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BSN Student Portfolio

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing

Purpose & Goals

Students are required to develop and maintain an academic, professional portfolio throughout the
BSN program. This portfolio is a collection of personal work that provides evidence of self-
reflection and growth over time in knowledge, skills, and attitudes reflective of the baccalaureate
program outcomes.

As a connection between course content, program outcomes, and clinical experiences, the
portfolio is an opportunity to:
foster the students ownership of and responsibility for personal and professional growth
and lifelong learning;
provide a framework for self-reflection on strengths and areas for development;
provide evidence of critical thinking, knowledge acquisition, skill proficiency, and
attitude development reflective of a baccalaureate-level nurse generalist;
develop documents relevant to the student for career planning and employment

Towards the end of NUR 3111 and NUR 3111P, your assignment is to complete your Mid-point
Analysis for your portfolio. This is a self-evaluation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
The is assignment should be a 300-500 word self-reflection that summarizes academic and
personal growth:

The student will:

1. reflect on experiences that demonstrate strengths or weaknesses, including
comments about clinical experiences, class assignments, presentations, group
work, community service activities, etc
2. identify ways to address weaknesses by developing specific goals and objectives
that can be self-evaluated at the end of the program
3. identify ways to share strengths for the good of others

Upload this assignment in NUR 3111P Blackboard by the due date and be sure to retain a copy
for yourself.
At this point in the program I am amazed by the amount of knowledge I have gained over

the past few semesters. The courses I have completed so far have helped me gain enough

knowledge to be able to connect the dots between many disease processes. My nursing skills

have developed tremendously. Four months ago I wouldnt have imagined that I would be taking

care of patients, administering medications, and sticking needles into people and now, its

become routine. Not only routine, but not so scary.

At the beginning of this semester I was extremely nervous about the class load. However,

throughout the semester I have learned to properly manage my time, and have done very well

with the difficult semester. I am very much enjoying this program, thus far, and feel like I am

learning so much academically and socially. The service learning opportunities, group projects,

and group simulations are helping me become a better team player, and teaching me to

collaborate well with my peers.

My goals for the semesters to come include becoming less task-oriented with my patients

in the hospital. We are learning many skills and want to practice these skills to become a better

nurse. This sometimes gets in the way of simply being present and building relationships with

patients. Although I have built several trusting, therapeutic relationships with patients, I know

that there is room for me to grow and learn about how to better care for my patients, while still

carrying out the tasks necessary for the job.

I enjoy the debriefing sessions with my peers after practicum days, as well as after

simulations. This discussion time allows us to hear about experiences of our peers and learn from

them. I believe that I have learned as much from listening to their experiences, as I have during

my own experiences. It is very helpful to learn through my classmates explanations, as well as

getting feedback from instructors during these debriefing times.