not mentally, technically and
financially ready to implement IBS in their works. Moreover, IBS is just implemented when
required by the client. Therefore, government may provide some financial assistance for
contractors or developer to use IBS as a promoting strategy for a short period.